tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwnety-Five Dollar Entertainment: Well Worth It

Twnety-Five Dollar Entertainment: Well Worth It


I had been working in the high rise office block for just on 4 years and now enjoyed watching the workmen who were slowly demolishing the building next to ours. I work in an office where there are mostly men and we all get along very well. The only women in our section were the typists and one secretary – all the rest of us are men. As I have already said we get along very well together and, as we are roughly the same age (late 20's) we often go out together after work. I can never stay too late as I am married and have to return home to my lovely wife.

On this particular morning Brett, my closest friend, came up to me and quietly asked me if I had a spare $25 with me? He is often working out some scheme or other and I wondered just what he was up to today. I acknowledged I had the money but when I asked the reason he begged me to simply wait and he would let me know more a bit later on. I noticed he was also talking quietly to a number of other men in the office but despite asking them what it was about, nothing was forthcoming!

An hour or so later Brett came to me with pieces of paper in his hand. He handed one of these to me and walked around handing the rest to those he had spoken to earlier! The note said, "Don't read this out aloud! Don't make any fuss! Slowly leave the office over the next 10 minutes and go to the building being demolished next door. Don't leave with anyone else and don't make it look as though you are up to anything! Go to the rear door of the building and walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor where I will meet you. You will be glad you have a spare $25 on you. Make sure you bring the money with you!"

It wasn't hard to get excited and wonder just what Brett was up to this time! I looked around the office and about 1/3 of the men were reading notices which Brett had handed out. Without making any fuss I moved off and made my way to the ground floor of our building. Once outside I went to the rear door as instructed and followed the rest of the instructions. Brett met me at the 3rd floor and as the group of about 20 men gathered, he collected their money and then disappeared leaving us all standing in the somewhat dusty area. There was a buzz going around the room we were in all wondering what Brett would do next. He came back shortly and asked us to follow him to another part of the building. When we entered this room we were surprised to see an old mattress and some sheets were in the center of the room and absolutely nothing else!

Brett then asked for silence while he explained what was to happen next. He said, "We are all perverts of some sort despite what we might think about ourselves! I have arranged a little entertainment here for you but you have to follow my instructions carefully otherwise the deal is off! Soon I will bring a young woman into the room and she will have a couple of men with her. She will then strip and suck and fuck these men. She knows the men and will only have sex with them. We must all be on our best behavior otherwise the deal is off! The show will last as long as it takes for the sex acts and when it is over, they will depart and you will all return separately to the offices. Is that all understood?"

There were general grunts of agreement and so Brett left the room. A couple of minutes later he returned with a young woman and three men! The girl looked to be about 21 or so and the men were all older but none would have been over 30. The girl was slim and rather pretty with almost black, short cut hair and she was rather tall as well. She smiled at us but it was easy to see she was terribly nervous but was trying to appear calm. She didn't say a word all the time she was in the room. She stood by the mattress and then unbuttoned the three buttons on the top of her dress. When she pulled the top parts she was able to slip her arms out of the dress and then it dropped to the floor at her feet. She wasn't wearing anything under the dress and now only had a pair of open toed sandals on her feet. He breasts were quite well formed and very attractive. She had lovely long nipples and they were a very dark color. Her bush was very dark just like the hair on her head and it was quite unruly – just a natural growth of hair. Her legs were particularly attractive and very long and well shaped. She looked the sort of girl any of us would have been proud to have as a girlfriend.

She made no fuss, simply moving onto the mattress and kneeling up facing the men she had brought with her. They began to remove their clothes too and soon all three men were naked. The first moved to her and she began to suck his cock! She sucked very hard on his cock but stopped well before he was likely to cum! She then moved on to suck the second and later the third cock! When she was finished with the sucking she simply rolled over on the mattress and, lying on her back, she spread her legs apart showing us her very pretty cunt and then beckoned the first man to come over to her. He knelt between her legs and after kissing and licking her cunt, her moved up further on her body and without ceremony simply pushed his long cock into her cunt! She gave a bit of a groan but that was the only sound she made. He fucked her with long even strokes and it wasn't long before it became obvious to us all that he was cumming! When he did cum, we could tell he shot a couple of bursts into her and then pulled out and she grabbed his cock and, holding it tight, he shot a couple more bursts onto her belly and breasts. He then moved away from her legs, positioned himself next to her head and she sucked his cock clean!

The second man then moved between her legs and proceeded to fuck her just the same as the first. This man took longer to cum but he soon had his cock out of her cunt and probably only shot one burst into her body, the rest he splashed over her belly and tits.

I was watching so intently I almost forgot I was with the other onlookers! I couldn't help but look closely at the girl's cunt and hairy bush. The nervousness and the tension of being fucked in front of a group of men was showing on her body as she was sweating but the damp film on her body made her look all the more sexy! I looked too at her nipples – they were quite extended and some of the time the men were lying on her body and rubbing their chests on her nipples. She was trying to appear nonchalant but the passion from the sex acts was getting to her and she was obviously close to cumming. The hair around her cunt was quite damp from her juices and the hair was sticking to her body – it looked very sexy to me. The rest of the group was enjoying the scene and I could see I was not the only one with an erection in my pants. I would have loved to be able to take my cock out and play with it but that was against the rules! Damn rules!

