tagLesbian SexTurning Contest: A Desperate Asian

Turning Contest: A Desperate Asian


Summary: Professor seduces and trains submissive Japanese girl.

Thanks to: hfernandez1983 for the story idea suggestion, and to Robert

Edited by: H.S., Robert, goamz86, and Wayne.

THE TURNING CONTEST is a week-long competition between five MILF best friends to see which of them can turn more straight teens, college girls and women.

The prize: The winner gets a weekend with the other four women's submissive 18-year-old daughters.

Note: This series is based on a few things:

a) Quick seductions (Each story will likely be under 5000 words... give or take); these are sex stories and thus lacking the detailed character development I often have.

b) Some are inspired by the Japanese molestation videos that are so popular there.

c) This will be, if people enjoy them, a multi-chaptered series about five women who seduce straight women.

Although each story definitely stands on its own, this is the fourth seduction scene. Here is a quick refresher of what has happened so far.

1. Turning Contest: A Beautiful Blonde, in which seductress VERONICA STONE seduces a teen in her clothing store.

2. Turning Contest: A Cute Maid, in which reluctant seductress (she is more a submissive) and rich wife CAROL WHITE seduces and dominates her temporary maid.

3. Turning Contest: A Delicious Model, in which seductress and casting agent PORTIA JAMES seduces a cute nineteen year old model who is auditioning for a part in the new Matt Damon movie.

Turning Contest: A Desperate Asian

Seductress 4: Professor Crystal Watson

Professor Crystal Watson returned to her usual Friday office hours, having no afternoon classes. She had office time Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, although she rarely had students come on Friday, which was why she had Friday hours. College rules required three hours of office time per week, so this arrangement met the requirements even though she didn't usually have to deal with students.

Crystal was at her desk marking papers when she saw that three of her friends already had scored some turns. She sighed. Why did she agree to this contest? Although she used to love the thrill of the chase, she hadn't really been on the prowl for a few months. Maybe it was because she was getting older, or maybe it was the reality that since she seduced her daughter and made her her own live-in pet she was content (her daughter was a great submissive and eager as hell).

And then, as if the gods of lesbian seduction were looking down on her, Jun knocked on her open door. "Ma'am, may I speak with you?"

Crystal smiled, thinking she was the perfect prey, "Hello, Jun, please come in." Crystal had seduced dozens of coeds during her years as a professor, but none this semester. Usually, her student assistant was the one who did the majority of her freshman grading and also pussy pleasing. This year, for the first time since she had tenure, she had not fucked her student assistant, although that may have to change this week if she was to compete with her lesbian cougar friends, she mused.

Crystal offered Jun a seat as she stood up and closed her office door...and locked it. She returned to her seat and asked, "What can I do for you, Jun?"

"Ma'am, I am struggling writing my paper," Jun said. She was on an exchange to America for one year and although she excelled in English in Japan, she had learned that didn't necessarily cross over into America. The fact that she was also shy and insecure also hindered her attempt to fit in in America. Thus, even though she was a straight 'A' student in Japan, her first paper in Professor Watson's class was a 50% and her first test a 53%... she was mortified and stressed out.

"Your first paper had some great ideas, Jun," Crystal complimented, before adding, "Unfortunately, your ideas didn't always flow together."

"I know," Jun nodded. "That is why I wanted to converse with you. I do not even know where I should start for this paper, ma'am."

An idea forming, Crystal replied, "Well, maybe, you should write about the psychology of Japanese female culture."

"Excuse me, ma'am?" Jun asked, confused by the suggestion.

"Well, I know that women in Japan, at least all the generations before yourself, were usually submissive and obedient to their husbands, isn't that correct?" Crystal continued, a brilliant plan already formulating in her head.

"Yes, ma'am, that is generally true," Jun nodded, thinking of her mother and her strict father.

"Would you consider yourself submissive?" Crystal questioned.

"To my father, yes, ma'am," Jun nodded.

"How about to your mother?" Crystal interrogated.

"Yes, ma'am," Jun again nodded. She was raised to respect her elders, something she didn't see happening too much in America.

"Do you have any brothers?" the Professor asked.

"Three, ma'am," the Japanese coed answered.

"Older or younger?"

