tagInterracial LoveTurning Karen

Turning Karen


I watched Karen as she slowly squatted a hundred and fifty pounds. The woman was strong. Karen wasn't the most beautiful woman in the gym but there was something about her. Not her hair I thought, a natural blond yet bleached it almost white, too many times.

You wouldn't call Karen beautiful either, but she had an incredible body and a cute way about her. Karen wasn't petite, 5'5" and about a hundred and forty, she was full bodied with big tits, thanks to a doctor. I watched her butt tighten up as she lifted the weight with her legs. Those legs were awesome and her bubble butt perfect. Thirty-two years old, Karen was in her prime.

I then turned my attention to the two black dudes across the room. New at the gym one dude was big, 6'4" maybe taller. I wondered if he was x-NFL. The way he was pumping steel he was x-something I thought. The guy was ripped and looked to be about ten years younger than I maybe 40. The dude was looking in Karen's direction as she started another set of squats. The black dude was definitely checking out Karen's ass, and this made my dick hard. The NFL dude moved closer to Karen and said something to her as Karen finished her set. The other dude was about 6' 3" just a bit shorter than NFL. This guy was very black, thin but lethal looking, he stood back and watched.

The funny thing was that my mind flashed to a story I had read on line. The story was about a husband who got off watching his wife fuck other dudes. That story had led to my finding an entire category of stories that dealt with this particular fantasy. I had found the stories a turn on, but certainly never though of them as anything more than fantasy.

They chatted for a moment and then Karen walked behind the bench as the dude started bench pressing some absurd weight. Karen was clearly in awe of the dudes strength as he preceded to rip off nine or ten reps. On the last one Karen leaned over and grabbed the bar straining to help the dude finish the last rep. The weight crashed on the weight holder with a loud bang that resonated throughout the gym. I moved closer making sure to keep a weight machine between me and Karen. I listened as Karen spoke.

"What is that, like 225?"


"275 ten times, wow that's pretty good," Karen said genuinely impressed.

"I'm new in town and giving this Gym a try. So far I like what I see," the guy said, giving Karen the obvious once over. Karen blushed at the compliment. For my part I found the whole thing strangely exciting. I could tell Karen found the guy attractive.

"Thanks," Karen answered in response to the compliment.

"Better get back to the work out."

"My name is Marcus and you are?"


"Nice meeting you Karen."

Karen returned to her workout and I finished mine. I really didn't think much more about Marcus until I went into the locker room to pick up my things. Marcus was talking with the other black dude and had just finished taking a shower.

"So who was the blond?"

"Karen, see the booty on that girl. Girl is black cock ready."

"Think so?"

"Yeah, I'm going to get me some of that."

"She married?"

"Don't know, don't care either and neither will she when she gets a taste of this." I was walking out of the locker when Marcus dropped his towel for the benefit of his friend.

"Dude I ain't no qau dude so don't be flashing that horse cock at me, save it for your girl friend," said the guy with Marcus. I turned to walk out the door having to admit "horse cock" was an appropriate description. Limp the guys dong was about eight inches long and twice as thick as mine. Marcus stopped talking when he saw me watching. So I quickly left the locker room.

I was still shaking my head as I entered the lobby, when Karen walked up and said what's a matter.

"Nothing, there was a tall black dude in there who was hung like a horse." The moment I said this to Karen, I wondered why I mentioned it.

"Since when did you start checking guys out," Karen chided.

"I wasn't checking him out, he was just standing there, the guy was enormous, that's all."

"Wow aren't we defensive," Karen giggled

"Okay, okay it was the guy you were taking to anyway."

"Marcus, I'll have to tell him he has an admirer."

"Very funny," I said.

"What about the other black man was he big."

"I didn't see him, why do you ask."

"I don't know, just there was something dangerous about him."

"Dangerous, you want to know if he's hung and dangerous."

"Well he kept to himself, but a couple of times I caught him looking at me. Plus he did have a big package so I was curious."

"Sorry next time I'm in the locker room with those guys I'll ask them to let me measure their cocks."

Karen laughed and jumped into the car.

