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Turning the Tables


The rain hit the bay window with a harsh, pounding rhythm. Phoebe always loved listening to the rain at night and tonight was no exception. She lie nude in her plush, queen sized bed twisted between the sheets alongside her lover Cole. She sighed softly to herself as she recounted the events of the last few nights.

In nearly every way, Cole has forsaken his demonic ways, as difficult as it has been for him. In nearly every way except for one, that is. Three nights ago, Phoebe and Cole were in the midst of making love and something strangely salacious happened. For fun and to spice up their sex life, Phoebe thought it might be interesting to add a little light BDSM into their encounters. She dressed the part of a dominatrix, complete with a black latex crotchless corset, and approached Cole with a leather-ended riding crop in her hands. Enjoying the reaction she got from Cole, Phoebe decided to try out her new role and play it out to the hilt.

"Take off your clothes and get on the bed, Cole, "she ordered coolly.

Cole's sensual mouth broke into a raunchy grin and he quickly tore off his clothes.

"I want you on all fours, " Phoebe instructed.

Cole complied, his cock growing harder by the minute.

"You know, Cole...even though you are good now, you have done a lot of very bad things since we've known each other, " Phoebe began, pacing back and forth in front of her naked boyfriend, who remained in doggy-style position wondering what his Mistress was going to do next.

" In fact, even though I've forgiven you for your demonic acts, I think you deserve to be punished severely for being such a cruel and ruthless bastard in the past," Phoebe said matter-of-factly.

"What did you have in mind, Mistress Phoebe?" Cole asked cautiously.

She laughed wickedly, throwing her head back. "That's for me to know and for you to find out, slut!"

Cole was unmistakably aroused by this "act" Phoebe was putting on, but something else stirred within him a bit.

Phoebe stood behind Cole and rubbed the riding crop over his bare buttocks.

"Such a lovely, creamy ass you have....its almost a shame to think what it will look like when I am done with you," Phoebe hissed.

And with those words, she brought the crop down onto Cole's naked backside. He winced slightly, but did not say a word. Phoebe took that as a good sign, so she delivered another blow, then another...each with more impact than the last.

Cole's dark eyes were shut tightly. The pain only bothered him slightly, but there was something inside of him fighting to remain quiet.

"This one's for the innocent's you murdered!" Phoebe lambasted him, swatting his ass.

"And this one is for the heartache you caused me with all of your lies!" she accused.

Cole's bare bottom was turning various hues of crimson, and Phoebe was just getting warmed up. It wasn't that Cole minded the corporal punishment, but he was slowly burning up on the inside as Phoebe recounted the various ways his alter demon ego had behaved before he mended his ways.

"This next one is for the way you created distance between my sisters and I when everyone was against our relationship...Piper and Paige warned me to stay away from you...but did I listen? No!" Phoebe was really working up a frenzy as she beat Cole's ass.

In fact, she was so caught up in what she was doing, she failed to notice the changes starting in Cole. Cole was becoming outraged, even though Phoebe seemed to be playing a game with him, he was struggling separating the fantasy from reality. His ass was lobster-red with hues of purple as various bruises formed. But the skin elsewhere on his body was changing colors too...he could hardly believe it as the flesh of his arms and hands became darkened, growing twice their normal size and the familiar claws began to protrude from his fingertips.

"No...please...no, not now..." Cole pleaded more to himself than to Phoebe.

But Phoebe was so enraptured in this game that she felt her sweet, bare little pussy lips quivering as her lover appeared to be begging her to stop. She wasn't even close to ending this game.

Unbeknownst to her, her evening of BDSM fun was about to take an unthinkable turn.

She brought the crop down hard on Cole's ass once more and then froze with fear.

A guttural growl escaped from her boyfriend's lips and at once, Phoebe saw what she had done. Her method of "punishment" had inadvertently brought out Cole's alter ego...Balthazar, the demon!

Suddenly Cole/Balthazar sprung from the bed. "You fucking stupid bitch!!" he growled at her.

Phoebe dropped the riding crop to the floor. Fear flooded her face.

"Oh my God...Cole...oh no...I didn't mean to..." she stammered.

Balthazar gripped Phoebe by her delicate shoulders. "Look what you've done!!"

Phoebe was close to tears. "Cole, I'm so sorry...I never thought this would happen..."

Balthazar roared with anger, throwing Phoebe onto the bed. Her head was spinning, she was so confused and yet despite herself and her history with Balthazar the demon, she couldn't help but feel unusually turned on by him.

He climbed on top of Phoebe, holding her arms over her head, and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "I'll show you what punishment really is, whore!"

Phoebe didn't know what to do. Her sisters were out for the evening and would never believe what was happening. She couldn't believe what was happening either.

Balthazar ripped Phoebe's corset from her body in one violent motion. His red eyes gleamed as he took in the sight of her full, perky tits, nipples as hard as can be. Looking into her doe brown yes, he realized that Phoebe was incredibly turned on by the thought of him having his way with her, as Balthazar, not Cole.

Next. Balthazar reached down, while keeping Phoebe's hands bound with his left hand, he undid his pants and revealed a cock unlike anything Phoebe had ever seen. She sucked in her breath at the sight of this demon's "manhood". It wasn't a cock exactly, but more like an elephants trunk--massive and hose-like, at least 5 inches in diameter and nearly a foot long. It had a kind of suction mechanism at the tip.

Balthazar laughed as he flipped Phoebe over, positioning her as he was previously, on all fours.

Phoebe was silent, but her pussy was dripping wet.

He decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. For the next 5 minutes straight, Balthazar whipped Phoebe's ass with the same crop she used on him only moments before. Phoebe cried out in pain, but there was a tone of bliss underneath. He beat her ass so passionately, that the crop broke in two.

"You're going to get fucked by the cock of a demon, you filthy bitch, " he informed her as he saddled up behind her, holding that massive instrument in his hands. "What do you think of that?"

Phoebe moaned and writhed as he opened her soaking pussy lips wide. He thrust his enormous demon meat inside of her and Phoebe was transported to another dimension. That cock was the most amazing thing she had ever felt inside of her cunt...and this Halliwell sister had received a lot of cock in her day.

The sheer size of this thing filling her up was enough to blow her mind. The suctioning mechanism from the tip of his tool while it ravaged Phoebe's insides, was giving her full-bodied orgasm after orgasm...her whole being felt light and surreal.

Balthazar fucked his little princess Phoebe so hard the head of the bed dented the wall.

"Oh my God....don't stop fucking me...its so...fucking good...." Phoebe panted.

He reached forward and grabbed Phoebe by her hair, a motion that caused her to shriek with delight.

"Yes, baby...oh yes...that's it...harder...give it to me harder," she groaned.

Balthazar obliged. He loved the way he was invading Phoebe's entire body with his dick....creating pleasurable suctioning sensations throughout her.

Before long, Balthazar knew he was about to cum. He pumped into her hole faster and faster...feeling his demon goo coursing through his foot long tool. With a ear-shattering scream, he released his load deep inside of Phoebe.

And what a load it was! Demon cum is nothing like human cum. Balthazar emptied at least a half a gallon of thick, slimy greyish juice into Phoebe's uterus. The bed was soaked. Phoebe was soaked. And yet, she had never before felt so satisfied.

That was three nights ago, when Phoebe and Cole realized that humiliation served as a agent of transformation, turning Cole temporarily into Balthazar until he was able to cum. And since that night, Phoebe had become addicted to fucking Balthazar and now unequivocally preferred the demon's astonishing cock over the beautiful body of the human version of Cole/Balthazar.

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