"Two older, one younger, ma'am."

"Would you be obedient to the older brothers?"

"Yes, ma'am," Jun replied.

"And the younger?" Crystal questioned, trying to pull out the ingrained submissive in the Japanese coed.

Jun admitted, "In my culture, age is not the main factor, ma'am."

"What is?" Crystal asked, even though she knew the answer, she just wanted the coed to say it as she slowly prepared the submissive to accept her role.

"There is a hierarchy, ma'am," Jun answered.

"There is always a hierarchy," Crystal pointed out.

Jun agreed awkwardly, having seen the way people treated each other here, "So I'm learning"

"So what is the hierarchy in your family?"

"The men are in charge, ma'am," Jun admitted, even though she hated admitting it, as in America women seemed to be on an equal status for the most part.

"So, you are submissive to all in your family? Regardless of age?" Crystal continued.

"Yes, ma'am," Jun nodded.


"Yes, ma'am."

"Uncles and aunties?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"School mates?"

"Males, yes, females, no, ma'am," Jun answered, unsure what was the purpose of all this questioning.

"Teachers?" Crystal asked as she stood up from her desk.

"Of course, ma'am," Jun nodded. "Teachers deserve and receive the highest reverence in Japan."

"That doesn't always happen here," Crystal laughed, as she moved in front of her desk and leaned against it, now right beside the born submissive.

"I have noticed," Jun said, always shocked by the poor treatment of some of the professors that was likely even worse in high school.

"But you believe that you should always obey your teachers, don't you, Jun?" the professor smiled looking down at her.

"Yes, ma'am," Jun nodded, noticing the professor's tone change.

"What does your name mean?" Crystal asked, knowing that Japanese names always had a second meaning.

"Obedient, ma'am," Jun answered, finding that incredibly ironic after the conversation they had just been having.

"Interesting," the professor nodded. After a pause she asked, "And are you?"

"Am I what, ma'am?" Jun asked.

"Obedient," Crystal asked, as she moved up directly in front of the coed and hopped onto her desk.

"Usually, ma'am," Jun nodded, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

"I have a theory," Crystal continued, as she allowed her heels to hit the floor and she placed her feet on the coed's lap.

Jun was stunned by the behaviour of her usually very professional professor. Yet, not wanting to be disrespectful to a teacher, she didn't question the nylon-clad feet on her lap and instead asked, "What is your theory, ma'am?"

"That the upbringing of Japanese girls leads to natural submission all their lives." the professor said, before adding, "Wouldn't that be an interesting paper to write?"

"I guess, ma'am," Jun replied timidly, even as she sensed that the professor had ulterior motives.

"I think it would be a great read," Crystal continued.

"It would be something I know a fair amount about, ma'am," Jun admitted, liking the idea since it would be something she understood and knew about.

"Massage my feet," Crystal ordered.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" Jun said, even though she had heard the words.

"Are you questioning an elder?" Crystal asked.

"N-n-no, ma'am," Jun stammered, feeling compelled to obey the professor. Her hands were trembling slightly, as she took the left foot of her professor and began massaging it.

"Good girl," Crystal purred, watching the Asian submissive do exactly as she had anticipated she would. No doubt this would not be her most difficult turn... but it would likely be one that would give her great pleasure. She also knew from research, that Japanese men seldom gave positive reinforcement to their children and thus felt a way to quicken the seduction of Jun was to consistently give her positive encouragement.

The simple two words sent a chill up the young Asian's back as she seldom got approval for her tasks. When she came home with a 98% on a test, she didn't get a 'Great job, Jun', she got a 'What did you do wrong, Jun'? So hearing positive words when doing a task as instructed made her feel good.

"That feels nice, Jun," Crystal said. "You have such soft, gentle hands."

"Thank you, ma'am," Jun said.

"The other foot," Crystal ordered, a minute later.

"Yes, ma'am," Jun obeyed, changing feet and replicating the gentle massage.

"Now, Jun, I believe your paper should have a paragraph on the historical traditions of Japanese male-dominant hierarchy; a paragraph on the rigid upbringing of Japanese children and the differences between girls and boys; and a paragraph on the long term impact of a society that doesn't prepare their children, especially their girls, to be 21st century global citizens," Crystal suggested.

