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Trusting Grace


I had no illusions that Grace was a naïve innocent. We had been dating now for a year. Well, "dating" is a term that could only be used loosely. After the first couple of months, we succumbed to the stresses of young love and broke up. It was the first of many times that we split. We'd cool for about a week and then get back together. The summer before our junior year brought tragedy, though. Grace's mother died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Despite being two weeks after her mother's death, Grace bravely returned to school.

Grace changed. We left each other in May prior to the summer with an agreement that we'd put our relationship on the shelf and wait to see where we were at when we returned in the fall. Grace's mother's death, though, caused her to reconnect with me prematurely. Not only did I travel to her house and attend the funeral activities, I comforted Grace physically and emotionally. When we returned to school, Grace moved into my off-campus apartment and our bond grew stronger than ever. Slowly, but surely, our relationship became more and more close. To me, we had a spiritual bond. We slept together every night, and the pace of our relationship became that of a married couple, albeit one attending university full-time.

After a wonderful Christmas break where we each spent time with each other's families and a New Year's Eve celebration at her brother's in Chicago, we settled back into school, preparing for another semester of noses to the grindstone. It was four days until class started again. Others were pouring back onto campus to populate their dorms. Unfortunately for our friends Shawn and Rachel, their dorms weren't reopened. We happily let them stay with us—Shawn on the couch, Rachel in the office on our small twin guest bed.

The two of us and our house guests had enjoyed a fine college meal of spaghetti and garlic bread which was really toast with butter and garlic powder. I fell asleep spooning Grace after we had cleaned up. She said she felt safe when we slept like that.

Around two in the morning (I saw the digital clock), which was about three hours into our sleep, Grace rolled gently out of my grasp. The nightlight coming from the only bathroom our small apartment gave me a wonderful view of the lacy bikini panties she wore. The only other thing she wore was a t-shirt cut just below her perfect 32 C breasts. Grace left our bedroom, crossed the hallway, and entered the bathroom. It must have been the late hour and forgetting that we had guests, because she left the door wide open as she pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet.

Maybe it was sick, but I'd watched Grace peeing a few times and it turned me on. My cock instantly turned rock hard when she'd sit down and start to piss. It was something about her vulnerability maybe or the taboo nature of the whole thing.. Naked from the waist down with her panties hanging between her calves...it was a beautiful sight. One time, I heard her moan while peeing and I just about came on myself. I watched her through squinted eyes as she sighed and began pissing in the dimly-lit bathroom.

My smile quickly turned to concern when I saw a silhouette move in front of the bathroom door. "Oh shit," I heard Shawn's whispered voice exclaim. Grace said the same thing when she realized his presence. "Oh fuck. I am so sorry Grace. The door was open...I didn't know you were in here," he stammered.

"No; my fault. I thought everyone was asleep," she countered with a whisper. "Just give me a second and I'll let you have the bathroom," she said. With that, Shawn closed the door and stood looking away from the door awaiting Grace's completion. After it was apparent that Grace had finished washing her hands, the door reopened putting light on their two figures. I then noticed that Shawn was only wearing a pair of boxer underwear. Grace whispered, "I always leave the door open at night. I know it's strange, but I always feel safer with the doors open and Craig across the hall."

Shawn answered, "No. Please don't apologize. Frankly, the pleasure was all mine." His response made them both laugh with suppressed laughter, though it obviously embarrassed Grace because even in the dim light, I could tell she was blushing.

"Bet you never thought you'd see me like that again," she said back to him. Her comment made my heart skip a beat. What the hell did she mean by that? The answer started to unfold.

"Well, what's it been? Eight months," he asked. I did the mental math and recognized that about then, Grace and I were on one of our hiatuses. This little conversation was exposing a relationship that Grace had never revealed to me.

"Yeah, about that," she responded. "A lot of stuff has happened since then."

"Yeah," he agreed. "You ever tell Craig about us," he asked her.

"What 'us'?" she whispered back at him. "I gave you a blowjob at a party Shawn," she said, causing my heart to do flips. I'd never known about this and knowing that my wife-to-be had giving one of my best friends a blowjob caused me some anxiety. Grace's unsentimental tone gave me a little bit of solace though. I also considered the fact that their little action occurred while we were on one of our many breakups. I tried to reason that it was only a blowjob.

