tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTuesday Nights Ch. 04-06

Tuesday Nights Ch. 04-06


Chapter 04: What they did to me during the week

Up to this point, I had faced each Tuesday night dinner with a strangely challenging mixture of anticipation and apprehension. I looked forward to the raw sexual thrill of being naked among a group of attractive young women, particularly when they also revealed part of their bodies. I loved being shaved by the group and I loved shaving the shapely, fully naked Emma. But, I feared the shame. It was shameful to be naked in front of fully clothed friends and acquaintances. It was shameful to be so docile and subservient to a group of women. Particularly, responding the Margaret's hard edged feminist demands and deliberate steps to ridicule me, and by extensions all men.

However, this challenge only came on Tuesday nights. The rest of the week I could focus on my research in the calm of the Computer Science Department. My professional career depended on my graduate work and so I was very careful to maintain a proper professional demeanor in the Department. While I did share an office with my girlfriend, Lois, we were completely professional at work. Wendy was often around but we did not get much chance to interact. Normally I would barely see Margaret in the department.

All this changed on Wednesday. I got an email message from Margaret asking me to come to her office. She told me that she taught a private seminar on a feminist interpretation of social anthropology. She wanted me to come to the class at 5pm that evening. This was a fairly innocuous request, but it also had a real edge to it. I did not feel I could refuse.

I showed up a few minutes after 5pm. The seminar room was in a deserted corridor in an older part of the school. There were about 10 people, 10 women, in the class. Mostly undergraduates, some were freshmen. In addition, there were two men sitting nervously at the side of the room.

Margaret was already teaching. She asked one of the men to come to the front of the class. He had all sorts of body piercing. Margaret pointed to each item of adornment (or mutilation) depending on your perspective. Apparently, the topic for today was the weird things that men did to their bodies. Were these part of a mating ritual? Did men pierce their eyebrows in order to attract women?

This guy had pierced eyebrows and about 5 earrings. Margaret asked him to open his mouth. He had a gold stud in his tongue. Ugh! She indicated his crotch - he smiled and briefly pulled down his pants. He had a cock stud -- Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! The women in the audience laughed. He turned red faced and pulled his pants back up.

The second man has tattoos. Margaret got him to take off his shirt, to show his back and stomach. In addition to numerous dragons, motorbikes, and other symbolic tattoos from around the world, he had naked women on each arm that rippled with his muscles.

While maintaining an academic demeanor, Margaret thoroughly ridiculed these poor guys, thanked them, and told them that they could leave. The she turned to me.

"Peter is a different kind of case. Rather than decorate himself or mutilate himself to attract women, he feels a certain compulsion to please us by doing whatever we ask -- even when it is humiliating."

There was a background titter, and the young women students took a new interest in me. Margaret motioned me to come to the front and stand in front of the class.

"Feminist women have rejected mutilating our bodies for the pleasure of men. Many of us have stopped shaving our underarms and our legs. What is wrong with our natural bodies?"

"Peter, quite voluntarily, stripped for a group of women. He showed us his total body and allowed us to shaving all the hair off his crotch and backside. This was a total submission to women. It was a complete humiliation for Peter. It demonstrates the power we can have if we just leverage the fact that men want to please women."

"Peter, strip and place your clothes on the chair."

For a moment, I just stood there. Had I stripped because I wanted to please? Certainly, the shaving had been a complete capitulation to the power of the clothed women. But, what would I do now? Would I strip and be humiliated again? If I refused, just walked out, what would happen?

"Peter, with your cooperation, we can keep this in the room."

Margaret answered my unspoken question, if I asserted myself and denied her request to strip in front of her class, then she would let the whole Department know about my humiliation. I could not risk my professional reputation.

I also felt a stirring, what would the class think of me, what would they do? What would it be like to be naked and at the mercy of 10 college coeds?

I did not have a real choice, so I did what would please the women. I bent over and removed my shoes and socks. Then I took off my shirt.

I faced the class. Margaret just stood and watched me, an inner smile on her face with her triumph of will over me.

I kept on going. I took of my pants and carefully folded them on the chair. I hesitated when it came to my underwear. I tried to stare at the blond in the second row.

