tagIncest/TabooTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 03

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 03


Another bigger shock was headed the twins' way. Abby experienced it first. Abby was still standing in front of Tyler after undressing him. Since the girls had a habit of never looking anyone in the eye, her downwardly cast eyes were unintentionally focused on Tyler's penis. It was the first one she had ever seen. She had a funny feeling in her stomach as she watched it grow.

When Tyler was first undressed, he was nervous, embarrassed and his prick was limp. However, soon the pleasure on being in a room full of naked women had an unconscious affect on him. He now stood amongst them with a plump, semi-hard dick.

Janice saw Abby staring in awe at Tyler's dick, practically panting. She thought to herself, "Look at the level of interest Abby is showing in Tyler, maybe I can use that."

Janice spoke to Beth and Abby, "In case you've never seen one before, this is a man's penis. Go ahead and look. Don't be embarrassed. You'll be seeing and touching it a lot this week."

The twins looked up at her in surprise with wide eyes and open mouths. Tyler's face reddened showing his level of concern and embarrassment. Brenda laughed at all three expressions of consternation.

Janice continued, "Abby and Beth, you know boys pee differently than girls. You will have to hold his penis and point it towards the toilet or he'll pee all over the bathroom. "

Janice continued, "Don't be surprised if looks different at times. A man's penis can change size for many reason...and sometimes no reasons. Sometimes it can be small and limp and other times it fuller like this. Don't worry about it. It is no reflection on you. It just the way God made them." Janice giggled.

"We all need to be accepting of ourselves and others. Tyler has this funny appendage. I have these sagging breasts and butt and you to have only one leg. We all have to just accept these things and get on with our lives."

Janice said encouragingly, "Go ahead and touch it both of you." The twins looked at her like she was crazy and then looked at Brenda wondering whether they need to get consent from the owner before they went any further. Tyler's dick had grown into a full erection.

"It's okay girls" Brenda re-assured them.

The twins reached out tentatively and brushed it with a finger. Tyler's dick jerked slightly and lifted its head higher. Tyler struggled to not make a sound. He couldn't believe his mother was leading a "show and tell" on his private parts.

"Girls, don't be afraid. You won't hurt him. Grasp it lightly," Janice instructed them.

They did. It felt spongy at the tip and warm and smooth along the shaft. It moved a little in their hands as Tyler could not control his automatic response to this stimulus. After all, two nude virgins were touching his dick while his wife looked on.

With bowed heads the twins shared a secret smile with each other. Today was a day they had wondered if it would ever happen. They had gotten to see a man naked and hold his penis. Janice and Brenda both noticed that the twins were now fully energized. Finally, the twins had a spark of life in their eyes.

"All right. Everyone up stairs. Time for our nightly bath. Abby, get the water started in the big Jacuzzi tub for Tyler and Brenda. Beth, make sure that there are towels for the two of them. Let's go!"

Janice asked, "Ty, Brenda please have a seat on the sofa, I have something I want to say to you." She paced nervously in front of them while they sat on the sofa.

Brenda, completely comfortable with her condition, sat crossing her tanned legs. The cleft lips between her thighs which had been on display were temporarily hidden. Tyler had a little trouble sitting due to his erection. He perched himself on the edge of the sofa, legs spread, leaning forward with his forearms on his knees. His hard swinging dick pointed at his mother's knee. "I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds. Let me tell you what is really going on here. I could tell that you two had sunbathed in the nude so I didn't expect asking you to be naked was a big deal and yes, it will make caring for you a little easier. I'm hoping to achieve a bigger goal this week: To shock those two girls out of their private little world and to get them to join ours."

Janice paused and turned her head to look each of them in the eye.

"I'm heartbroken over these girls. They deserve a better life, but with their somber demeanors and their poor social skills they don't stand a chance. I want them to be noticed and to have a chance to be loved. I'm hoping we can make them realize that they are interesting, worthy girls! Some boys will not like them, but some boys will."

Tears were now running down Janice's face and Brenda's. Tyler's eyes were welling up too. Stifling a sniffle, Janice continued,

"So I hope you can put up looking at my saggy old ass and help me get them to realize that with a little self-confidence and by putting themselves out there, they can make a life for themselves. We all have to take risks." Pausing, Janice wiped away her tears and added, " I wanted you to understand the why I took this one."

"Sure Mom, we will help," Tyler responded re-assuring. Janice beamed and squatted down to give him a hug. As she descended to his level, her swaying breasts batted his face. They were smashed into his chest as she hugged him and pulled him up into a standing position.

His erection bounced back and forth off the insides of her thighs as he stood and then smacked her furry sex. Brenda didn't know what happened but she saw the same spark of energy in Janice's eyes that she had just seem in the twins. Both Ty and Janice were startled by the contact.

Tyler said, "Ooohh." Janice mumbled, "Mmmm."

In that brief instant of contact, Tyler could feel heat coming off her cunt. Janice noticed the thickness and the steel-like hardness of his dick. Tyler quickly stepped backwards ending their elicit contact.

A red-faced Tyler ended up falling back on the sofa. Brenda laughed thinking he had just tripped. She thought the redness on his face was because he was embarrassed by his clumsiness. She didn't know what to make of the glistening streak of moisture on the head of his penis.

Brenda stood up to hug her mother-in-law and said, "I think you are doing a wonderful thing."

Brenda moved in to embrace her. The women were standing toe to toe, breast to breast, nipple against nipple. Brenda hugged her tight and gave Janice a quick kiss on the cheek and then pulled back to look into her eyes and said laughingly, "So you're the one Tyler gets his streak of kindness from." Brenda moved forward again hugging her mother-in-law.

Janice nodded at her daughter-in-law's smiling face even though she did not understand all the words. She was too distracted by the unexpected sexual stimulation caused by Tyler's penis and now Brenda's nubby breasts. Janice's sexual sensors had been awakened by the contact with Tyler. They were further inflamed by Brenda dragging her erect nipples across Janice's skin. The jolts of electricity this sparked in Janice made her light headed and sent a lightening-like shot directly to her cunt.

"Great...wow...err," Janice took a deep breathe and paused to compose herself.

"Okay. We need to get those girls talking and interacting with someone other than their twin and to let them know that they are beautiful even though they are flawed. Please be yourselves. Let them see the joy and satisfaction you two get from having a loving partner. Give them something to strive for."

They all nodded in agreement.

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