tagMatureTumultuous Times At St.Thomas Ch. 01

Tumultuous Times At St.Thomas Ch. 01

byDeadly Joker©

Chapter 1 - Go See the Principal

mmm...yeah, that's nice, pump that tight pussy good. smack 'n' pull those tits. watch that sweet ass move..mmm.


mmm...what about her? what about both of them? bitches. hot bitches. pile one ass up on the other, and have four tight hot nasty holes to FUCK. fuck 'em like-


"Huh? Wah?" With his teacher's voice, 18-year-old Manny was shocked out of his imaginary revelry.

Here in fifth-period English, his mind had drifted off whatever Ms. LaLonde had been speaking about, to his grand goal for this last year of high school. His project was, quite simply, to get laid.

It wasn't that he wasn't reasonably fit and good looking. But his shyness and quiet manner, combined with a self-reliance and independence, meant that he was a sharp contrast from most of his peers, who would say and do outrageous things in hopes of fitting in and getting a sliver of attention. He didn't play the social game, and wouldn't know the rules if he tried. And for the few girls that did try to approach him, his shyness and awkwardness would stop him from showing even the most preliminary signs of interest. Meanwhile, he'd go home alone and think about what he could do with that girl, whacking off three times a night.

This year, he promised himself, that was going to change. He was going to learn the pleasures of sex. Time was already passing, this being the Friday of the first week of school, and so he began to look around the class at the different girls, considering possibilities.

Kelly with the nice tits and ass, but glasses and odd hair that might put her in my league? No, no, don't think like that, wouldn't sluts be easier? Maybe offer a little help with the homework? The Filipino Selena there, whose catholic school uniform kilt seems to get shorter year after year to reveal more of those luscious legs in hose...

Soon after this was where his teacher caught him off guard, and he tried to shake off his flustered feeling, but already some of the other kids were giggling at him. "Yes, Miss?"

Ms. LaLonde fixed him with a dramatic scowl, "Hmmm, daydreaming about spaceships and astro-men again, I bet."

That was a crack at his vociferous defence of science fiction as literature in one of the first classes of the year. That, he thought, is why I usually don't say anything.

"That was the Principal, Mrs. Cole," His teacher continued. "She wants to see you after class, in her office. Something about some computer hocus-pocus you worked on?"

"Oooo," one of the guys in class, a big-mouth in Manny's judgement, ragged him, loud enough that half the class heard, "Manny's got a hot date with a computer for Friday night!"

"Now, now class, we still have a few minutes," Ms. LaLonde picked up a piece of chalk, "Back to the life and times of Shakespeare..."


Manny felt frustrated as he walked took a seat outside the Principal's office. The secretary had told him to wait, as Mrs. Cole was currently seeing someone else, and might be for a while. This definitely meant he wasn't going to be meeting up with anyone one their way home, and would likely be left out of any discussions of what they were going to do over the weekend. Damn.

A long time passed when the door finally creaked open, and let out three people, one woman and two men, that Manny didn't recognize. He assumed they were visiting officials from the school board.

He was about to get up when Mrs. Cole poked her head out the door. "You're Manuel, right?"

Manny nodded, "People call me Manny."

"Alright," Mrs. Cole grinned. Why don't you go in and have a seat, I'm just going to tell the rest of the office staff they can head home when they want to, it's getting late. And a Friday."

Geez, you're telling me, Manny thought. And the day still had a hint of sunny summer. Still, he couldn't help taking a peek at Mrs. Cole's swaying behind, rubbing side-to-side under a navy skirt, as she walked down the hallway to the receptionist's desk.

Most guys talked behind her back about Principal Cole being an old fat hag, and Manny, mostly to fit in, chuckled and nodded along. But in his private thoughts he couldn't understand why they said it.

A brunette with shoulder-length black hair that fell in casual curls, Manny guessed she stood about five-foot-five, or certainly shorter than most of her senior students. But she made up for it with piercing eyes that were always noticeably accented with mascara, and strong lipstick decorated the lips which spit out directions that didn't expect to be questioned. And she always wore an excess of jewellery; gold bracelets and necklaces with stones, rings and even extra piercings in her earlobes. She kept her large round breasts and a big round ass in tight confinement while at work, under her business-like skirts and jackets.

She'd be a total knockout in a car-wash type setting, Manny thought. Nothing but a wet white T-shirt holding down those melons, and some tight hotpants to spread an lift those sweet asscheeks. Nice and round, yeah...

