TV Temp: Mila Kunis


I punctuated the next part of my speech by maneuvering myself on top of her. "I don't officially work for you or any of your projects. But just because I'm a guest worker doesn't mean I don't want to do anything you want. So if there is something you just have to tell me and it'll get done." With that, I made things more overtly sexual by brushing a few fingers across her clothed breasts.

"Oh, is that what's going on, then?" Mila asked as she bit her lip. I just answered by placing my other hand on the top of her leg; and nearing it between both of them.

"I am at your command, milady. I've done everything you asked today, and I will do whatever you need tonight....whatever it may be. You just have to speak up." I got her to speak in moans by putting my hand on top of her clothed pussy, and then trailing it up until it was on the edge of her jeans. I even dipped the tip of a finger inside while another finger on my other hand trailed the tip of her bra cups; but I would go no further until she said so.

"Okay, I'm speaking, I'm speaking!" Mila finally called out. "You just put those fingers on every inch of my body.....and that can go for your mouth too. But I want most of their attention on my tits and pussy before you're done. That should do until I think of something that clear?"

"If that's my task, then," I resigned as I put my fingers to work first. Both my hands went to her waist and rubbed her sides, wanting very much to feel every inch of her body like she ordered. But I rested them on her bra strap, and Mila helped by sitting up so that unhooking it would be easier. I sat up as well and started kissing across her upper chest in the meantime.

Once my hands finished up on her back, they brushed her bra aside and moved to her front. While Mila didn't have a C-cup size or larger like most of the others, her breasts were still a perfect handful and just as soft as the rest of her. After a few more minutes of groping, my hands rested back onto her back and laid her down again, as I started using my mouth on her tits now.

Although Mila was lying on my hands now, they were still able to navigate over the small of her back as I kissed and nibbled on her chest. With her smaller size, it felt like I was fitting more of her breast into my mouth, which was certainly a nice thought. It was getting me hard again as my uncovered cock was lying onto her still jean covered groin.

"I got my next order now," Mila groaned out. "Rub your cock against me and let my pussy know what it's in for. Then I want my fucking jeans off so something long and hard can go in there....I'll let you decide what."

"Well, if you trust me to make the call...." I teased as I started thrusting my hips over hers.

"Yes, God, I trust you! I'll trust you more if you fill my pussy now!" Mila insisted. So I got to actually following the order and took my hands off her back to get her jeans unbuttoned. After I got them down to her ankles, I got off her to get them all the way off and to see all of her practically naked body on the bed.

Now that I could see her entire figure and almost all of her enticing olive skin, I celebrated by trailing my hands on her from toe to head. They then met at her chest on the way back down, briefly squeezing at her breasts before going down her stomach and stopping at her crotch. As it was still covered by her panties, I slid fingers from both hands inside so they could trail over both sides of her pussy, before finally taking the panties off.

But Mila wanted something long and hard actually in there, and since my cock wasn't ready yet, the middle finger on my left hand would do. I made it as erect and straight as possible before getting the tip in, while the fingers on my other hand worked on her lips. They softened them up enough for me to get half my finger in, as I circled my right forefinger around the outside of her filled opening.

"Oh, that is nice and hard!" Mila conceded. "Now I want something soft and wet to help get the rest." By process of elimination, I concluded that she meant my tongue.At the least, she didn't object when I bent down and used it to lick up the top of her pussy.

As my middle finger went in deeper, my tongue moved down and licked the outer lips that were surrounding that digit. Then I pulled the finger out until just the tip was still in, leaving me to lick the rest of the finger up and leave my saliva as extra lubrication for when it went back inside. Once it did, it circled around inside of her while I turned my tongue towards the bottom of her pussy.

"Oh, I love it! Give me a few more deep licks, and then bring that tongue over so I can taste it! Just don't stop fucking me too!" Mila ordered.