"C'mon Grace. It was a little more than that," Shawn said. "There were other 'things' that happened." Shawn's words got my jealous blood boiling again. I now knew that something more had happened between them and it was most likely after we had started seeing each other again. Considering he was standing a foot from her in only boxer shorts while she was in a short t-shirt and lace panties on as they recalled their previous sexual adventures, I wondered if something would happen again.

"Shawn. Let's just forget about it. I have. Besides, it's water under the bridge. I'm with Craig now," she hissed at him. Grace continued, "It was a mistake and a long time ago. My mother had just died; I was drinking a little too much and was lonely. I'm with Craig now." It was now obvious that she was flustered by their talk. I remembered that they lived in adjacent hometowns and it would be nothing for him to come see her if she called him as opposed to me, whose parents lived four hours from hers. The thought that she called him made my stomach churn but I continued to watch them in silence.

"C'mon Grace. You can deny it, but four times is hardly 'nothing'. I mean, I understand your mom dying and all, but the one in August was just a booty-call." Wow. August. By that time, Grace and I were moving in together. I was disgusted but somehow I summoned the will to stay still. In fact, I could hardly move. Shawn continued, "Not that I minded. I've never met a girl so dirty when she's horny."

Grace leaned back on the right side of the bathroom's doorframe while Shawn leaned against the door. I was surprised she stayed there while he talked to her like that. She said, "Yeah, well, that's over now. People move on; grow up."

Shawn replied, "Grace, it's cool. I'm just trying to take a piss. You started this conversation." He moved forward into the bathroom and began pissing. I was shocked that Grace just stood there looking at her feet. Shawn washed his hands and returned to his previous spot opposite her.

Grace said, "I'm sorry I went into all that." She paused and then smiled while still averting her eyes from his. She looked directly at me, though I'm sure it was to ensure I was still sleeping. I expected her to come back to bed, but she instead turned to him and asked, "We were pretty crazy, huh?"

"Well, you were certainly the first and only for me in doing a lot of things," he alluded. The two giggled quietly at his admission.

His comment tickled her curiosity. "Really? Like what," she asked.

"You really want to know," he asked. She bit her lip and nodded. "Well, I've never had a girl swallow before." Once again, I was appalled considering she had only done that once for me and complained about it ceaselessly afterward. "And damn, I've never done it in public. To this day, I'm sure that old lady was watching us."

She jumped in laughing, "Well, the only reason I swallowed was because I didn't want to get it on my clothes. It's hard when you're dealing with so much cum. Plus, you're not exactly small Shawn." The two of them giggled. "And I know the woman was watching. When you turned me to the side and lifted my skirt, she knew. Thank God the other couple was five rows up and the theater was empty. And I actually wanted to watch Mall Cop."

"Do you think your dad knew what was up," Shawn asked. The fact that Grace's father, who openly discussed our future together, knew anything shook me. All of my trust for her was seeping away.

Grace answered, "He may have been in mourning, but he wasn't oblivious. That third time when you stayed over, he definitely knew. I'm glad you left before the morning though."

"You're not exactly the quietest either Grace," Shawn said, but when he did, he moved into the doorframe opposite her. They were now half a foot apart.

"Well, I'd never done it like that before. Without that Vaseline, you'd have never gotten all the way in I don't think," she said. I knew she was talking about anal sex, something we'd never done together. "Forgive me, it was my first time. I thought you were going to split me open."

Shawn responded, "Like I said, you were my first for a lot of things too Grace. Once you got going though, you really seemed to like it. Your pussy was so wet." Shawn then moved his hand as if he were going to shake another's and began rubbing the inside of Grace's thigh.

Grace leaned back and pushed her pelvis forward. She put both of her hands on her abdomen, just above the waistband of her panties. She bit her lip and whined, "Don't do that Shawn. Not here. He's right over there." She was referring to me. Despite her protests, she still didn't move.

Shawn moved the ridge of his index finger against her puffy outer labia, now pressed against the lacy covering of her panties. "I know. I just can't help it. I've wanted you since the last time we fucked." He then began stroking her more forcefully. "Mmm, your panties are soaked Grace."

Grace's eyes were closed. Her voice registered her inner conflict but her hips began slowly gyrating against Shawn's hand. "We can't do this. Ahh, fuck Shawn that feels so good," she huffed.

