tagNovels and NovellasTumbling off the Cliff Ch. 05

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 05


Some people are walking disaster areas, so what would happen if a very together and successful man falls for a ditzy but sexy woman?

Sparks fly between Mitch and Lisa in this romantic story.

It is a slow build to hot sex in later chapters, with lots of clashes of personality and misunderstanding in-between.


Shivvy sat listening as Lisa waxed lyrical about the two days in Ireland and her time alone with Mitch. Unable to stop talking about him, she curled up on the big chair, the glass of wine forgotten in her hand, telling the sweet memories to her closest friend. Whilst she sat and listened Shivvy worried for her friend, watching her face lit up, her eyes sparkling, the smile on her mouth wide with remembering.

"Lisa, you know I love you so you know I only have your best interests at heart when I say this."

"Please don't Shivvy. I know what you're going to say, but you're wrong, He's not like you think. He really likes me and it's more that just the big movie star getting his roll in bed with the star struck fan."

"Are you sure you know what your doing? After all you told me he's going to Canada for five weeks next week. Is he taking you with him?"

"I don't know. Ellie is going....."

"But are you going? Has he asked you to go out there?"

"Not exactly......."

"Be careful Lisa, don't give your heart. He'll break it if you're not careful."

"No he won't Shivvy. He's so sweet and kind. You should meet him."

"Lisa he's an actor, he can play at being sweet. Please don't rush in with both feet."

"Too late Shivvy, I already have!"


Mitch saw the hurt in her eyes as he stood opposite her in the kitchen at the end of the day. "It's only for five weeks. I'll be back before you know it."

"But you're going to be gone so soon. We've only just started......"

Moving forward and picking her up by her waist, he placed her on the kitchen counter, "All the more reason to make good use of the time we have left before I leave...."

Spreading her thighs wide to allow him to move between them, her arms encircling his neck, she felt his hands sweep up the inside of her thighs, fingers burrowing in behind the crotch of her pants, finding her vagina and burrowing in with one of them. Gasping and leaning back, her head dropping back as his mouth started to suck at her sensitive skin there, she felt him place another finger in to join the one moving back and forth inside her, spreading her and causing her to moisten and pant.

His mouth moved down over the thin material of her top, and bite her nipple through the bright red covering. It wasn't a soft bite, but a hard tight bite that made her jerk, but his hands left her down below to grab her back and hold her still for his assault on her breasts with his teeth.

"Ow that hurt......"

Growling deep in his chest he held her still, moving his mouth from breast to breast, biting her.


His hands moved around to the neckline of her top, pulling it down her arms, pinning them to her sides, exposing her braless globes, and carried on biting the now exposed turgid tips, his teeth worrying and pulling at the hard nubs, sharp pain/pleasure running through her body, pooling deep in her belly.

She felt him push up her skirt further out his way, his hands grabbing and frantically ripping away her small throng, then him fumbling at his flies, all the while his mouth and teeth bruising her tender breasts and nipples, his hands rough with her now exposed body as he grabbed her buttocks pulling her forward on the counter, and then she felt his hard cock pushing in and entering her.

Unable to raise her arms to hold on as he thrust hard and fast into her, she felt him raise his head, and his teeth biting at the side of her neck, sharp and painful.


The feel of him moving deep and hard inside of her, unable to move to relieve the pressure or join in, she sat there as he fucked her, his hands holding her still for his frantic movements.

Slowly she felt her tension start to build, the feeling of helplessness and the small pains his mouth was inflicting on her pushing her up towards her orgasm, her head fell forward her hands grabbing at the hard surface of the counter.


She felt him start to grind into her, his hips moving from side to side, her legs pushed wider apart, his hands moving around from her back to hold them apart, wide and spread.


The wave of pleasure peaked through her as she came, the feel of him pumping deep, his teeth and hands marking her tender sweat soaked skin, her high heeled shoes hitting the front of the counter trying to find purchase as he continued his single minded pounding of her body.


His own shout of release came as he spilled his hot sperm into her, his strong hands holding her still as his own orgasm pulled at the centre of his soul, ripping out the pleasure from his groin with hot pulsing bursts.

Sitting there joined as their bodies calmed down, dishevelled, her body nerves starting to hurt where his sharp teeth had bruised her skin, she looked up at him, eyes bright with a mixture of shock and left over pleasure.

"What was that all about?"

Running his fingers through her short spiky hair, he held her head steady and looking into her eyes with his he told her, "That was marking you as mine. The five weeks will pass quickly, but I want you to remember tonight. I want you to miss me. You will miss me....and I will miss you but you can't come with. I'll be working and I need to be able to channel all my energies into this role. It's a great role and a chance of a lifetime, and I intend to focus on it and not any distractions....and you would be a distraction."