"Note the bikini briefs -- no boxers for Peter. Take them off!"

Under orders, here I was naked in front of the ten undergraduate women and Margaret, my housemate.

There was an involuntary in drawing of breath when the undergraduates saw my completely hairless crotch. I looked ridiculous. I might have been 13 years old. It was a further humiliation.

"See what he permitted us to do! He is a man who wants to please and will do anything asked of him by a woman. I will show you."

"Girls, one at a time, come up to him."

"Mary, hold him. See how smooth it is?"

Mary was quite eager - she was the first inline. She was an attractive brunette that I vaguely knew from teaching an undergraduate programming class. She stepped in front of and used both hands to hold my balls.

She looked up at me, and said: "Peter, you are so cute, I always wanted to do this when I was in your class."

She stroked my stomach to see the smoothness, although stubble was now appearing.

The next girl was Julie, who I had flunked from the programming class. "Oh Peter, I always wanted to do this..." she said, mimicking Mary. But, what she did was roughly squeeze my balls and pull my cock hard. I almost collapsed.

But Margaret, rather than protect me, saw this as a new lesson. "See, Peter will let you do almost anything. Men, once under control can be gentlemen. Men can be tamed by determined women."

One girl held my penis up and pulled down gently on the ball sack. "I want to see what it would be like to add one of those native mutilations and inserts to his balls. Another, a rather attractive blond with long hair, stroked the sides of my legs and watched me get even harder. Her name was Gail.

Each girl felt my privates and stroked the skin all around my crotch. Some went around to stroke my butt and put their hand between my legs to touch my cock. I had no privacy, no limitations; I was totally at their mercy. I had lost all pride.

"Now lets come back to the main lesson. Men will do anything to please women, no matter how degrading. But, sometimes they slip and forget. Class, please ask Peter to keep himself shaved."

"Dear Peter, please keep yourself shaved for us" they said almost in unison.

"In primitive tribes, as today, men need ritual reinforcement to fulfill their assigned duties. So, I will set the members of this class to ensure that Peter remains shaved. Any time you see Peter, you should personally check that he is properly shaved -- he already has too much stubble."

What did this mean? How would they check on me?

"If he is not shaved to your satisfaction, then it means that Peter is not really capable of taking care of his own body, so you will have to help him."

"That's right, isn't Peter? You would like these girls to help if you forget to shave properly?"

What could I say? What did it mean? I just nodded.

"Say it properly!"

"Yes, I want help if I don't shave myself properly." I said in a dejected tone.

One of the girls, Mary, passed my clothes to me and I was allowed to dress and leave.

Tuesday Dinner -- Part 5 -- Later in the week



Nothing happened on Thursday. I did not see any of the students from Margaret's class. On Friday morning, I noticed one of the undergraduates near my office, but she walked away. I did not really think they would follow up on the instruction from Margaret to check whether my crotch was 'properly' shaved. They could not do that publicly at a University? Margaret just wanted to scare me.

But, Friday evening about 6:30 when most people had left, I headed for the parking lot. Julie stepped in front of me - three or four others were behind -- including Mary.

"Have you cleaned up that stubble?" Julie asked with a sneer.

"Let me check."

Right there, in the corridor, she just pulled down my pants. Her hand went right for my crotch and squeezed my balls.

"I don't think he has shaved. Penny, you check him."

Penny was more gentle, she slid her hand below my belt and around my cock.

"Yes, he has more stubble than on Wednesday. Good thing we brought our equipment."

I was pulled into a near by classroom and made to lay out on several desks. With five of them I could not really resist, certainly not without making a big commotion, which was the last thing, I wanted.

They pulled my pants right off and pulled up my shirt. I was laid out for the slaughter. They had brought warm water and shaving cream. Mary, thank goodness, was the one who held the shaver. She was quite gentle in removing the ten-day growth of stubble since I had been totally shaved by the women at our Tuesday Night dinner. But she did not let me off easy.

The four other girls were hold my limbs, not that I was likely to struggle while a bare razor was held near my family jewels. They decided to remove all my clothes. Now I was even more defenseless. Anybody could have walked into the classroom at any time.

