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Even Chubby girls can dream of love and lust. If overweight girls or lesbian love don't appeal to you, please don't read.


For the life of me I will never understand how Nancy Reynolds, 18 year old fantasy girl of every male...including the teachers, who walked the halls of Langley High School, and I became and stayed best friends for the past 12 years. If she is the male dream, I am probably their worst nightmare, being the sarcastic 5'2" 168 pound brainiac.

I love Nancy to death, but to be honest, she is your stereotypical gorgeous, cheerleading, pompom tossing ditsy blond. So.....for the thousandth time we were in the Reynolds' dining room and I was tutoring her in Algebra for an upcoming test on Monday. Her family had gone to visit her Grandparents in North Carolina, so we decided to have a girls weekend alone, combined with the study sessions. After 45 minutes of trying to explain coefficients and relationships between the "x" and "y" axis, I could see it was going in one ear and out the other of my beautiful friend.

Part of me envied Nancy for her beauty athleticism and bubbly personality, but when I felt like there was nothing upstairs when I tried to tutor her, I knew that I wouldn't trade my 3.96 school average for her 37-27-36 perfect proportions any day.

Nancy sighed as she leaned over the table, clutching the hair on each side of her head shrieking in frustration, "This is so freakin' hard! I just can't get it. Damn Janet... I'd do anything to have your brains. Can we trade bodies.... At least until the test is over on Monday?"

"You have a deal. You take my stubby little fat body and Ace the test, and I will take your little black book of horny males...and possibly a few females, and wear out your lips tongue and pussy all weekend, experiencing every lurid activity I had dreamt, read and fantasized about."

Nancy giggled with blond enthusiasm, exclaiming, "You always know how to crack me up Jan. That's what I love about you."

"Thanks Nance. It's good to be loved, and I love you too. How 'bout we take a sandwich break so I can feed my pudgy little body?"

"You know Jan, you have an awesome cute face, so if you would work out a bit and cut down on the dip and chips you would be a knockout and have the guys drooling after you."

"Yeah right Nance. Let's hit the kitchen."

I watched my energetic buddy flit around the kitchen in her bare feet, with her magnificent body and her blond hair tied back in a bouncing pony tail. She was the epitome of teenage sexuality, and although we really hadn't gone into sexuality in our friendship over the years, the thought planted earlier of borrowing her black book piqued my curiosity.

"Nance, we've always been straight with each other, so I'd like to ask you a question, and if it's out of line, just be honest and tell me it's none of my business."

"You know you can ask me anything. What's up?

"Well, we've surprisingly never talked relationships or sex before, but I just had to ask; um, I feel a little weird asking, but; how many lovers have you had?"

"Jeeeezz Jan. You were right that IS a bit of a shock."

"I'm sorry Nance. Forget I asked."

"No..No. I don't have a big problem talking about it with my best friend, it's just that we "pretty" blonds have the reputation of being airheads, and I love you so much and respect your opinion, so I just never wanted you to think of me as just a loose bimbo slut who would fuck and suck anything."

"I could never think that of you Nancy. If anything, my admiration of you would grow in proportion to the number of cocks you have ridden."

That made Nancy giggle and she slapped my arm saying, "Damn girl; you make me sound like Ms Teen Nympho 2010."

"Believe me Nance, if anything, it was said not out of disgust, but out of envy. My reading and imagination are probably familiar with every kind of kink and perversion out there, but it still comes down to the fact that it gets lonely being the only overweight 18 year old virgin at our school."

"Sounds like someone could use a hug. Get your sexy round ass over here girl."

Hanging my head, and with an 'aw shucks' look on my face, I sauntered over to my best buddy's outstretched arms. It had a very surprising affect on me as she held me tightly, breast to breast and pussy to pussy. Gently she rubbed my back, which seemed to temporarily forget all the loneliness I had experienced through the years.

Nancy pushed off a little and looked me in the eyes and said, "Feeling better Pal?"

"Much. You should bottle your hugs."

Nancy smiled and said, "Well since we are having a session of true confessions, I will tell you that my little black book, if I had one, would contain 6 guys I've had sex with, and one girl."

I don't know why, but my mind seemed to skip over hearing about 6 males, but was blown away that she had been with a female, and I was unable to mask my enthusiasm as I blurted out, "You made it with a girl?"

"I feel like a lowlife slut for saying it, but yes, I had an affair with a girl." Two summers ago when I visited my cousin Beth, we had to share the same bed, and one night we touched accidently, then began touching on purpose. Well... one thing led to another and kissing led to groping, breast sucking, body massage and eventually mutual oral sex." It went on for the full 6 weeks I was there, and I just hate to say I loved it, but I did. I still love the smell and taste of cocks, but also love the gentleness and taste of a female. Now it's your turn to come clean. How much sexual experience have you had?"

I guess the loneliness once again appeared because the tears started to flow, and Nancy asked "What's wrong Babe?" with concern in her voice.

I wiped away the tears with the back of my hand and said, "I've never been even close to having sex. I've never been kissed. Hell, I've never even held hands. I'm so frigging horny that If I ever received an obscene phone I'd probably start talking so dirty to him or her, they would be the one to report me to the police."

"You're one wacked woman Jan, and that's why I love ya. Um, I'd love to help you with your problem if you wouldn't mind."

"What do you mean Nance?"

"I mean I'd like to kiss you if it wouldn't freak you out too much."

After thinking about all my available options, I whispered, "It is a little freaky too me, but it's probably the best offer I will ever get."

