The flight delay in London made for a late arrival in Cairo. Late as it was though, Carol was feeling hungry so stopped by the hotel bar to get a chef salad. Twila joined her a few minutes later. She was in her mid fifties, still slim and trim, something you want to be when you are a flight attendant.

"What a day" Twila said as she sat down across from Carol. Not scheduled to work until late afternoon, Twila nursed a glass of wine as she surveyed the room.

"Where are all the men?" she wondered out loud.

"It is 1 AM," Carol replied, "They must all be in bed by now."

"I should be in bed," Twila responded as she took another sip, "naked and in bed with one of them!"

As she slowly ate her salad, Carol looked at Twila. It was happening again, as it had so many times before; people confiding in her without much if any prompting from her. This had bothered Carol at first, hearing the intimate details of other people's lives, but she was use to it now and had even made it a hobby to journal some of those stories.

"I was twenty-two when I first became a stewardess," Twila said. "Most of the pilots were war veterans, having flown the big bombers during the war. They commanded respect with their demeanor and deep voices. What a rowdy bunch they could be at the end of a work day. I would join them as this band of brothers would enjoy each other's company, swapping war stories and gossiping about mutual friends. 'Warren Skikes, you knew Warren too? He was a hell of a pilot and a heck of a nice guy.'"

"What year was that," Carol asked, as she thought this might be one of those stories.

"1952, 33 years ago," Twila said, "and now they want to retire me." She rummaged through her purse and retrieved a photo. "This is Captain Stalnicker, we flew together for over 15 years. This was taken just before he retired. He was the first one to 'pilot my plane' and 'take me through the sound barrier.' What a lover he was! He was brawny and bold, who knew what he wanted and gave a woman what she needed. He would come over after an evening with the guys and ask if I would like to dance. I would give him my hand and we would disappear to his room to dance the lover's dance. We enjoyed caressing each other's naked body before I would take flight, wings spread, soaring above the clouds, as he, like a dive bomber, repeatedly buried his missile deep into my target, rocking my body with each successive blow until I convulsed uncontrollably, hollering like only a woman can, who is being ravished my by such a good fuck."

"Did you get married," Carol asked.

"Yes but not to him, he was already happily married with two wonderful children and a lovely wife. I have met them all, very nice people, so has my husband for that matter. No, but every few weeks our paths would cross where we had the same stay-over so we would spend the night together. We like that so much we began planning our schedules so we could spend a handful of days together in some far off place. By the time he retired we had vacationed together in 22 different countries, dancing the naked lovers dance more times than I can remember. He got me pregnant twice, that rascal, before he had his vasectomy, but I caught them early enough that the abortions were fairly easy."

The shuttle from the airport pulled into the hotel and Twila, seeing one of the pilots she knew, finished her wine and went out to greet him.

"Would you like a massage?" I heard her asked him. They left together so apparently he did!


The Captain's voice came over the intercom telling everyone that turbulence would be bouncing us around for a while and that everyone should stay seated with their seat belts on.

Carol noticed one young woman who was looking particular nervous, so Carol sat down next to her to offer some reassurance.

Her name was Karen and this, her first long flight, was making her increasingly panicked. To distract her from her fears, Carol was able to get her talking about her work and how she came to be taking this vacation.

"I was working for a supply company in Denver, which catered to the gas and oil exploration industry," Karen explained. "My boyfriend worked at the same company and we were getting pretty serious about each other. So serious, my roommate said we made too much noise when he spent the night at my place, so though I hadn't moved in, I spent most of my time at his place."

"He had a hobby of visiting 'old west' towns, so about a year ago he invited me to go visit Medicine Bow in Wyoming, then we were going on to South Pass. Medicine Bow is a small place out in the middle of the sagebrush, but it did have a historic hotel where Owen Wister wrote the famous western novel, 'The Virginian.' The hotel was done up in the western period, with small rooms and a bathroom down the hall. The rooms had no TV, which was good because the walls were paper thin. The rooms were upstairs and we got to pick out one that suited our fancy. Downstairs was a small restaurant, probably the only one in town and a parlor."

