tagLesbian SexTrust Comes Easy Ch. 04

Trust Comes Easy Ch. 04

byRogue Writer©

AUTHOR NOTE: If you like this hilariously grim little tale, read some of my other equally uninspired fiction:

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They came out in that order, and according to one reader, I got better as I went along, so do yourself a favor and read them in that order to avoid getting disappointed by my early lack of skills. Please send feedback.

DISCLAIMER: Pay attention! This story is fiction and not meant to do anything more than entertain, don't read this stuff with any intention other than having a good time, don't take life too seriously and don't swim after you've just eaten. Isn't it stupid that I have to write these warnings in case someone goes out and does something bad because of what they read in my story? What's happened in our society to cause this? I know, I know, lawsuit-happy people and the lawyers who run commercials that inspire them. Now you have to put warning labels on everything. And I understand that some things need warning labels. Hydrochloric acid – big warning label on that one. With letters four feet tall. But I don't need a cup of coffee with a warning label that says it's hot. I know it's hot. I wanted it hot! Well, not that hot. I take it light, actually.

IV. When It All Comes Crashing Down


Monday morning. Both Maggie and Kaye had left for work, one with a secret mission Amanda had given her, the other with no idea what was about to happen. Which left Amanda sitting alone in the apartment, basking in the glow of her own brilliance by masturbating. She sat naked on the couch and stroked her breasts, squeezing her globes and pinching her nipples. This is what people with power do, she thought. They orchestrate events. Play chess with living breathing people. Make others do things against their will because, unlike those with power, they have no choice. Most of all, people with power destroy their enemies, and Amanda considered Kaye an enemy because she took someone as bright and focused as Maggie and turned her into a house pet. On Tuesday she'd leave a videotape as promised, but it would be blank. The real one would find it's way onto the Internet.

Amanda took a cube of ice from the glass of vodka on the table and sucked off the alcohol, then brought it down to her right tit and let out a small gasp as it touched her skin. She ran it in circles around the areola, slowly shortening the circumference until the harsh cold touched her sensitive nipple. Her hand took the cube away and then brought it back a few times as she reveled in the sensation. Finally she took the cube into her left hand and played with the other nipple while her right hand moved down between her legs, finding the moisture she knew would be there. Amanda didn't need anyone else to give her what she needed. Daddy had always taught her to be self-reliant; it was one of his most important lessons.

In the early days Daddy taught Amanda how to play chess. It was essential, he said, because life is like the chessboard, with pieces ranging in importance and moves that changed every game. Then Daddy would take her to work and she'd follow him around the used car lot, watching him make deals and decisions as he spoke to customers, employees, and people of influence. Secretly manipulating some, directly aggressive with others, like he was playing chess with real people.

He was so was intelligent and resourceful, so unlike Mother. She spent her time hosting benefits for various causes, trying to help people who were too weak or stupid to do for themselves. Daddy secretly called her 'The Useless Twit', and once said the marriage was simply a consolidation of family money. It was a Smart Move, he said, because love only made people stupid. Many of these lessons had been passed down from his father and his father's father before him, and Daddy wanted a son to keep the family tradition. But The Useless Twit had bore only a daughter, and after that decided to adopt because 'there are already so many unwanted children in this world'. Intent on having his own blood be the receiver of the family tradition, Daddy started teaching Amanda.

She was able to watch the lessons in action as Daddy's single car lot expanded to several across the state, and soon he counted the governor, successful entrepreneurs, and other people of power and privilege as his close friends. Daddy's money and influence gave him contracts to supply vehicles to local towns, supported a senator into office, and even stopped a highway from being built near a competitor. His empire became so powerful that when Amanda was seventeen and hit another car while drunk driving, she was never arrested and the people she injured never sued. No record of the incident appears in any file anywhere.

