tagBDSMTurn Around and Do as I Say

Turn Around and Do as I Say


Separated by some 3,000 miles, I wrote several stories for my girlfriend, hoping to keep us in touch and sexually connected. This and other stories are fiction based on her fantasies and written with her as the first person. I tried using details to evoke visions of what the characters would see, hear, feel, smell and taste—something I believe is missing from most Literotica stories. Although catered to her intimate fantasies, I am sharing them with fellow readers hoping you will also enjoy them.

As a writer, I am always looking to improve my craft and would appreciate feedback, especially from women. I'd like to know what you, the reader, found particularly arousing and what could be improved upon.



"Turn around," he said.

I complied and turned around on the bed away from him.

"Get on your knees."

I drew my knees up to my chest and now stood on all fours.

"Pull your ass cheeks apart."

I laid my head down, turning it to one side and rested my cheek on the bed as I reached back and grabbing my ass opened it, exposing it to the cool air.

I sat there motionless, waiting as I could hear noises coming from behind me. Soon I felt some thick liquid being poured above my crack and it tickled as it run down my ass. Next, I felt his finger run up my crack, evidently to catch the liquid. His finger then slowly ran down from to the top of my ass down to my lips and back again. As his finger ran over my anus, chills ran through me.

He knew exactly what she wanted and was going to give it to her, but he was going at slowly, drawing it out as long as could, teasing her. It drove her crazy, but they both loved it. He was also determined that if she wanted it, she wasn't going to get, nor was she going to have to ask for it. She was going to have demand it.

He continued to slowly run the tip of his finger up and down the valley of her crack, now lubed with oil. He could hear her breathing grow deeper and faster as she became aroused by the stimulation of his finger. Her looked down at her little pink puckered sphincter, lightly closed and resembling a star or asterisk. On the next pass with his finger, he stopped momentarily and ran his finger around its rim, before continuing onward. This drew a "hhmmm" from her—a hint that she liked it and wanted more.

"Do you like that?" he said.

"Yes." She replied.

Ignoring her implied request, he continued to run his finger, now covered in lube up and down her slippery crack.

"Put it in." she whispered, but he ignored her. A moment later, she said, "Stick it in."

"What?" he replied, as if he didn't hear.

"Stick it in" she said, frustrated.

"You want to me to stick it in?"

"Yes!" she said.


"In my ass!"

His finger then traveled to her hole on its next pass, but he wasn't going to stick it just yet. He circled it around her hole, now glistening in oil, and lightly pressed against it, teasing it. Then he placed its tip on her hole and began to wiggle it.

"Harder." She said softly. Her pleas ignored, she said "Harder."

He pushed his finger and the tip slowly entered her.

"Hmmm," she said, hinting she liked it.

His finger slowly entered her ass as he wiggled it around, like a worm entered an apple. When his finger was in to the first knuckle he stopped.

"Stick it in more," she demanded.

He was now pulling it back and forth, watching her link pink orifice clamped around his finger get pulled out and pushed back in. He pushed a little further and his finger slid in to his second knuckle. The tip of his finger was no longer restricted and could move around inside her ass. She could now feel it, but wanted more.

"Stick it in all the way," she said.

"You want to stick my finger in?"


"How far"

"All the way"

"What do you want me to do when my finger is inside your ass."

"Slide it in and out."

"How far?:

"All the way!" Now she was tired of having to repeat herself and belted out her answer.

He rewarded her reply by quickly shoving his finger all the way in. "How's that? You like it when I shove my finger up your asshole?"

"Yes," she said trying to catch her breath.

His finger was now quickly sliding and out of her hole. Both were well lubed and his finger readily moved in and out. He stopped to change the pattern and wiggled it inside from side to side, causing her to sigh more.

"Do you like that?"


"How much?"

"A lot."

"Tell me how much you like my finger up your ass."

"I like your finger up my ass."

"And what do you like me to do when it's in your ass."

"Fuck me with it."

Satisfied with her answer, he slid his finger out slightly, then brought up another finger and slid it alongside inside her hole. He could feel her sphincter being stretched, again causing her to sigh.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes, I like that. I like you fucking my asshole with your fingers."

Good. She's learning, he thought to himself and rewarded her to shoving his fingers deep inside her, causing her to move forward.

She could feel his fingers entering deep inside, exciting her. Still holding her ass cheeks apart, she pulled them apart even more in an attempt to reduce any restriction her asshole might put on his fingers that prevent them from going in further. She then pushed back against his fingers and was rewarded as they penetrated her more. Her pussy was now growing wet and her clit needed to be rubbed and badly, but holding her ass, she couldn't. For the time being, she'll have to do with his fingers.