I got the first part of the order done by lapping up as much of her clit as I could one more time. I let my tongue stick out as I maneuvered myself back on top of her, with my middle finger still jammed into her. Once my face was back in front of hers, Mila took command in kissing me as her lips and tongue devoured mine, although she was tasting herself more than me.

This didn't matter to her and it wasn't hurting my rhythm, as my finger went all the way in her pussy and stayed there to wiggle around. My tongue also started wiggling around in Mila's mouth to complete the double whammy. For her part, Mila clenched her thighs around my hand and thrust back against it to bring herself to the finish.

After moaning a few more times into my mouth, I felt her finishing up and drenching my finger in the process. Other parts of my left hand got coated a bit as well as I slowly pulled my finger out. At last she finished up just as her facial lips left my mouth, though I stayed in place to rub her cum through my hand and her pussy.

"Just like you wanted, ma'am?" I asked as Mila started to resume breathing.

"Something like that, yeah," she got out. "Oh God....that wasn't even the hardest, longest part of you. And I already know what treats that has to offer I want that treat again. If it's ready, of course."

"Ready and very willing." I stood back up in front of the bed so that Mila could fully see how ready my cock was. "How do you want that treat delivered?"

"I have a lot of good positions, but I can't decide just one. But since you offered to do what I asked, it doesn't matter.....since I can get you to do all of them."

"I would have volunteered right off the bat, but why quibble?" I quibbled as Mila got onto her knees in front of me. Yet she just as quickly turned back around and got onto all fours with her ass facing me. "This is your first official position. Keep going back there until I'm ready for the next one, okay?"

If she wanted to use her power like this, I wasn't going to argue. I glided a hand over her smooth backside, remembering that one of the few things I hadn't done in this whole series was anal. Yet unless she said so, I couldn't risk starting now, so I settled for letting my cock go into her pussy this time. With it now covering my dick and with her ass settling against my crotch, I had no complaints doing her from behind this way.

We both moved our hips back and forth against each other as Mila gripped the bed sheets below her while staying on all fours. Meanwhile, my hands moved around her ass before going up to her back again. This time I placed my head there as well, kissing up the small of her back and then moving up to the back of her neck.

With my hands free again, I fixed that by placing them below her breasts, bouncing them up and down with each thrust. On that note, Mila turned her head to me with an approving, erotic glare as I lifted my upper body back up and held on to her chest.

I took a lingering look at her body in this position; which I did just in time before she removed herself from my cock. Before I could question her, Mila went off the bed and stood next to it, staring right at the wall. Her back was turned to me as she put her hands up against the wall as well and slightly stuck her ass out. "I figured out position number two," she filled with me.

It appeared I would have to take her from behind while standing up, although I was a few inches taller than her. Yet after I got behind her, slid back into her pussy and pinned her against the wall with her back against my chest, I got what she was going for. My hands went back to her ass and held her by it as I thrust harder than ever, with my body grinding up against hers and my head resting on her shoulder. From that angle, we locked eyes up close and kept them there as we tried to control our breathing.

"Okay....I think we're done with the working for me stuff," Mila offered. "I don't care if you're doing my bidding or not....just fuck me and cum with me."

"Freelance work....I can live with that," I decided as I tried to bury myself in her deeper.

"Ooh, yes you can! Can you live with watching me on the red carpet tomorrow? Knowing I'll be thinking about your cock and your cum while I'm talking to Ryan Seacrest?" I didn't know if she really would or if she was trying to build me up until I came. Either way, it was getting me to go a little faster.

"Speaking of which....I think we got time for just one more position," I warned as I felt myself building up.

"Damn, I think so too! Okay, hold on...." I reluctantly backed up so Mila could free herself. Then after a few seconds, she snapped her fingers and led me back onto the bed, where she took back control and climbed onto my lap. After reentering me, I laid back while she kept sitting up and bouncing on me.

"There, now you get to see me fuck you this time. I know you like looking at me," Mila pointed out.

"I do, I really do.....I'd like to look at you cumming too," I hoped.

