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Turkish Delight


It was a hot summer's day, around six months ago, when I first saw Nesrin, a new recruit in the Claims department at my insurance firm, going through the induction training. I was chatting to an accountant colleague, Steve, as she walked through our department towards the training room. As she walked through, we both stopped our conversation to look at her. Roughly 5' 9" tall and in her mid-twenties, she was very curvaceous, walking with a confident flow that caused her long hazelnut hair to sway and lift off her shoulders before returning, stroking her smooth tanned skin. She had dark brown eyes, and hardly any make-up, allowing her natural beauty to show itself. She was wearing a red halter neck top and black trousers that concealed a beautiful figure -- I guessed she was a size 14 with maybe 38E breasts -- and to me big is beautiful! I couldn't help but gaze at her as she walked past us. Her rounded bum stretched the fabric of her trousers and filled them with a most delicious shape as it wiggled inside. The halter neck had just left the top of her trousers enough for me to spy a small tattoo at the base of her back, but she wasn't close enough for me to see what it was.

For our sins, both Steve and I thought exactly the same thing as soon as the door was closed -- although it was Steve who actually said it, "A man-eater if ever I saw one." I simply smiled at him and went back to work. Over the next few days she would walk past my desk regularly in and out of that room, until the training was finished and she disappeared to her new desk downstairs.

I hardly saw her again until around two months ago when she asked me for help tracing a payment to a client. We exchanged emails relating to the query but once I had resolved it and she had thanked me I couldn't resist asking her how she was settling in, trying to get to know her a little. She said she was enjoying life with the company and I popped one back down asking her about her name, as it was one I'd never heard before. She explained that Nesrin was a Turkish name, given to her by her father who came to England and married her English mother, and despite the Turkish name she had lived in England all her life. I told her that I thought her name was beautiful and she thanked me again. From then on, on the rare occasions that we did see each other face to face I would always smile at her and exchange the usual pleasantries -- usually a simple "good morning". We would have a few more email exchanges as she asked me for help with other problems she encountered day-to-day, and she always seemed very polite and friendly -- quite the opposite one would expect from a "man-eater".

A couple of months ago we decided that the Finance team, where I was based, should move downstairs to give more room for the expanding Sales team and fill an empty office off the main Claims room. After a couple of weeks we decided that the space was a little too cramped, so we arranged for the partition walls to come down, leaving us all in a big open space, although I still sat some distance away from Nesrin.

One recent Saturday, I was doing some overtime trying to get some accounts ready for head office. I was alone in Finance and there were three working the Saturday evening shift in Claims that was about to end. I decided I needed a tea break as I still had a fair bit of work to get through before I would feel comfortable enough to leave the rest to do on Monday morning. The claims guys were packing up for the evening and I heard the unmistakable sound of high heel shoes on the kitchen's lino floor surface. I turned to see Nesrin bringing her cup into the kitchen to rinse it out. She stood at the sink and started to rinse, half-heartedly smiling at me, 'Hi Andy, you okay?' 'I'm fine thanks, how about you? Working late again? You always seem to be here, and I thought I was around quite a bit!' 'Yeah, I could do with the extra money really.'

It suddenly struck me that yes, she was around here a hell of a lot and the extra work was taking its toll. She was still gorgeous, but her eyes didn't seem to sparkle as they once had. 'You out on the town tonight, then?' I asked. 'Saturday night is party night.' 'No, not tonight. A night in front of the telly is all I seem to do these days.' 'These days?' I enquired. 'I was under the impression that you girls in Claims were always out on the razz together?' She smiled, and continued to work the sponge into her cup. I ran my gaze along her arms to her shoulders, her hair that hid part of her face from me. With it being Saturday and the company's dress code therefore not so strictly enforced, she was able to display her spectacular fashion sense. She was wearing a slightly off-white ankle length skirt and a dazzling multi-coloured wrap style top. The garments, as every garment she ever wore, accentuated her glorious figure to the maximum. While my eyes took in her incredible curves, I was oblivious to the kettle that had boiled at some point during.

