tagLesbian SexTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 10

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 10


The excited twins dragged Brenda out of hiding to meet with Aunt Janice and to discuss 'The Date'. The four nude women gathered around the dining room table. Aunt Janice found their excitement contagious. Brenda noticed that the twins' high level of excitement was clearly evidenced by their puffy hard pink nipples. Abby squealing with glee exclaimed, "This is going to be so great!"

Beth asked, "Brenda can you help us with our make-up?"

"Yes, Beth," Brenda responded. "What are you going to wear?"

"I only have jeans and cotton tops," a concerned Abby said.

Aunt Janice re-assured her, "That will be fine girls. It's only the movies."

"Oh no!" Beth exclaimed. "What if they want to kiss us?"

"So?" Brenda said with a mischievous smile.

"I've...never kissed...anyone. Other than little "Hello & Good-bye" kisses for relatives," Beth said bashfully.

"Oh, I see," said Brenda. With a twinkle in her eye she added, "Aunt Janice, how did you learn to kiss?"

"Emm...Well...I used to kiss my bedroom pillow," Janice answered uncomfortable with the personal nature of the question.

Beth asked, "What about you Brenda?"

"My friend Barbara and I use to practice...kissing each other."

Always one who liked to stir up trouble, Brenda added, "Janice and I would gladly to volunteer to teach you. Wouldn't we?" Brenda looked sharply at Janice.

"Goodness..." was all the response Janice could muster.

"Great," Brenda said before her mother-in-law recovered her bearings.

"Abby and Beth, maybe Aunt Janice and I should demonstrate for you and then we can work with you individually. Okay?"

The eager twins nodded showing their approval and appreciation. Janice groaned thinking "How do I keep ending up in these situations?".

Brenda pulled her chair next to Janice's chair and leaned in and kissed her lips briefly saying, "So there is your basic 'Hello' kiss."

Brenda wrapped her arm around Janice's shoulder and pulled. Brenda's firm breast crushed into Janice's sagging left tit. Brenda used her hand to tilt Janice's face and then kissed her long and hard directly on the lips. Brenda could feel Janice recoil so she tightened her grip on Janice's shoulders. Further exploiting the situation, Brenda dropped her left hand from Janice's face and began cupping and squeezing Janice's right breast as she inserted her tongue into Janice's mouth.

The twins looked on studiously.

Janice was now full of color. She was blushing due to embarrassment and she was flushing due to the unwanted, but undeniable beginning of a state of sexual arousal. Janice's husband had died 4 years ago. She was not used to receiving such passionate kisses.

Janice surrendered. She stopped fidgeting and fighting Brenda. Janice accepted that she was Brenda's puppet and that yes, she was definitely getting wet between the thighs.

Brenda finally broke the kiss. She pulled back and smiled enjoying the wreck she had made of her mother-in-law. Janice's brow was damp with perspiration. Her neck and face covered with red splotches.

Brenda teased Janice by saying, "Good job. That was a great demonstration. Girls are you ready? Let's move to the sofa where we'll be more comfortable. We'll start with a closed mouth kiss."

Abby and Beth, looking timid and unsure, sat in the middle of the sofa. Janice and Brenda sat beside them. Hesitantly, Beth pushed her lips out in a herky-jerky manner to kiss Janice. Abby did the same towards Brenda. The older women found it hard to gauge where the twins' mouths would be. Janice and Beth ended up bumping noses while Brenda and Abby bumped teeth. Startled, they all jumped backwards.

"Ouch," said Brenda. She heard a similar cry from Beth and Janice.

"First rule girls," Brenda said, "You need to make contact slowly. Why not let the boys kiss you? You can stay still. Believe me, they will come to you. Let's try it again."

This time it went smoother. Brenda kissed Abby and Janice kissed Beth. They started out with short soft kisses and built up to harder, longer ones.

After 5 minutes the twins were getting the hang of it. They stopped worrying about the mechanics and began to experience the kisses. The twins noticed and appreciated the warm soft lips and the close physical contact. Their heart and breathing rates increased. They enjoyed the warm sensation that diffused through their bodies. Abby tingled as a shiver run down her spine triggered by Brenda running her soft forearm over Abby's hard nipples. "Abby that was very good." The bi-sexual Brenda enjoyed trading spit with the naked teen-ager.

"Janice was it good for you too?" Brenda said snidely.

"Emm...Yes. Beth that was a fine effort," Janice replied.

