tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTurned Out Pt. 01

Turned Out Pt. 01


Warning! This story contains sex between men, and sex between women. If this offends you, then it is not the story for you.

This is a four part story, maybe more. It will be told from the perspective of four different people in the following order. The husband, the wife, the other man, and the other woman. This first story is from the perspective of the husband written in second person.

You had had that secret fantasy for a long time. You wanted to see your wife make love to another woman.

You and your wife were a young couple, fresh out of college. You were high school sweethearts that had gotten married right out of high school and you both went to college together. It was hard for you to stay faithful to her, as you were tempted by many different women. But in the end, you knew that no one could satisfy you like her.

Her body was voluptuous. She was a red head, with full lips, large breast, a thin waist, thick thighs and a luscious ass. And she was a complete slut. The both of you would suck, and fuck for hours at a time. The both of you had explored many fantasies, but no one else was ever brought in to your sex life.

But your wife had attracted the attention not only of men, but women too. Some of the women were hot, and you couldn't help but imagine what it would be like, if they seduced her. You had held back these feelings for a long time, but the desire grew stronger, until you couldn't hold back any longer.

You decided that it was worth a try. And you were secure enough in your relationship with her to let that fantasy happen. You figured, that the worst thing she could say was no. And you also felt that with her submissive tendencies, that if she was ever put in the right situation with another woman, that she would lose her inhibitions, and have wild uninhibited sex.

You confessed your fantasy to her. She was surprised, as she didn't expect you to say this. But she said that she wasn't really interested in other women. You had tried to convince her on many occasions, but no matter what, you just couldn't seem to swing her in that direction. You had begun to give up, and you decided that maybe your fantasy, would just remain a fantasy.

But one day, seemingly out of the blue, she told you that she was thinking about your proposal. She told you that she loved you, and that she wanted to make your fantasy come true. But there were conditions. She had to pick the other woman. And they would decide where and when this would all happen. You agreed.

She found an older couple online. It was another woman, who had a husband with the same fantasy as yours. You hesitated at first; not expecting another man to be there with you, but that all changed once you saw his wife. Your heart dropped when you saw the pictures of her with her husband. There was a variety of photos of her in various scantily clad outfits.

She was a Brazilian (both of them were). Her body was tan, and ripped. And she was sexy as fuck. You could tell that she worked out often. Her arms and legs were fit, and strong, yet she was very shapely. She had firm breasts, and an ass to die for. The mere thought of this woman sexing your wife made your dick hard.

Your wife smiled at you knowing that you thought the woman was sexy. But then she started to ask you about him, and if you thought he was attractive. You told her that it didn't matter, but she persisted. You looked him over, and you had to admit, that he was a complete stud.

The other couple reserved a hotel room. The agreement was that the women would make love to each other, and the both of you would be there to watch. You spent many sleepless nights in anticipation of watching these two women together.


Tonight's The Night

Finally that day has come.

You all go out to eat at a restaurant, and make small talk. You and her husband talk about sports, while the two women get acquainted. But even though you all enjoy each others conversation, the moment is awkward, and the sexual tension is thick. You keep looking over at them smile and talk, imagining them attacking each other right there in the restaurant.

Your wife continues to glance over at her husband. You can tell that she is attracted to him. You look at him and you can see why. You have to admit that his is a knockout. You had always prided yourself in keeping in shape, but he put you to shame. He was very muscular. And you see his chest and biceps bulging, almost busting out of his button down shirt. You imagined that he could have any woman that he wants.

The four of you leave the restaurant, and go to the hotel. His wife checks them into a suite with a king sized bed, and you all head towards the elevator, with the two of you watching the two women in front of you. You glared at his wife's strong, tight ass, and he stared at your wife's luscious bottom.

The four of you stand in the elevator, looking each other over. You look at his wife, trying not to stare, as she is more beautiful close up, and in person, than online. She is wearing a white blouse, a tight black skirt and black pumps. Your wife has on high heels, and a black dress (nothing underneath) that hugs her entire body, showing off her voluptuous curves. You can't wait to see these two women together.