She sensed me looking at her and she turned her head to look at me, and I tried to make it look as though I had been making the tea all along, but in my panic I caught the mug with a trailing hand, knocking the tea bag out and sugar all over the surface. She giggled at my predicament and I felt even more foolish once she branded me a 'clumsy oaf'. After a moment of embarrassment I responded by laughing with her. Eventually our laughter subsided and I said, 'That's the ticket.' Her face fell into a more serious look and she replied, 'What do you mean?' 'I mean you've got a beautiful smile and I really like seeing it. It isn't around very much these days. You're working far too hard.' 'That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me. You are here as much as me.' 'But I've got good reason to,' as I nodded my agreement. 'Don't have much else to do but go back to an empty flat.'

Our conversation was interrupted by one of Nesrin's colleagues wishing her goodnight, she responded 'Night John'. He was pleasant enough to give me a smile and a 'See ya', but in truth I didn't even know the bloke. Wouldn't have even known his name if Nesrin hadn't said it. He left with the other guy leaving just Nesrin and myself alone in the office. 'What makes you think I've not got a good excuse for being here, Andy?' I scoffed in reply, 'Oh, come on! They must be queuing up round the block to date you!' She pressed her lips tightly together in lament, 'No. Since I split up with my boyfriend I've taken a break from men. Spent some quality time with me.' 'Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise.' 'No, that's alright, don't worry about it. I was upset when it happened, especially trying to settle into a new job at about the same time, but I'm used to it now. It was made easier by people helping me settle in, like you with all your help.' 'Don't mention it.' I smiled at her again. 'It's what I'm here for.' I suddenly realised that my tea was still brewing, and the thought of stone cold tea so strong you could stand a spoon up in it didn't appeal. I hurriedly took the bag out, and moved towards the bin to get rid of it. But Nesrin was still standing at the sink and the bin was the other side of her.

She apologised and tried to move out of the way but was hampered by one of the chairs in the "break out" area of the kitchen. I reached across her and tried to get the tea bag off the spoon, having to shake it gently to finally free it. She was on tip toes trying to get out of my way, but over balanced and almost fell backwards over the top of the back of the seat. I quickly reached out with both arms and pulled her back in towards me as she let out a soft squeak of panic. She landed back pressed against me with her face on my shoulder, giggling frantically. Her fine hair was rested on the stubble on my chin and an array of scents rose from her -- I instinctively held her to me with my hand rested gently on the back of her head, and my self control disappeared entirely as I placed a kiss on the top of her ear.

She lifted her face and looked aghast, staring straight into my eyes. 'Oh God' I thought to myself, 'You've really buggered this one up you idiot.' and prepared myself for a hard slap on my cheek or a verbal volley from her. But without saying a word, she pressed her lips to mine in a passionate embrace. I pushed my tongue to meet hers and she accepted, putting her long manicured fingers through my hair as our kiss deepened, our embrace locking us together and I placed my hand on her cheek, gently stroking it and toying with her earring that dangled a centimetre or so from her ear. We fumbled around the chair that had left us in this state -- and she stood with her back to the wall -- her hands were now on my back, the nails scratching the flesh through my shirt. Her lips left mine and she pulled my hand and led me from the kitchen and hurried to my desk, pushing my chair away and perched herself on the surface.

She kissed me again, and starting tugging at my tie trying to free it from my collar. I put my hands on her hips and ran them up over her curves, reaching the belt that was holding her top in place. I freed it as she was unbuttoning my shirt and running her fingertips across my bare chest, toying with the sparse hairs that grew there. She pulled my shirt away and I pulled the arms off myself to leave me in just my trousers. As her belt slipped away her top loosened. She moved towards my trousers but I stopped her before she touched them -- I was determined to savour this moment so I put her hands on the desk and moved towards her. She pulled her skirt up to give enough room for me to manoeuvre close to her. Her legs were parted slightly so I put one leg between then and held her close to me. She gasped as I pressed my mouth against hers again, tasting her sweet mouth, sucking her tongue and biting and nibbling on her lips.