"Good, Brenda said. "Now we'll practice a "French kiss". This time we'll kiss with an open mouth and let our tongues touch."

The twins were shocked. They looked at Brenda with dropped jaws.

Their expressions caused Brenda to laugh. "It's not as disgusting as it sounds. Believe me you'll like it. Isn't that right, Janice?"

Janice too was dumbfounded to answer. She was sitting there thinking "Oh my God! Now I'm going to French kiss my niece?" In a stupor, Janice smiled weakly and nodded.

"Let switch partners," Brenda suggested with a devilish grin.

The twins crawled over one another swapping seats. When Abby presented her backside to Brenda, Brenda slapped her ass hard and laughed. Abby howled in feigned pain.

Giggling, Abby said to Brenda, "Oh, so you think that's funny." Abby turned and pounced on Brenda. With her firm white boobs striking Brenda's surprised face, Abby drove her to the floor and began tickling her. Abby sat straddling Brenda's waist pinning her to the floor and continued the assault.

"Uncle. Uncle. I give up," a laughing Brenda cried out.

Everyone laughed and then settled on the sofa. The lesson continued. Brenda began kissing Beth softly on the lips. Brenda allowed her passion to build and increased the time of the kisses. Brenda inserted her tongue past Beth's lips. Surprised, Beth opened her eyes to see Brenda staring at her. Brenda was gauging the teenager's reaction to the intrusion. Brenda tapped on Beth's teeth with her tongue signaling Beth to open her mouth.

Beth moaned as their tongues touched. Intrigued and amazed by the sensation, Beth slipped her tongue into Brenda's mouth. Brenda groaned in appreciation and reached over to caress Beth's tit with her bare forearm. Brenda's rubbing of Beth's breast caused Beth's little nip to double in size.

A reluctant Janice took it more slowly with Abby. However, as the length of their kisses grew so did the intensity. Abby found the lesson instructive and enjoyable. She had particularly enjoyed the added thrill that she had experienced when Brenda caressed her breasts. Expecting Janice to appreciate it as well, Abby fondled Janice's big tits. Abby found the large nipples interesting and began rubbing her thumb over them. She was amazed by how hard and how long they grew.

Janice was shocked when her niece went to second base. Startled, she opened her covered mouth as if to cry out. Abby took this opportunity to stick her tongue into Janice's mouth and begin to tongue wrestle. Horrified, Janice endured the assault as Abby's tongue probed her mouth deeply and Abby's hand cupped and played with her breasts.

Janice's secretions dampened her thighs as she wondered why she didn't reach up and take Abby's hand off her bosom. While struggling with that thought, Janice was further traumatized when Abby brought Janice's hand to Abby's breast. Abby encouraged Janice to fondle her boobs and Janice bowed to her niece's wish. Janice toyed with Abby's pretty B cups and rolled Abby's pale pink nipples between her thumb and forefinger eliciting coos and sighs from Abby.

Beth and Brenda broke their embrace first. Together they turned to look at Janice and Abby. They observed the kissing, the embrace and the gentle caressing of soft female flesh. Flushed and breathing in rhythm, Beth and Brenda leaned back into the sofa and watched.

A distraught Janice finally pulled away from Abby. She was embarrassed to discover that Beth and Brenda were observing her actions and her re-actions. It was obvious that Janice had been sexually stimulated by the lesson. Her face and chest were pinkish from the increased flow of blood to those areas. While Brenda and Beth could not see the wetness of Janice's sex, the heavy acrid odor she emitted made that fact clearly known to all.

A disheveled Janice struggled to compose herself as she leaned back into the sofa and released a big sigh.

Brenda was not going to let Janice off the hook easily. She said, "Beth, you saw each of them rubbing the other's tits. I find that adds enormously to my pleasure. Janice, don't you agree?"

Horrified, Janice was speechless. A look of terror was present in her eyes. Brenda enjoyed watching her struggle before turning to Abby and adding, "How about you?"

"Yes...the touching makes my heart beat faster. I get a warm feeling all over." Suddenly embarrassed Abby continued in a softer voice, "Especially down there." Abby's eyes drifted down to her crotch.

Beth spoke up supporting her sister. "I know. I love it too. The feeling of heat and the build up of moisture in ....my pussy!" Beth covered her face with her hands and broke out in a nervous fit of giggles. Abby joined her. And so did Brenda.