Jun listened to the thoughtful suggestions of her professor. She was instantly excited about the ideas outlined and her head was already spinning with how she would write the paper. She nodded, "I think that is a great start, ma'am."

"I agree," Crystal nodded. "It is a great start. Yet, to really write an honest and frank paper about the long-term societal impact one must dig deep into her upbringing and acknowledge the unpredicted and unplanned effects."

"Like what?" Jun asked curious.

"Well, young women like you are trained since birth to obey their fathers, elders and, quite frankly, all men, correct?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"In the end, they are training you to be a future obedient wife to a Japanese man to continue the century's long cycle," Professor Watson continued.

"I never thought of it like that, ma'am," Jun replied, although in retrospect that was definitely part of it. Until recently, chose the husbands for their daughters, and in some families it still happened.

"But I'm correct, am I not?"

"Yes, ma'am," Jun nodded.

"Of course, your subservient persona can then be manipulated by any man or," Crystal paused dramatically, "woman for their own personal gain."

"I guess," Jun said, confused where this was going.

"No, ma'am?" Crystal asked.

"Sorry, ma'am," Jun apologized. "You really have me thinking a lot about my entire upbringing."

Crystal lifted her foot to the pretty Asian's mouth and ordered, "Suck on my toes, Jun."

Jun was again surprised, yet sensed this was a test. The professor was testing her own theory of the extreme obedience a Japanese woman will go to. That said, Jun wasn't sure what she should do now. She was used to obeying, she was used to pleasing, and she was used to serving. So although the task was strange, inappropriate and demeaning, she felt compelled to obey. She also wanted the instant gratification of positive reinforcement she assumed would follow if she obeyed. So after a brief hesitation, she opened her mouth and took the nylon-clad toes in her mouth.

"Good girl," the professor instantly said, conditioning the submissive that every obedient act would lead to positive verbal rewards. She knew that Japanese girls were often desperate for approval, always striving to impress their male figures, that just a little bit of positive reinforcement would enhance their eagerness to obey... to please... to submit.

Jun sucked each toe into her mouth like a small cock. Jun wasn't a virgin. She had been seduced in her senior year, just after turning eighteen, by her principal, who promised her a raving letter of recommendation to the American college exchange program if she sucked his dick. She did. Then he wanted to fuck her. She let him. Then he wanted to fuck her ass. She didn't refuse, even though she didn't enjoy it at all. In the end, she was used by him the entire last three months almost daily, as well as by another teacher when she was double penetrated minutes before her graduation. She was mortified after by the humiliation and yet couldn't deny that in the heat of the moment, she enjoyed pleasing both of them at once. And, maybe now, like then, she would have to do sexual favours in return for a better grade on her essay... she had done worse.

"Such a natural, Jun," the professor purred, enjoying the very thorough attention each toe was receiving. Not surprisingly, the Asian was going to do her very best at whatever task she was given.

Jun just continued sucking each toe in her mouth, spending time on each individual one.

The professor continued, "You see, Jun, Being black, my family history is one of racism and slavery. Yet, we have come a long way in America. I'm a professor at one of the top schools in America. The first lady is currently black for a little while longer. We have, for the most part, broken the generations of abuse and slavery and become prominent citizens."

Jun listened to this and saw the parallels between Asian family hierarchy and American slavery... yet hers was worse. Their hierarchy of domination was led from within and not an issue of race, but an issue of gender.

"So maybe it's time for you, Jun, to discover who you are, accept it and then make sure to break it for yourself and future generations in your family blood line," Crystal finished, just as Jun finished pleasing each of her ten toes.

"And how do I do that, ma'am?" Jun asked, the idea logical and moral, yet the execution of breaking a centuries old tradition not as simple as just doing so.

"Well, for one," Crystal began, as she lifted up her ass to hike up her skirt and reveal a perfectly shaved pussy and thigh high stockings, "you reclaim your sexuality."

Jun stared at the shaved vagina. It looked so pretty. She couldn't even fathom how a vagina could get that hairless. She also couldn't understand why her professor was showing her her vagina. She finally asked, after a good thirty seconds of staring, "How would I reclaim my sexuality, ma'am?"

