tagIncest/TabooTwerk, Little Sister Pt. 06-07

Twerk, Little Sister Pt. 06-07


Scott helped Tiffany remove her shoes and socks and walk up the stairs. He tried to walk her straight to her bed, but she stopped to close the door. Once they were seated on her bed, she asked, "Disappointed?"

Scott took his own shoes and socks off. "At what?"

"At not getting to see me shake my ass, you ... ass!" Tiffany punched Scott on the shoulder.

"I'm disappointed, but I'm disappointed for you. I know you wanted to get out there and shake it like you did before, and I was sad when you realized you weren't ready."

Tiffany pulled her brother toward her and hugged him. "Ohh! You know just what to say."

"So, did you have fun?" Scott asked.

"Yeah," she admitted.

"I wanted you to walk into the club, have a good time and walk out, even if you didn't make a single move out on the dance floor. Mission accomplished."

"Well, it's not all I wanted," Tiffany said.

"What else did you want?"

"The same thing I always want. To get you hot and horny until you're ready to fuck my brains out."

"You can still do that. You just have to do it a different way. You've always depended on your ass, but the rest of you is sexy, too, you know," Scott told her.

Tiffany tried to look back at her own butt and saw her hips. Her gazed returned forward, and she looked down at her shirt. She had picked it because of the cleavage. "Yeah, you're right."

"Of course I'm right," Scott laughed.

Tiffany punched him again. "Ass!"

"Among other things," he agreed.

Tiffany turned her laptop on and went to the playlist she'd created. She leaned against the door in case she needed support. She couldn't move her hips the way she was used to, but her upper body strength was back to normal. Scott stared in admiration as her breasts jiggled under the top. "You like these, huh?" she asked.

"Hell, yeah," he answered.

Tiffany took her top off. Her breasts swung from side to side, but the same lack of development below the waist that kept her from shaking her ass the way she wanted also ensured that they didn't swing up in that awkward way that often embarrasses large-breasted women. "Better?"

"You should have those twirly things on," Scott said.

Tiffany laughed. "You don't even know what they're called?"

"It's not like I crammed for a test on strip clubs," Scott joked. Tiffany had moved forward without missing a step. With her standing and him sitting, her breasts were directly in front of his face. "Then again, it would probably make it uncomfortable when I did this." He pulled her to him and sucked her left breast into his mouth.

"Ooh, yeah," she cooed.

Scott put his hands on her lower back. He started to swing her onto the bed, but he stopped. He moved her slowly in that direction and asked, "Does this feel okay?"

"It feels fine," she said.

He swung her the rest of the way until she was lying on the bed. "Just wanted to be sure. I want any screams to be screams of pleasure." He found the hook on her microskirt and undid it.

Tiffany was wearing a purple thong. She snapped it against her hip. "Do you like it?" she asked.

"I'll like it better when it's gone," Scott answered.

"Your turn," she said. She was close enough that she could reach the bottom of his shirt, and she lifted it. As he unbuttoned it, she asked, "Hey, how come you never dance for me?"

Scott stopped undoing the buttons. He tried to think of something to say, but he couldn't, except, "You never asked."

Tiffany sat up. "I'm asking now."

Scott went to her laptop. He looked for music from the Magic Mike movies. Fortunately, someone had made a playlist of just those songs. He stood in front of Tiffany and shook his hips while he finished unbuttoning his shirt. When he'd undone the top button, he made a show of pulling it off his shoulders and throwing it into the furthest corner of the room.

Tiffany cheered, "Yeah, do that! Show me what ya got!" She unbuckled his belt for him. Scott lowered his pants slowly, mainly because he'd never tried to take them off to music before.

"You mean this?" he asked. He was wearing a Speedo.

Tiffany pulled the left side away. "Actually, I meant this." She pulled it down further, exposing his dick. Scott moved toward her. She pulled the right side down, and his dick sprang up.

"You know, there's a two-drink minimum," Scott said.

"Then I'd better get started," Tiffany answered. She licked each of his balls and then licked up his shaft. She put her hands on his buttocks and took the head in her mouth. She bobbed up and down three times before she got the entire length inside. Scott put his hands on her shoulders. He pushed them back and forth so his dick moved the same way inside her mouth. She tightened her lips to keep the head inside, making his dick harder and harder.

