tagIncest/TabooTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 04

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 04


The nude Mother asked, "Somebody has to wash you two. Is it all right if I let the twins have the honor?"

Unconcerned, her nude 25 year old daughter-in-law, Brenda gave a perky nod of her head.

Janice's son, Tyler, also naked was far more uncomfortable about where this was heading. He felt trapped by the situation. After all, due to the injuries to their hands; he and Brenda were temporarily helpless. Recognizing that he had no way out, he just shrugged and grimly nodded okay. He thought to himself "It wouldn't be so bad if Brenda wasn't enjoying the whole "everyone is nude" situation so much." "Good. Let's head upstairs," Janice announced.

They found the twins perched on the edge of the bathtub. Their arms were crossed covering their milky white breasts and their legs were crossed primly hiding their vaginas. The inscrutable, blank expressions on their faces showed that they had reverted back to they standard attitude of un-involvement.

The twins appeared to be studying the floor mat. They did not look up as the group entered the bathroom. Janice greeted them saying,

" Aahh... girls I need you to get in the tub too. I think you should remove your prosthetic. Okay?"

The twins audible gasped. Without their clothes, they were only undressed. Without their artificial leg, they felt truly exposed. No one, but their doctors and mother, had seen what they considered their horrible disfigurement, the absence of leg below their right knees.

Brenda lent her support by saying cheerily, "Come on ladies. We're all adults here." That was generous of her, since the twins had just recently turned 18. Brenda gave Tyler a sharp look signaling him to join in.

Calmly Ty said, "Abby and Beth, its okay. Don't let your fears rule your life."

With shaking hands and cute, quivering breasts, the twins removed the plastic limbs. They were more unnerved than they had been downstairs when ordered to get naked. However, the twins were pleasantly surprised when everyone continued to smile at them and didn't immediately drop their eyes to examine their stumps.

Janice said, "Brenda, please hop in the tub... carefully. Abby and Beth, do you have your wash cloths?

Brenda, holding her bandaged hands above her head, stepped forward. Her firm breasts jiggled with each step. The brown nipples hardened to form nubby points. As she lifted up her leg and stretched to step into the tub, she flashed the twins some pink. With no pubic hair, the twins could easily see the interior flesh of her gaping cunt. Brenda's mouth smiled broadly too. She always got a kick out of flashing people.

Beth and Abby washed Brenda taking a special interest in her form. They were studiously comparing their bodies to that of the beautify bride. All bodies were toned with soft skin. They were pleased to find that their breasts were the same size as Beth's. As they touched and washed them, they discovered that they also were of similar firmness and softness. The twins observed that they had thinner waists, narrower hips and less ass than Brenda. All in all, they were pleased to discover that their bodies compared favorably to Brenda's.

The girls found Brenda's lack of pubic hair a little jarring. When each washed Brenda's sex they made sure their fingers came in contact with Brenda's plump split lips. They found her sex silky smooth. Brenda got up on her knees and spread her legs allowing the twins better access to her pussy and ass. Brenda smiled and leaned into the little girl's fingers encouraging the teenagers to explore her to their full satisfaction.

From her perch on the window seat, Janice teasingly whispered to her son,

"Is this the first time your wife has been "felt up" by twins?"

Shocked and horrified, Tyler turned to his mother, unable to respond. Only the big, smile on her face let him know that she was kidding.

As Abby and Beth washed and touched her, Brenda noticed a spark of life and curiosity had returned to their eyes. Brenda also was curious, bi-curious, and she had been checking out the girls. She found their bodies attractive. They had a youthful, healthy glow. They had nice boobs too.

Janice said, "Excellent job girls. I think that's enough. Brenda come on out and I'll dry you off."

Janice wrapped her in a fluffy towel and gentle rubbed her dry. Her hands groped Brenda's firm tits and the friction from the towel had her nipples at maximum extension. She then guided the towel through Brenda's legs forcing her to spread them wider to allow access to Brenda's ass and pussy.

"There you go sweetheart. Your turn Tyler."

Beth and Abby were equally eager to wash Ty. As they did so, each paused to breathe in the manly scent of Tyler. From the expressions on their faces it was obvious they found it pleasing. Continuing the bathing, they examined him carefully and liked the feel of his taunt skin and rugged muscles.

Tyler was trying to be polite as he took in the view in front of him, but the best he could manage was to be passably discreet. He had a close up view of their nakedness. He saw their small pink nipples hardened into tight little peaks. Their firm breasts swayed and jiggled enticingly with every move they made. At times, they were perched on the edge of the tub with their legs spread and their pussies just inches away from him. He could see their inners lips through their brown bushes! His full erection was proof that he was on stimulus overload.

Janice trying to be coy quietly chided Brenda, "I think they like him."

"It looks to me like the feeling is mutual," Brenda giggled pointing to his engorged penis.

Janice too had noticed her son's erection. She was trying to be casual about it, but suddenly her mouth was too dry to allow her to talk. Uncomfortable, she ducked her head and hoped that Brenda hadn't notice her staring at the steely manflesh.

Brenda knew. She knew they all were looking. She use her forearm to hug her sheepish mother-in-law trying to communicate it was okay to recognize the beauty of the human form even if it was family. The twins washing had slowed down. They seemed reluctant to finish the job. The time had come to wash Tyler's private parts. Seeing this Brenda piped up, "Girls you have done a good job. Let's go over how to wash a man's penis. Tyler, please get up on your knees.

Tyler shot his wife a look of terror, but did as instructed. "Why did his equipment have to betray him so and broadcast his level of excitement?" he complained to himself.