I knew Karen had a bit of a fantasy thing for black dudes because I had over heard her talking with her girl friend Jane a few months before. Jane had just discovered black sex a year before and was constantly talking up the black sex myth. Jane was on her third blackman and told Karen she would never date a white guy again. I over heard Karen tell Jane that she had never been with a black man, but found them very attractive. Marcus was an extremely good looking man so I had a feeling Karen found him handsome. When we got home nothing more was said about Marcus. A week later Karen and I were working out when Marcus walked up.

"Hello Karen can I get you to give me a spot," Marcus requested.

"Sure," Karen answered, then glanced at me for approval.

"No problem," I said, not thinking much of it. I continued working out, then made my way to the treadmill. From my vantage point I could see the gym from a Mirror that faced me. I could tell that Marcus was chatting Karen up. What had started out as one spot ended up with Karen doing the whole work out with Marcus.

I went into the locker room gathered my cloths and walked back out to the gym. Marcus was showing Karen some new exercises when I walked up.

"You done," Karen asked, breathing hard.

"Yep, you?"

"She's almost done, I have maybe another 20 minutes with her before we finish. My names Marcus. You must be Tim. Nice to meet you," Marcus said extending his hand. I shook his hand. Karen had already started another set so I told her I would meet her at home.

I'm not the jealous type, never have been. Still I found the situation very intriguing. I knew the dude was interested in Karen. I got in my car turned on the radio and watched through the gym windows. I really couldn't see anything and was ready to leave when Karen called my cell.

"Hey, Marcus invited me for a beer, mind if I join him?"

"No, don't mind at all," I answered without considering the consequences. After Karen hung up I wondered if I had made the right decision. For the first time I had to acknowledge that I was acting like one of those husbands I had read about. Did I want this guy to seduce my wife, clearly the answer was no. Still there I was, sitting in my car waiting for the guy to take my wife out for a drink.

Karen followed Marcus to a local pub were they stayed for about an hour and a half. Again I couldn't see inside and my imagination ran wild. At one point I almost walked inside, the green eyed monster almost getting the best of me. Then with my hand on the door handle, Karen walked out with Marcus right behind her.

Karen unlocked her door and turned to face Marcus. they exchanged a few words, then Marcus placed his hand under Karen's chin and raised her lips to his. The first kiss was short as Karen turned away breaking it off. Marcus stood his ground and again raised her lips to his. This time the kiss lingered, ten seconds, then twenty. Again Karen turned her face, but this time with his hands on her waist he pulled her close. Marcus leaned over and kissed her again, his hands cupping her ass as he pulled her ever closer.

My dick strained against my pants as I watched in disbelief. I felt as if I were watching the hottest porn movie of all time, it was incredible. Then to my chagrin Karen pushed him away and walked quickly to her car and drove off. I felt strange, almost disappointed. I was hooked.

I realized that Karen would beat me home so I called her cell and told her I was going to the grocery store to pick up some food. Karen seemed a little nervous but not distraught. when I got home Karen was in the shower. I climbed into bed and Karen came out of the shower rapped in a towel. My dick was still hard and seeing her in the towel, damp from the hot shower, made me even hornier.

Karen with out saying a word dropped the towel and climbed into bed. Her eye's were smoking with lust as she reached into my boxers and grabbed my dick. I thought that Karen would say something about my hard on, instead she kissed me, filling my mouth with her tongue. Karen nearly swallowed my tongue as she slipped her leg over mine. Then with her hand she guided my dick into her pussy. When Karen is excited she becomes very wet, but that's usually with foreplay. Not that night, she was literally gushing. My penis slipped into her womb with out any effort, as she aggressively rocked her hips.

"Slow down baby," I protested as I immediately edged near orgasm. I had nearly cum in the parking lot and was unprepared for Karen's lust.

"Baby the rubber," I said, as the cum started welling up in my nuts.

"No not fertile now, I want to feel you cum, but not yet, not yet," Karen said as she stopped moving completely. Unfortunately I was past the point of no return and started shooting off. Karen sensing my orgasm milked my penis with her strong muscles for every drop before my soft dick slipped out of her wet pussy.

"Wow sorry about that," I said as the dissatisfaction in her face was plain to see. "What got into to you?" I said defensively, having a good idea why she was so aggressive.