Janice was distressed for participating in this event. She also was upset that her body had betrayed her by so clearly revealing her degree of sexual arousal. "Well," she thought, "I can redeem myself by making this a teaching moment for the twins."

Janice addressed the twins, "Girls, we've all agreed that kissing and....having...our breasts fondled is fun. But you can't go around doing it all the time and with just anyone. What makes these...activities so pleasurable is saving them for someone special. Now I'm not saying you have to be married to engage in them, but remember these activities are best reserved for someone you care about and trust."

Janice was pleased to find both twins listening intently to her. She continued,

"Now kissing is fine for a date. But be certain that you AND your boyfriend have a special relationship before you proceed to heavy petting."

The twins gave Janice a quizzical look. When Janice didn't pick up on it, Abby asked,

"Heavy petting?"

Brenda jumped in, "Heavy petting is letting a boy touch your breasts or pussy."

Brenda looked over to Janice expecting some sign of appreciation for pitching in. What she saw was Janice cringe at the mention of 'pussy touching'. "For God's sake, it's only a first date and they're just going to the movies. Do I really have to take our discussion that far?" Janice asked herself.

Janice continued out loud, "Girls, it is your body and you are in charge of what you do. The boys might...scratch that... the boys WILL want everything. It is your responsibility to keep everything under control -- your desires and his actions."

Janice paused to let her message sink in before adding with final emphasis,

"You never, never, NEVER have to do more than you are comfortable doing. Understand?"

The twins nodded.

"Great," Janice said. "I love you. Now come here and give me a big hug."

Abby and Beth gave their Aunt a group hug.

While Brenda agreed in principle with everything her mother-in-law had said she wasn't happy that she had lost control. She schemed to discover how she could have the last laugh and she found the answer sitting in the chair across the room, her husband Tyler.

Tyler had at first been amused by the twins' concerns over kissing. However, as the four naked ladies kissed and caressed each other, he found himself watching them more than the game on TV. The lethal combination of watching his wife make out with a hot young babe added to the sight of his naked mother being French kissed and having her big tits mauled, had definitely captured his interest. He had a throbbing boner. From across the room, Brenda noticed that Tyler was sweating. She walked over to him like a running back tossing would be tacklers off with an exaggerated slinging of hips. Brenda also made sure to provocatively bounce her tits. Tyler was a thoroughly over-stimulated and therefore, putty in her hands.

In a sex whispery voice Brenda said, "Honey, Janice and I have done the best we can to teach the twins to kiss. Would you check our work and give the girls a final exam, so to speak?"

The twins looked over eagerly. The idea appealed to them on two levels. One, it would be nice to have a man's opinion and two, it would be so hot to kiss Tyler.

Janice's face showed her concerns. Was her son going to have to inappropriately kiss his nieces? She gulped thinking "that isn't right". But who was she to talk? Janice had used the twins' lust for him as a sledgehammer to break them out of their isolation. She had been proud to see a spark of life finally appear in their eyes as they stroked his hard penis at bath time! With some much blame on her hands, Janice decided to keep quiet.

Brenda saw that Janice wasn't going to challenge her. She could also see that the twins were eager to kiss Tyler and one glance at Tyler's swollen appendage told her he was up for more. "Now," she asked herself, "How can I exploit this situation to satisfy my wicked, wicked way?"

"Abby and Beth, why don't you join Tyler and me over here? You can sit on his lap and see what it is like to kiss a man."

The twins quickly walked over to Tyler. Janice stayed on the sofa and looked on concerned. Her sense of apprehension was justified.

"Tyler, give each of them a couple of closed mouth kisses and then end with a 'French Kiss'." Brenda directed. Adding,

"Abby you go first. Let's see... due to his broken left arm how about you sit on his lap with your legs off to his left side. He can hold you with his right arm."

Abby followed her instructions and the over eager girl hopped onto Tyler. Tyler groaned at the impact in such a sensitive area. He moved about adjusting to her weight. His hard dick was trapped between his stomach and her thigh.

Brenda got the action and re-action she had hoped for. The stage was set to manipulate and tease all parties.

"Tyler, are you okay?" she asked politely. Before he had a chance to respond she added,

"Oh...I see the problem. Abby lift your left leg."

As Abby innocently did so, Brenda grabbed her husband's erection and slipped it between Abby's thighs. Brenda gently nudged Abby forward until Tyler's penis rested against Abby's vertical wet slit.

