tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 01

Two are Better than One Ch. 01


I am sitting on the couch watching television when my little twenty year old sister Sophia busts through the door. At twenty-five I have my own place and Sophia was allowed over anytime she wanted. I look up to see her and a cousin of ours, Kayla who is just a two years younger than my sister. They circle into the living room and plop down on either side of me.

"What's going on?" I ask Sophia.

My sister smiles at me and says, "I brought you a gift."

I laugh. The last time she said she had a gift for me was when she walked in on me masturbating one night when she stayed over. She walked in naked and quickly climbed onto my bed to settle her petite little body on top of me. That day was the most explosive day of my life, literally. Since then my sister and I have been fucking each other. That was a little over two years now.

"No seriously," she says. "I thought Kayla could join in for a little fun with us. She's visiting for a few days."

"Well, I don't see why not," I say. What could be better than two young petite women worshipping my cock?

Kayla's hands grab the outside of my short and she starts to rub. "Wow, I've never got to feel a man's cock," she says smiling.

Both women get up and quickly strip off their clothes, until both are standing naked with their perfect breasts and smooth shaven pussies. I get as far as taking my shirt off when they both take their places next to me. Sophia moves closer and kisses me. We exchanged tongues for a minute or so as Kayla rubs my cock until I feel it pressing hard against the material. She looks to Kayla and says, "Why don't you take it out and see how it really feels."

Kayla smiles and unzips my short. After a moment of adjusting the material, my cock springs free. "Oh shit, it's just as big as you said it was."

She stares at it as if mesmerized then slowly wraps her hand around my shaft. Very slowly, Kayla moves her hand up and down my shaft, savoring the size. She then opens her mouth and slips onto my cock. Her warm mouth surrounds my cockhead and I gasp. Kayla starts to move her tongue around and suck, taking me in only a fraction of my length.

As she begins sucking, moving her head up and down, Sophia slides her hand between her legs and is actively pursuing an orgasm of her own.

Kayla licks my shaft all the way down to the base and back up before swallowing me again. She drops her mouth, taking as much of my length as she can, until it pushes against her throat and her gag reflex takes over. I look over to my sister giving her a knowing glare.

"Make him cum, Kayla," Sophia says. "Swallow it all." Kayla looks disapproving of this, but my sister urges her on. "You'll like it and so will my brother."

I begin to moan and writhe as my orgasm approaches. Kayla closes her eyes and keeps sucking, tightly squeezing my shaft in her lips. I arch my back and moan as my cock erupts in her tiny mouth. Kayla's eyes shoot open as I plaster the back of her throat. I grab her head to hold her steady and Sophia squeals as she rubs out an orgasm of her own.

Much like the first time when I released my load into Sophia's mouth, it overflowed and spilled out. My sister has learned to swallow it quickly enough since then, but our cousin, feeling a man erupt in her mouth for the first time, has no chance. Her mouth is coated quickly and cum spews out all sides. She holds onto me, trying to swallow it all, but my cum pours out anyway. A sizable pool begins to gather on my shorts and soak down onto my balls. I moan and flex as the final stream gushes up and out of me. Sophia watches us and swoops in quickly when Kayla releases my cock. Kayla, with cum dribbling from her lips, licks my cum into her mouth and swallows it.

Sophia is on her knees now, making loud slurping sounds as she attempts to gather the pool of cum all over me. My sister could never get enough of my cum. Kayla giggles at my sister's horny display. "You little slut, she jokes, smiling wide.

Sophia peers at me from my lap. "I'm your slut," she whispers, smiling before going back to the job of cleaning me up.

After she is satisfied with cleaning me up, she moves toward Kayla and their lips lock. I watch as her lips part and accept Sophia's probing tongue. Sophia pushes her tongue where my cock had recently been and explores our cousin's mouth. Kayla's arms wrap around Sophia's shoulders and she begins to twist her fingers through Sophia's smooth hair. I stand up and move in close, reaching one arm out behind each of them and I pull them in.

Sophia breaks the kiss, but presses tightly into Kayla, sliding her sweet lips down Kayla's flawless cheek and plants passionate kisses on her neck. Kayla throws her head back and sighs, giving me the chance to lean in and lock her in a deep kiss. Our tongues play and dance across her neck. With access to both their firm asses, my hands slip to them and begin caressing both.