"Drink number one!" Scott announced. Tiffany pushed him back, letting his dick fall out, but she opened her mouth and held him up so he was shooting into it. Once he'd finished, she pulled his Speedo down to his knees. Scott stepped back and kicked it off.

"Time for your drink," Tiffany told him. She lay back so her legs were in a normal sitting position.

Scott knelt in front of her. He pulled her thong to his left and licked her pussy lips from the right. He let it snap back, pulled it to the right and licked the same line from the left. He held it up where the vertical strip met the waistband and strummed it back and forth with his finger. He started singing "The Ballad of Jed Clampett", but Tiffany interrupted him to sing the line, "When up from the ground jumped Ellie Mae nude." Scott took the hint and pulled the thong down to her ankles. He separated her pussy lips and licked a line around the circle they formed. Still holding them open, he put his tongue at the bottom of the opening and slid it inside her. "Oh, Scott, oh, Scott," she moaned quietly. He let go of her labia and reached up to rub the sides of her breasts. "I love that, too." Scott moved up a little, getting his tongue deeper and caressing her nipples one at a time. "I want you," she murmured.

"I want you, too," Scott assured her. Tiffany moved back and waited for Scott to mount her. Instead he sat next to her and pulled her up. "Move over this way," he said.

"I don't know if I can," she said.

"Do you want my cock?"

"Hell, yes." Tiffany got up and sat on his lap facing him.

"Good, 'cause I don't just wanna fuck you. I wanna kiss you, and hug you, and love you."

"Love me, Scott," she said.

Scott pulled her toward him. His cock was already pointing up, so she felt the head against her belly. He kissed her on the lips and caressed her back. "Do you like it like this?" he asked.

"It's not even inside me," she said.

"I mean this!" he insisted. He kissed her on the lips, and this time he stayed there. He ran his hands up and down her back. When he had both hands on her hips, he pushed her back a little. She could feel his cock head sliding down, and he didn't stop until his dick was horizontal.

"Yeah, I do," she said with a smile. She moved forward so her pussy was over his dick. She lifted herself up at the knees so she could reach underneath herself and adjust his dick. She took it inside her pussy and moved down to take it all the way in. "This is my kind of rehab," she said.

Scott put his hands back on her butt and moved his hips back and forth. "Shit. Yes. Fuck me like that," she said.

"You mean you're not ready for cowgirl?" Scott asked.

"After what it felt like getting on your lap, I don't even want to think about it right now," Tiffany said. "You seem to want to do all the work for me, and right now, I'm totally cool with that."

"Ever done it sitting before?" Scott asked.


"Me neither," Scott said. "I like it."

"Me too. I don't even have to ask you if you're ready to come," Tiffany observed.

Scott held her close. "Same here," he said. He could feel her walls contracting around his dick, making him shoot his cum out even harder than usual.

"Fill me up, Scott!" Tiffany cried. "Yeah, you like the thought of getting your sister pregnant, don't you?"

"It doesn't disgust me like it used to," Scott admitted.

"Then go for it, you sick fuck," she moaned.

"We'll want to work with gravity instead of against it," Scott noted. He eased her onto her back.

She was coming so hard that he never even pulled back while he did it. They both savored the feeling of what was happening.

After a silence that wasn't uncomfortable for either of them, Tiffany chuckled. "I just remembered an urban legend. This couple's first baby was due exactly nine months after the wedding, but it was black, and she and her husband were both white."

"So what was the story?"

"One of the bridesmaids remembered that the bride had danced really, really close with the stripper at her bachelorette party."

"And the stripper was black?"

"You got it."

"What's that got to do with us?"

"I was thinking, if anyone asks, I can just say that a stripper knocked me up."

Scott laughed with her. After they'd lain there a few more minutes, he asked, "I know I should have asked this an hour ago, but is it even safe for you to have sex?"

Tiffany laughed indignantly. "You should have asked me two weeks ago! That's okay. I asked Dr. Hazlitt the same thing. She said sex isn't dangerous, but getting pregnant could complicate my rehab."

"So, basically, you don't want to be waddling when you're still learning to walk again."

"Right. But what fun would it be without the risk?"

"You're wrong," Scott said.

"What's right or wrong about this? It's how I feel."

"You like it in the ass, don't you?"


"And when I eat you?"


"I just like-"

Tiffany pressed the issue. "What?"