Nancy smiled and pulled me in close once again encircling me with her arms. Slowly she bent down and gently touched my lips with hers. I was amazed by the warmth and tenderness and when it ended, I looked up in her face with pleading eyes, begging for her to kiss me again.

Nancy once again moved in, tasting my lips, pulling my body into hers so we were locked together. No amount of reading erotica or how to sex manuals could have prepared me for how delicious the kiss tasted, and when she began to devour my lips and slowly inserted her tongue to begin a slow, romantic dance I had no defense against.

Over and over we plunged in and out of each others' mouths and when I entered her mouth for a final thrust and she firmly took hold with demanding lips I thought I would die and moaned with pleasure. Her gentleness in the beginning had turned into a raging hunger and I just wanted to surrender and be devoured.

I finally had to break the kiss or pass out, and I withdrew our heavenly connection, gasping for breath, and exclaimed, "That was incredible Nance."

"I agree Jan. Please say you will join me in my parents' bedroom. You have been my dearest and closest friend forever, and I want to make love with you if you are willing."

"Oh God Nance. I'm so afraid."

"No problem Honey. I know love between two girls is still very much frowned upon in our society. I don't want to pressure you into anything."

"That isn't it Nance. Well, maybe that's partially it, but it's more that you are so gorgeous and your body is perfect, and I feel like a fat freak next to you. Plus, I don't have your experience with sex, so I know I will make a fool of myself."

"Oh Babe. Don't say such things. I love you as much as anyone in my family and think you are a beautiful girl.... And as far as experience goes, you just proved with that wonderful kiss that you are an incredibly fast learner, so we can take it slow, and if anything feels uncomfortable to you, we can stop."

"Part of me wants to explore every inch of your beautiful body Nancy and part of me is still scared to death over all these new sensations I am feeling."

My beautiful friend took my hand saying, "Everything will be fine," and led me to her parents' bedroom.

Entering the bedroom, she turned to me and once again took my quivering body into her arms, and began the kiss this time around my neck and up to and around my ears sending shock waves throughout my body. Her lips once again ended their journey joining mine and cupping and massaging my large round ass.

The sensations were like nothing I had previously experienced, but the fear returned once again as I felt her undo the clasp of my jeans, and let them fall to the floor. I kicked my shoes off and stepped out of the jeans and tried to take my mind off my semi-nakedness by breaking the kiss and pushing Nancy's short silky shorts over her beautiful thighs and calves. I could see a wet patch on her panties, soft pubic hairs sticking out from the side and the scent of her young lust-filled body was intoxicating to my senses.

I moved back up to her, and she took the bottom of my T-shirt, drawing it up and over my head, then I followed suit and removed her tank top. Both of us returned to our embrace and when I felt her hands move to the waistband of my panties, I drew in my erratic breath as I felt them slide down my thick legs. I followed Nancy's lead once again and removed her panties, and then we unclasped each others' bra and let them fall haphazardly to our feet.

The sensation of holding another naked human being in my arms was beyond words to my young inexperienced mind. Still kissing me, she slowly guided me to the large king sized bed and lay me down. I stared up at her as she broke the kiss and was in awe of her flawless body.

Her ripe breasts stood firm and proud above a flat tanned stomach, and her beautiful auburn pubic patch had been neatly trimmed into the shape of a heart. I felt so inadequate with my huge sagging breasts and protruding stomach and soft round full blown ass.

As if reading my mind, Nancy once again lowered her mouth to rein gentle bites and kisses over my neck, and then moved lower, stopping and taking a hard pink nipple into her hungry mouth and gently licking and sucking on it. She didn't miss an inch of my upper body as she nipped and lick and teased every inch of me, then let her fingers slowly join in the assault as she stroked my soft belly and moved teasingly towards my crotch.

As she kissed licked and bit down my stomach, navel and lower abdomen, just above the hairline of my crotch, she stroked slowly up and down each thigh sending shivers of joy throughout my body.

As the fingers lightly danced over my inner thighs, I could feel my legs part as if they had no will to resist. Nancy took this as an invitation, and let her fingers dance around the blond hairs of my hot steaming pussy. Over and over she played with my swollen pussy lips, and with each up and down stroke, she began to slowly insert her exploring fingers. I had masturbated and fantasized countless times, but nothing could compare to what this beautiful teen was doing to me.

She thrust two of her fingers deep within my hot cunt and I felt my ass rising off the bed hungrily to meet them. Both of us began to move faster and faster and all I could do was hold on to the headboard as my body wildly thrashed around the bed and I could hold off no longer and exploded in an orgasm which was beyond compare.

I thought Nancy would give me relief and time to recover from my ecstasy, but slowly she moved around me and between my open legs and began the attack to my inner thighs and the outline of her pussy with her tongue, teeth and lips. How could each sensation possibly outdo the previous sense of ecstasy?

Over and over her tongue explored the lips of my pussy, drinking in my sopping juices. First long even strokes sent my head spinning, and then short fast butterfly strokes joined in the journey of her mouth.

When her hungry lips sucked in my swollen clit and her fingers once again entered my steaming cunt, it was too much for me to comprehend and I felt my pussy gush as I screamed out in a voice which was unrecognizable to me.

My big body jerked with spasms as my labored breathing was frantic, to the point of worrying if I would live through it. Finally I did feel my body and breathing returning to normal and Nancy withdrew her fingers, released my clit from her lips and moved up to join me with a beautiful smile on her face.

As she gently kissed my throat and cheek, I no longer had to worry about my extra weight, because it was proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone could actually love me and think I'm beautiful just the way I am.

The End

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