Mary took a battery-powered electric razor and trimmed the thin area around my balls and between my legs. Then they rolled me over and she carefully removed every hair she could find.

The all the girls took the opportunity to feel my skin and admire the new smoothness. I was rolled onto my back again and they felt the smoothness of my entire crotch. Julie pulled me up sharply by my unit and I had to arch upwards on my back and heels.

"He gave me an F in programming, so that I had to retake the class. He is a real bastard."

I was then led in humiliating poses and dances around the classroom. Complete loss of any shred of dignity before these coeds. Could I ever get control a classroom again?

"Peter, remember, if you do not take care of the shaving -- we will have to do it for you."

I quickly dressed and scuttled home.

Tuesday Dinner -- Part 6 -- Monday



Naturally, I did not mention it to Lois, or Margaret or anybody at the house. I suspect that Margaret would have heard about it -- she probably organized it. But, when I undressed to get into bed that night, Lois my live-in girlfriend noticed.

"Peter, what happened? It looks like you shaved your crotch again -- just when I hoped it was growing out."

I had to tell the whole story. At first she was pretty angry at what Margaret had engineered but then she started to think it was funny.

"So, these undergraduate nymphs are going to keep stopping you in the hall ways to check your crotch?"

"At my Catholic high school they used to stop us in the hallways to check that our dresses were long enough. This is a great switch!"

Actually, despite her humor, I am not sure that she liked the idea of these 'nymphs' shaving me. She did not seem to mind me being publicly humiliated but even though she had "shared" with our housemates, she clearly did not like other women getting me off.

"Perhaps I should just shave you myself, perhaps this would protect you." She smiled.

"I know if I asked her, Emma or Wendy would shave you anytime you wanted. But, I do not like the idea of Margaret's thugs getting there hands on you." She mused.

On Monday, just as I was about to walk into a class, the blond undergraduate from Margaret's class walked up to me and slipped her hand through my waistband and down to my penis.

"Oh, feels quite smooth. You must have shaved, I was hoping to shave you."

She walked away, leaving nothing but embarrassment and an instant hard on, as I looked around at my fellow students.

My office mates had left by around 5:30 and at 6 I was about to go home. A knock came at the door and three more of the coed from Margaret's class walked in nervously.

"Show us you crotch. We have to check for hair. It is a class assignment."

I only briefly hesitated before lowered my pants - thanks goodness this lot was not as aggressive as the others.

Again they gasped, mostly I think because I actually followed their command and revealed myself. The leader, Marcie, felt my skin.

"Pretty smooth, but we have to shave you any way. Margaret says that you should be shaved every day."

I did not argue. I stripped and lay down on a desk with my feet hanging over. Marcie got the shaving cream and was about to start with the razor they had brought.

Lois just walked in. It was her office too. But, as my girlfriend, she probably did not expect me to be fully naked and exposed over her own desk.

Lois, figured it out, but was still hurt. She pretended to the girls that she had not heard about this class.

"What are you doing with Peter? He is my boy friend."

They gave a garbled explanation. Clearly they now wanted to leave, since a slighter older women had arrived and they were not sure of the sexual politics of shaving a mere man in front of his girlfriend.

But, Lois had an idea. Since these women wanted to touch her man, perhaps she could get them to advance more and turn the tables.

"Margaret did not tell you that Peter only allowed himself to be shaved because he would get to shave Emma. It is not fair for you to shave him without being prepared to play the same game yourselves."

Lois looked at them, each well dressed and carefully made up -- they might of being going out on a date. The coeds looked at each other and could see the fairness in Lois's argument.

"First, you all strip like Peter -- it is only fair."

The younger women did as they were told. The carefully took off their shoes, stockings, skirts, blouses and were left in their underwear.

Marcie has matching pink frilly underwear. Linda had tight black underwear with her boobs almost falling out. Gail was rather flatter. She had attractive yellow underwear.

Under Lois's gaze, they continued to strip. Marcie had a big hairy bush and breasts that were glistening with sweat. Linda's bush was already trimmed and her breasts were firm. Gail had less hair, she was a genuine blond, and without the bra her breasts were perky and attractive. They all looked nervous. How had they got talked into this?