"There we go. That's better isn't it?" Brenda said insincerely.

All were too shocked to speak. Abby felt a steely hardness against her wet pussy. Tyler felt the heat radiating off her virgin snatch. Beth was stunned, yet hoped that she would soon get the same naughty treatment. Janice was spared knowing about this.

"Okay guys go to it. Just like we practiced, Abby," Brenda called out.

Abby nodded and looked into Tyler's blue eyes. Her body shook. Tyler felt her tremble and also felt the softness of her skin against his. Her high, firm left breast pressed pleasantly into his chest. Respectfully, he moved his head towards hers. He kissed her gently on the tip of her nose and was rewarded with a smile. He then kissed her eyes closed and moved down to nibble on her lips.

Abby sighed and relaxed. She felt at home in his arms. Passively, she let him kiss her lips. Slowly, she began to respond to him and she returned his kisses. As a hunger grew in Abby, she became more passionate. She kissed him with more fervor. Wanting to get in fuller contact with him, she turned to him. This slight movement of her body caused his cock to work its way in between her warm and wet vaginal lips.

Instantly, Abby saw sparks. Tyler caught his breath as he noted the intensified feel of her wetness and her heat on his pole. They both clinched each other harder and dove into a 'French Kiss'. Without conscious thought, Abby rocked her hips. Her body instinctively knew it wanted greater contact with the hard man-flesh at the gates of her vagina. She got it! Abby's motion rubbed her clit against Tyler's pulsing erection. She moaned as she felt a joyous bolt of electricity travel from her cunt to her brain.

The other three women watched as the kissing couple bucked. The smell of an aroused Abby filled the room. They all were in awe of the passion they saw in front of them.

Recovering from the spell she was under and suddenly worried that this might go to far, Brenda tapped Abby on the shoulder and said,

"Ahh, that...that's good. That's enough."

With sadness and shaky legs, Abby climbed off Tyler. The two of them shared a secret smile. Each was pleased with the depth of connection they had made.

Beth was eager for her turn. She was suddenly jealous of her sister. She wanted to prove to herself and to Tyler that she was capable of eliciting the same response from him.

Brenda said, "Okay Beth, your turn."

Beth stepped forward rubbing her neck and said, "My neck is a little sore. I'd rather not have to twist around. Can I sit like this?"

Without waiting for a response, Beth crawled up on top of Tyler facing him, her legs straddling his thighs. Tyler was shocked, but thoroughly enjoyed the sensation as Beth dragged her erect nipples down his chest as she settled her bare ass onto his thighs. Tyler's cock separated their lower abdomens.

Brenda and Janice didn't have time to object; and Abby was too winded to say anything.

Brenda stood behind Beth. She quickly bent over to assure herself that Beth hadn't just impaled herself on Tyler's cock. She could see the younger girl's trim ass was splayed and her pussy lips were separated. The pink ragged edges of her extended labia were clearly visible. Brenda was relieved to see that Beth wasn't fucking Tyler. She found the view of Beth's pretty pussy hot.

Beth didn't need to be told to start. She didn't wait for Tyler. She began kissing him. As she kissed him, Beth pressed her firm, milky white boobs into his manly chest. As her passion grew, she raised herself up and ground her pubic bone into his erection. He moaned and she moaned. Abby, Brenda and Janice moaned too at the erotic spectacle taking place in front of them.

Tyler moved his hips and managed to rub his cock up against her bare mound and stomach. Beth and Tyler kissed passionately and dry humped one another. The humping was dry because all of Beth's plentiful sexual fluids were running out her pussy and down her thighs. Tyler's brain was on fire. He was only inches away from taking her virginity and satisfying his hunger.

Brenda was mesmerized by the lustful scene playing out in front of her: the sights, the sounds, and the smell of multiple women in heat. She was so captivated, she would have cheered Beth on if Beth actually began fucking Tyler if Janice had not spoken up.

"Brenda dear! I think that's enough," Janice shouted from across the room.

"Errr...Ahh. Yes. Indeed," Brenda staggered in her response.

When Beth didn't quit, Brenda tapped her on the shoulder with her forearm. Beth stopped her rocking hips and broke off the kiss. She slumped down onto Tyler and disappointed and let the passion drain out her body. She was shocked at the intensity of pleasurable feelings that had pulsated through her body.

Beth had barely managed to resist the temptation to jump up and skewer herself on Tyler's 6 inches of manly flesh!

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