Manny shook those sorts of thoughts from his head, and made his way into her office, throwing down his knapsack beside one of the cushioned leather chairs that sat in front of the desk, and then slouching in it himself.

He heard steps coming back up the hallway. "Thanks for coming to see me, Manny." He heard Mrs. Cole close the door and...was that the lock? "Sorry about the wait"

Mrs. Cole stepped out in front of him, and leaned back slightly against her desk. Manny could see his private opinion of her wasn't wrong. Sure there were a few lines on her face, and he guessed she was somewhere over forty, but her body, and her powerful attitude captured the attention of Manny's teenage hormones.

"What I wanted to talk to you about, Manny, was the work you did here, under Mr. Spencer in the computer department. In the week before school?"

"Uh, yeah." Manny was a bit nervous in this environment, and brushed a stray lock of black hair from his eyes. Heck, even when kids got in real trouble, they usually just saw one of the Vice Principals. "Mr. Spencer couldn't really handle all the work himself, so he asked me to help out. I know it's not exactly school code, but with all the budget cutbacks...I'm not going to get written up on this, am I?"

Principal Cole chuckled musically, and leaned back a bit on the edge of her desk, giving Manny a few more inches of stocking-covered leg to look at. "Oh dear, no Manny, no, I'm not angry at all." Manny believed her. In fact, he'd never seen her act this nice to anyone before. Accommodating, almost...ingratiating?

"Also," she continued, "Mr. Spencer says that you worked down on these computers here, specifically in my office, all by yourself? And you took the backup tapes home?" She fixed him with a hard gaze Manny couldn't quite figure, except that it went through him to electrify his spine.

"No! Well, what I mean is," Manny sputtered out in nervous energy, "what I mean is, the tapes had been used to the max that the rules allow. For data integrity reasons.

"But, y'know, they're still kinda good, if you're not doing mission-critical stuff. So instead of throwing them out, Mr. Spencer just let me have them."

"Ah." It was almost a sigh from the Principal. She stepped to the door, very deliberately, putting high-heeled feet one in front of the other. Manny turned his head to watch her bend over and adjust the vertical blinds on the window to the hallway so the view was blacked out. "And I don't suppose even if we went to your house and took them, if they were still there, that they'd be the only copy you'd have by now, would they?"

Manny felt a logic blockage in his brain, and it wasn't just the effect of watching his 'Queen Bitch' principal bend over and display her butt in his direction, and keep it there for more time than he knew was necessary.

Manny felt something rise in his throat, and an odd taste on his tongue, as he watched her walk over to the windows facing out, lower the blinds and tilt them shut. And always spreading her legs, bending over arching her back. Manny began to feel tingles in his stomach and elsewhere, trying to keep his nervous gulps quiet, trapped in a situation he didn't dare imagine would continue on this track.

"But, Mrs. Cole, the tapes were erased."

"Don't play games! We both know a simple 'unerase' program will take care of that."

"Um...uh...oh, Principal Cole..." Manny didn't know what to do in this situation.

Shades drawn, the room was bathed in shadow, though rays of light from the bright day outside worked their way in through cracks.

"You can call me Jasmine, if you want to." She stood right in front of him now, her legs powerfully planted on either side of his outstretched legs. "Oh, you're a cool customer, Manuel. Manny, I guess I should say, if that's what you like.

"Just keeping it cool and quiet until we came to you. But we don't have to be enemies do we? We can be friends. We can work it out.

"I know what boys like."

Mrs. Cole had a small silk scarf around her neck, which she removed and threw away with a flourish. Dropping her shoulders back, her jacket slipped off and dropped to the floor as well, revealing her white silk blouse underneath.

Squatting down, she rubbed her hands over the crotch of Manny's grey uniform pants. "Oooh, I'm gonna make you so happy, baby."

Manny gripped the armrests of his chair and clenched his teeth. In a haze of lust, he barely noticed how one moment his half-hard cock was straining in his briefs, and the next his school principal had undone his belt and pulled down his pants enough to spring it free and put her lips around it.