You all get off the elevator, and move into the room. His wife immediately goes and sits on the king size bed, and then she motions for your wife to sit next to her. Your wife is reluctant, but she obeys.

And now, this is the moment of truth. You and her husband are both standing here in your hotel room. The two women are sitting next to each other on the bed. You can tell that your wife is nervous, but she is horny too. Finally... the two women kiss for the first time. Your wife is hesitant at first. But her lover continues to kiss her. After a while, she can no longer fight her feelings and she begins to give in and kiss her back, hungrily.

His wife continues to kiss, caress, and undress your wife, breaking down her barriers. The tension is thick, and the room is silent. Only the sounds of kissing and gasping can be heard. It's amazing, watching this beautiful woman seduce your wife. Kissing her, touching her, and tasting her. Your wife begins to moan and groan, as this sexy siren continues to manipulate her body.

Soon the two women are kissing deeply and passionately. And it is so fucking hot. You are so horny, watching them. Your dick is rock hard and straining against your pants as you watch them. And, after a while, they don't even realize that you are there.

You hear some rustling sounds behind you, but you don't pay it any attention. You are so engrossed in watching the women, that you are unaware of your surroundings. You revel in the moment, as your fantasy has come true. Your wife is engaging with another woman, and letting her desires overtake her.

But as you stand there, you feel a presence behind you. It's him. It's her husband. He steps behind you. You can feel his breath on your neck. You feel his hands touch you, starting around your sides, and moving to the front of your body. He pulls you back into him, and you can feel his body against yours. He is completely naked.

Now, this wasn't part of the plan. This wasn't supposed to happen. You know that this isn't right. You know that you should stop this, and push his hands away, but you don't. And you don't know why. You are so horny right now. Your head is spinning and you can't think straight. You feel his lips against your ear, and then, you feel his tongue brush your ear lobe. His hands begin to move up your body and caress you softly. You move your hands up to his to pull them away, but instead you rest your hands on his.

You find your self instinctively leaning back into him. Your hands move to his strong arms, and begin to caress them while he touches you. You explore his muscles, as He begins to unbutton your shirt slowly, and he begins to kiss you softly on your neck, running his tongue from your neck to your ear lobe before he begins to suck on it. And you gasp.

He continues to move his hands down your body, until your shirt is open. Then he pulls it off. You feel vulnerable, as your shirt falls away from your body. Now, you can feel more of his naked body against yours. You can feel his chest against your back. You feel his thighs against yours. And you feel his dick pressing against your ass. And it feels good to you. Your body is on fire as you continue to watch the two women in front of you make love to each other.

Your wife looks over at you, while her lover kisses her neck... and down to her bosom. The both of you look at each other. You are now confused.

You've never even thought about being with a man. But now here you are, letting another man explore you. And it feels good. His hands continue to rub up and down your body, from your stomach, to your chest. He begins to pinch your nipples softly. You continue to groan, as he continues touching you, and necking you.

You continue to stare into your wife's eyes, as this beautiful woman, continues to seduce her. Her lover is so into her beautiful body, that she doesn't even notice the two of you, and what the two of you are doing.

His right hand moves down and begins to unbuckle your belt. Your breathing gets heavy. You've never let another man touch you there before. You know that you should stop this. You reach down to grab his right hand, but it doesn't stop him. He slips his hands into your pants, and he puts his hand around you. Your dick is rock hard. Harder than it's ever been. You feel jolts of electricity run through your body as his hand wraps around your cock. You throw your head back, and surrender to your feelings.

And as you turn your head back, you feel his lips against yours. You feel his tongue, slip into your mouth, and you accept it. You begin to kiss him hungrily. You reach back around with your right hand and press his face into yours and the both of you kiss passionately.

This has to stop. This is completely out of control. You've never let a man touch you. You've never let a man kiss you. You've never let another man make love to you. But now, it's happening. Your pants drop to the floor, and around your shoes, leaving you almost naked. Now, you can feel your body against him.