I moved down to her neck, kissing and gently sucking the fragrant flesh there, sliding my hands around her waist inside her top, and tickled her soft, smooth skin with my fingertips, feeling the goose bumps of pleasure rise on her flesh. She groaned quietly as she allowed me to dominate her, and my fingers had traced all the way up to her shoulders, still under the thin fabric of her top, I gently lifted it away and slid it over her shoulders to reveal her sumptuous dark skin and her pink bra that struggled to hold her magnificent breasts. I gazed at the bra, and couldn't help but think of that exotic sumptuous sweet, Turkish delight, as I slipped my hands up her back to the clasp and slowly unhooked it. The hooks came free and I pulled the straps over her shoulders and pulled the bra away from her giant tits. They stood out from her chest, inviting and alluring, they had a perfectly symmetrical shape and dark brown nipples set on large areolas. As I gazed at them I felt my cock twitching in my trousers, and couldn't wait to lean forward and take a nipple in my mouth.

I flicked over one with my tongue, circling it by licking its areola. I brought my hand to cup her breast but it could hardly hold one alone and it tried to spill over the span of my fingers so I took the whole nipple into my mouth, nibbling on it and sucking until it reached the size and hardness of a bullet between my lips. Nesrin groaned loudly and pulled my head hard into her bosom, scratching my scalp with her nails. As she did this she reached under my arm and placed her hand on my chest, pushing the palm of her hand down to the belt of my trousers, paused for a moment teasingly, before lowering her hand even further to cup my semi erect cock in her hand. My cock responded sharply and stiffened accordingly, and soon a huge lump protruded. She expertly undid my belt buckle and the fly of my trousers with one hand, and soon they were round my ankles. I had moved my attention to her other breast and soon both her nipples were pointing, huge and proud, directly in front of her, and gave her tits a higher, firmer look.

I pulled her away from the edge of the desk, and her nipples dug into my chest. I reached round her back frantically grabbing her ass, squeezing and kneading the cheeks in rhythm with our hot passionate kisses. I found the top of the zip of her skirt and pushed it down, the waist loosened and I slid my fingers inside it to slide it over her hips. It got stuck momentarily as I struggled to push it over her ass, but finally it was free and slipped down her thighs. I ushered her gently back onto the desk, and she perched herself on the edge and looked down at the bulge in my boxer shorts, biting her lip naughtily and she rubbed the hard ridges of my cock with her fingertips, sending waves of pleasure through my shaft. I kissed her again, taking her tongue into my mouth hungrily before she pulled away and laid on her back, pushing the keyboard and mouse away from underneath her with her right hand and a pile of paperwork off onto the floor with her left. Her tits rolled back almost hitting her on the chin and she pulled her legs into the air, gasping with excitement, and I knew what she was beckoning me to do, and was only too happy to oblige her.

I stood over her, gazing down at her body from between her shapely calves, and hooked my fingers onto either side of her skimpy pink panties. I tugged them from her hips, and they slipped under her ass. As I pulled them up her thighs, they revealed her small, trimmed tuft of hair and just beneath, a tight slit already slick with her hot sex juice. I pulled the panties over her shoes that she had left on and dropped them on the floor. I leaned over her and kissed her belly, deliberately pressing my cock against her pussy, causing us both to groan as I could feel her hotness through my boxers. I pushed my tongue across her belly and the sides of her waist, delighting in the sweet aroma and taste of her gorgeous flesh. I moved my kisses back up her thighs, spending no more than two or three kisses on each thigh, alternating between them and gradually working my way down to her ass cheeks, playfully biting one and sucking gently leaving a small, red mark.

I placed a hand on each of her thighs gently easing them back causing her pussy and puckered asshole to protrude towards me. I placed a single kiss on the mound of hair, and let out a hot breath that she felt on her pussy, before I let my tongue into that hot slit of moisture, craving the sweet flavour of her pussy. My tongue slid into her wet hole, which burned so hot and she gasped, and this spurred me on so kept tonguing her, swirling inside licking and teasing the juice that oozed out of her. I moved my tongue up to her little clit, with stood proud in its fleshy hood, circling it with the very tip of my tongue, she shuddered in pleasure as I pressed my tongue all over it, taking it between my lips and pushing my tongue onto it. From here I looked up and could see her kneading her breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples, rolling them between her fingers as her breathing became more frantic and she bucked her hips, lifting her ass off the desk into the air. She had lifted her ass just enough for me to see that her tattoo was that of a dove -- the bird of peace - small but beautifully designed. I smiled at its beauty momentarily then slid my tongue over her clit, deep into her pussy collecting the copious fluid that now coated her flesh, and down further still, turning my attention to her tight asshole. I flicked my tongue over the tight opening, and licked the insides of her soft cheeks and spied more of her pussy juice escaping her pink fleshy hole and moistening her asshole even more as it mixed with my saliva. I could sense her orgasm was near so I wasted no time in working back over her clit with my tongue, licking and sucking frantically and she shook her head violently from side to side, pushing her hips down hard onto my face, grinding the flesh of her pussy onto my mouth. She let out a soft squeaky scream and her pussy oozed her orgasm out onto my tongue and her ass.

