tagBDSMTwisted Snow Angel

Twisted Snow Angel


"I have an idea," she said in a tone of voice only he would recognize, took her head off his strong chest and looked up at him.

"Oh, yeah?" He replied and smiled a big smile, waiting for her idea, certain it would intrigue him.

"Oh, yeah," she said in a low sexy voice as she stuck her tongue deep in his mouth and ran her hand across his inner thigh, stopping just short of his manhood.

"What do you have in mind?" He said trying to keep his cock from moving to her hand and trying to remain in control as his tongue played tag with hers.

"I want you to tie me up out there," she said as she pointed, sheepishly; out the window to her snow covered back 40. The snow piled up high outside her TV room windows as far as you could see, no houses, no roads, just a whole lot of snow. 'The Frozen Tundra" she always joked.

"I want you to make me snow bound," she said as she thrust her tongue deeper in his face.

His cock about jumped out of his pants at that as her taste buds rolled over his.

"She wants me to do what?" He thought to himself as he took a moment to process what she just said. Holy Shit! No Way! Fuck! Right on! He took a deep breath.

"I could do that for you on two conditions," he stated, suppressing the touchdown dance he wanted to do as he tried to act as if she just asked him to repaint her house.

"Conditions?" She said in disbelief. She thought that would be enough to turn him on.

"Yes!" He stated very vocally as he looked deep into her blue/green eyes that were suddenly filled with self-doubt. "Number One.......I will do what I want to you outside after I have you snow bound and Two, I will do what I please after I bring you inside," he stated in a non-negotiable manner.

She knew he would work hard to make her feel all of the things she needed to feel. The submission, the helplessness, the immense trust she was forced to have, the pain releasing all of her stress from "everyday life", the new sensations, like a woman...sexy. She felt a trickle leak out from her snatch and drip onto her panties just thinking about it.

"OK," she exclaimed and jumped onto his lap, excitedly straddling him as she looked him in the face.

His eyes lit up with a welcome evilness as he smiled a big mischievous grin. She wasn't sure what she had just agreed to. She almost felt like she had just sold her soul.

"Stand up and take off your jeans and top," he stated flatly, going in to Dom mode.

She eagerly pushed off him and stood up as she was told as she lowered her jeans, ever so slowly, over her hips and to the floor. He watched intently as she removed them from her ankles and off. She reached to her waist and brought her sweater over her head as her long brown hair fell back to her shoulders and over her tits. His cock twitched at the sight of her standing in front of him, in a lacey black bra and thong set, ready and more than eager to make her fantasy a reality, and to do anything he wanted in return.

"Stand there like that until I get back," he growled in his role as he disappeared upstairs.

Her heart raced as she fell into Sub mode. She waited for what seemed like forever, almost naked. She felt a slight tickle wash over her clit as she anticipated his torments.

Without warning or a sound to prepare her, he snuck up behind her and slid his big, strong hands under her bra to cup her full tits firmly. His calloused hands kneaded her soft mammary flesh hard. Pulling them away from her body, running his hands all over them and pinching her nipples tightly before pressing them back to her chest, all in a most uncomfortable way.

"ohh, yyyeeess, uuuummmm" she let out, startled and aroused by his roughness.

He undid the hook of her bra, removed it from her and let it fall to the floor in front of her.

"Put your hands behind your back," he said in a low husky voice.

Sweat beads started to form on her forehead as she complied. Her pulse quickened as she watched him in Dom mode. It turned her on so much to see him this way. He was so focused on what he was doing. So intent, so calm and in control.

"No going back now," she thought.

She relaxed as she felt him place the wrist cuffs on her. They felt so good to her. The soft lining of them was warm and fuzzy against her skin, but the firmness of the leather and the sound of metal clasp meant she was one step closer to being helplessly and totally his to do with what he wanted. They meant that he was going to Dom her good and give her everything she wanted and needed...and a few things she did not.

As soon as he had her cuffed, he pushed her forward forcing her to the couch. Her face hit the cushion and her knees hit the floor. He got on top of the back of her as he grabbed her long hair close to the scalp.