"First, by discovering your sexuality," Crystal said, as she reached over, grabbed the back of the stunned, bewildered Asian girl's head and guided it to her pussy.

Jun was shocked and yet she allowed her body to be guided to the beautiful sight before her. The black skin and the pink pussy complimented each other so perfectly, as if it was a work of art. She was confused at what was happening, yet compliance seemed the natural action, even though it seemed to go against the advice her professor had just been giving her.

Crystal continued, the student's face now an inch from her pussy, "You need to explore your sexuality. Japanese women are expected to all be hetero and only have sex with their husband. But the reality is almost all women are bisexual at heart."

Jun had never considered this, likely because she was brainwashed to live a certain lifestyle of obedience to men. Yet, with this vagina, glistening slightly with a wetness on the pink lips, she was suddenly curious if she may be bi... or what if she was a lesbian? She enjoyed the sex acts with her teachers, but hated herself after the act was done. She was curious if she would feel the same way if she leaned forward and licked this vagina.

"Go ahead, Jun," Crystal encouraged softly. "If you don't, you will always wonder."

Jun paused no longer as she leaned the last inch, extended her tongue and licked. She had no idea what she was going to taste, having never considered it before this moment was at hand, but it was very tart and sweet and addicting. Although she started tentatively, unsure what she was doing, once the distinctive flavour hit her taste buds she wanted more.

Crystal smiled as she watched the eager submissive discover the joy of pussy. Seeing a straight girl discover a love for pussy was one of the greatest rushes for the professor, especially when it was a girl like Jun who would have never explored this side of her sexuality without such a push.

"That's it, Jun," Crystal moaned. "That feels so good."

Jun responded, wanting to let her professor know she was enjoying it too, "You taste so good, ma'am."

"There is nothing in this world as distinctively exotic as a woman's pussy, Jun," Crystal explained, as she enjoyed the pleasure the eager submissive was giving her.

Jun wondered if every pussy tasted like this. If so, she couldn't fathom how every girl wasn't a lesbian. This taste was addicting, life changing, and everything Jun thought she knew about herself became irrelevant in a matter of seconds.

For a few minutes, Jun explored every inch of the delicious pink pussy, inside and out. She was in awe of how the professor responded based on angle, speed and spot. Jun was a quick learner at everything she did, and always wanted to be the best. Not surprisingly, she was quickly learning how to please a woman.

Crystal wasn't surprised at how quickly the young Asian became an experienced, eager pussy pleaser, and her orgasm was building quickly.

Jun could sense her professor was getting close to coming as she moved her tongue to the professor's swollen clit and sucked it between her lips.

Crystal moaned loudly, "Oooooooooooh, yes, Jun, keep doing that."

Jun obeyed and in seconds she was feeling the flooding of come onto her lips and face.

The professor screamed, "Yesssssssssss." As an intense orgasm rushed through her.

Jun eagerly lapped up the come, which had the same taste but with the full bouquet of flavour. She couldn't get enough and kept licking long after the flood of it had ended.

Crystal smiled, "I think you got it all."

"Sorry, ma'am," Jun said, looking up feeling the wetness all over her face. "I couldn't help myself."

"I think maybe you should come to my office more often for tutoring," Crystal smiled.

"Yes, ma'am," Jun nodded. "I would like that."

Crystal got off her desk and ordered, "Take off your jeans, Jun."

"Really, ma'am?" Jun asked, surprised again.

"Yes, my dear," the black woman nodded, as she helped Jun stand up. "It's time to reward you."

"Ma'am, you don't have to," Jun said, even though her panties were very wet.

"Of course I don't," Crystal smiled, before adding, "but I want you to know what real pleasure feels like."

"Yes, ma'am," Jun nodded, as she nervously unbuttoned her jeans and took them off.

"Panties too," Crystal ordered, as she went to her purse and pulled out her rabbit vibrator.

Jun obeyed as she watched the professor go to her purse.

"Sit up on my desk," Crystal ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," Jun obeyed, awkwardly moving onto the desk.

"Have you been with a man before?" Crystal asked.

"Yes, ma'am."

"On your own accord or blackmail?" Crystal asked, knowing how corrupt Japan could be.

"Blackmailed, ma'am," Jun admitted, wondering how she would know that.

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