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Tupping Tumelty Ch. 01


Writer's note: While based on real events, the sexual nature of this story is entirely fictional. Still, I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you do and I will continue the story with other members of the NUS' elected bodies.

I've fancied her for ages. Her smile, her strength and the way she can make the butterflies dance in your stomach just by touching your arm when she says hello. Yes, she was special – and normally way out of my league – but in April I managed to get lucky with Gemma Tumelty, then-President of Britain's National Union of Students (NUS).

It was April and I'd been elected as a representative to NUS' Annual Conference in Blackpool. It's a large bureaucratic affair that goes on for three very long days – it's much like Labour or Tory party conferences in Britain (although, Gemma does have the star power of Barack Obama).

After signing in and milling with the crowds, I decided to take my seat in the hall. It's a very large ornate room at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool; there must have been a couple of thousand student representatives in there. Britain's student movement is a broad church – there's one or two tories, a hundred or so trots (whom I detest...bloody commies) and then the rest are a mix of Labour or Liberal Democrats. There's one or two average Joes, like myself, who really doesn't care that much about organised politics but who do care about students and the university system and who are therefore prepared to go for three days with very little sleep in order to try and make a difference in the national movement.

Everything's voted on. It's ludicrously democratic (don't get me wrong, I love democracy, but I think it should achieve something – democracy is not an end in itself) but it's NUS' way of doing things...for now. The first vote was on reforming this structure – offering a new way for all students (not just the trots and political hacks) to get involved. It wasn't perfect, but then no political system is...it was far better than the three day shouting match we were currently beginning (my first conference was last year – it was about as useful in helping students as an umbrella is at helping someone in a hurricane).

Before the vote took place, representatives for and against the reform had to take the stage to say why everyone should vote their way. Gemma Tumelty was first up. I knew she'd be good but I was still surprised and in awe at her first rate performance. This was Gemma's last conference as NUS President (it's a two term thing like in the States) and she spoke of how she wanted to leave NUS in a better shape than she found it – creating a union that all students could join. She had my vote.

The trots were the main opposition to the reform, along with the 'black' students' campaign (apparently, according to NUS, Chinese and Muslim students are also 'black'....it's a badly named team within the organisation if you ask me). There main concern was that there wouldn't be enough black people on the new structures. Personally, I really couldn't care less about how many black people are in an organisation...I don't care what colour someone's skin is....all I was worried about was whether those people would help us get a better deal for students...but, hey, what do I know...as long as there's someone of African-origin on every team in the organisation – whether or not they're any good –then NUS must be doing a good job, right?!

The trots called for Hind Hassan to speak. I'd never met her before, but wow, she was hot....not enough to change my vote, but I sat up and listened (partly because she herself was a good speaker and partly to hide my growing erection). Maybe I'd try and speak to her at one of the evening events.

Several more speeches followed. Dave Lewis and Wes Streeting spoke for the reform and some crazy commies spoke against it (I stopped listening when they referred to me as a 'comrade'....seriously, fuck off to Beijing if you're that left).

The atmosphere in the room was tense. The chair of the conference, Kat Stark (who was the national women's officer at the time), called for quiet and said we were going to vote. It's a 'hands in the air for' and 'hands in air against' type-ofaffair. The room fell silent. NUS staff milled around counting the votes. I looked around. It was going to be tight.

The votes were counted. Those against the reform won...a cheer from there side went out. I looked to Gemma. She looked lost...I think I could see a tear in her left eye. The chair said we were going to take a twenty minute break. Gemma ran out crying, followed by a couple of the other national officers.

I strolled out of the hall, feeling defeated. I walked outside for a cigarette but the outside doors were surrounded by the trots patting each other on the back. I felt too sick to stand by them so I walked round the corner and found an ally. I lit up and started smoking. I was alone – I seemed to have found the only quiet place for solitary thinking at the conference (two thousand student representatives take up a lot of space). But it was then I heard a noise, damn, someone else had found this spot. I couldn't see anyone but then I heard it again; it sounded like crying. I walked round to the other side of one of those large rubbish bins and there, sitting on the floor crying her eyes out was Gemma.

