tagMind ControlTruth Will Set You Free

Truth Will Set You Free


Sam Hearne was after one thing: The Truth.

When his girlfriend Kristy left him she knew that she had cheated on him, he just couldn't prove it. In some ways he wondered why it mattered - after all, no matter what the reason the end result was that she was gone, right? But Sam had a thing about lying. He couldn't stand it. And he'd suspected that Kristy had lied to him about a number of things. Time after time he had let it go because he wanted to trust her... but now he had to know. The motivation to find out the truth had led him to do a number of experiments with a strange chemical compound he'd accidentally created on day in the lab. He hadn't known anything was wrong until it was tested, instead of being just regular perfume that smelled like Lily of the Valley (which is what he'd been trying to create), it had made his lab partner, Sara, get rather woozy. And then he found that whatever he ordered her to do... she did.

Shocked and horrified, not to mention extremely apologetic, Sam had immediately stopped asking questions and giving orders when he realized what was happening. The two of them had gotten rid of the compound as hazardous waste. Which was what he had considered it until now.

Now he was on his way to Kristy's, and he was going to get answers.


When Kristy opened her door to see Sam she was both pissed and frustrated. His face was scruffy, as if he hadn't shaved in a couple of days, and his hair wasn't brushed either. Why couldn't he just leave her alone? Men were so difficult... she didn't want to see him anymore. Every time she saw him she felt guilty and she didn't like feeling guilty or bad about herself. She knew very well that Sam had been a great boyfriend and that she'd betrayed him and hadn't treated him the way that he deserved, she should have broken up with him earlier, but now he was just starting to get on her last nerve. Sure it was great for her ego that he was having so much trouble moving on, but that didn't make it less annoying.

"Sam, what are you doing here?" she asked, letting out a huff of frustrated air. "I have nothing left to say to you. Go away."

Instead of responding, he lifted his hand in front of him and sprayed something in her face. It smelled like lilies and something else... something familiar but unidentifiable.

"What the heck was that?" she snapped.

"Go to the living room and sit down on the couch," Sam ordered her, his dark brown eyes grim. They'd always looked like puppy dog eyes to her. She was about to tell him to fuck off when she realized that her body was already turning and heading down the hall to the living room, she could hear him shut the front door and follow after her.

"What the... what's happening?!" she said, trying to make her body run, turn, fight, flee... instead it settled calmly on the couch.

"No talking unless you're answering a question I've asked," Sam told her calmly as he sat down in one of the arm chairs, facing her. About to protest, Kristy's jaw snapped shut. She struggled within herself, appalled and scared. "It's time to face the music Kristy. I'm here for some answers. Why did you really break up with me?"

"The guilt," she responded immediately. Tears started rolling down her cheeks in spite of herself. "I cheated on you with Frank and I couldn't stand to look at you afterwards."

"My cousin? My cousin Frank? But you've only ever met him once and that was at... that was at my birthday party." The betrayal and grief in Sam's eyes was everything she had tried to hide from and more. She couldn't understand why she was telling him all this, why she was doing exactly what he told her to do. Was it the stuff he had sprayed in her face? As much as she wanted to ask, she found that she couldn't. Just like he'd ordered her; she couldn't say a single word that wasn't answering one of his questions.

"Why?" he demanded. "Why did you cheat on me? And why with Frank?"

"I... you weren't... I met him and he was just so commanding. Everything about him overwhelmed me. He thought I was hot and he told me so. It wasn't in a nice way or even a complimenting way but like he was saying 'I want to do you.' I couldn't stay away from him at the party. And he noticed. When he went outside to smoke I followed him there too and he just told me to get on my knees and give him a blow job."

Sam winced. Kristy hated oral sex.

"He had a cigarette while I blew him. It got me so hot that I begged him to do me when he was done smoking. Everything he said and did was so confident, he was so in control... I used to fantasize about lack of control. About being kidnapped by pirates or captured by bandits and they would make me do awful, depraved things... and somehow when he looked at me all those fantasies came back. You were also so gentlemanly, so caring. I loved that about you, but part of me responded to being forced. It's stupid, I know, but I liked that he was having his wicked way with me - that's how I thought of it. It all seemed unreal at the time, like a fantasy come to life. But then, after that, every time I was with you all I could see was how weak you were. How you never pushed me. I don't like blow jobs so you never asked me to. If you did ask, you never pushed. That used to be okay, but after Frank it made me feel so unfulfilled."

Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing. In some ways, he knew Kristy was right. He'd been respectful, loving, kind, compassionate. He hadn't tried to get her to do things she didn't want to do. But that's how a relationship was supposed to work, right? That's what he wanted out of a relationship anyway. A terrible anger rose inside of him. It was the most overwhelming feeling he'd ever felt in his life... he wanted to hit her, just beat the crap out of her. Hurt her the way that she'd hurt him. Disrespect her the way that she'd disrespected him. That second thought allowed him to channel his anger.

Deep down he knew that he didn't really want to hurt her. But she had fantasies about being forced? She thought he was a weakling who couldn't give her what she craved?

Standing, Sam stared down at his cheating ex.

"Slut," he said, contemptuously. She winced at the epithet. It was like a slap across her face, and even if she'd had control of her mouth she wouldn't have been able to argue with him. What else could she consider herself? She'd gotten down on her knees, in the dirt of her boyfriend's parent's house and betrayed him, performed a sexual act that disgusted her with his cousin. While the man smoked a cigarette. If she'd had any kind of decency, any kind of self control, she would have waited... broken up with Sam, found a man who did fill her desires. Instead she'd betrayed him, hurt him, and for nothing more than a fantasy.

"Get on your knees, Slut," Sam ordered. To her horror, Kristy found her body obeying; her knees hit the ground before she could even think. "You have fantasies of control? Well guess what, the weak, pathetic, chivalrous guy you cheated on is here to give fulfill your wildest dreams." He stepped in front of her, his crotch in her face. Kristy watched as he undid his zipper and pulled of his pants. His dick wasn't barely chubby, he was too upset to be really turned on yet.

"Lick my cock, slut. You need to get it hard. Don't touch my dick with anything but your tongue." Immediately Kristy's tongue snaked out and she started licking his cock. The feel of her reluctant tongue across the sensitive skin of his head sent a quick message to his body and he started to stiffen, growing in front of his eyes. "You know what? Lick down to my balls. I want you to suck gently on them, roll them around in your mouth and pleasure me."

Kristy moaned as her mouth opened to gently suck one of his balls in. The skin of his scrotum felt like taffy, loose and stretchy in her mouth. Her nose was filled with the scent of him, a musky, earthy smell, as she sucked on his balls, watching his cock grow next to her face. It bumped against her cheek a couple of times on its way up. She had never put her mouth on a man's balls before. Even though the act disgusted her... she could feel a little itch, a small tingle, low in her stomach. The fantasies she'd had growing up were wild, depraved... she did things in them that she'd never do in real life. Yet here she was... on her knees, sucking on her ex-boyfriend's balls because she had no choice about it, he was controlling her every move. The little tingle inside her started to warm, the way her hands would when held out to a camp fire, but this was deep in her belly and she hadn't been cold there.

The feeling of Kristy's mouth wrapped around his balls, her wet tongue licking as she suckled gently on him, was incredible. More than that, the feeling of controlling her was sexier than he could have ever imagined. His anger had been washed away, because there was no point in being angry. He had the truth and more than that, he was going to get some of his own back... regain some dignity. Pay her back for using him, lying to him, betraying him.

"Put your mouth on my cock," he ordered. "Suck me. I want you to suck me just like you did my cousin."

The hot tingle inside of her was growing, a bit of lust surging through her as her body obediently started sucking on her ex's cock like it was a lollipop. Sam moaned, his hands on her head as he thrust his cock back and forth into her mouth. She sucked him eagerly, because that was how she had sucked his cousin, her tongue roaming the sides of his cock as it moved back and forth in her mouth.

Seeing Kristy's lips wrapped around his dick was fantastic. Seeing the look of arousal in her eyes was even better... and yet hurtful too, because she had wanted this and had never given him any indication. He wasn't a fucking mind reader - how was he supposed to know that she wanted to be pushed? To be forced? Well he might not have been able to read her mind before, but now he could control her, and that was what she wanted. Since he hadn't given her any orders not to move at all, he could see her lower body squirming a little, her legs rubbing together, as he looked down at her. This was turning her on.

