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Turning Allison


Opening note: This is a "soft" story narrating the buildup of a fantasy of my fiancé. It has little intercourse but lots of setup.

I could feel my heart racing quietly inside my rib cage. I bite down on my teeth to prevent my body from shaking. Nerves. From my position in the middle of the crowded dance floor, I could just make out the silhouette of my fiancé swaying her hips to the sound of the beat. I could tell where she was easily just by the way she moved - subtle and understated, yet so sexy. Between the cracks of light that penetrated the dense air of smoke, I see another head pressed closely against hers, a pair of hands on her hips. Even above the noise of the club, I could hear him whispering into her ears.

Looking down at my ghostly white hands, I recall the last time they had color – more than 3 hours ago at my house. I can't believe is actually happening. I remember kissing Allison and wishing her a good time with Ashley as she left for the waiting taxi.


Allison was my college sweetheart. We met 6 years ago in first year chemistry and have been together ever since. She was not the type of girl I thought I would be involved with for such a long time. Heck, I never thought I could be committed to one girl for more than a year. But Allison was intriguing in a way that held my interest.

Petite and slender with cat like features, she caught me by surprise. She had big beautiful brown eyes and equally long eyelashes to frame her soft shaped face. At 5'4, she was small but her proportions were that of a model. She had a small but perky chest, delicate hips and very long silky legs. God I loved sneaking a look at her legs when they weren't wrapped up in jeans. I loved watching her hips carry the weight of those model legs and I prayed to see her in heels more often.

But looks are just part of the equation. Allison is also very intelligent, scoring top grades year after year. However, her smarts came with traditional conservative values. She was very close with her family and that apparently translated into firm and if you ask me, very naive ideals. For one, she was paranoid about socializing with guys without having a girlfriend or me by her side. She was also skeptical about the effectiveness of the pill so condoms were a must, every time. Something about a 1/100 chance of failure.

Thankfully, the many years we spent together created a strong sense of trust. We talked daily, even when apart to keep up with our lives. Our trust also enabled us to talk openly about our sexual preferences. Despite her traditional values, she was surprisingly open in bed. I knew exactly what she liked, from being touched, caressed, licked, rubbed, fingered and fucked. We constantly searched for different positions and she was always wanted to please. She was a sexual creature, but she did not entertain ideas of more, taboo fantasies.

Perhaps out of subconscious frustration of how perfect she was, I started fantasizing about exploring her 'other' side. I wanted her perfect record, her perfect image to break way to deeper, darker desires. Desires that when I asked her subtly, returned replies of "I only want you" or "I hate when guys approach me". She was, according to her consistent answers, a monogamist by genetics and found it disguising to even think about flirting with other men.

As time passed, I fully realized my secret fantasies. I realized that despite my love for her and my strong values against cheating, I for some reason was aroused by the idea of being put in situations where other men could marvel at her beauty. Now there is a subtle distinction between my fantasies and those that I read about. I never found myself particularly aroused by the idea of her having physical relations with a stranger and I certainly never thought about any forced scenarios. No she was mine and I only wanted to see her happy.

What I really got excited by was the idea of watching her interact with men who found her attractive. Being that perfect girl, I knew she would never outright commit any sins. I knew she would probably get herself out of any situation like that and come running to me, where I would pretend to be upset and console her. The vision of my strong willed, faithful fiancé being preyed upon by skilled, seductive men was taboo and thrilling.


Another interesting note is that Allison doesn't drink. Well, she didn't for a long time. It took years to convince her to try a shot, and it worked only because her entire group of her friends signed a petition on her 21st birthday. Since then, she has fortunately relaxed her attitude against alcohol but is still a very light drinker. Her slender body takes very little alcohol to react. When she does down a beer or two, she's a happy drunk. I love watching her reservations warm because she becomes much more willing to socialize with other people. Seeing her with alcohol always makes me excited.

There was one time where she got 'smashed' with some classmates. By that, I found out later that she had 2 shots of tequila. It was 2 AM and I was waiting up for Allison. Opening the door, Allison fell into my arms. I was pretty surprised to see her previously perfectly combed hair frayed and sticking to parts of her face.

"Whoa there, what happened to you?" I ask.