It was a sight as vivid as a car crash, as otherworldly as the northern lights, that would burn into his memory the way a parent remembers the first time they see their newborn child. In the darkened office of his Principal, in the heart of St. Thomas Catholic High School, his pants were undone and pulled down enough to let his swollen cock free, and his normally ice-cold principal was pumping her mouth up and down on his cock like the educational future of the institution depended on it. It affected Manny so greatly, that he uttered his first words since it all started.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Suck it! Suck it good!"

Mrs. Cole lifted her head up off his cock, "You like it, huh baby, you like my mouth?" Opening her mouth she stuck out her tongue, smacking the head of the fat cock against its wetness.


"Oh yeah, you've got a nice thick one. Here, let me at your balls." She drew back a bit, and together they struggled, taking off his shoes and pants as quickly as possible.

Leaning back again, Manny let his legs be pushed to the sides by Mrs. Cole's hands, and then gasped as she tongued his balls, taking one then the other in her mouth, while still pumping the shaft of his cock with one hand.

Not wanting to cum too quick, Manny tried to divert his attention to the panelled ceiling, and away from the inflamed woman giving him his first blowjob. Trying to pull his thoughts elsewhere, he thought - what is going on? There's obviously something I'm missing. The backup tapes. Something about the-

"Mmm...your hairy balls sure are nice, but I wanna shove that cock down my throat." Mrs. Cole's lips once again enveloped his cock, her hands disappeared between her legs, and she pumped up and down solely with her head. Manny's purple cockhead kept bumping against the back of her throat, making choking sounds, and saliva coated his cock and her lips, running down his balls in rivulets.

"Oh fuck," Manny felt it begin deep in his balls.

He put a hand on Mrs. Cole's head, and grabbed a fistful of her wild black hair. Trying to push her throat down a little deeper each time, he wasn't prepared when she began to hum from deep within, "Huuuummmmmmm..."

"Oh, FUCK!!!"

Manny's orgasm burst over the edge, and he curled forward, placing both hands on Mrs. Cole's head, hips thrusting up and shoving his cock down her throat. He could hear some choking and gurgling, but in the darkness of his clenched eyes there were stars exploding, and all his body cared about was thrust after hard thrust into the tight hole at his mercy, to get all his jizzum out.

Manny came harder and longer than he ever had before, and after the buzz in his head subsided somewhat, and he opened his eyes a sliver, he realized he was still forcing Mrs. Cole's head down on his crotch, far enough that her nose was touching his abdomen. "Oh shit," he muttered, let go, and fell back into the recliner.

Mrs. Cole, free of her dominator, coughed and gurgled as she pulled her head off the still half-hard penis of one of her students. Several globs of semen mixed with saliva dripped past her trembling lips and onto Manny's slowly shrinking penis. Exhausted, she placed her forehead on Manny's stomach, trying to catch her breath.

Manny looked down at Mrs. Cole resting her head on his stomach, and felt terrible. It was worse than that feeling when he jacked off at home, and then realized he was all alone afterward. Here he'd taken advantage of a woman, older than him by decades, and not only did he accept sex in payment for something unknown, but he'd almost killed her with the force of his lust. The way her face looked, when he was holding her down on his cock, so vividly red and in distress, it was unspeakable. He was getting out of here. Now.

As he was about to say something, Mrs. Cole raised her head. Her wild look was shocking. Hair clung to the sweat on her face. A mixture of saliva and semen decorated her chin and the area around her mouth. He thought he could almost smell it from here. And tears from her eyes had streaked mascara down her cheeks. It was wild, feral. It was the most sexually hardcore sight Manny had ever seen. And he'd caused it.

"Lemmie just clean you up, lover." Mrs. Cole's voice was a rumble, her throat sore from cock. She submissively lowered her head and began peacefully lapping up all the splattered juices on Manny's crotch.

Manny's thoughts were a jumble: This is so hot. This is wrong. This is a dream. I'm going to pay for this. Why not milk it for all you can? The longer I stay the worse it's going to be when someone figures out how nasty I was.

For that moment, Manny's good conscience, the part that had kept him in good standing in school and with his parents, kept him out of trouble, but also kept him a virgin, won out. As Mrs. Cole was licking his balls clean, he made a move to get out.

But his thoughts were still all jumbled, and for some reason he thought it would be best to somehow draw back and then step over his cocksucking principal, so as to avoid her influence as much as possible. His first move was to raise his left leg, and place the foot on the seat cushion.

"Oooh, kinky boy!" The move had exposed Manny's asshole, peaking between his ass cheeks, to the view of Mrs. Cole, and she dove at it tongue first.

