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Turning Diana


((Author's note: This was a request piece for a friend of mine. If you like my style and would like to have me write something for you (and give me free practice in the meantime) please feel free to e-mail me.))


Soulful stormy gray eyes spiked with green scanned the small garden area in front of a cottage set in the woodlands. A large, proud wolf, nearly twice the size of any normal wolf, prowled about the area, keeping a watchful eye. Fur as black as midnight rippled under the moonlight as the wolf settled underneath a windowsill. In the window was a woman with flame-colored hair and gray-blue eyes, dressing for bed. She feared no one coming to peep in on her; she lived in a rather secluded area. As such the window was left open to allow in a breeze on the warm summer evening. The wolf under the sill was tempted to look into the window at her; to catch another glimpse of her, but he decided to keep himself reigned in.

The wolf's name was Aidan. He had been watching this young woman, named Diana, since she arrived in this small town in the mountains. He wasn't sure why; he was just drawn to her. Physically there wasn't anything particularly remarkable about her; other than the long, flame-colored hair and curves that would tempt a saint, lips that begged to be tasted and eyes that constantly laughed...

Alright, there was something very remarkable about her.

Aidan just had a very bad feeling about tonight. The wind wasn't right—even the stars looked all wrong. He had a terrible feeling in the pit of his gut that something horrible was going to happen tonight if he didn't do anything to stop it. So he tried desperately to reign in his carnal desires and focus on protecting the lovely nymph inside. Soon his sharp ears heard the sound of footsteps, and the pattering of water on tile. She was in the shower. Aidan tried hard not to think about it.

Soon her melodious voice floated through the air—Aidan knew she sang in the shower, and yet the beauty of her voice never ceased to amaze him; the woman could make angels cry. Listening to her sing her soft lullaby, Aidan closed his eyes. He had been awake and watchful for a very long time—he would just rest for a bit.

As he dozed off into sleep, he dreamed about her, of joining her in that shower as a man, taking those firm breasts in his hands and finally tasting her lips after so long wanting. Soon, however, the dream was interrupted by a horrible scream—her scream. Aidan jumped to his feet and crashed through her window faster than most humans could blink.

Inside was Diana, cowering in fear from the huge silvery-white wolf that had backed her into a corner. The wolf was nearly as big as Aidan, with eyes much the same as his. Aidan's heart sank when he saw the bite marks on Diana's arm and shoulder, no doubt from defending herself from the beast. Taking his attention away from what would happen to her now, he focused on the other wolf. Aidan leaped at him, smashing into him like a football player. He sank his teeth into his foe's neck, only to be thrown off, skidding across the floor. A deep, threatening growl was issued and Aidan leapt again. He felt the bones of his opponent's leg crack and splinter under his teeth. The silver wolf yelped and tried to kick him off. Only after several moments of taking a beating to the face did Aidan release his enemy, blood dripping down his muzzle. The silver wolf seemed to glare at him, and then jumped through the window Aidan had broken.

Aidan had to squelch the desire to run after him.

It became easier when he heard Diana whimper in fear and pain, and he turned to watch her attempt to crawl away. He padded over to her, head low, ears back. He crouched next to her and gently licked her hand, trying to comfort her. Still she tried to flee, but she was bleeding and tired and couldn't move very quickly. After a moment her body had mercy on her and she passed out. Aidan wasted no time and immediately morphed back into a man in order to pick her up and carry her to a safer place.

Diana opened her eyes. Her vision was still a bit hazy, and the room was dark.

Where was she? She tried to turn her head, only to feel a sharp pain in her shoulder. Fuzzy memories played on the edge of her mind as she realized she was not in her house, not in her bed. Candles flickered in the corners of the large room and she could vaguely make out the shadow of a man across the bed, near what she thought might be a chest-of-drawers.

"Where am I?" She muttered, blinking hard to try and clear her vision. The form of the man stiffened, quickly pulled on a shirt and hurried to her side.

"Don't try to move," his deep voice rumbled soothingly in her ear. "You've been hurt, but you're safe now, I promise. I bandaged you up..." he trailed off, gesturing towards her shoulder and arm. Only then did Diana notice that she was lying on a very comfortable feather bed and unable to move her left arm. It took a moment for her to realize that she was still naked.