Shawn then hooked his finger on the thin width of fabric he had been rubbing and pulled down, exposing Grace's shaved wet pussy lips that glistened in the night light's glow. He then moved back to her pussy, but after wetting his fingers entered her with them. Grace took both of her hands and held onto his forearm, now moving vigorously to bring her pleasure. His occasional brush against her swollen clit made her jump a bit each time.

"You like that girl," he whispered. Grace's panties fell to her ankles.

"Yes," she answered in a breathy hiss. With that, he forced his boxers down with his free hand. Shawn's engorged cock flopped forward between them. It looked at least eight thick inches. I was self-conscious before about my lack of size. This didn't help matters to say the least.

He then took that same hand and put one of Grace's seemingly tiny hands on his member. "We have to stop. We can't do this," she said, though she began pulling at Shawn's cock.

Shawn began to pound three fingers into her with more force. Grace's breathing became even louder and more ragged. His pinky finger moved back toward the puckered opening of her ass. Her mouth opened and her eyes got large when he entered her with it. "Oh fuck Shawn. Don't stop damn it."

And Shawn didn't. He quickly lifted her up and put her on the sink. Her legs were spread before him, her pussy lips spread as well, and her asshole was pushed forward inviting him to continue. The back of her head rested against the bathroom mirror. When Shawn put the tips of his fingers against Grace's wet pussy and puckered asshole, he pushed in slowly. Grace's response was a pleasure filled moan. He began to move in and out of her in a quicker and quicker pace; all the while her wet orifices smacked and cracked making obscene noises.

I still could not move as if suspended in disbelief. My hands were tied and despite wanting to get up and pound Shawn and rip into Grace, I simply couldn't. I was paralyzed it seemed.

"Do you want this cock Grace," he asked her.

"Yes, fuck me Shawn," was her response. "Do it quick though." Shawn pulled her off of the sink, turned her around, and stood her in front of him. He used his feet to spread hers apart and then began rubbing the large head of his cock up and down her pussy lips as she gripped the edges of the vanity cabinet the sink sat in.

At first he only slipped in a couple of inches. It teased her. "Do you want more Grace," he asked obviously relishing his conquest of my girlfriend.

"Yes, please push it in. Fill my pussy," she exclaimed, almost in full voice.

Still he teased, "You want this dick, don't you?"

"Yes damn it. Don't tease me Shawn. You know I love it." With her response as license, he jammed his massive cock inside of her wet pussy causing her to yelp a little louder than she wanted. He ran one hand under her the loose bottom of her t-shirt and began massaging her breasts, occasionally exposing them. The other reached around her hip and rubbed her mons and clit.

"You miss this dick don't you," Shawn hissed. Grace didn't respond. Shawn began slamming against her harder. "You think about this dick don't you," he forcefully asked her as he rammed her.

"Mmm, yes," she grunted. She then said, "Every fucking night." It was all the motivation he needed as he began to jam her pussy hard to her repeated grunts and moans.

As he neared climax, she pulled away and turned around. She stood against him and began stroking his cock as he winced in pleasure. Suddenly streams of thick cum splashed from her fist and onto her stomach as she leaned forward. They engaged in a deep wet kiss.

I couldn't take anymore. Somehow, I broke from my temporary paralysis and got my feet to the floor. I was going to kill them both with my bare hands. I took two steps towards them but they continued to kiss oblivious to my approach. My third step was my last. The last words I heard before my face hit the ground was Grace's voice screaming my name.

I woke up in a hospital bed with Grace holding my hand. Shawn and Rachel were there too. According to them, my appendix ruptured. They said I climbed out of bed apparently screaming her name and Shawn's along with a bunch of obscenities. They said they believed I was in so much pain that I was cursing and I was calling them for help.

I knew better though. My vivid dream, more aptly described a nightmare, reflected the turmoil going on in my body. It was so real though and I remember every single detail. I'm pretty sure it was a dream. Pretty sure...

The site of my incision pulsed with pain when they were leaving so I could sleep. Shawn winked at me as he placed his hand on my emotional girlfriend's shoulder. I'm sure it meant nothing, but in light of my dream, it was the worst possible thing for me to see.

I pressed the dispenser that increased the painkiller flowing into my veins. Just as I was starting to doze off, Grace said, "Get better baby. I'm going to go home and get some sleep. Don't worry about me. Rachel and Shawn are going to stay with me until you come home." Before I could say anything and maybe even protest, I drifted into a drug-induced slumber.

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