His body feels so good against yours. You have to stop this. You can't let this go on. He pulls down your briefs, just a little, and your cock springs free as he continues to kiss you and caress you. You moan into is mouth, as he then begins to stroke you. It takes everything within you not to cum. You can feel his naked cock rub against your ass. It is thick, big, and hard. You are afraid of what he is going to do to you. But you can't stop this from happening.

He breaks the kiss, moves you around, and pushes you down forward onto a nearby desk. Then, he reaches down, and slides down your briefs the rest of the way, slowly kissing his way down your back. He slips the underwear, pants, and shoes down to the floor, and you step out of them. You are now naked, and bent over the desk. He steps behind you, and begins to rub and massage your lower back, while he kisses your shoulders and neck, driving you crazy, as your cock presses against the desk drawer. You look over to the bed and see the two women. His wife is sucking on your wife's breast. She is moaning, out loud. The both of you lock eyes.

He moves his way down, with his mouth, and he then begins to kiss, lick and suck on your ass while he massages your thighs. You break eye contact, and gasp out loud, as you've never felt anything like this before. You hear your wife begin to groan even louder. You wonder if she is being turned on more by her lover, or the two of you. The, he starts to pull your cheeks open and run his tongue up and down your hole. You try to clinch your ass, but he is persistent. He pulls you open, and licks up and down your hole, making you squirm.

He groans into you, and you begin to feel your ass open up to him. You look over at your wife. And you lock eyes with her again. Her lover is now on her knees, eating her pussy. Your wife cries out, and falls back on the bed. And she begins to climax. You watch in amazement, as her entire body convulses, and she screams out, in complete ecstasy. You've never heard her scream, like this.

You see her clinch the sheets, buck her hips, and try to close her legs. But her lover, pushes her legs back open, and continues to eat her pussy. She grabs her head, and begins pleading with her to stop. But she continues to ravish her pussy, bringing her to yet another orgasm.

Suddenly, you feel his tongue slip into your asshole. You surrender to it, and it feels, so good. You groan loudly, yet your sounds are muffled by your wife's screams. You slide your right leg up on the desk, giving him more access to your ass as you want him deeper inside you. He pulls you up on all fours, and penetrates you even deeper with his tongue.

He probes you, and then licks up and down your ass, testicles, and penis while you moan down into the desk. You feel his mouth separate from you, and then, with his right hand, he slips a finger inside your ass. The pain pierces your body. You know what this means. You know exactly what he is going to do to you. And you can't stop it.

He kisses and licks his way back up your backside, while he slips another finger into your ass hole, opening you up even more, driving you insane with lust. You turn back and kiss him again, while he fingers your horny ass. You want this. You don't want to want this. But you do.

He slowly removes his fingers out of your hole. He pulls you back off the desk and on top of him on a nearby chair, facing your wife, and her lover. He is going to fuck you, while you watch them. He calls his wife. And she pulls your wife up, and positions her on her lap facing the both of you from the bed. She whispers something in her ear, and she slips a finger inside her pussy. You and your wife look into each others eyes yet again.

Her husband lifts you up, and positions you over him. You can now feel the head of his cock, at your hole. Then, he eases you down and you feel his dick penetrate you. You feel it begin to slide inside your ass.

You growl out loud as the pain rips through your body. He stops, and holds you in place with his strong arms, letting you adjust to him. It hurts so bad, but it feels so fucking good. His dick slowly slides into your ass, inch by inch. Every time he slides in a little further, it opens you up more. It is tearing you apart. But you are determined to take it. You want it inside you.

He continues to slide it in, until it is lodged deep inside you. You are his now. He lifts you up, and pulls out of you slowly and then, he pushes back inside you, this time even deeper. He slowly begins to pump his cock up and down into you. You start to move up and down on him, wanting to get fucked.

You and your wife, continue to look at each other. He begins to speed up the pace. Fucking you. Deep stroking you. His cock is thrusting inside you now, and you love it. You don't want to love it, but you do. He is so deep inside you, breeding you, taking control of you.