Memories came flooding back. She was getting out of the shower, only to be greeted by the sight of an enormous silver-white wolf lying on her bed...she was stunned as the wolf pulled itself up slowly, growled menacingly, and leapt at her. She screamed and threw her left arm in front of her for protection. The white wolf then bit down on her arm and she screamed...the bites progressed to her shoulder...then a black wolf, just as big, broke through her window and attacked the white one...then, blackness. She must have passed out.

"How did I get here?" she asked weakly, turning to look at the man sitting next to her.

He looked uncomfortable and answered only with,

"That's not important right now. You should rest; I brought you some water."

With one arm he easily lifted her; with the other he held a cup of cool water to her lips. She drank deeply, and he settled her gently back onto the pillows. She smiled at him gratefully as he stood. He looked sort of awkwardly down at the foot of the bed then back at her.

"Can...can you get your clothes on by yourself or..." he blushed and looked at her sheepishly.

"I don't really have much movement in my left arm. I'll need some help." She told him, smiling reassuringly. "I'm not worried about you looking at me—I'm sure it's nothing you haven't seen before."

Though originally she had been teasing, she now found that she really did believe those words. He was tall, very tall, a full head and shoulders above her own height. His shoulders were broad and his chest was obviously well-muscled. His chest tapered down to narrow hips and long powerful legs; the legs of a hunter, she thought to herself. Green eyes glimmered above high cheekbones and a strong jaw, which was dusted with stubble. He had full lips and a winning smile; he was breathtaking.

She felt something stirring in her—something she hadn't really encountered before. Sure, she had felt arousal, but not like this. She was seriously drawn to this man, in a way she had never been before. He was virile, that was obvious, and she had a hard time not reaching out to touch him as he moved closer to the bed. Suddenly her lips burned to touch his, to touch him everywhere. Her fingers itched to grab him and run her fingers all over his bare body. She wanted to be under him, watching him as he flexed in and out of her...

She shook her head to clear it. She had never felt attraction that strong before. What was happening to her? She felt different all over—stronger, faster. Her legs ached to run even though her arm and shoulder itched and ached. Her skin sort of tingled, and not only because of her strong sexual response to this very male piece of eye candy in front of her.

"I can...turn you around if you want." He murmured, sitting next her on the bed. "You know...to give you more privacy."

Under normal circumstances, she would have agreed to more privacy. But considering her strong response to him, she wanted him to look at her—wanted him to be turned on by her too. She arched her back as much as possible, shoving her breasts near his nose.

"No, I don't think that will be necessary." She answered in a smoky voice. She noticed him swallow hard and try not to stare at her as he slipped a soft silk nightgown over her shoulders, helped her gently thread her arms through, and began to button it up. His fingers fumbled and shook over the buttons, as his eyes were focused on her breasts. They were more beautiful than he had imagined. The soft, pale skin of her perfect globes was tipped by a blush-pink. They looked as though they would fit well within his hand, almost overfilling them.

Aidan bit his lip in a vain attempt to reign himself in. He couldn't help but notice that this woman was enjoying herself—her skin was flushed and her breathing was heavy, almost as though she were getting turned on by him looking at her. After what seemed to be hours of fumbling, he finally got the damn thing closed and gently laid her back down on the bed. Looking towards her eyes and bracing for a reprimand, all he got was a seductive smile and a wink from her.

Suddenly the realization hit him as to why she was behaving so strangely. She had been bitten. She was turning; her sex drive was flying high, and he was a virile male, alone with her in a dark room. Of course she felt attraction to him. His heart sank at the thought that she might not actually be turned on by him, that it was just her hormones talking, so to speak. He decided he wouldn't let it get to him just yet and try to tell her what was happening to her, what he was, and what she was becoming.

How did one start a conversation like that?

'Oh, by the way, I'm a werewolf, and you were bitten by a werewolf, and now you're one too. Wanna have sex?'

He would think such a thing.

"So what's your name?" She suddenly asked.