"Oh, you will.....keep going and you'll see it dripping out of me and down your....oh wait, there we go!" Mila capped off her abbreviated sentence by clenching tighter around me and slamming herself down. Soon enough, I felt her cum dripping down my cock although I couldn't see it quite yet. But a few spurts escaped into view by the time she finished her work.

This made me all the more shocked that she came twice before I did, although I would probably even the score before long. Mila took that into account and got off of me, only to put her hand on my very well lubricated dick.

"You're gonna swallow it again?" I asked if only to delay myself further. But Mila didn't help by continuing to stroke my cock and leaning down to talk and breathe on it.

"If some of it lands on my mouth, yeah. But I want it on my face this time. I mean, everyone in the world will be looking at my face tomorrow, all made up and dolled up....blissfully unaware that there was cum all over it hours ago. That'll make me least enough to get me through the next hundred questions about kissing Natalie. But she only exploded on me in the movie....not like you."

To finally get that real life explosion out of me, Mila placed her lips back over my head and gave it one deep lick across with the underside of her tongue. Then after dabbing my slit with the tip of it a few times, she managed to pull her mouth and face back just before I came in her mouth again. Much of it landed on her lips and cheeks, with some of it missing and landing on her upper chest.

I was glad none of it got in her hair, which would have taken more effort to clean off; though of course, I didn't have the capacity to remember that during and immediately after orgasm. After several moments of studying Mila's messier but still perfect face, I collapsed to regain my train of thought again.

By the time I could lift my head back up, Mila had left the bed and was seeing her new face in the mirror. As she predicted, it was making her laugh; but she did manage to go and clean herself up in the bathroom afterwards. I just laid in bed, still naked, wondering if this was finally the encounter where the after-sex aftermath would get too awkward and messy.

But Mila returned from the bathroom still naked and still unfazed as she laid back next to me. "That last part wasn't too weird for you, was it? Now that you can think straight again?"

"That? Oh,'s a bit rare for me, but it wasn't weird," I reassured.

"Not as weird as finding an actress who needed a ride, driving her around and then having sex with her?" Mila went on.

"Well, not by those standards...." I concluded, resisting the urge to say that stranger things had happened to me; and with other actresses at that.

"Well, I just want you to know that I didn't get that crazy out of pity, or because I was lonely, or because I needed to kill time before the Globes, or to pay you back for the rides," Mila started. "Actually, that was part of it, I guess, since it helped me figure out you were cool enough to do this with. And I like putting in an extra effort for cool people." That actually triggered a little laugh, as she finished with "Anyway, that was the long way of saying thank you for all your help today...and tonight, too."

"Wow....multiply in by 10 and those are my words right there," I thanked. Once again I had to be amazed at how I not only kept scoring with celebrity crushes, but how they always went beyond my expectations even before and after sex. As much as I loved Mila's cool, brassy, funny, no-bullshit personality along with her beauty before I met her, seeing it all up close; and not just the naked parts; really made nights like this shine.

"Is that a good note for me to go? I'm guessing you really want to rest now before show time," I offered.

"Actually, I can put off bed time for another hour. You don't have to go anywhere just because I'm not sleepy yet," Mila pointed out. "I do need to lie down, though....wanna help me with that one last thing?"

Even when I was off the job and didn't actually had a job, I aimed to please. And even without a job, I had the power to make my favorite actresses get naked with me, without knowingly trying. That was certainly a good thing to know for the future.

Yet since me and Mila were still naked and lying on the bed while we watched TV again, I could put off thinking about it for a while longer. Except with Kaley, I never had the time to do that with an actress afterwards. Not a bad milestone to make for one's day off.

The next day, me and other Golden Globe TV viewers wowed over Mila, just as red carpet reporters and Globes crowds did in person; only they hadn't gotten an advance look at her ensemble like I did.

I had seen other things that they hadn't either; and I'd like to believe we both had time to laugh and reflect on that during the night. Heck, she had to do something in between all the groans at Ricky Gervais's jokes.

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