"I like making-"

She put her finger over Scott's lips. "Don't say it!"

Scott pulled her finger away. "Don't say what? Don't call it making love?"

She kissed him in an effort to stop the last word from coming out, but she was too late. "Don't call it that!"

Her mouth stayed open, and he kissed her. When they broke the kiss, he asked, "Why not?"

They had another open kiss, and she answered, "'Cause I love you, too. I still wanna wake up next to you sometime."

Scott arranged two more visits home between then and Thanksgiving. By then, Tiffany's interest in twerk music had faded, and she knew that one whisper to Scott and he'd fuck her anyway. Christmas break was even better. He was home the whole time, and they managed to screw in the middle of the day until one of them was tired. One evening, the whole family was watching TV when the coffee ad came on that half the country thought had an incestuous vibe between the brother and sister. Scott and Tiffany shared a knowing glance. She got accepted to the college she'd looked at the year before, for the next fall.

Scott's internship in the spring didn't leave him an opportunity to come home until April. The original idea to go camping had been his, but Tiffany brought it up as a way to celebrate their "anniversary". She told their parents she was going with a group of friends.

They met up at a state park an hour from school and a couple hours from home. They'd had enough practice when they were younger that they got their tent set up in no time. Scott wore a fraternity T-shirt and jeans. Tiffany wore a tank top and Daisy Duke shorts. Scott had picked up some hot dogs at a grocery store not far from the park and stored them in a cooler. They stayed good long enough to cook the first night. They made s'mores and sang the songs they'd sung around the campfire when they were younger, plus a few newer songs that would have been awkward with their parents around.

As they sang "The Happy Wanderer", Scott looked at Tiffany. When they finished, he told her, "When I was in the tenth grade, I had a crush on a girl. I imagined her coming with us on one of our family vacations and then sneaking off together."

"We don't have to sneak," Tiffany pointed out.

"That's what's great," Scott added, and he took his shirt off. When he saw Tiffany stand up, he moved over to the picnic table. "A camping chair isn't strong enough for two people," he explained. Tiffany came over and sat on his lap. She took her shirt off, too, and her breasts were in full view. Scott didn't go for them immediately. He pulled her closer and kissed her. "I love you, Tiffany," he whispered.

Tiffany punched him on the arm, but then she put his hand on her breast. "I'm willing to show you my tits in public, but you can't even say you love me out loud?"

Scott shouted, "I love you, Tiffany!" Then, in a normal tone, he said, "You're the one who didn't want to hear me say it." He put his hands on her lower back.

"Things change," she said. "After three months away, and not even seeing each other on our birthdays, I love hearing you say it."

"Well, maybe if you said it once in a while, I wouldn't have been so timid when I said it." He moved his right hand inside her shorts.

Tiffany kissed him on the lips. "You're right. I don't think I've ever said it. I love you, Scott." Scott had put his index finger in the crack between her buttocks and was reaching lower. "I love that, too," she added. She put her arms around her brother and kissed him harder. This gave him more space to move his hands. He pulled his finger back, but he added his left hand. "Do that some more, Sweetie."

"Whatever you want, Baby Sister," he said. He opened his mouth. Tiffany did the same. Their tongues danced as Scott caressed her butt cheeks in any manner that he could manage.

Tiffany broke the kiss and got up. "I want more of that," she said, and she took her shorts off.

Scott did the same, but he also pulled her underwear down to her ankles. "May as well do it now while there's nothing in the way," he explained.

Tiffany pulled his down as well, adding, "Same for you." She stroked his hard cock a couple times. Then she took him by the hand and led him into the tent. They lay on their sides, on top of their sleeping bags, facing each other. Scott reached across and started to stroke her pussy, but she pushed him back. "Pick up where we left off," she told him. He pulled her even closer and resumed rubbing her now naked ass. "Yeah, I like that, Big Brother," she said. She ran her hand up and down his back, caressing his shoulder blades.

"I like that, too," Scott said. He ran his index finger between her cheeks, tickling her perineum. Tiffany responded by lifting her leg. He moved his hand to a different angle and started stroking her pussy from below.

Tiffany abandoned his back, reached for his dick and stroked it several times. "I'm ready now," she whispered.

"Me too," Scott answered. He tried to roll Tiffany onto her back, but she pushed harder until he was on his.