"Nothing, it's fine... just help me get upstairs." Alcohol was not a regular scent on her.

I had never seen my fiancé drunk before and the situation excited me. Helping her up the stairs, I couldn't help feel slightly turned on by the image of her letting down her hair a bit. I wondered what happened to get her so wasted. She normally didn't drink and in those rare occasions, drank very responsibly. I also noticed just how amazing her ass looked wrapped around that medium length black dress. I had the overwhelming urge to grab her and fuck her right on the stairs with her clothes on.

But I resisted.

I expected her to head towards the washroom and perform her usual 10 minute routine. Instead, she kicked off her heels and flopped onto the mattress, still with her dress on. Joining her silently, I knelt over her lips, smelling the alcohol and kissed her gently. Feeling no resistance, I started caressing her legs, tracing the curve of her hips down to her thighs. Surprisingly, she was responsive to my touch. I had heard that alcohol was a depressant but seeing her open her legs so quickly me changed my mind.

As I continued to kiss her lips, sliding my tongue inside her mouth, I got on top of her and positioned my crotch against hers. She clearly liked it and responded by wrapping those silky legs around me. I love that.

"Oh baby"... she murmured eyes half closed. I continued to tease her, rocking my hips against her slowly and nuzzling her long neck.

"...Tell me something sexy," she breathed faster. Heart racing, not believing my luck at the moment, I chuckled.

"Oh my fantasies are much too naughty for you to handle. Tell me yours instead. Or, tell me what happened tonight," I whisper back as sexy as possible.

"No, tell me..." she moaned as she felt my groin grind against her dress. I didn't want to reveal my little fantasy just yet.

I continued to squeeze her breasts, gently squeezing her hard nipples through the fabric of her dress. I pressed myself harder against her so she could feel my cock rub against her growing moistness. I could tell that this was a different night. She clearly had too much to drink and I smelled the opportunity to probe Allison on some of my fantasies. She wouldn't remember any of this in the morning anyways.

"Oh, baby...tell me..." she continued, now grinding her hips with me.

"I liked your dress tonight. I liked your make up and your hair. You looked really sexy when you left the house", I confessed.

"Mmm, thank you," she replied, her eyes closed.

"If I had come with you, I would not be able to stop looking at your sexy legs all night, especially when you dance with Ashley. I always loved watching you move your body," I gushed truthfully.

"I do like to dance, I love the music," she breathed heavily. I pressed my ears against her breast, hearing the thump of her heartbeat. I wondered if this was turning her on.

"Well, I want see you dancing more. I want to see you dancing sexy on the dance floor, moving your arms in the air and swaying your little hips. I want to see you having so much fun in there with the crowd, all those people dancing around you. Imagine shaking your body around all those dancers, feeling their body brush against your dress..." I stopped. I knew I was hitting sensitive territory and I didn't want to sink the ship. On the other hand, I was becoming extremely turned on from the conversation, having never pushed the topic before.

To my dismay, she said nothing in response but also didn't stop grinding me.

Shit, how long has it been since she had a drink?

I listened again against her chest. It was beating very quickly. What was she thinking? Was she mad?

"I'll come down to the dance floor and dance with you then, seeing you all hot and sweaty," I cut the silence. Was she hearing all this? Thankfully, I could tell she was close and I decided to go at it hard to distract her mind.

"Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh fuck," she moaned, her eyes closed tightly, her hands wrapped around my neck, feeling her legs clamp down even hard against my waist. She never said fuck.

"Keep fucking Allison, don't stop honey," I groaned, deliberately leaving "who" out of the sentence.

"Oh I'm close," she moaned, buckling wildly against me for 10 seconds, escalating in frequency before finally collapsing in a huge orgasm.

The sight of her slightly intoxicated, spread out on my bed still in her dress, her legs spread wide and limp was too much. I came immediately, involuntarily. My hips buckled wildly inside my pants, driven by thoughts of the naughtiness that just transpired.

I wondered what my precious Allison was thinking as I grinded her wetness to an orgasm. Did she like my fantasy of dancing with other guys? Was she thinking about someone else she met tonight? There was no way she would want to talk about it and she wouldn't remember anything by morning. Aroused, frustrated and now obsessed by these thoughts, I spent the night in bed concocting a plan that would fulfill my fantasy.