"You like that?" he said.

"Yes!" she yelled back.

"You like what?"

"I like your fingers up my ass!"

"You want another one? You want me to shove three fingers in your ass and stretch it out good?"


"Yes what?" he replied.

"Shove three fingers up my ass! Fuck me with three fingers! Shove them up my ass and stretch out my asshole!"

He complied and slightly pulled his fingers out, placed a third one against her hole and pushed. He could feel her hole resist being stretched and she groaned in both pleasure and slight pain. A moment later, she relaxed and her hole now readily accepted all three of his fingers. He began thrusting fast and harder, sometime twisting as he pushed forward. She too pushed against them as they drove forward deep inside. Suddenly, he stopped and pulled way. He looked down at her ass, now gaping open and her lips were now swollen and wet. He could see a string of her juice dropping down.

"What are you doing?" she said, but he ignored her. She let go of her ass and raised her head up.

"Put your head back down." He said and she reluctantly complied. "Spread your ass for me," and she did.

She could hear him get up, then return. Once more she felt oil dripping down her crack but this time, much of it dripped inside her wide hole. Next, she felt something pressed against her hole, stretching it. He forced it forward, causing her to move forward. She pushed back and in a split second of pain, felt her asshole stretch open to allow something in, then clamp around something smaller.

His hands clamped around the toy as watched the large ball on its end pop inside her and her asshole clamp down on its shaft. She gasped as it so then slowly worked it inside her, twisting back and forth.

She could feel the toy enter he ass and work its way inside her, much further than his fingers. The twisting was a new sensation and it could travel much further with each stroke. She could now feel the pressure against her vagina and it was driving her crazy. Her ass was being stretched out by something unknown and it was driving her crazy. Her lips were now swollen and open and her pussy would have been too if pressure of the large object in her ass wasn't pressing against it. Her breathing was faster and she wanted so badly to cum. She needed to cum. She needed to rub her clit to provide the right stimulation needed to have an orgasm, but she couldn't in this position.

"I need to cum!"

"You will" he said.

"Rub my clit." She said.

He ignored her request and stopped, leaving her frustrated. He could feel the object get bumped and all of the sudden it began to vibrate. She could hear the steady hum of it vibrating and feel it inside her. The vibrations stimulated her ass and pussy, sending waves of pleasure from the inside out. She no longer needed to rub her clit. The experience was so much more than anything she had ever experienced. The hum she heard changed in pitch as he rammed it upside her, then pulled it back only to thrust it in her again. She could feel the large ball slide back and forth, stretching her insides. She was beyond crazy, she was now in orgasmic bliss.

"You like that?" he said.

"Oh yes!" She no longer needed to hold back. She wanted it bad. She needed to cum. "Fuck me! Fuck me with it! Fuck my ass! Ram it good!" she said, as she pushed back and forth, riding whatever it was stuck inside her.

He turned up the intensity and the vibrations increase, sending shockwaves through her ass and loins. A wave of adrenalin built inside her like a drug. Her breasts grew firm, her nipples hardened. Her clit grew swollen and stuck out from its hood as her vagina began to secret juice like never before. She was now on the edge of ecstasy as her pelvic muscles twitched and spasmed with an earth shattering orgasm. Her breathing stopped and she was momentarily poised with her mouth open. The she lifted her head from the bed and roared for the length of her orgasm.

She stopped and went limp on the bed, then felt the object slide out of her ass. She could now feel the soft head of his cock sliding around her crack, then easily slip in her now gaping asshole. He thrust his cock inside her, then reached around her to grab her tits with his hands. Holding her tight, he began to ride her doggy style, fucking her in the ass. Now supported, she reached back and her clit. It was swollen more than she had ever seen it. It was slippery as her juices leaked out of her soaking pussy and dripped down. She could feel his shaft run inside her then swell up. With another thrust that knocked her forward, his cock shot a load of his warm cum inside her ass. She never let go of her clit and continued to rub it as she too felt another wave of ecstasy sweep through her as came again.

The two of them went limp on the bed. She rolled over on her back as her juices leaked out and his cum ran out her ass between her cheeks. Both were thoroughly exhausted and it took ten minutes for them to catch their breath and their heart rate to return to normal. It was if she had just sprinted ten kilometers, but she couldn't wait to do it again sometime soon.

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Lost me after changing from first person. Would have been way more engaging kept in that perspective.

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