"I've been waiting to be able to do this since September," she said. She straddled his knees and moved up slowly. His dick was pointing toward him, which suited her fine. As she got closer, she used it as a sex toy to rub her pussy lips. When the head was the only thing protruding from underneath her pussy, she raised her legs and slipped it inside her. "God, I love how you feel inside me," she told him.

Scott didn't even look at their genitals. He watched her hips go up and down. He watched her tits shake from side to side. He looked up at her face. "I can tell," he said. "I love that look of bliss on your face. And the way you move everything else. You're just so damn beautiful, and on top of all that, somehow you love me."

Tiffany picked up the pace. "Bliss! That's the word I've been looking before. I never would have used it before, but that's it exactly." Scott lifted his legs to keep pace with her. She reached below and found his balls. As she thought, they were contracting. "Yeah, fill me with bliss, Big Brother!"

Scott pulled her down on top of him. He was coming. "I'll fill you with bliss, alright. I'll give you so much bliss, it'll fill you up and pour back out onto me." He put his finger to where their union took place. "Looks like it's already happening," he said. Then he felt her walls contracting around him. "For both of us." Tiffany nodded in agreement.

When they'd both come down, Scott asked, "Hey, speaking of filling you up, how come those jeans still fit you?"

"What do you mean? I've never been a big eater, and when I was recovering, they made sure I only ate what I needed for my level of activity."

"No, I mean, we haven't used rubbers since September, and we did it practically every day at Christmas. You should have at least bought some bigger shirts by now."

Tiffany laughed. "You remember you asked me when I was recovering if it was safe to have sex?"

"Yeah, and you said sex was safe but not pregnancy."

"I said Dr. Hazlitt told me that. Well, she got me on the Pill as soon as I asked. I didn't tell you that night because you were enjoying yourself so much."

"You mean all those times I fucked your ass 'cause I was afraid, I could've fucked your pussy?"

"Well, don't sound put out!" Tiffany insisted. "I enjoyed it, and I know you always did."

"Yeah, but I liked fucking your ass 'cause you've got a sexy ass, not 'cause I was trying not to get you pregnant."

"Well, now you know. And you can still fuck my ass, my pussy, my mouth, whatever you want, whenever you want."

"I'll hold you to that," Scott said.

"I know you will," Tiffany said.

"And whatever you want, too," he assured her.

"I know," she answered.

They had each brought the same sleeping bags they'd been using for years, but for the first time, they zipped them together.

When the dawn woke Tiffany, she had her back to Scott. She had wanted to see him when she awoke, but she felt his hand draped over her side, and she liked that even more. She moved it down and pointed his middle finger over her clit. Soon she felt him kissing her neck and shoulder, and then she wasn't controlling his finger any more. He had two fingers inside her pussy, and he was stroking parts of her flesh that he'd never reached, because of the new angle. She backed up toward him to make it easier for him, and she felt his hard cock against her right thigh. They rocked back and forth, and soon she knew what it was like to be thigh-fucked. She managed to redirect it, and when he came, he still got most of it onto her pussy.

Scott remembered that there was a beverage machine not far from their campsite. He put new clothes on and brought back two containers of milk, one for each of them to have with their little cereal boxes.

The interest their parents had developed in nature was something that stayed with both their children, so they went on a guided tour and a self-guided tour. It was still fun racing to the next post on the printed guide. When they got to #5, Tiffany said, "You're losing on purpose, aren't you?"

"You think I'm going to miss a chance to see an ass like that going by?" Scott asked.

Tiffany read the description from the pamphlet. When she finished, they both stood still.

"Well?" Scott asked. "Why aren't you moving?"

"Two can play that game," Tiffany answered.

"Fine," Scott said. He walked slowly along the path. "Where are you?"

At that moment, Tiffany jumped on his back. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his chest. "Right here," she said. He carried her until they came to the next marker. As she lowered herself, she rubbed his dick.

After Scott read the description, Tiffany asked, "How come you didn't say anything when I jumped on you?"

"'Cause that would mean there was something wrong with it," Scott asked. "And nothing ever felt so right."

Tiffany pulled him toward her and kissed him. "I love you too, Scott." She backed up toward a tree, taking him along. They had a long embrace until she felt his dick getting hard. "I know that's my fault, but not here. I don't want some parents to have to explain what we're doing."

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