tagIncest/TabooTruth or Dare Daddy! Ch. 01

Truth or Dare Daddy! Ch. 01


Trina and her father, Luke, had a wonderful vacation. He vowed to get Trina on birth control before they took another vacation. He'd thought about cumming inside of her all week but had restrained himself. She was making it so hard to resist though.

On the way to dinner the second night at the beach, she'd given him a blow job on the way. The third day, she'd joined him in the shower and in his bed. The fourth night they found an old adult movie theater. They'd watched a hardcore movie and she'd fucked him in the front row. By Friday, he was enjoying himself so much, he didn't want to leave on Saturday.

They'd walked the beach late Friday and she'd rode him on a bench by the boardwalk. Immediately after, he'd called Ashley and told her that they have found a few new site seeing places and were going to check into it Saturday, so they wouldn't be home until late Sunday. Ashley was fine with it and told them to have fun.

Saturday morning, they'd packed a picnic and went to the nude beach. She'd lay naked with him all day, fondling his cock and smacking his ass throughout the day. She'd become a real tease and he didn't know what they'd do back at home. They could hardly contain themselves.

When all the females left the beach that day, she'd given them quite a show. She'd been frolicking in the water and touching herself all over. She'd posed for photos with some of them. She'd even called me daddy in front of them. They'd laughed at us, thinking she was some young girl with a sugar daddy.

They'd had to pull over to have sex on the way back to the beach house. He'd been about to burst, but had refused her at first. When she'd lifted her dress to reveal her bare pussy , he'd begun to buckle. His fate was realized when she'd undid his pants and rubbed his cock while she played with her clit. He'd pulled down a side road and fucked her on the hood of the car. She'd even let him take a few photos of her posing naked on the hood of the car. One of them she even had her fingers inside her pussy.

Those pictures had been a bribe though, she'd only agreed if he'd call Ashley and tell her they were spending one more night at the beach before heading home.

Ashley had answered on the first ring, she'd eagerly agreed and again told them to have fun.

Trina had spent the evening in the hot tub in his lap. She wore a bathing suit, teasing him the entire time. When they'd finally headed back inside, he'd fucked her over the couch. Her tight ass in the air was what he'd dreamed of as she slept in his arms.

Sunday went by too quickly, they'd went to a fancy restaurant for lunch. He'd then taken her lingerie shopping and bought her a few new things. She spotted a new club off the boardwalk and begged him to take her. She promised to let him fuck her in the ass if he did. He loved anal sex and his wife hated it, so he never got any. Again, he couldn't resist.

He called his wife and explained that the car had broken down and they were fixing it. They planned to return first thing on Monday. Then he called his boss and said the same thing. When he had free'd himself up for one last night, he returned to his sexy daughter.

He took her shopping and to get her nails done. When she emerged from the bedroom later, it was worth it. The tight dress he'd bought her hugged all her curves. She was wearing a tiny thong with diamonds on it underneath. She'd modeled it for him before she got dressed. The heels he'd bought her made her legs look longer. She was gorgeous.

He'd opted for tight jeans and a muscle shirt, it made him look a little younger. They headed for the club around eleven. She'd nestled against him on the walk from the car and he'd never felt better. Every guy in the place watched their every move. She'd grinded on the dance floor, teasing his cock with her ass. He'd almost caused a fight when some guy pinched her ass. After they'd made out in the center of the club, she'd practically fucked him at the bar.

His cock was rock hard and he was trying to save himself for that ass fucking she was getting later. He couldn't wait.

When they'd arrived at four in the morning, he knew he'd have trouble getting up in the morning. He also knew it was going to be worth it. She'd taken the ass fucking with a little pain, but alot more pleasure. He was sure she'd want it again.

The ride home was long, they stopped three times. Once to fuck on the roof of the car again, once to fuck behind an old gas station and finally he drove down an old highway turn off and fucked her in the driver's seat. He knew living together was going to be hard.

A few days after returning from the beach, he'd printed the photos of Trina. They were in an album in the lockbox in the back of his desk. No one knew what was there. He'd lock his office door, open the box and jack off to the pictures. His favorite was one he'd taken while she was giving him a blow job. Her eyes wide and innocent, he'd cum almost instantly with that one.

After his morning whack off, as he called it. He'd wake Ashley for work. Today, she was horny, daring him to be naughty with her. She tugged at his shirt and wouldn't let up. He felt drained from his whack off and her efforts to arouse him were not working. He tried everything he could, but he was only semi hard. She grew angry and stormed off.

Twenty minutes later, he heard the door slam. He watched out the window as she left in a huff. He got his album back out and instantly he was hard again. He longed to fuck Trina again. The image of her mouth on his cock, he could only dream now.

He heard a noise and was startled when he looked up. Trina was standing in the doorway. She was wearing a little nurse costume he had bought her at the beach. Her tits fit it well, her ass cheeks hung out the bottom of the lacy panties. His cock was full erect again. She was good, damn she was good.

She swaggered right over to him on her stilettos and perched on the edge of the desk. "Hi Daddy, I heard you had a problem you need looked at."

She reached over and undid his pants. His cock flopped out, presenting itself to her. She leaned over and flicked her tongue around it. She lapped at it like a kitten before swallowing his entire cock. Her head moved up and down, dipping lower each time. Teasing his head with her tongue. His mouth was watering. He'd love to taste her right on his desk.

When she finished sucking him, she lay back on the desk. Her legs spread wide, he pulled the panties over to the side. Her snatch looked as good as always. She tugged at her clit and spread her lips wide. Leaning over, his face was as close to her pussy as he'd been since the beach. He couldn't help himself.

He dove into her cunt, eagerly tasting every inch of her. "Oh Daddy, yes!" She moaned beneath him.

Not wanting to wait any longer, he stood and plunged into her. She lifted her legs up to his shoulders. Allowing him deeper access, she moaned as he entered further. She lay back and pinched her nipples. Every stroke he made, she devoured him. She was close to cumming.

"Oh baby, I feel your pussy. I feel it. Daddy wants to cum in you baby. He does."

"Then cum daddy, please! please!" She begged him.

He had to hold strong, she'd gotten birth control, she just hadn't been on it long enough. "Not yet baby, we have to wait."

"Then I want you to cum in my mouth daddy."

He stepped back, allowing her to drop to his feet. She sucked him harder and harder. Finally, he grabbed his cock. Jerking rapidly, he began to shoot cum over her face and neck. It dripped from her chin. His daughter was covered in his seed.

Before leaving, she leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Same time tomorrow Daddy. Be ready!"

Downstairs, Trevor had just come in. From his spot at the door, he'd seen his sister leaving his father's office wearing a tiny nurse's uniform. He had to find out what was going on.

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