"After we ate our evening meal, we walked around some. The wind seemed to blow all the time and except for a freight train that blew by every 15 minutes, the town was pretty dead. Back at the hotel a big guy, dressed in cowboy fashion, invited us to play a game of cards. A comely woman, dressed similarly, sat beside him, who he introduced as his wife. I'm not a card player, so the two men picked a game that they could play while we women watched. Cowboy was a loud talker and appeared a bit inebriated. He fancied himself a good gambler but even just betting pennies, was down $5 and hadn't won a single hand. As it was getting late we were ready to quit but Cowboy wanted to play one more round. This time he raised the bet to, 'the winner gets to choose who to bed, his wife or me'. I had been feeling pretty smug about how good a card play my boyfriend was, but I still protested that such a bet was going too far. Cowboy became belligerent at my balking and Cowgirl whispered to me that 'it would be OK because my boyfriend was sure to win'. After getting assurance from my boyfriend that he would pick me and in order to keep the peace, I consented under protest and against my better judgment."

"Well as luck would have it, Cowboy won and promptly chose me. No way was I going along with this but Cowgirl again assured me it was best not to get Cowboy mad and that he was too drunk to do anything but fall asleep, but regardless they would rescue me if need be. Again, against my better judgment, I let Cowboy lead me to his room, which fortunately was adjacent to our room. Cowgirl followed us up the stairs with my boyfriend bringing up the rear. When I got to the top of the stairs I look back and saw my boyfriend staring at Cowgirl's ample ass. That should have told me something but I didn't have time to say anything before Cowboy pulled me into his room and shut the door."

"I lay on the bed and must have dozed off but awoke with a start when I felt something like a two inch wide rubber band snap against my cheeks as it wrapped around my head and covered my mouth. Though not too tight, it prevented me from crying out for help, at least with any volume or clarity. I jerked my arms but found them cuffed to the bed frame. My feet were still free and I thrashed them about, which only helped Cowboy pull my pants and panties off of me. Being a big guy he had no problem sitting on me and cuffing my feet to the bed frame as well. With all the racket, I was sure my boyfriend and Cowgirl would come to my rescue but they didn't. Cowboy stood and looked at me before leaving the room. When he came back he had a pair of scissors that he used to cut off my blouse and bra. When I was totally naked he got naked too. He took his time caressing my body with his big hands. Then, turning off the light, he laid down beside me, put his arm across my chest and fell asleep."

"I was really pissed off at my boyfriend. Why the hell hadn't he come to get me? With the room quiet now, I could hear them in the next room laughing and talking interspersed with silence. It finally dawned on me that the silence was when they were kissing. The talking became less and the silence longer until Cowgirl started moaning, long low moans as my boyfriend found the sweet spot around her clit. I knew the routine only too well, as he bent over her with his knees by her head, head between her soft inner thighs. Judging from her breathless cries, I knew when he had worked a finger or two into her cunt, finding her g-spot, then massaging it as he continued teasing her clit with his tongue. If she were like me, she would grasp his engorged penis in her hand as her cunt repeatedly gripped his fingers, keeping time with the wonderful pulsating flutters of sexual pleasure she was feeling. In time, her orgasmic squeals of delight pierced the walls of the room, followed by silence then muffled talking with the words 'ridding cowgirl' being clearly heard. I hadn't realized how predictable my boyfriend was but I knew by now he would have her ridding his cock while his hands played with her tits. I didn't have to imagine because I could clearly hear her butt slapping against his thighs as she rode the bucking bronco. They both were clearly enjoying the ride. I even tried to awaken Cowboy with my mumbled warning, 'Hey you had better do something 'cause someone is fucking your wife.' Cowboy stirred. 'That right, that little bitch of your is all naked and has some dudes cock in her cunt, and she is liking it too.' Cowboy stirred again, moving his arm from my chest and put his hand over my pussy, his middle finger wedging itself into my slit. I decided to shut up."