"Oh...ah...my name is Aidan." He replied, caught off-guard by her question and still pondering how he could tell her what was happening.

"Hello, Aidan. I'm Diana." She replied. "I don't want to seem demanding, since you were so very kind to me, but...I'm very hungry...and..." she gestured at her arm.

"Oh! Yes, of course." Aidan had been ravenous when he was turning—the process of turning made all the hungers of a person's body skyrocket—for sex, for food, for water. He thought it best if he made a lot of food. "Would you like to sit in the kitchen with me? I'm sure I could use the company."

"Sure," she replied. Her strength was slowly seeping back into her bones, whether from the water or her response to this man, she wasn't sure.

He helped her out of bed, not that she needed much help. She liked to feel his strong arms around her, so she pretended. As the moments passed she felt more and more energetic, but even so she occasionally pretended to stumble so he would pull her closer, her heart fluttering when his strong arms would hold her and he would murmur his concern.

At her request, he pulled a chair into the kitchen so she could watch him cook, and talk to him more easily. And she did watch him. He was cute, scurrying around the kitchen to make her something to eat. She admired his ass as he bent over to get a pan or some ingredients; she adored his legs and arms as he began adding and mixing; she enjoyed his shoulders and legs when he stood over the pan to watch the food. All too soon it was over, and he was setting out plates of pasta and salad on the table and helping her to walk over to it. The sauce was hearty with lots of meat, and the noodles were perfectly cooked. The salad was cool and fresh with almost a dozen dressing choices. Diana couldn't help but to be impressed, but only for a moment. Then the scent of the food hit her and she ate like a woman starved for months. Aidan didn't seem to care; he even nodded his approval.

Soon the meal was finished, all of the food gone. Aidan quickly gathered up her dishes and his to put them in the sink. Eyeing him mischievously, she told him that she wanted some dessert as well. He nodded and went to the freezer to pull out some vanilla ice cream and all the toppings needed for sundaes. While he busied himself with that, she sneaked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, standing on tiptoe to gently lick his ear.

He nearly dropped the bowl he was holding. A long shudder of pleasure went from his ear straight down to his groin. His cock hardened almost painfully, and she gave him yet another lick. A growl started low in his chest as she sucked his earlobe and gently teased it with her teeth. It was all he could do not to turn around and grab her, to take her furiously. He gripped the counter hard as he felt her hands wander down his back and playfully grab his ass. Giving him a light spank, her hands started to move around his waistband to the front, to reach for his zipper...

"Diana!" he gasped, not sure he could hold back any longer.

"What?" she asked innocently, her eyes wide. "You don't like this? I can suck on something other than your earlobe if you'd prefer..." she hinted, only partly teasing.

"Diana, we shouldn't...we can't do this."

She pouted. "Why not?"

"Because...because..." he fumbled for the right words. He couldn't explain the whole situation now, while all the blood was in his cock. "Because you're injured." He said, hoping she would take that as good enough and leave it be.

No such luck.

"It doesn't hurt anymore," she retorted, and started to pick at the bandages. "In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd say I was all healed up." Knowing that the wounds would still be there—she was a quick healer, but not that quick; it hadn't even been a whole day—she decided against unwrapping her arm and for continuing to seduce Aidan into her bed. She had never felt this sexually powerful before—the power felt good and titillated her, almost like a heady alcoholic drink. She wanted to explore this before it went away, and who better to experiment with than the amazingly hot, muscular man in front of her?

"Diana, I don't think..."

"Don't think." She instructed. "Just feel." She slid her hands down to his waistband again and reached once more for his zipper. He tried to gently push her hands away, but she slipped her hands inside his pants with startling ease. Her fingers wrapped around his stiff cock and gently kneaded, making him groan out loud. Her soft breasts were pinned against his back, her warm breath feathering over his neck and ear. Her hot tongue flicked over his neck and ear and he shuddered. He couldn't hold on any longer—he turned around, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her close for a deep kiss. His tongue played with hers, gently teasing and nipping. His hands glided over her curves, cupping her breasts. He growled at the way they overfilled his hand, and ground his hips against hers. She moaned her pleasure and pressed herself more firmly against him.