"Are you okay" I said. She looked up, "I'm fine, it's nothing...nothing at all."

I sat down next to her, lit her a cigarette (I wasn't sure if she smoked, but she looked as if she could use one to steady her nerves) and passed it to her.

"I was in there...voted with you, so I know it's not nothing...especially to you. This was your legacy...a chance to leave something great behind. This is probably might last conference too, I graduate this summer, so I'm as upset as you are, well almost,...I'm just holding the tears in...trying to stay strong" I said, thumping my chest in a mock-manly manner and trying to lighten Gemma's mood.

She smiled.

"Thanks for the cigarette. I needed this. I can't believe it failed. I was so sure everyone would see what we could achieve with this. We were so close."

"Hey, that's democracy" I said.

She smiled again and leaned her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and kissed her lightly on the head, hoping to let her know it'd all be okay. I was surprised when she leaned up, smiled and then kissed me lightly on the lips. We pulled apart and looked at each other.

She leaned in again, kissing me more passionately. I returned the kiss and then felt her tongue slide into my mouth. God, she was a good kisser.

We continued to kiss ferociously but I wanted this to go further. I kissed down to her neck and moved my hand up her leg, cupping her thigh. Gemma moaned and I took this as a sign to go further. I moved my hand up and gripped Gemma's firm, tight ass, she moaned into my mouth as we kissed and I felt her hand on my inner thigh, she moved it up and grabbed my now raging hard on.

"Looks like I do have your vote," she said smiling.

I stood up and pulled her up by her arm, pushing her against the wall of the alley. She returned to kissing me as I ran my hand up and under her skirt to her underwear. I ran my finger along the outline of Gemma's pussy through her underwear as continued to kiss me deeply. She started kissing my neck and then whispered in my ear. "I need this. I've got to go back in there and face everyone. It'll be easier if I've got something to smile about."

I didn't need asking twice. I ran my fingers to the edge of her panties and then ripped them off, making her squeal. I felt her hands reach for my zipper, she pulled it down, undid by belt and pushed my jeans, along with my underwear, to the ground.

"And that is definitely something worth smiling about," she said, quickly stroking my now semi- erect penis. "We don't have time for foreplay...but don't worry, I'm so horny, you won't need to..." I stopped her by putting my mouth over hers, lifting her up and then pushing her against the wall. She understood and wrapped her legs around me. I then slowly lowered her onto my cock and she sighed.

"Oh, god, that feels so good. Fuck me now."

I picked up the pace, fucking Gemma hard against the alley wall. We kissed deeply and Gemma gripped my hair, holding on to the back of my head.

"Oh, god, you're so big. I'm going to cum." She said.

I simply grunted as my own orgasm came closer. I picked up the pace and began to thrust faster into Gemma's tight pussy. My cock felt amazing as I felt her cunt begin to pulse around my cock.

"OH, FUCK,OH FUCK, oh fuck...hmmmph" Gemma cried into my ear, before biting down on my shoulder.

"Oh, FUCK," I said, mirroring her orgasmic cry as I shot my load deep inside her.

We stayed there for a few seconds, both catching our breath. She looked up at me and smiled, went into kiss me but just slowly ran her tongue along my lips before pushing it into my mouth.

"Thank you." She said. "I think I'm ready to face the crowds again."

I let Gemma down; she wobbled slightly as regained control of her legs and then smoothed down her skirt and top.

"How do I look?"

"Like an angel."

"Thanks...I feel like such a devil though, god that was just what I needed."

"Glad I could help," I said. I pulled up my jeans, kissed Gemma on the lips and then took her hand to walk her back to the conference.

As we turned the corner, we both got a surprise as we bumped into the conference chair, Kat Stark.

"Where have you been?" she asked Gemma.

"Sorry, Kat" said Gemma. "I was a little upset after the vote. My new friend here was just helping calm me down."

We both smiled and walked past Kat. Little did I know that soon I'd get to fuck her as well....but that's a story for another chapter – it was a three day conference afterall!

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