"How long she rode him I don't know but they eventually traded places. Settling between her outstretched legs, he enjoyed watching his cock slide up and down her slit before finding its way into her vagina again. I knew lying there naked and sexually excited, how the feelings of love would radiate out from her toward her lover. A woman cannot help but want to please her man now, to possess him and be possessed. My boyfriend's gasps and moans began filtering into the room, with cowgirl adding to the mix as she enjoyed the wonderful feel of his penis playing hide and seek in her pussy; feeling his love rock her body. If only she wasn't so pretty but she was, and I knew he relished fucking such a sexually responsive woman. For ten minutes, the rhythmic squeaking of the bed frame stopped only long enough for him to fondle her breast and steal another kiss. Then I hear her voice, plaintive, coaxing, pleading for him to cum in her. The rapid squeaking bed foretold the impending climax. His orgasmic gasp signaled that his cum was taking up residence deep in her body. She cooed her delight as her arms and legs wrapped around his collapsed body."

"I lay quietly fuming, angry as hell at this woman who dared to steal my boyfriend's love, and at my boyfriends for letting her seduce him so easily. I shifted myself, trying to make myself comfortable. Cowboy stirred, His hand moved slowly, massaging my pussy. In spite of myself, I couldn't help but enjoy the feel. I knew I was wet when the end of his middle finger found my hole and slipped in easily. I finally dozed off and did not wake until morning when Cowboy got up, put on his bathrobe and walked down the hall. When he came back he tossed the bathrobe to the floor then froze as though seeing me for the first time. He started to apologize for coming into the wrong bedroom until he saw his suitcase and cloths. He looked confused then started to tremble as it slowly dawned on him that this was his doing. He kept apologizing as he removed my gag and cuffs, claiming he did not know how this could happen. As mad as I was with him, it was my boyfriend who I was saving my wrath for. Throwing his bathrobe on, I stormed out of the room and into the adjoining room. It was empty except for my travel bag. I hurried downstairs but they were not in the restaurant. I went outside only to find his car gone. I stomped backed inside and demanded the clerk tell me when they had left. He gave me curious looks as he fumbled through his papers, wide eyed, his look kept drifting down from my face. It was only after he told me they had checked out two hours earlier, and I was headed back upstairs, that I realized I had failed to secure the bathrobe leaving me standing there naked."

"With no boyfriend to scream at, I demanded Cowboy give me a really good explanation of what was going on. He sat naked on the edge of the bed, head in his hands. He scarcely looked up as I made my demand. He admitted the card game was a ploy and yes, he did cheat to win that last hand, though he still thought I was worth cheating for. Cowgirl was not his wife, but a coworker, a new sales assistant he was taking out to meet some of their clients. Messing with her would get him fired and he was so lonely and desperate that when cowgirl suggested this scheme he went along with it. He looked so pathetic that I started feeling sorry for him; this big man with an every boy desire."

"So why didn't you do it then, am I not pretty enough?"

"He looked up and gave a little laugh. You are absolutely beautiful," he said. "I guess I knew it was wrong."

"But tying me up was and fingering my pussy, that was OK?"

"No, tying you up, that was wrong too, but that was Cowgirls idea and I never touched your pussy except maybe in my dreams. Cowgirl had her eye on your man the minute he walked in. She slipped me the perfect hand of cards. She wanted this to work as much as I did and she didn't want you to interfere once she got him to herself."

"Somehow I believed him and became convinced he was no threat to me. I dropped the robe to the floor and walked over to Cowboy. So, do you still want me?"

"It would be a dream come true," he said with a voice that sounded hopeful and eyes that said they could not believe a naked lady was asking him such a question. Even I marveled at how quickly I had changed from an angry bitch to a seductive lover, or maybe I was using Cowboy to get back at my boyfriend, or maybe it was my way of saying 'fuck you boyfriend, were are through.'