I slowly licked some of her juice clean as she recovered, but my cock was now throbbing and ready to split my boxers in two and I couldn't wait a second longer. I pushed my boxers over my cock -- the waistband momentarily stuck and I had to free my cock with my hand -- and dropped them to the floor. She used her own hands to pull her legs back, inviting me into her. I held my aching shaft at the entrance to her pussy, and rubbed its bulbous, sensitive flesh over her clit, feeling the searing heat of her burning pussy. I slowly pushed my hips forward, and my cock gradually slid into her. Her pussy was soaked, and my cock slid in up to my balls easily. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her, gradually speeding up my rhythm and getting harder and harder, her pussy making squelching sounds that turned me on. I started to ram in and out of her, my balls slapping her asshole and my cock shining with her juice. Her whole body was rocking back and forth on the desk, and her tits rolled up under her chin and back down, in time with my furious, crazed motion. I reached between her calves and grabbed those beautiful mounds, squeezing them hard and she responded by placing her hands over mine as my fingers toyed with her stiff nipples.

She started releasing a series of high pitched wails, with urged me to move my hips even faster and harder and soon I started to feel my muscles spasm deep in my groin, I desperately wanted to slow down and savour the incredible intensity we had generated together, but I couldn't stop myself. The whole of my balls were aching for release, and my cock was burning hot and I pounded her pussy. I felt an incredible sensation as the walls of her pussy tightened around my shaft, and the ridge of my cock's head seemed to grow, causing the flesh to tighten. I let my head fall back and groaned loudly into the air and released wave after wave of my hot sticky cum deep into her, squeezing her tits even harder and trying not to slow or lighten the motion of my cock inside her, until waves of pleasured pain worked up my shaft and I had to stop. I held my cock inside -- it remained stiff for a few minutes -- and I collapsed back into her arms and we kissed, panting and exhausted, our bodies soaked with perspiration.

Eventually, she broke the silence, saying, 'We'd better get out of her before the caretaker comes and finds us wanting to lock up.' I reluctantly stood, my cock limp and spent, and bent over to pick up and pass her panties to her. As she smiled sexily at me, I recalled our conversation, 'You've got a funny way of taking a break from men haven't you?' She laughed at me, putting her clothes back on, trying to persuade her huge tits back into their bra, and within minutes, she kissed me goodnight and left for the evening.

I decided that I couldn't possibly go back to work after this, and the accounts could wait until Monday. I straightened up my desk, packed my belongings into my rucksack and left for home.

That evening and all through Sunday I couldn't get the experience out of my mind, and was furious with myself that I hadn't even thought to take her mobile number. Because I couldn't contact her, all kinds of panicky thoughts raced through my head over whether I'd done a smart thing. It felt great at the time, and it felt as though she felt it was great, but enough doubt had worked into my mind that by the time Monday morning arrived I was a bag of nerves.

The working day started much the same as ever, I was in early and the thirty or so people that worked in the same room filtered in over the next hour or so. Then, at around eight-thirty, Nesrin arrived. She was wearing a smart business suit -- a knee length skirt and jacket, both black, with tights or stockings, and the same high heels she wore on Saturday. Her blouse was white and overall her dress made her look very professional, although I couldn't help but notice the buttons of her blouse were stretched by those amazing breasts, and this caused my cock to stir in my trousers. The day was going normally enough until I felt a presence on my left, and there standing next to me she was, looking down holding a claim file in her hand. She placed the file on the desk, 'Could you just check that this payment has gone through, please?' and smiled at me, before turning and walking out of the room with her wonderful wiggle. I opened the file and noticed she had left a post-it note inside for me,

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