"How was your night yesterday?" I said casually as she came down for breakfast.

"Good, I think. Had too much to drink though. Probably shouldn't do that again anytime soon," she said grabbing an aspirin.

"But honey, you looked like you had so much fun. You should go out more with Ashley. She seems like she knows what's fun. Besides, you're much more fun after you come home after a party," I tease.

"I don't know. She's not really my type. She just happens to have the same schedule I have. Everyone else is working obscure hours."

To be honest, Ashley didn't just know fun - she was the fun. I know because my best friend dated her in college and told everyone how wild she was at parties. Blonde and leggy, Ashley knew how to pick up men. I wondered why I didn't date her.

"She's not that bad. It'll be nice to meet more people outside of work," I say before giving her a kiss." Anyhow, I need to go. Think about it and let me know so I can schedule something for myself while you're out."

"Well okay, only if there's something that fits my schedule," she smiles.


After work, I make a detour to Ashley's place. I had thought about the plan the entire day and I was excited to put it into action. Running up to the door, I reminded myself to keep it casual.

"Hey there handsome, what are you doing here? Whatever it was, I swear it wasn't me," the blonde teased. Damn she has a nice smile and that shirt is way too small.

"Hey Ashley. No you're not in trouble. Just wanted to drop by to tell you how much I appreciate you taking Allison out. She doesn't socialize often and I can tell she gets lonely when I'm not around." I grin.

"Hey no worries! We had fun last night!" she winks.

"I know. It's just...she's pretty... you know sometimes," I admit.

"Uptight? Haha don't worry. Nothing a few martinis can't loosen up."

"Definitely. I just want her to relax sometimes, live a little you know. It'll be good for our relationship too, if you know what I mean," I say, lowering my voice.

"Ohhh!" her eyes widen and she grins slowly. "I know exactly what you mean, oh you bad boy!"

"Listen," I smile, "Don't worry about costs. I can expense it on my company. Get her whatever she needs to have a good time. I'll cover your tab as well."

"Hell yes! I like the way you think!"

"Perfect, but lets keep it between us. I don't want Allison to be upset about spending money."


"Are you sure its okay to leave you alone tonight?" Allison asks, putting on her loopy earrings.

"Yes, please just go and enjoy yourself. I've got lots to catch up on. It's a busy season for us so this will actually give me some time to finish the campaign."

"Oh my hard working baby," she mocks, kissing my cheek on tiptoe. "Oh, which pair should I wear? The black one is nice but a bit high for moving around. The white doesn't really match the dress but it's comfortable," she says, looking at herself in the full-length mirror.

"It's got to be the black pumps. It goes perfect with the black and silver on the dress. You'll get used to the height, you just don't wear it enough," I reply. I love heels on Allison. They just accentuate the length of her legs so well. I definitely want her showing off those assets.

"Black it is then," she says, slipping them on to her feet. A taxi honks outside the drive way and she fixes her hair one last time before running out. "Be back soon!"


Slamming on the breaks, I almost slam into another car. Dammit, following a taxi is harder than it looks. You have to make sure you maintain an appropriate distance while not lagging too far behind to risk stoplights.

After 15 minutes driving into the city, I see the taxi pull beside Lucy's as planned and I park my car in a parallel parking lot. Lucy's is the city's top bar and lounge. It is always packed and the lineups are permanent. The crowd is young but not too young, somewhere between 22-30. I see Allison and Ashley leave the taxi and head towards the lineup. Rather than lining up, Ashley gives the bouncer a hug and both of them get a bypass. The shit men do for pretty girls. It helps that Ashley is wearing that little yellow dress.

Once I get inside, I do a quick scan to see if I can locate the girls. Logically, I'd expect them to be at the bar first so I head that way. Trying to navigate the packed crowd brings back memories of my younger days. Once the bar is in sight, I see Ashley's bright yellow dress. They're both sitting on the stools with drinks in hand. I try to get closer so I sit down behind a pillar. Perfect position. I can tell Allison feels uncomfortable by the way she hunches her shoulders. Detecting my thought, Ashley orders another drink for her.