"You have already touched Ty's penis, so you know how it feels. Abby go ahead and wash it. Good. Now Beth, you do it as well. Okay, but... not so vigorously."

Tyler tried to maintain his poker face. Between the dancing boobies and the young hands stroking his wiener, Tyler had a full blown hard on. Janice could not help but notice that he was a full 6 inches long and had more than a satisfying thickness. Brenda almost laughed seeing Tyler struggle to not let on how much he was enjoy this. Tyler was torn. He hoped it would continue because it felt so good, but he also hoped it would stop before he shot his load in front of his wife and especially, his mother.

"Excellent job girls. I think that's enough. Tyler come on out. Janice will dry you off," Brenda said with a wick smile.

Janice found his firm, muscular body appealing. She carefully, conscientiously dried him off. Her soft breast at times made contact with his skin and she and Tyler both found the experience enjoyable. Finally, she reached for his erected penis. She blushed as she felt the warm firmness of his shaft and the spongy softness of the even larger head. She knew her nipples couldn't get any harder so she guessed that was why she felt flushed and felt fluid start to trickle down her thighs.

Janice noticed the twins were followed her every movement. "His prick has them mesmerized. Maybe I can use their new found fascination with Tyler to my advantage," she wondered.

Janice caught Brenda's eye and shot a glance to Tyler's erection. She leaned into Brenda and whispered, "Can you take care that, dear?" Brenda relied with a nod and a giggle.

Then for everyone's benefit Janice said, "Brenda and Tyler why don't you go rest. The girls and I are going to have a bath."

Tyler ushered Brenda out of there quickly, taking her directly to their bedroom. Immediately, Tyler kicked at the door to close it and then he pushed Brenda up against the wall.

"What's the matter big boy," Brenda purred as Tyler rained kiss down upon her cheek, neck and breasts.

"I got to have you," he pined. "I feel like I'm going to die if I can't get some relief."

Brenda teased him. "Whose body has got you burning up? Those tight teenager virgins or is it that naked voluptuous mother of yours?

"I'm only human. Between the scenery and the stroking... I've got to cum." Tyler pushed his hips forward. He groan in frustration as his penis missed its mark and slid harmless up her stomach.


"Girls, let me wash you." Janice said as she climbed in the tub and sat behind and between them. One at a time, she lifted their shoulder length brown hair off the nape of their necks and caressed them with the soft wash cloth. Leisurely, she moved down and cleaned their backs. Then she slid her hand around front. The girls felt a pleasant sensation as Janice's pulled them back to her. They could feel her hard nipples and supple breast contacting their back. Slowly, Janice ran the soft cloth over their chest and then their breasts.

As their Aunt touched their tits, the twins betrayed themselves and sighed. Recognizing the opening, Janice lingered on their boobs. She cupped them, weighed them and teased their nips. She even rolled their pointy erect nipples between her thumbs and index finger causing them to giggle and squeal with pleasure.

"Well if sex is my spring board..." Janice thought to herself as a plan was forming in her mind on how to get the twins to engage with the world.

As she continued to casually caress their boobs she remarked, "You two have beautiful bodies. Your breasts are a lot like Brenda's and mine too when I was your age. Men will like them."

The girls quietly sighed and closed their eyes enjoying her caresses and this new found sensation. They felt a satisfying heat building up in their chest and between their legs. They wondered how much better this would feel if Tyler or their husband! was in the tub caressing their breasts.

Janice reached down further and began to lightly stroke her fingertips across their bellies hugging them tight to her cushiony bosom. The twins were total relaxed, stretched out in the water with their heads lying back on her shoulders. Beth and Abby were spellbound, engulfed in the warmth of the water, in the warmth of their Aunt's embrace and in the warmth of the new feelings that rolled through their inexperienced bodies.

After several peaceful minutes, Janice had the girls sit together facing her. She got on her knees and began to wash their feet. Janice's breast swayed rhythmically as she worked on them. As she moved up their legs, her soft breasts shimmed against their feet. She bent their leg to gain access to their tender thighs and in doing so caused their legs to splay open exposing their sex. She smiled at how identical they truly were. They twin vaginas were easily visible beneath their wet, sparse curls. Through their plump split lips, jagged folds of their pink labia minor protruded.

Janice took turns gently caressing their under thighs and pussies. She tugged softly on the exposed labia minor folds and said, "You may not know it, but most men are extremely excited by the view of this protuberant flesh you have."

Sitting back she spread her own legs and pawing through her bush, she showed them her pussy. She spread the major labia lips and showed them the pink of her vagina. "See my inner lips are too short to extend past my pussy lips. Much to my husband's disappointment I might add. How he wished I had fleshy lips like yours."

Abby and Beth's heads were swimming from the loving touches on their legs and thighs. They had never had some much physical contact before. Their life experience had been limited to pecks on the cheeks and quick motherly hugs.

The tugging on their labia and fingers brushing over their clits had caused fireworks to go off in the heads. These mini-orgasms were another sensation unknown to them.

Janice had been following the approach her husband used when he wanted anal sex -- getting her relax, then hot and finally hungry. She felt she had stimulated the girls sufficiently so she could move on to their stumps. She gently began to wash one and then the other. The girls "flight or fight" instinct briefly kicked in, but as Janice continued her gentle, loving treatment they allowed her access to their deformity.

While caressing the stumps Janice said, "Girls, this is a part of you, but it is not all of you. Other women with similar and worst handicaps have lived full, rich lives with husbands and children. Do not automatically assume no one can love you because of this. Some people won't like you because of your skin color, your accent, the shape of your nose...or your leg, but other people will see passed these things to the real you."

As she stood, Janice said, "You two stay and enjoy your soak."

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