You grab both sides of the chair, and you begin to ride him wildly, as he continues to thrust up into your body. Deeper, and deeper. His penis is so thick, and powerful. It takes your breath away with every thrust. This feels so fucking good. His body feels so good against you. You continue to watch the two women in front of you. Your wife's lover is fingering her pussy with her right hand, pinching her nipple with her left, and necking her. Your wife is gasping, and breathing heavy.

You gasp, and groan out loud. His dick feels so good inside you. You want to scream. You want to scream, at the top of your lungs. But you hold back in front of your wife. Not wanting to lose control.

He continues to fuck you, pound you, and take you to new heights. And just when you think you can't take it, his wife, begins to goad him, telling him to fuck you... to take you deeper. He begins to buck even harder, and faster. His body begins to quiver.

He is about to cum inside you. You begin to ride him more passionately in anticipation of his release. He clutches your hips even tighter, and he slams your ass down on his dick, and holds you. You feel his cock explode, deep inside your ass, flooding your body, with hot cum.

You can feel thick ropes of semen fill your entire body. You completely lose control, roar out and begin to cum. And it is the most intense orgasm that you have ever had, in your entire life. You explode onto the floor in front of you. Spurts of cum almost reach the two women. You hear your wife cry out, as he pulls you back into him and kisses you again, deep, long, and wet as his cum fills your body. His body continues to quake as he shoots jet, after jet, after jet, of his hot cum inside your body. He has turned on a fire, deep inside of you.

In a state of bliss, you turn around, pounce into his lap. You grab both sides of his face, lean into him and kiss him passionately. He wraps his arms around your body and pulls you into him, and you grind your body into him. Your cock is rubbing against him. His hand moves up and clutches the back of your head, and the two of you rape each others mouths.

This kiss is not like a woman's soft kiss. This kiss is deeper, stronger, harder, more intense. And you can't get enough. You want him more than you've ever wanted anyone. He rises up, and the both of you stand up together... your lips, still locked. He backs you into a wall and pins you against it. His tongue goes deeper into your mouth, and you kiss him back angrily. Your cock is rock hard again. You've never recovered from an orgasm this quickly.

You can no longer see the two women making love to each other. But you don't give a fuck. You are preoccupied with this god in front of you. You want to kiss, lick, suck, and taste every inch of him. You break the kiss and you begin to feast on this beautiful body in front of you. He is so fucking sexy. His body is immaculate. His chest, his stomach, his strong legs.

You are completely out of your mind with lust for this sexy creature. You worship his upper body, with your hungry mouth. You move down slowly, kissing down from his chest, to his stomach, determined to taste every part of him. You feel his hand on your head, as you ravish his body. You finally come face to face with his thick, mushroom head. Without thinking twice, you engulf it and let his cock penetrate your mouth.

It's so big, and thick that you can barely get it into your mouth. You can't take that much of it at first, but you are determined. You want it all... every inch of him. You continue to suck it, letting it go deeper into your throat, until you start to gag. You pull back, and begin to breathe through your nose. You move forward again and you begin to relax your throat, as you continue to service him... feeling every inch of this beautiful penis in your mouth.

You move your mouth back and forth on him. You can feel his cock throbbing, and pulsating deep inside of your hot mouth. You continue to suck him, every time' taking him a little bit deeper, and deeper. You look up at him, and he looks down at you.

You only want to please him. You want to please him, the way that he pleased you. You want to service this penis, this penis that fucked you. You pull back and roll your tongue around the head of his penis, and you feel proud, as he groans in ecstasy. You rub your hands all over his hard body... up his stomach, to his chest, around and down to his strong ass.

You close your eyes and savor the flavor of his precum. His scent fills your nostrils as his beautiful body is dripping with sweat as you continue to service him. You can't get enough of his cock. You are addicted to his cock. You don't want to feel this way, but you do. You don't want to be his cock slut. But you just can't control the feelings inside you. You feel his body, tighten. He's going to cum. He's going to cum in your mouth. You can't turn back now. And you don't want to turn back now.

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