"Open up your throat all the way, don't gag. And when I cum, you're going to swallow all of it."

He loved the way her eyes widened with fear at his new orders. Looks like even if Frank had gotten some head, he hadn't cum in her mouth. That didn't surprise Sam. But now Kristy was going to take it, for no other reason than he'd told her to. Grabbing onto her brown pony tail he began rocking his hips back and forth harder, working more of his cock into her mouth. He hit the back of her throat, but he'd told her not to gag and so she didn't. Kristy's body tried to struggle, she tried to move her hands up to stop him, as he began to push into her throat. But the orders to suck him held, and she couldn't make her body do anything that would go against that order. Instead her hands just went on his hips, not exerting any pressure or pushing him away at all.

The moans that Kristy was making made her vocal cords vibrate, massaging Sam's cock, especially when he shoved all the way in and forced her to deep throat him. His ex's nose was buried in his pubic hair with each thrust, and she just kept sucking and gurgling against his meat. Pulling her hair out of her pony tail, he grabbed a handful of it, enjoying the feel of physical control as well as mental.

"Fuck yeah," he moaned... "Oh baby I've dreamed about having your lips around my cock, sucking me off. You have no idea how good this feels."

Kristy could feel herself getting wet as Sam pulled at her hair, his dick thickening inside of her mouth. Sam had never talked dirty to her before. Maybe because he thought she wouldn't like it. After all, Kristy didn't like it when he cursed under normal circumstances. In some ways she really was a big prude... but maybe only because she wanted someone to come along and push her boundaries. And now Sam was crashing right through them.

As his dick got thicker and longer, it burned in her throat as he fucked her mouth. Suddenly torrents of cum were gushing into her mouth, and immediately she started swallowing. The taste was mostly bitter and only slightly sweet, a strange flavor that her nose recognized the smell of from all the times she and Sam had had sex. Using her hair, Sam held her lips pressed against his body as he shot cum straight down into her belly. Even though she was starting to feel slightly dizzy from lack of air, Kristy couldn't do anything but swallow and take it.

When Sam finally finished cumming and pulled away she gasped for air, gulping in deep breaths.

"That was quite a blow job," Sam smirked down at her. "I'm not sure you didn't like it. Did you like it Kristy? Answer truthfully."

"No," she said. "I hate giving head."

"But it turned you on, didn't it? I saw the look in your eye."

"Yes it turned me on," she blushed as she said it. Hating herself.

"I think I'd like to feel how much it turned you on." Kristy closed her eyes as he stuck his hands down her pajama pants, the ones she'd been lounging around the house in. Her pussy was wet, slippery with juices in fact, and his finger easily slid back and forth in her hot, little slit. "Nice baby. You're super wet." He rubbed his finger around some more. "Fortunately for you, I know that the effects of the spray are going to last for several more hours, so we have plenty of time to get you off." Kristy moaned, unsure if she felt excited or scared.

He pulled his fingers out from her pussy. "Lick off the juices."

The look of disgust on her face as she tasted herself was fantastic. Once his fingers were clean Sam found the television remote and turned it on, changing it to one of the club music channels. He sat back down on the couch.

"I think it's time you got naked too Kristy. I want you to do a strip-tease and I want you to make it sexy. Lots of shaking your tits and your ass."

Heat suffused Kristy's face as she immediately started to dance, her body swaying, hips grinding. Even though she was wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt and he'd just cum, seeing his ex doing a sexy dance for him was arousing. Kristy never showed off her body like that, even in the clubs she was a very reserved dancer. Now she was bouncing her ass up and down like the girls that he'd seen her judging for their sensual dance moves, the ones that she said belonged in a strip club.

Her arms crossed in front of her, grasping the hem of her shirt, and her hips swung back and forth, legs parted and knees slightly bent, as she pulled the t-shirt from her head, tossing it to the ground. Kristy shimmied and shook, her 34-D breasts bouncing in their bra, bobbling delightfully. Drinking in the view, Sam leaned back and just enjoyed the show. Even though the movements of her body were sexy, the look on Kristy's face was extremely conflicted. It almost made him laugh to see how turned on she was and how much that disturbed her.