By now Amanda had dropped the ice and had a finger in her pussy and her thumb rubbing her clit. Her other hand cupped her breast and brought it up towards her mouth, sticking out her tongue to where it just touched the nipple. The double sensation drove her insane with lust, for there was no one she enjoyed pleasuring more than herself. She looked at the strap-on sitting on the table and remembered yesterday, when she'd used it to help her drive a wedge between Maggie and Kaye. Or at least it would have if Maggie didn't have such a stubborn, idiotic devotion to her girlfriend. Amanda pulled her hand from her cunt and grabbed the toy, quickly removed the plastic phallus from the harness and gave it a cursory lube job with her mouth before she brought it between her legs and slowly pushed it inside. A moan emitted from her mouth as she felt it fill her up, and moments later she began to pump it in and out, slowly at first, while the other hand rubbed her clit in unison. Quick thinking and a compromise had saved her plan to take Maggie with her. Amanda may have perfected her timing while pulling cons in South America, but the groundwork always lay in Daddy's lessons.

Amanda had applied those lessons early in life. In the sixth grade she used false rumors to start a spat between two friends, thus helping her get into the most popular clique around. In high school she seduced teachers, both male and female, to boost her grades in subjects where she was getting anything less than an A-. And once, right before field hockey tryouts, Amanda slipped regular milk into the drink of her rival, who was lactose intolerant. It wasn't that Amanda didn't work hard for these things; she always gave one hundred and twenty percent to any goal she set. But, as Daddy pointed out, sometimes your best isn't good enough, and in this highly competitive world there are times when you need to create your own luck. That's where the lessons came in.

The final lesson Amanda learned happened when she went to visit her father just after college graduation. By then the Useless Twit had left him because of not one but two paternity suits from mistresses. Then there was the Federal investigation into corruption, causing all his influential friends to avoid him. He had nothing but a lawyer on his side when the divorce and paternity suits went to court, and that didn't go well at all. Daddy's empire had collapsed. He was financially strapped and in a week he had to report to jail.

They played chess in silence for a while, until he beat her using a knight he had put into a corner early in the game. Daddy explained this would serve as the final lesson for Amanda, and the lesson was to keep an eye on all the players still on the board. Once again he used a real life example to illustrate – he'd found out that a third mistress put the authorities on his tail when he dumped her a year earlier. She was a piece he had ignored, and she was the one that sent him into checkmate.

When Amanda went to bed her father was still in his office and it's where she found him the next morning, hanging from one of the rafters by a piece of cord. Pinned to his tie was a small note. Amanda walked up to her father and read it.

A person of power decides when his own life comes to an end.

Amanda cried. It wasn't out of hurt, but of pride and admiration. Her father had kept his power by not letting others decide how he'd live the rest of his life.

She rocked back and forth on the couch now, riding her orgasm like an out of control bull, letting it ripple through her body until she collapsed sweaty and out of breath. And suddenly she was crying. She hadn't lived up to Daddy's expectations. She had become a disappointment. She had no power, at least not yet. Amanda gained control of herself and wiped away her tears. "Soon Daddy," she said as she looked up at the Rembrandt. "Soon."


Monday morning I drove to work in a daze. I was going to kill Amanda; there were no more doubts about that now. Aside from what she had done to Kaye, Amanda thought she could force me to leave with her, to live the rest of my life as her plaything. And that just wasn't going to happen. But I was faced with the same problem I had when the idea first came to me – what was I going to do with her body? And I still wasn't even sure how to kill her in the first place. It had to be in a way where she couldn't overpower me and I wouldn't freak out in the middle of the act. Not to mention I had to figure this out by tomorrow morning. The more I thought about all of it the more panic crept through my body, causing numbness in some parts and pain in others.

I barely remember stopping for coffee, and it tasted metallic and bitter when I drank it. As I drove I looked at people in other cars, walking the streets, going about their business just like it was another day. No more of those for me. It felt like a million years since Friday, when I was blasting my stereo and screaming out the window in joy. When I saw a sign for the highway on-ramp I felt a sudden urge to get on it and keep driving. Right out of the state. Leave all this bullshit behind and find someplace to start over, like I did so many years ago.

But that was just a passing fantasy of nervous frustration. I could never leave Kaye behind, even though she might leave me when this was all over. Besides, running was Amanda's way, not mine.