"You want me to take you outside, throw you in a snow bank and torment you until you can not stand it anymore? Until you scream in agony?" He growled as her cheek was smashed into the cushion and the weight of him on her back pressed her tits to the edge of the couch and made her knees rub hard against the carpet.

"yyyeeessss," she stuttered a bit taken aback by his tone and the severity of his words.

"Do You? Are you sure?" He said in her ear as his big two fingers shoved her thong aside, entered her wet pussy and wiggled around vigorously, as deep as he could get.

"Oh, mmmm. Uuunnnn, fuck yes," she groaned at the finger fucking she was getting.

He noticed the bliss on her face and knew she would cum soon if he did not stop. He withdrew his fingers and looked at them. They were glistening with her juices. He shoved them immediately down her throat, smearing her own cum on her lips as he did. She started to gag as he finger fucked her throat with his slime-covered digits. She sucked them as if she were sucking his cock, determined, hungry and sexy, but choked and wretched every time he tickled her gag reflex on purpose to watch her heave and gag as the black, smeared mascara tears rolled down her beautiful face.

Suddenly he took his left hand and ripped her lacey, black thong off her body.

"Unnnnn," she cried in full Sub mode. She loved his strength and manliness.

Suddenly he took his fingers out of her mouth and flipped her over so she was facing him, her back bent over the seat of the couch. Her big jugs jutting out at him. Her eyes wide with lust and need for his torments, waiting for the feelings he produced so well in her.

"Stay still," he barked as she flinched as he placed clothespins on her nipples and tit flesh, one by one. The bites of them sent her to a new place. Each time he placed one on her, she moaned and seemed to get calmer, enjoying it and almost begging for the next one. Her toes curled and her head dug back deep in the couch cushion as her rack was ornamented with the wooden chomping sticks. She closed her eyes and licked her lips as she fell deep into their scene.

She wanted more and he knew it. He could feel her pulse quicken and her breath get shallow. He had her just where he needed her.

"Stand up," he growled as he grabbed her biceps and pulled her to her feet.

Once she was steady on her feet he took a step back to take this sight in. She looked amazing. Her naked slender body adorned with half a bag of clothespins biting every inch of her now red and swollen tits, her hands securely bound behind her back, her long brown hair stringing very messy across her beautiful face that was pinked by the excitement, her eye-makeup running down her face, her full lips free of the pretty, yet slimy lipstick and gloss he despised. And she was all his for the taking. He could do anything to her he wanted and he knew it. He adjusted his hardening member and regrouped back to Dom mode.

"Out the door to your torments, Baby," he said as he led her out the door by her cuffed wrists to the back of her house.

He put his large hand firmly to the middle of her back and pushed her to the nearest snow bank.

"NNNNNGGGHHH," she let out as her face hit the cold snow and her pained tits did the same. The pins dug into her even further with the force of her slim body landing on top of them. She wanted to grab the girls in reflex to the imminent pain that was forced upon them, but her hands were bound behind her.

She felt him wrap a chain around each ankle, binding them tightly together, before she felt her legs rise behind her back and join her hands and felt the lock secure them together. SHE WAS HOG TIED IN THE SNOW!

He walked over to the house and picked several ice cicles from the overhang. She knew she was in trouble now and was just about to find out what cold was. Panic filled her and she tried to wriggle around to get free. Each movement proved very painful on her snowed under tits. The left side of her face was getting numb. The piercings in her tits made her nipples get cold from the inside out.

"AAAWWWW," she let out as he shoved the first frozen fuck stick deep in her pussy, and then two more next to the first.

Suddenly he kicked up snow to her upside down snatch and buried it in snow. Soon her pussy piercing was freezing her hood to the point of pain. The ice in her made it unbearable. She had never been that cold before. Almost every nerve in her body screamed and threw up the white flag of defeat.

"What the hell was I thinking," she thought to herself.

Her cheeks were rosy red from the cold and her nose was running. Her muscles were pulled tight from the binds and contracting from the cold. From the look on her face, he could tell she was in great discomfort. Her neck craned upward to get her face out of the snow, pushing her upper body deeper onto her painful, mangled breasts and the pins that made them feel like they were on fire. She had lost every sense of pleasure in her frozen box as the ice in it barely melted. Her skin was no longer smooth as silk. It was covered with large goose bumps and red blotches from the coldness.