Manny's heart jumped to the back of his throat again. All thoughts of leaving were forgotten. He'd never felt anything like this.

"Nasty nasty, making me clean up your sweaty ass too, huh?" She spread his cheeks with her hands and attacked the pucker with the tip of her tongue.

She leaned back on the balls of her feet. "Here, come on, let's do it right." She used her hands to show Manny where to draw back his knees, and he ended up pulling them back tight against his ears as he lay back in the recliner, his now mostly-soft dick pointing back at him, and his ass hanging out over the edge of the leather seat, spread open.

"Oooh, baby," she teased, tracing over his puckered asshole with a finger. "This is a very trusting position, you know? We can be like that too. Trusting. I'll take care of you, and you don't tell nothing to nobody, huh?

"Yeah," she winked and brought her sex-destroyed face to his ass, "I'll take care of you."

The pleasure Manny felt when she ate his ass was ten times greater when she finally worked her tongue into the sphincter and thrust it in and out, or wormed it around. Mrs. Cole even pushed a finger in and out, penetrating deeper than her tongue could. It was bringing the blood back to Manny's dick.

Finally, Manny brought his legs down slowly, his conscience gaining the upper hand. He was about to say he was going home.

Mrs. Cole stood up on her feet, somewhat unsteadily, and watched Manny put his feet down on the ground, and saw his half-hard cock twitch with every heartbeat, getting a little more tumescent each time. Manny told himself was about to say he was going home.

"So, loverboy, I guess this is it for tonight?" Her eyes sparkled, "Or are you looking for another round?"

Manny wanted to say he was going home, but he could only look at his cock. The way it pulsed and slowly hardened. And Mrs. Cole wasn't going anywhere, just standing in front of him, white blouse still on, but her skirt had been pulled up to her waist, so he could see her black stockings, garters, and panties. As he continued not saying anything, his dick pulsed and grew.

He really wanted to get up and leave, somewhere deep inside. Honestly, he thought, there's still a part of me that will do the right thing.

But then Mrs. Cole began unbuttoning her blouse, each button revealing deep inviting cleavage.

Manny stood up in front of her and helped her with the last few buttons. She cast the shirt off, revealing her breasts, confined by a black lacy bra.

"Do you like these, baby?" She ran her hands to the front, "I hope they're not too big for you." Unclasping the bra in front, the breasts broke free, spilled out and bounced downward.

They certainly sagged a bit, being that large and aged, but they still drove Manny mad.

"Fuck!" He attacked one with both hands, grabbing and mauling the softness, sucking and biting the nipple, going wild licking around her massive areola. Momentarily satisfied, he moved on to the other and attacked it the same way.

Mrs. Cole's libido was revved up by the young man's sexual hunger, though she was a bit alarmed by his ravenousness. "Does baby want a titty-fuck? C'mon, I'll rub my tits all over your dick..."

She crouched down and leaned back against her desk, and pulled Manny's hard and throbbing dick to her chest. "Yeah," she wrapped her tits around his shaft and let him pump away, lapping with her tongue at his cockhead when it emerged from the titflesh. "You like that, baby? My husband loves it."

Husband, Manny thought. Shit. Of course. She's got a husband. She's got kids. She's got a life. And here I am, using her like some whore in a porno. But he didn't stop.

Pulling his cock out Manny started spanking it against one tit, still wet with his saliva. Grabbing the tip of his cock, he pressed the slit against her nipple, trying to make the two mate. "Oh, yeah. Fuck yeah...fuck..."

"Um," Mrs. Cole looked a bit confused, "how about you fuck my pussy. Okay boy? C'mon..." She pulled away and stood up, dropping her skirt and then slipping off her panties.

"Here you go, Manny dear," She slipped the panties into his shirt pocket, "A little souvenir for you."

Manny realized he'd forgotten he was still wearing a shirt, and his school tie as well. He took them off as quickly as he could.

He turned back to see Mrs. Cole on the edge of her desk, the opened bra hanging over her shoulders, garters and stockings and high-heel shoes barely touching the ground. Her legs were spread, and Manny got his eyes on her pussy, a tuft of dark hair over the lips, but the lips themselves shaved bare.

Manny grabbed his cock and walked over, sparing preliminaries he put the head to her slit and pressed in, and in a few strokes was able to use most of his length, thrusting in and out.

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