"All right, first you can shave Peter. It wont take much, since some of you gang shaved him on Friday."

Marcie again took up the shaver. Before she had been fully clothed and I was completely exposed before her. Now, thanks to Lois, Marcie was also naked. I was still powerless but Marcie had loss some of her power along with her clothes. Her naked shame somehow reduced my humiliation at yet again being under the knife from a woman.

Gail and Linda also felt some humiliation. They were naked in front of a man they barely knew and a fully clothed woman. Lucky they were good friends.

Gail glanced sidelong at Lois and then reached out to hold my penis out of the way. Marcie placed one hand comfortably on my stomach as she started to shave the stubble. Linda held up my legs as I draped over the desk.

After shaving my crotch area, Linda took the shaver and carefully shaved my legs. Now I was truly bald. Gail used a shaver to get any remaining hairs around my balls and again stroked me with another sidelong glance at Lois. These coeds could not figure out the relationship between me -- naked in their hands -- and Lois -- fully clothed and calling the shots.

"Marcie, now it is your turn."

Marcie lay out on the desk - not very comfortable, as I knew. I plastered on the shaving cream and took most of the hair off her crotch area. I trimmed her bush down to a small black muff. While I did it, I had my arm across her breast and touched her nipples whenever I could. The other girls held her legs.

Marcie was obviously a mess, with all the shaving cream. There was a women's room with a shower just across the hall.

"Lets go over to the shower room -- leave the clothes -- there is nobody around." was Lois's next step in the undoing of the coeds.

Marcie stood under the shower and I cleaned her and myself. I loved -- as I think Lois knew -- soaping down Marcie's voluptuous body. She carefully cleaned me, using both hands on my skin.

"Linda, you are next. Lie on the bench -- it is more comfortable than my desk."

Linda was already trimmed. To make a visible difference I would have to do something radical. I smothered her bush with shaving cream and very carefully stroked off every hair. Her cunt was left entirely exposed and unprotected from gaze. The other women, even Lois, looked on with some amazement. They had not seen a mature cunt completely bare. I managed to arrange my hand to accidentally finger her clit with each stroke. I too, took a sidelong glance at Lois. What did Lois want from this?

I carefully washed Linda in the shower. She was less warm than Marcie but had a great body to admire.

Gail, who had been kind to me, came next. Her blond hair was hard to notice in her pelvic area. I applied shaving cream and was able to produce a quite passable heart shape. I kept my hand between her legs the entire time. At the end I kissed her carefully trimmed heart.

Then we went through the ritual of the shower again. I washed Gail all over with soap and treated her gently. She then took the soap and lathered me, my third shower for the evening. Lois was the only one who had not been under the shower; she still had all her clothes.

With all the other women looking on, Gail put one hand to cup my balls and used the other to stroke my cock. I had been standing rigid for an hour, I moaned and came quickly. I was ashamed to come in such public circumstances. Gail calmly looked over at Lois. I smiled at Gail and then looked to see Lois.

"Peter, you are not very loyal -- you just could not hold back could you!"

Then, seemingly in fury, she picked up the one towel we had shared, grabbed me in her favorite way -- still very sensitive -- and led me hang dog out of the women's room and across to our office.

"Quick, grab all their clothes and get out of here!"

Lois took my clothes, and we left only the girls shoes for walking over the gravel car park. The car park was well lit and crowd from some student event was milling around.

Lois really was furious; she would not listen to my pleas to put my clothes on. She made me streak to the car. This incited the crowd, just in time for the next group of streakers -- three naked, perhaps wiser, undergraduates.

Tuesday Dinner -- Part 7 -- Confrontation



For the first time in many Tuesday nights, I was still fully clothed. There was tension during diner. Lois and Margaret glared at each other. Lois and I were also tense - we had not talked about the goings on at work and her dragging me home naked. The subject of sex had not come up during dinner.

Emma, who had known Lois and Margaret for some time, decided to clear the air.

"These Tuesday dinners have been fun. Peter has been repeatedly humiliated and yet seems to enjoy it. Wendy, Gail and I have been exposed and humiliated. We have taken it in good fun. But, you Margaret and you Lois have held back."

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