As Allison finishes her first martini, she points toward the ladies room and leaves Ashley alone as the bartender returns with the drink. I sigh deeply. This is harder than I thought, but I admit I am enjoying this little scheme. Looking back at the bar, I see Ashley slip a mint into her mouth. A few seconds after, I realize it's not a mint at all because she slips another one into Allison's drink. It dissolves instantly.

My heart starts pounding. I didn't ask her to do that. I said drinks. I said I would cover her tab. Is she crazy? She could...I could get in a shit load of trouble for this.

Before I can think and react, Allison returns and takes a big gulp from her drink. I feel the pit of my stomach turn. Should I stop this now? I don't know what's inside the pill. I've never taken anything beyond your typical Astro Turf so this is not my area of expertise.

As fate would have it, 2 guys, both Caucasian and well cut approach them from nowhere. One was slightly shorter than the other but more built with short straight hair. The other had a darker complexion and even darker hair. Ashley happily accepts whatever the shorter one asks while Allison hesitates, still sitting on the stool. With the skill of a natural wingman, Ashley bend over her, whispers something in her ears and they both giggle. I am in a trance. It is the most fascinating show I've ever seen.

They move together towards the center of the crowd. Ashley is clearly flirting with her partner. She's putting on her sexy stare, raising her hands in the air and moving her legs with the music. Allison on the other hand still seems nervous, as expected. I guess it takes some time for whatever it was to kick in. Her partner senses her reservation and gives her space, maybe 3 feet away, just grooving to the music. They dance casually for a few minutes before I see him make a move.

As the song changes to Apple Bottom Jeans, he closes in, playfully squatting lower and lower to the beat. Allison laughs, blushes and performs a lighter version of the same dance move. Seeing this, Ashley pulls her partner towards them and joins in the same movement. Only, when her partner reaches the lowest point, she moves in with him. Pressed against each other, Ashley positions her knees in between his legs and grinds. She wraps her arms around his shoulders, pulls him tightly against her and thrusts harder with her pelvis. She whispers something in his ears and I see his hands grab the top of her ass, making sure there is no air between their thighs.

Semi hard from that show, I refocus my attention to Allison. Only 5 feet away from Ashley, there is no doubt she sees her friend in action. I can tell she is embarrassed, but the heat of the music, the crowd and the goods prevent her from bailing. She smiles at her partner and tells him something I can't hear. I guess he couldn't either because he gestured towards his ears and moves closer. She shows him her hand – the ring.

Dammit, the ring.

He looks and shrugs, having probably seen the token of commitment flashed at him many times in resistance. He smiles, and shows her his hand – another ring. She laughs, relieved that her partner is in the same shoes.

Whatever it meant to her, it clearly meant something else to him because his started caressing her hair deeply with his ring finger. She blushed immediately and withdrew, looking around, only to find Ashley now in full make out. Unfazed, he takes her hands and pulls her into an embrace. Shocked but now left with little option but to engage in his flirty advance, she follows his lead. He skillfully tangos to some Latin beat, holding her close by her lower back. He spins and twirls her around, never removing eye contact. She is laughing and the color of her cheeks begins to betray her reluctance. She looks incredible strutting her legs in those heels. Her emerging confidence is sexy as it is surprising. Oh how I want her now.

Whether he intended it or not, they dance further from the center and towards the edge of the floor. I stand up from my seat and follow, slipping into the crowd to hide from their view. Just as I see them again, he kisses her cheeks. It's over I thought. But she continues dancing and pulls him closer, resting her head against his chest. Sensing her comfort, he slides one hand down from her sides towards her thigh. I feel my pants tighten rapidly and it's hard to breath.

He caresses her hips slowly and softly, barely grazing the fabric of the dress. Her shoulders drop and I imagine her feeling waves of sensation washing against her over and over again, his fingers running up and down her skin. Moving even closer, I see that Allison's eyes are closed, but her lips are parted slightly. He continues to rub her hips, stroking her as they move together to a slow song. Slowly and subtly, the distance between her heels increase with each synchronized step. Feeling the fabric stretch against her hips, his hands migrate from her hips to the top of where her cheeks meet. Shit, he is actually touching her ass.

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