The third man then moved over to her. He seemed to be more comfortable with her and began by kissing her passionately and stroking her breasts and generally showing her he loved her! I wondered if any man could show he loved a woman who was being fucked by other men in front of a group of onlookers! Anyway he not only kissed her passionately but he also licked and sucked her breasts and, in particular, her nipples. She was certainly responding to his passion but she never uttered a word, simply hugging him tightly while he was kissing and licking her. He then began to kiss and lick her belly button and gradually licked her body down to her bush. He moved his fingers to her cunt and he began to play with her cunt and clit. It didn't take long for her to cum but again she didn't make a sound and we could only tell she had cum by the twisting and jerking of her lovely body!

He then moved over her and entered her without any fuss and began to fuck her in earnest. His strokes were long and even and when he came, he didn't pull out, he just injected his cum into her body! He laid on her body for a second or two and then lifted himself off but not before he kissed her passionately again.

Suddenly it was all over! The lovely girl had been fucked three times in front of us and now she was sitting up on the mattress and reaching for her dress. Despite the fact I loved my wife so much, I couldn't help but feel some sort of love for this girl. She wasn't the prettiest girl in the world but she was very pretty just the same. Her figure was delightful and overall she looked very good. What on earth would make her do this in front of a group of randy men like us?

She slipped the dress over her head and her lovely body was concealed from my gaze! I would have loved to be able to talk to this girl but she left immediately with the three men. If it were possible, I had fallen in love with this girl not from the sex acts but from the lovely way she looked without her clothes!

Our group broke up and I was surprised to discover we had only been in the room for 21 minutes! It seemed like we had been there for hours but then the excitement had been intense for that short time. Such a short time for her to be fucked and handled three times by those men!

Once I was back at my desk I found my hardon simply hadn't gone down and it was embarrassing me sitting there with such a hard cock! I resolved to do something about it and headed for the men's room. I found the bathroom was full of men probably all waiting to do the same as myself! Instead I returned to my desk and tried to ignore my hard cock! I could hardly believe my bad luck when one of the prettiest and sexiest secretaries came over and stood by my desk while she gave me some paperwork! She is such an attractive but untouchable girl we all would have loved to have a piece of her but she had made it obvious earlier that she wouldn't do anything like that with her fellow workers! However on this occasion she had seen my cock outlined in my trousers and had wrongly assumed it was because of her! She told me I had better do something about that problem I had or I might have an accident! She had never spoken like that to me before and I was now doubly aroused by her sexy inference. I just grinned at her and tried to concentrate on the paperwork while she was standing alongside me. Before she left me she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Meet me in five minutes in the stationery room – don't be late!" I couldn't believe my ears.

I waited whilst she returned to her desk on the other side of the office and then walked, with difficulty, to the stationery room! She soon joined me and then shut and locked the door before moving over to me and throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me deeply! I just didn't think she would ever do something like this to anyone working in the office but I didn't want to think about that now! I could feel her body pressing up against my hard cock and she knew exactly what she was doing when she pushed against me. As soon as she stopped kissing me, she turned her back to me, bent over and said, "Now is your chance, don't blow it, just fuck me quickly before someone becomes suspicious!"

I lifted up her dress at the back and pulled it over her back. She had on a pair of brief black panties which I quickly pulled down her legs. She didn't attempt to move her legs so I didn't bother removing them completely. She just told me to hurry and so I unzipped my pants and pulled my engorged cock out into the open. I quickly found her cunt and, as she was very wet, I didn't waste any time but simply thrust my cock deeply into her. I pumped into her as quick as I could and she began to groan almost immediately. As soon as I felt my balls tighten I told her I was about to cum! She simply gasped, "Hurry up, I am almost there too!" I shot my load deep into her cunt and I could feel her cum at the same time. As soon as I pulled my cock out of her, she bent down and pulled her panties up in place and dropped her dress down at the back. She kissed me again and said thanks and then unlocked the door and left the room! I had actually fucked the unapproachable secretary! What a relief.

I later contacted Brett and asked him about the setup with the girl and the three men. He told me he had been approached by one of the men and asked if he could get a group together as the girl was badly in need of some very quick money and this should do the trick for her. The last man to fuck her had been her boyfriend and the other two had been his mates! All Brett had gotten out of it was a free look for himself but he told me it was worth the trouble as he had really enjoyed the show.

I wondered if I would ever see that girl again but I never did! I debated telling my wife about the show and, when we were in bed that night, I finally decided to tell her all. When she heard I had watched the girl getting fucked by three men she became very aroused and we had the best sex for ages. I certainly didn't tell her about the secretary – that was my little secret.

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