"Nothing," she said as she rolled off me on to her back, she leaned over and turned off the her lamp. Nothing else was said between us. I laid there for a time pondering what I had seen that night, then rolled over and fell asleep.

Two days later I arrived at the gym late to find Karen and Marcus already working out. I went into the locker room, changed and headed out to the weight room. Marcus was really putting Karen through her paces. Karen's top was saturated with sweat and her thick nipples were visible through her tights.

"I see you guys have a good head start on me," I said, making small talk when I walked up.

"Yes we are almost done," Marcus answered without looking at me as he reached around from behind Karen to assist her with the weights she was lifting. I could see he was very close to her, his cock almost pressed against her as.

"Keep your back straight K, that's it, good girl, now just one more, excellent," Marcus encouraged, as Karen fished the set.

"God I never was able to do that before," Karen exclaimed, proud of her hard work.

"Hi Tim," she said as an after thought.

"I guess I'll head over to the tread mill for a walk," was my response to Karen's disinterested greeting. I was setting up the machine when Marcus walked up.

"Hey Tim it's so nice outside me and Karen thought we would go for a run. Want to join us."

"No can do, bad knee."

"That's right Karen mentioned something about that. Okay, well we will be back in a bit."

"Cool, I'll be here," I said as I went back to setting up the treadmill and feeling a little left out.

"Oh Tim that was you in the locker room the other night wasn't it?"

"I'm sorry, what night?" I said suddenly realizing that Marcus had remembered our first unofficial meeting.

"I thought that was you, I was talking to my boy Alfonso, black dude, well it don't matter. See you later," he said with a grin and walked off. I knew something was amiss and as my wife exited the gym with Marcus I wondered exactly what was going to happen. As it turned out I wouldn't understand the full import of my exchange with Marcus for sometime.

Karen and Marcus returned shortly after I finished my workout. Karen walked up and asked if we could attend a woman's bodybuilding contest the next night. I said sure why not. Heck I thought what could be bad about seeing toned up women in bikinis. I found out later that Marcus was a personal trainer and had coached women bodybuilders in the past. According to Marcus, Karen had a lot of potential and wanted her to see what a contest was like.

The next day Karen called and told me she would meet me at the show. Karen said that Marcus was going to take her to the show early to see how the girls got ready for the competition. I was fine with that and arrived at the show on time. The place was more crowded than I anticipated so I took a seat near the back and looked for Karen and Marcus. The show was interesting but when the show ended there was no sign of Marcus or Karen. I called Karen's cell but it was turned off. Perturbed I got in my car and drove home. Pulling into the house Karen called my cell.

Karen told me they had stayed backstage with the contestants. She said that when the show was over she started chatting with one of the women and that by the time she went out into the auditorium I was nowhere to be found. Then she told me she was going with Marcus and a few of the girls to a nearby pub. Karen asked me to join them, but I was in no mood to party, so I declined. Hanging up I realized I had been short with Karen and felt guilty.

Then I thought about seeing Marcus kissing Karen and my dick stiffened. I knew he would hit up on the wife so I decided to see for myself. I jumped in the car and drove to the bar. Parking my car I decided to walk in to the bar. The place was big and crowded. Karen was sitting at a large table with two other couples. Marcus was sitting next to Karen who was sitting next to a broad shouldered black woman.

"Hey, I decided to come after all," I announced, as I walked up.

"Oh I'm so glad you could come honey. This is Wanda she won tonight."

The big black woman got up from her seat and shook my hand with a powerful squeeze. "Hi Tim, nice to meet you, I was talking to Karen about bodybuilding, I think she has what it takes to be successful in our sport. In fact I think I have her convinced to start training with me tomorrow. The only thing we need is your okay. So what do you think, did you like what you saw tonight." Wanda's voice was very deep, man like.

The whole suggestion caught be by surprise. Yes many of the women were very hot and I found them very attractive. Wanda on the other hand was big, very big. Wanda's shoulders were wider than mine. I figured she was Karen's height about five feet six inches, but with six inch spikes she was like six feet tall and towered over my five seven.

Earlier in her bikini Wanda had easily dominated the contest. Six pack abs, well defined arms, shoulders and massive legs made her the easy choice of the judges.