When I got to work there was a project meeting, and some people from the sales team were present. The sales department drops in occasionally to see if we geeks in R&D have overlooked the marketing potential of what we considerer a failure. Dick, my boss, started the meeting, but I barely paid attention to the proceedings since I might not be there the next day. If I didn't find a good way to kill Amanda, I'd have to leave with her to protect Kaye. If I didn't dispose of her body properly, I'd be in jail. And if by some miracle I succeeded in pulling it all off, I was going to call in sick.

"Potassium cyanide, right?" Dick asked.

Oh shit, he was talking to me. "What?"

He sighed. "That's what you used. Could you explain why for our visitors?"

"Oh, sure. I used potassium cyanide because..." My eyes went wide and my jaw went slack, and then I was silent for a while. I'm not sure for how long, but it was long enough for everyone to look at me like I was doing something interesting. But I had no idea they were there, no idea I was staring off into space. Because for the first time in a while, the proverbial light bulb sparked to life over my head. "It's...lethal."

Everyone stared at me like I'd just farted. Dick threw his hands in the air. "Not my first choice, but yes, it can be if ingested. Which is why we use warning labels on our products."

The lead sales guy said, "Good to hear. Someone write that down, please."

The room busted out in laughter. That shook me out of my trance and I waved it off. "Sorry, didn't get much sleep last night."

Dick looked at me. "Care to take another shot?"

I went on to give the real explanation so the sales people didn't think I was trying to kill the customers. When I finished someone asked a question and I answered it and then the focus shifted to someone else. That's the last I remember of the meeting, because suddenly I knew how I was going to kill Amanda, and how I was going to dispose of the body. I even realized how I could get rid of her stuff, which I hadn't even thought of. All of a sudden I had a plan, one that made me feel like I could have my cake and eat it too.

Part of the plan still involved leaving my job, and by two o'clock I was driving away from that place for the last time. I'd quit before lunch, and it was as uncomfortable as expected. But I was surprised to find that within my fake reasons for leaving there was plenty of truth – I was overworked, underpaid, treated like a monkey despite showing good leadership skills, and thanks to office politics my chances for a promotion were slim. No matter how the next morning worked out I'd be better off with a different gig.

But it wasn't all roses. Part of my plan involved doing something that I felt like shit about before, during, and after I did it. I'd timed quitting and packing my stuff so that I could do it in the middle of lunch, and when I walked into the storage lab Maya was at her desk like I knew she'd be. She was a thin Hispanic girl around my age, with long curly black hair and some nice curve to her. I usually spent my lunch hour with Maya because she was the assistant to a jerk named Frank, who usually went out for lunch. Many suspected he spent the time with another employee who was not his wife. Since the storage lab had to be manned at all times, this left Maya to spend lunches like she was now, at her desk.

"Hey," she said when she saw me. "What's with the box?"

"I quit."

Her eyes bugged out of their sockets. "You're kidding? Why?"

"Lots of reasons." I stole a glance at the door. "And I'm not looking to get into them right now. What I am looking to get into, before I leave this place, is the storage room."

Maya's face broke out in a wide, and slightly nervous, smile. "You serious?"

I smiled and cocked an eyebrow. Maya gave a quick glance to the door, and then she pulled a huge ring of keys from inside her desk and practically bounced to the door on the other side of the room. I followed her, hoping she didn't think it was funny that I brought my box with me.

When we were inside Maya brought the door to an inch of being shut. "Just in case someone comes," she said. I put my box down and we just stood there for a moment. Surrounding us were shelves and refrigerators, all holding chemicals, all locked in cages or with padlocked doors. But that's not why we were there; at least that's what Maya thought. I stepped up to her and kissed her lips lightly, and repeated that twice before I started worrying that this wasn't working for her. Maya is straight, but confessed to me that she'd recently started thinking about trying it out with a woman. I told her I'd be willing to be her first, since Kaye and I discussed having an open sexual relationship. When I told Kaye it might happen she approved, as long as I shared all the juicy details. She even suggested that if Maya liked it she could be our first threesome. Maya had confessed to me that her fantasy was to do it at work, in the storage closet where she spent so much time. That way when she was doing inventory her memories of having sex there would break up the monotony of the work.