She looked very beautiful to him at that moment. She was at his mercy, willing, uncomfortable, and shivering out of control. He had just created his very own Twisted Snow Angel!

"You ready to warm up yet," he said, obviously amused with himself.

"pppppplllleeaasseeeeee...." She shivered and begged. She was waiting for him to ask and give her an out. There was no way she would give in first. Ever.

He undid her feet from her hands and helped her to an upright position. As she stood upright the ice cicles fell out of her snatch and hit the ground as the melted water ran down her inner thigh. Snow was packed in the springs of the clothespins that afflicted her melons. She couldn't feel the bottoms of her feet hit the cold snow, proving walking to be difficult.

She managed to stumble into her house with her hands still bound behind her back and a little assistance from him. She was so cold she could not feel much of anything. The 68 degrees Fahrenheit she kept her house at seemed to smack her in the face like a blowtorch.

"Sit in front of the fireplace while I set up," he made himself growl and kissed her on the forehead. Secretly he wanted to grab her and hold her close and make her feel better, but she so turned the perv in him on. And he knew his perversions turned her on. He knew he had to keep going forward with the scene. They would both be so grateful he did later.

He stoked up the fireplace, lit several candles and set her coveted Pyrex glass dildo on the bricks just in front of the flames. He moved her cocktail table over a few feet from the fireplace, directly under the ceiling fan. He grabbed the new flogger out of his bag and held it up as if to inspect it. It was a vicious looking tool. Swivel handle holding leather strips that were capped off by metal brads at the end of each one. Administered correctly, this beauty could provide great torture or great pleasure, or both at the same time. He tossed it next to the Pyrex at the base of the hearth of the glowing fireplace.

"Sit on the end of the table with your back to the fire," he commanded as she struggled to comply with her hands still bound behind her back. She was just starting to thaw out and it hurt to move.

Slowly she made he way and sat as instructed.

"Open your mouth wide," he barked as she did and he placed the ball gag in her mouth and fastened the straps behind her head. Her frozen face felt like it would crack opening her mouth that wide.

"Spread your legs open wide," he said as he got down at the end of the table, staring directly into her now very open, very pink, vacant cunt. There was no longer any signs of wetness or lust, just the aftermath of the frozen torments she had endured minutes before.

Quickly he chained each of her ankles to the legs of the table. Her long legs hanging off the side of the table, her feet pulled back to make her snatch hang off the end. He moved behind her and unchained the quick link between her wrist cuffs.

"Lay down," he said with no emotion as she did she was told and he chained her hands above her head on the table and secured them to the other two legs. She lay gagged and spread out nicely on her cocktail table in front of her fireplace.

He took fishing line out of his bag, cut four six-foot lengths off and tied a fishing weight six inches up. Then he took each line and fastened the end with the weight to a clothespin.

"MMMMMMNNNNGGGHHH," she groaned through the gag as he placed two clothespins to each lip of her pussy before reaching up and tying each of the other ends to a different blade of the ceiling fan.

Her eyes grew wide as she saw the big weights strung six inches from her snatch suspended in the air, taught to the fan. They pulled on her happy place, but in a good way.

The fire and candles illuminated her face as she looked up at him. He could tell by the look in her face that she was counting on him to make her feel better. He knew that look. It was a look of total trust; curiosity, eager submission and a look that meant nothing else mattered at this moment but their play. They were a go and he had carte blanche access to her mind, body and soul.

She was spread out just for him. She had just gone through the Frozen Tundra torments, she wanted more, and best of all...her pussy looked like a marionette. Strung up from the ceiling. Shit, he could make it sing and dance now if he wanted.

"AAAAAWWWWNNNNNNGGGHHH," she screamed through the gag as the Pyrex, hot from the heat of the fireplace, was inserted forcefully into her dry, frozen fuck hole. It felt like her insides were being peeled away as they thawed in an instant and immediately started to cook. The pain seared up to her belly button and straight to her nipples.

He grabbed rope and wound it around the base of the glass cock hanging out of her aching pussy before wrapping the ends around her legs and waist, roping the molten fuck stick deep inside her.