"I took his hand and waved it under his nose. That my friend is the smell of pussy, my pussy and judging from how big you cock felt as it pressed against me last night, you were enjoying the finger fuck. Kneeling before him I took his cock in my hands and marveled at how quickly it grew. With just a little sucking it became the biggest dam cock I had ever handled. It was over two hands high, as I held it, one hand above the other. His engorged bulb felt nice and soft on my lips and was a mouthful to suck on. But even more amazing was its girth. My hand could not reach around it so my fingers could touch. I did not detect the fragrance of pussy on his cock and I warned him that by the time I was done soaking his cock in my juices that he would be a marked man for many weeks. He assured me there was no other woman and he relished the idea of having my perfume on him."

"The urge to let it fill my vagina was strong now, so turning around and bending over, I directed his fat cock into my love chamber as I settled onto his lap or at least as far as I could before his cock came to the end of my vagina. The thickness of his penis spread me wider then I had ever been before and it felt amazing. I moved up and down on his log, one hand bracing myself on his leg as the other hand massaged my clit. The sexual feelings were phenomenal and I selfishly gratified myself until I could abandoned myself to a delicious orgasm."

"When I lay spread prone again on the bed, he stopped to admire my feminine beauty. My genitals were a swollen invitation, begging him to fuck me. Wondrously stupendous is all I can say about that fucking. The longer we went the more of his penis I found I could take in as my vagina expanded to accommodate him. I was in the middle of a sensational second orgasm when he came. Climaxing together was just incredible. The amount of cum he poured into me made for a nice gooey mess. A warm sensuous tingle lingered around my pussy half the day and I proposed spending another night together, anticipating two more glorious fucks. "

"We ate a late breakfast over which I learned we worked serving the same business. I had no desire to go back to where my X boyfriend worked and since Cowboy needed a new sales assistant, he offered me a job on the spot. It pays much better so now I can afford to take some super vacations, and that is how I happen to be here today."

The Captain came on over the intercom and told everyone the turbulences were past and we were free to move about the cabin again. His deep voice sounded calm and reassuring. Carol wondered if he had any plans for the hot summer night after they landed in Bangkok. Perhaps they could splash around in a pool together then later he could dive into her pool and get her all wet again. If she was a bold as Karen she would find out, but she wasn't.


Flying from Tokyo to Seattle, Carol brought Ken the bottle of water he had requested.

"Going home," Carol asked as she handed him the water.

"No, home is in North Carolina, I going fishing up in Alaska. From Seattle I go on to Anchorage then out to Dillingham and from there I take a little airplane to an isolated spot that only the fish care about. Each plane gets smaller and smaller the further I go."

"Well perhaps when you come back you can tell me about 'the big one that got away.'"

"I all ready have that story," Ken said as he launched into his tale.

"The first time I heard her laugh, I knew I had to see her. The first time I saw her I knew I had to have her. I was living in a big old Victorian house, converted into two apartments. I lived on the main floor with two other guys. Upstairs was another apartment. Well, being a University town, people were always moving in and out. I didn't even realize there were new tenants upstairs until one morning I heard her laugh. It was a bedroom laugh, all soft and happy, the kind you make when you are naked and your lover is running his finger over your body as he tells you sweet nothing and you are soaking it up with delighted joy."

"You see, at the back of my closet was a door that opened to an abandoned staircase leading upstairs. There it opened to the back of the closet in that apartment, the stairs being something left over from when they remodeled the house. I used the stairs to store stuff on and the door up at the other end must have been open a bit too, so I could hear their early morning giggles quite well.

"It was a few days before I met the guy. Real nice fellow; worked as a firefighter 72 hours straight, then had a second job as an EMT. He was saving his money so he could buy a house. Even though he worked long hours he still liked to play golf and invited me to join him sometime. From that conversation, I learned he worked a lot, she was his girlfriend, and she didn't play golf."

"I met Ivy one evening a few days later when she brought a batch of cookies down to us as a way of saying hello. My roommates and their girlfriends were there too and they had a nice long visit. I could not say much, so blown away was I by the perfect beauty of her face. It was angelic, pure and sweet with a complexion that glowed. She stayed to watch a movie with us. I watched her more than I watched the movie, so captivated was I."

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