Suddenly Maya responded by kissing me back with more force than I expected. It seemed an odd contrast, as I could smell her perfume, something lilac I think, and feel her amazingly soft lips. She put her arms around me and pulled me tight to her. I put my hands to her face and caressed her skin as the kissing became more passionate and tongues got involved. When her hands grabbed my ass and roughly kneaded my cheeks, I remembered an observation I'd made during my escort days about first-timers, and how some of them handled me the way men had probably handled them.

I broke the kiss and separated our bodies. Maya had a questioning look on her face, at least until I started to unbutton her blouse. At first she smiled, then our eyes locked and her face changed to a look of primal lust that made me forget my real intentions here. As I pulled her blouse open I went in for another kiss and rubbed my hands over her bra-clad breasts. Then I pulled away again as I slipped her blouse off and continued to massage her tits. Maya reached back and unclasped her bra, my fingers pinched the cups and pulled them away as she dropped the straps off her shoulders. Her globes were perfectly rounded, with dark brown areolas that I reached out and caressed as I went in for another kiss. Maya's tongue invaded my mouth this time, and her passion for the moment was almost physical in the moan she made in my mouth. I pulled away and kissed down her neck, licked her upper chest and then settled on her right nipple. It hardened in my mouth, and I gave it a nibble before opening wide and sucking at her whole tit.

"Ohhhh, ohhh yes."

My mouth sucked more of her flesh and Maya put her hand to the back of my head, pushing me further in. I used my hand on her other breast, pinching and pulling at the nipple, caressing the underside of the globe, and just doing whatever I could to turn her on. Then I pulled my mouth away from her right tit and went to suck on the left. At the same I brought my hands down to her legs and pulled up her dress until I could get my hands on her legs. She backed away and I kept with her as we awkwardly moved until her back was against a wall. I moved my hands along the bare skin of her legs, moving up slowly as I got to the flair of her hips, finally bringing them together on the triangle of material that covered her mound.

I gave her nipple one last lick as I straightened up and brought our mouths together again. Maya's hands started caressing my breasts through my top, and it took a little effort on my part to break the kiss and say, "You ready for this?"

There was a desperate look on her face as she nodded vigorously. I got to my knees and before I could pull up her skirt Maya unclasped the side and it dropped to the floor, revealing a pair of blue G-string panties.

"Uh huh," I said as I looked up at her. "Somebody likes feeling naughty at work."

Maya giggled. I rubbed my hands around her hips and down her legs and back up to her crotch. She cooed, and then let out a sigh. Leaning in, I kissed the fabric a few times, then grabbed it and slid it off slowly. She was practically shaved; there was only an artfully crafted wisp of hair on her mound. I kissed it, then gave it a few long, slow licks before I used my thumbs to open her flower. Maya spread her legs apart to give me better access, and I put my lips to her sensitive flesh and kissed and sucked at it.

"Oh! Dios Mio!" she cried.

I brought my hand up between her legs and ran my fingers along her wet slit. Maya jumped a little at the sensation. While my fingers got good and covered I licked and probed with my tongue, and when her clit showed itself I sucked on it like a little Popsicle. Maya cried out, and that's when I slowly moved one finger inside of her. Her back pressed against the wall harder as I started fucking her, soon adding a second finger.

"More!" she cried. I complied and sent a third finger in. Maya started rocking so hard against my fingers that it was hard to keep my mouth on her. Eventually she slowed down and that's when I sucked hard on her clit while pressing my fingers up inside of her. And that's when she squirted on me, gushing her juice all over my hand.

"Oh!" she said as she tried to catch her breath. "Sorry, I didn't warn you. I do that."

Suddenly Frank's voice called from the outer room. "Maya?"

For the second time in twenty minutes, Maya's eyes bulged out of her skull. "Fuck!" she said. I put a false look of surprise on my face, since this is what I had been counting on. Maya got her bra and blouse closed quickly, pulled up her skirt and dashed to the door where she stopped to compose herself quickly and walked out. "Hey Frank, how was lunch?"

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