He grabbed two candles and drizzled the hot wax all over her still tormented tits with no mercy. The hot wax dripped over her hard nipples, down the soft mounds of her breasts and around every clothespin biting her almost bloody flesh.

"UUUUNNNNGGGHHH," she tried to cry out as she bucked and moaned at the fiery sensation of the sizzling wax meeting her besieged tits that were just beginning to get warm. Every thrash made her pussy ache as the weighted pins on strings pulled on it and the inferno raged in it.

She began to sweat again and her pulse went off the charts. Her head jerked up and then slammed hard against the table as she realized the pain and started to appreciate it. She needed more. He poured the last of the melted candle wax onto her tortured womanhood.

"NNNNGGHHH FFFFFUUUUCCKKK," she cried, her head jerked from side to side and drool escaped the gag at the corner of her mouth.

He stepped back and took a look at her. She started panting, her eyes wide, and her nipples harder than they had been all night. The color had returned to her cheeks, fear was apparent on her face.

He grabbed the poker from the fireplace tools and ran it lightly down her cleavage, over her stomach and to her pubic bone. The metal felt good between her breasts. Her nipples grew harder, she closed her eyes and her clit started to thump. Her body relaxed and she became one with the poker stroking her body. Following its every move. Wanting more.

Suddenly it stopped.

"What? Don't stop," She thought as she opened her eyes to see what was going on and saw him with the poker directly in the fire.

"Ever been branded?" He asked in a monstrous voice that she did not recognize as he moved the hot poker to her face with the look of a mad man.


She struggled against her bounds like she never had before. Her head jerked, the muscles in her arms about snapped trying to get away, her legs cramped trying to break free.

"Who was he?" she thought in a second.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed through the gag.

She saw the wicked smile adorn his lips as he smirked and brought the hot poker to her pussy, just close enough so she could feel the scary heat on her snatch.

Quickly he raised the poker to the fishing line.

"OOOOOOWWWWW," she let out as he melted one of the fishing lines from the ceiling fan with the poker causing the fishing weight to fall below the edge of the table and pull her pussy lip painfully as it swung back and forth in mid air bringing her to the point of tears.

"NNNNGGGHHHHHH," she cried as the other three followed in quick succession.

He heard her breaths come in quick, short sounds and watched her jerk with the pain of the falling tortures. She laid on her table, bound by every extremity, pussy lips being painfully stretched and pulled by the hanging weights, mouth full of the ball gag, eyes full of desire and pain. Her tits still full of wax and pins. Hot glass stuffed in her snatch.

He took a deep breath as he stood at her head with the flogger and viewed her spread out body. The brads of the flogger were hot from sitting by the fireplace and he knew it. He planned it. Should he do it to her?

"SMACK," to her abused tits. Each leather strip of the flogger felt as if they were twisting the pins and taking chunks of her with them.

"NNNNNNNNGGGGGGAAAAAWWW," she yelled and recoiled.

He started removing the pins from her breasts while lightly painting her inner thighs with kisses from the flogger. For every pin he released that made pain, he made pleasure with the flogger teasing her. Stopping just short of touching her hot box with it.

Soon she was writhing around lost in the pain of the release in her tits combined with the pleasure from the flogger and eager for the implied feelings the teasing was invoking. Her movements caused the weight to start swinging again as her pussy got soaked. She was so incredibly horny suddenly. Her eyes begged him for more as he removed the last pin.

"CRACK!" To her newly liberated tits as wax bits flew off them.

"AAAAWWWW," she groaned.

"CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!" To her abused form as he wielded the flogger with expertise, removing all of the wax remaining from her chest and snatch. Little red, welted circles from the metal brads of the flogger appeared on her, complementing the many bite marks the pins had left. Red stripes from the leather strips painted all over her heaving body.

He noticed that her fuck hole was now clearly glistening as the juices he was producing in her oozed out around the Pyrex, soaking the rope that held it in.

He reached down between her legs and yanked all of the weighted pins off at once.

"NNNNNNGGGGHHHHH," she moaned in pain.

He cut the rope from the glass toy and started fucking her mercilessly with it. He watched intently as the shaft came out of her coated with her juices before he sunk it back in her deep and hard. She started to grind to his hand as it felt as if he may collapse her lung with the head of the big Pyrex cock.

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