Lisa smiled, believing him, forgetting that he was an actor, that he could play his role and make her believe anything he told her.


Mitch stood on the set, hitting his mark, the hot lights burning down on him. Around him the crew was settling down ready to start filming, behind him stood the other actor in this scene, in his hand the incriminating file that was the reason for the confrontation between them in the take. To his right stood the young make up girl, her brush sweeping over his brow, matting down the shine, her breast lightly touching his arm as she reached up to his face.

"Thanks." He murmured, her smile back warm and inviting.

The last four days had been intense, with no time for rehearsals as he joined the other actors, meeting them and slipping into the film as seamlessly as he could. But he had noticed this make up girl yesterday, and he watched her as she stepped back behind the camera taking note of her long red hair reaching down to her waist, wondering if her pubic hair matched.

Before he left he had worked hard, winding up his obligations and promo on the last film, spending his nights with Lisa, making love, her crazy humour and personality making their sexual couplings interesting and inventive.

But here he was, in Canada, for five weeks, and his interest was being peaked by the girl with the red hair, the memory of Lisa and the last week fading fast.

Back in the UK Lisa wandered around the apartment between working answering Mitch's fan letters, sending off digitally pre signed photos and letters in answer to written requests, sorting out the upkeep of his home and ensuring any business queries were sent over for Ellie to deal with in Canada. Walking slowly into his bedroom she smiled remembering only last Saturday morning when they had made love, her on her hands and knees, doggy style, Mitch laughing as he slide in and out of her, while she pretended to bark.

It had only been a week but she missed him, missed their clashing and quick banter, missed him making her body soar, missed just watching him as he sat reading his script, learning his lines as his glasses slipped down his nose, his mouth repeating the words to himself as he absorbed the role he was going to play.

Realising she had fallen in love with him, she opened a draw in his walk in wardrobe, pulling out a sweater and holding it up to her nose took in a deep breath filling in her lungs with the unique smell of him, before slipping it on over her tight multi coloured tee shirt and hugging herself as she walked back to the office the other side of the large apartment and back to work.


Two weeks later Lisa sat with Shivvy, tears streaming down her face, the Sunday newspaper spread out in front of her, the picture of Mitch and some red haired woman walking along hand in hand with the heading, 'Love rat Lawson dumps Alicia for unknown red head.'

"How could he...." Lisa snivelled, "Only the other day he told me he was missing me on the phone, and that he couldn't wait until the film wrapped up so he could see me."

Biting her lip Shivvy stopped herself from saying 'I told you so' and just reached across to place her hand on Lisa's shoulder as she sat slumped in the chair next to her.

"I feel such a fool."

"You're not a fool sweetie, just someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and falls in love too quickly."

Hiccupping she nodded, "It didn't take me long this time did it?"

Smiling her friend agreed, "No it didn't take you long this time." Then frowning she asked, "What are you going to do now?"

Sitting up, her anger rising up, "Well I'm not going to wait around for the big brush off, I'm going to quit my job. I've got my first months money, and I'll go back to the agency and see what they've got for me, and fuck Mr big two timing movie star"

Settling back, Shivvy could see her overdue rent getting farther and farther into being repaid back into the distance. "Don't rush into anything Lisa."

But she knew it was a hopeless piece of advice to give to her friend. Lisa always was one to rush into everything without thinking it through.


The redheads thighs rubbed against the side of his head as she moved sinuously, trying to push her clit harder against his tongue as he lapped at it, her tight red pubic curls tickling his nose along with her strong female sexual scent. His hands held her buttocks as he bit down on the swollen hard bud, feeling her jerk in his hands, the muscles in her bottom squeezing as she clamped her thighs tighter with the sudden feel of pain.

"Oh God, yessss......."

Biting down again he held the glistening red piece of flesh as he felt her fingers tighten in his hair, pulling frantically to try to relieve the sharp pain, but he held on, growling deep in his throat before moving his right hand down and around, sliding three fingers into her tight hole and rubbing, hearing her squeal as her orgasm started to hit.

The side of Mitch that loved rough sex took over completely and even as the small woman lay engrossed in her ecstasy, he got up on his knees and flipped her over, holding her arms down beside her head, he covered her body with his pressing down and holding her still, spreading her legs as he pressed his engorged cock into her body, hard and fast, feeling her muscles still in spasm as he thrust down, hitting her cervix and causing an even louder squeal as the dull pain deep inside her registered through her pleasure.

Pumping hard and fast, he held the wriggling woman down with his weight, ramming himself in as far as he could, his balls hitting her cunt as she lay there her second orgasm rising to meet his. Both bodies slick with sweat, panting and grunting in the dark Canadian night.

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