"Why don't we take this into the bedroom?" she asked huskily between kisses, giving his cock another firm squeeze.

He nodded and grabbed her hand to pull her towards his bedroom. Before she followed him, she reached out to grab the chocolate sauce he had left behind, and gave him a suggestive wink.

"I think I want you for dessert, Aidan," she said sweetly.

Aidan swallowed hard and quickened his pace.

As soon as they reached his bedroom, clothes started to fly off. She tore off his shirt and started to undo his pants while he fumbled with the buttons on her nightgown. As soon as his pants hit the floor, so did her nightgown. Both of them stark naked, she dragged her eyes over him for the first time.

He was amazing. His muscles were even better defined without the barrier of cloth in the way. Soft hairs dusted his chest, making patterns that tempted her fingers to explore. His legs were long and lean, just like she had thought. But the object of interest at that moment was of course, his cock.

And it was a beautiful sight as well. Standing proud and strong, she couldn't help but marvel a bit at the size of him; she couldn't resist reaching out to touch him. It jumped in reaction to her touch, arching towards her hand as he moaned. He grabbed her and pulled her close for a passionate kiss while she squeezed and stroked him in her hand. He suddenly swooped her up to place her gently on the bed, then carefully laid beside her. She resumed the kiss while simultaneously opening the chocolate sauce. She slowly squeezed a bit onto her finger then made a big show of licking and sucking it off—every last bit. He shuddered at the thought of what else that mouth, that clever tongue could do to various parts of his body.

He didn't have to wait long to find out.

She again poured some onto her finger, but instead of teasing him once more with her licking it off, she began to gently rub it back and forth on his nipples. His skin tingled with expectation as she leaned her head in close. With long, slow laps she licked him, making sure to get every last bit, giving them a good suck afterward to make doubly sure she got it all. Then she drew a chocolate line down his stomach, right where the muscles ribbed, and made a ring around his navel. Again using long, slow licks, she tormented him with her gifted tongue and hot mouth. Her fingers played over his thighs while she licked, never touching his cock or balls, keeping him on edge from the sensations. His cock flexed in the air, begging for attention, for friction, for something. She lightly smeared some more sauce on his balls, looking up at him and savoring the look on his face even more than she savored the rich chocolate. The back of his knees were next, and just as each time before, she made very sure to get every last drop, finishing off with a good suck to make sure every bit was off of him, and that he stayed on edge and hot for her.

Again, she poured the chocolate onto her fingers, but this time the sauce went directly on his cock. The slick motions felt good, but nothing turned him on more than the thought of what she was about to do next.

But even the thought paled in comparison.

Her lips were soft, softer than he could have ever imagined, and warm as they slipped down over his cock, back and forth, her eager tongue lapping up every bit of the tasty sauce she could find. The warmth and wetness of her mouth made him arch his back and instinctively lace his fingers through her hair, guiding her head up and down his hard shaft. She went along willingly, sucking and slurping on his cock, trying out different tongue movements to see what felt best to him—what made him moan the loudest. Soon he was holding her head and simply fucking her face while she sucked him like he was the most delicious lollipop she had ever tasted.

To his amazement, she began to touch herself, playing with her breasts while she sucked. She gently tugged at her nipples and pinched them, making herself moan around his shaft. The tiny vibrations coupled with the erotic sight of her touching herself nearly made him cum, but he reigned himself in. He was not about to interrupt this amazing treatment. He watched as she squeezed her breasts together, bouncing them, rubbing them against his legs to tease her nipples with his skin. Randomly she would release his cock from her mouth on an out-stroke and rub her breasts up and down his stiff shaft. The wet velvet of her mouth contrasted from the soft silk of her skin, and he relished every moment of it. Then she pressed the tip of her tongue directly underneath the head of his cock on the underside and he nearly came undone. He had to stop her, or he was going to cum—and though his cock demanded release, he wanted to play this out a little longer—he wanted to actually be inside her.

Gently he nudged her off of his cock. "Come on baby," he murmured to her. "I want to watch you ride me."

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