"Well?" Wanda said before I could answer.

"Yes I guess," was all I managed to say before Wanda sat down and padded the seat next to her. Marcus was the next to chime in with how time consuming bodybuilding was and how Karen would need my support and understanding. The rest of the night was centered around Marcus and Wanda explaining to Karen what would be expected.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, except that I caught Wanda on a few occasions staring at Karen like a man does when he is lusting for that woman. That was always a fantasy for me and I wondered about that butch voice Wanda had.

The next day Karen called me at work to say she was going with Marcus and Wanda to work out at a different gym. I asked if I could come over and she said sure but that the gym was a women's only, devoted to bodybuilding. I arrived after work to find a no frills, all business gym. Gray dingy walls, mirrors, a heavy dose of rap and lots of free weights. Two extremely dark tanned blonds were working out at Marcus's direction. Wanda and Karen were working shoulders.

I was about to walk over to Karen when a tall thin black man placed his hand on my chest impeding my forward motion.

"Can I help you?" The man said curtly.

"I'm here to see my wife."

"Gym's not open to the public you have to leave."

I heard Marcus shout over the music "Dennis, it's okay let him in, Karen's husband."

Dennis gave me kind of a smirk, and allowed me to walk around him.

"Sorry about that we don't allow outsiders in to watch training. Trade secrets. The girls here are constantly in the top ten, part of that is our workout routines. We keep those to ourselves. The other thing is no distractions," said Marcus as he led me back to Karen. I watched for a little while and told Karen I would meet her home.

The next few weeks were busy for me at work. Karen it seemed was spending all her time at the gym. Wanda called the house frequently when I was home. The girls either talked about excise or nutrition. Karen was usually exhausted by the time I got home from work. Karen's day usually began with a run. Sometimes Wanda would join her, or one of the other girls. The second week Karen told me she wanted to work part time. Wanda had told her she had potential and that she needed to devote more time to the sport. I supported Karen and told her to go for it.

Two weeks after she had started the program you could see the changes in her body. Karen was definitely more buff. Karen rarely talked about Marcus, even when I ask about him. It seemed that Wanda was her main coach. Plus Karen was so consumed about working out, she had little time for anything else. The more involved Karen became with body building the less I thought about Marcus trying to fuck Karen. Karen was either at the gym or home now.

I guess it was going on the third week when Karen's sex drive went into overdrive. I came home one night and Karen led me to the couch were she opened her robe and showed me her freshly shaved pussy. Not trimmed mind you but completely bald. "Wow for me," I exclaimed getting a boner immediately.

"Two weeks from now is my first show and Wanda suggested I shave, since the bottoms I'm wearing are tiny," she said with a smile. I couldn't be certain at the time but it seemed that Karen's clit was larger. Karen pushed me back down on the couch, so that I was sitting at eye level with her fresh shaved pussy. Placing a foot on the seat she pushed her bear cunt into my face and with out further coaxing I ate her. Karen reacted as if she hadn't had sex in a month, which was close. She was wild and must of cum two or three times as I sucked and licked her inflamed clit.

That was the start of some incredible sex. Every night after the gym no matter how hard she had worked out she wanted sex. Not just plain sex but eat me for an hour and fuck me three times sex. I simply couldn't keep up.

The next weekend I had a late morning T-time and rolled into the house about two in the afternoon. Wanda's car was parked out front of the house.i called out for Karen and when she didn't answer I looked out on the pool area. Wanda and Karen were nude sun bathing. Wanda's black body glistened with oil, her black nipples, thick and protruding. Karen too was nude. I opened the sliding door and announced my presences.

"Well ladies hows it going," I said expecting the girls to cover up. Then I noticed the Champlain bottles and orange juice. Neither woman made an effort to cover up.

"Just in time to join the party," Wanda exclaimed. I leaned over and kissed Karen hello and for the first time noticed the girls were not just topless but completely nude. I sat down next to Karen facing Wanda. I picked up Karen's glass and took a drink of her Mimosa. I could tell Karen was buzzed pretty good. I glanced at Wanda who overtly spread her legs, giving me an unobstructed view of her hairless cunt.

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