Bending over, Kristy stuck her ass straight at him and shook it as she pulled down her pajama pants, revealing plain cotton panties. There was something wonderfully lewd about watching her strip down to such plain Jane, innocent underwear. She pulled off her bra and cupped her breasts, rubbing their undersides. Spreading her legs, she bent her knees and began doing body rolls as she sank down towards the floor, grinding away to the music. With her legs spread like that, Sam could see that her juices had soaked the crotch of her panties.

Then she stood back up straight and slide her finger tips under the top of her panties. Despite herself, Kristy was enjoying herself. It was turning her on to have to dance in front of Sam like this... it reminded her of one of her fantasies... kidnapped by gypsies and forced to dance wildly to their incredible music to entertain the men. Even though it felt wrong, it was the wrongness of it that was turning her on. Strippers danced like this, sluts in clubs... not girls like her. But there was a sex fiend, deep down inside of her, well hidden... and Sam was forcing it to the surface. Just the way she'd always wanted. Her body gyrated as she hooked her fingers under the sides of her panties and slid them down, facing Sam this time, teasing him by blocking the view.

"Oh god..." he moaned when she stood up. His dick was at half-mast and climbing, and as he stared at her shaved pussy - when had she done that?! - he began to stroke his growing erection. "When did you shave all your hair Kristy? And keep dancing."

"Yesterday," she said, her dancing feeling extremely lewd and embarrassing now that she was completely naked. "I was horny and reading an erotic story online and the girl in it had hers shaved, and it said all the sensations were enhanced, and I was curious."

"Did you play with yourself?"

"Yes," Kristy admitted. Sam stared at her for a moment, still stroking his dick.

"What were your fantasies about? In detail. Tell me the things that you would fantasize about the men doing to you and forcing you to do."

Kristy moaned, her hands skimming down the sides of her body as she shook her butt and shimmied her way down so that her knees were completely bent and spread, before curving her body and undulating back up to a standing position.

"They would make me suck them and fuck them. I'd be tied up. Sometimes they'd hurt me to make me do things. Spank me or whip me. Sometimes I would fantasize about more than one of them taking me at the same time." Now she blushed even more heavily, hating to admit this last part. "When I fantasized about gypsies, sometimes there'd be a woman."

"Well that's quite a fantasy life you had going on in there," Sam said, a little bitterly. "I had no idea."

Since he didn't ask a question, Kristy just kept dancing. His eyes stared lustily at her.

"Hurt you, huh?" Her heart rate seemed to pick up. "Stop dancing slut. Come here and lay across my lap. I don't have a whip, but you definitely deserve a spanking."

Kristy wanted to run screaming, but her body compliantly walked over and lay herself across Sam's lap. She felt naughty, like a child, and incredible vulnerable as his hand caressed her ass cheeks.

"Ask me to spank you. Beg for it. Tell me how much you deserve it."

"Spank me, Sam, please," the words spilled from her lips. "I was a terrible girlfriend. I cheated on you - OW!" Kristy yelped as his hand came crashing down on her back side. Oh god that hurt.

"I lied to you." Another spank and a yelp. Oh no... he was going to spank her for every crime that came falling from her lips.

"I betrayed you." SLAP! Her ass throbbed from the force of the blow.

"I sucked your cousin's cock." She screeched; this time his hand had come down hard on her pussy, which was sopping wet. The pain flared and then merged into the rising pleasure deep inside of her body.

Sam's hand rubbed across her smarting ass. "Keep going. How else did you treat me wrong?"

"Sometimes I would tell you I wasn't horny when I was, because I wanted you to force me. I masturbated in the bathroom afterwards when you didn't."

SLAP! She shrieked.

"I fantasized about having sex with some of your friends."

CRACK! Oh that one hurt... her ass felt like it was on fire. Kristy could feel tears building up in her eyes from the humiliation and the pain.

"Sometimes I looked at your email and your text messages, because I was nosy and I wanted to see what you were saying."

THWACK! Kristy shrieked again, her body bucking automatically.

"That's enough," Sam said, his voice was tight but in control. Kristy sobbed, her body flopping down as all of her muscles released their tension. The tender cheeks of her ass throbbed as Sam's fingers stroked them. This was so much more intense than any fantasy she'd ever had. "I don't want to hear any more. Go to the end of the couch and bend over the arm."

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