We collapse to the floor just in front of the couch and both Sophia and I begin exploring Kayla. I watch for a moment as Sophia takes our cousin's nipple into her mouth, eliciting moans from Kayla and myself. Seeing Sophia explore our cousin drives me crazy and I ravenously join in the fun. I devour Kayla's free breast, swirling circles around her nipple and sucking forcefully. Kayla shifts and moans and pulls at her own hair.

Sophia reads my mind, because our hands meet simultaneously on Kayla's wet pussy. Kayla squeals a little and sighs. She is aroused beyond belief, soaking onto our fingers with her pussy juices. I move up and kiss Kayla deeply, caressing her stomach and chest as I do before whispering, "You are incredibly sexy."

"Justin," Sophia says. "Why don't you join me?"

After giving Kayla a parting kiss I slide down and join Sophia at Kayla's waist. Kayla spread her legs a little, giving us just enough room to lie together between them.

The sight is something to marvel at. Kayla is so wet as if she had just stepped out of the shower. Her pussy lips are puffy, just waiting to be played with and I am just dying to sink into them. I thought Kayla's pussy was clenched shut when I first saw it, but I find out, even relaxed, Kayla's pussy is unbelievably tight.

Sophia beams, "Kayla, it's so beautiful."

"Yes it is," I say and lock Sophia in a kiss.

As we kiss, we begin to lower our heads toward Kayla's gorgeous pussy and she inhales a huge breath in anticipation. Our kissing lips meet Kayla's wet pussy and then we melt together in one tangle of tongues, lips, pussy and juices. Kayla exhales and screams, rushing her hands to her face to catch the noise escaping her and afer a tensing moment, she relaxes.

Her pussy is soft and delicate and an absolute delight. Sophia and I struggle to fit both our mouths on her, twisting and contorting, neither one of us wanting to miss out on a second of flavor. Sophia seems to enjoy pushing her tongue into Kayla's tight hole, discovering flavors she never tasted, while I send waves of pleasure over Kayla as I gently lick and suck her clit. Sophia pushes the envelope by gently and slowly inserts her finger and pushes it up inside Kayla's pussy.

"Oh my fucking god," Kayla cries. I know Sophia has never done this with another woman before, But she is confident she knows enough about female pleasure to know just the right finger twists, pokes and thrusts to rock Kayla's world. Kayla seems overwhelmed with pleasure and my cock is straining with desire to fuck her sweet pussy.

I start to move up toward Kayla's sweet pussy when my sister stops me. "Hey, not right now."


"You don't get to fuck her quite yet," she whispers. "You have to wait for that."

"But I'm dying down here," I protest, thrusting my rock hard cock against her to make my point.

"You'll get plenty of her big brother, don't worry."

I know I will, but I am dying for some of Kayla's wet pussy now.

Sophia's finger continues to work, joined by her tongue and I move to lick Kayla's breasts. Kayla is past the point of words, signaling to us that she is about to cum, by panting and moaning loudly. I slow my licking some, trying to watch both Kayla and Sophia as the moment arrives.

Kayla clasps her hands over her mouth tightly and screams. Her body becomes stiff and her legs squeeze Sophia's head. Sophia is undeterred. Her finger still works magic and she pushes her faces down and latches onto Kayla's pussy, making a large circle around her clit. Sophia moans into Kayla's pussy, clearly enjoying making her cum and Kayla shakes and rocks, overcome and completely out of control.

As the last shivers of orgasm wash over her, ending in spastic twitches and shakes of her beautiful pussy lips, Kayla relaxes again. Sophia slowly slides her finger out and releases lips from Kayla's clit. Sophia finishes with a few moments of gentle licks up and down along the outside of her pussy, savoring the flavor of her cousin's cum and offers me the shimmering finger to lick clean.

Having fun big brother?" Sophia asks, surely knowing what my answer will be.

"Of course I am," I answer.

"Do you want to fuck her?"

"You know that answer," I say.

"Good," my sister says. "She wants you to be her first. And I think it'd be hot watching you fuck someone else."

Since I started fucking my sister I haven't needed any other woman, only Sophia.

"Kayla wants me to be her first?"

"Us, really, she wants us to be her first," she corrects.

Kayla nods and smiles as she grips my shaft firmly. "You'll get to have me later tonight." I grunt, smiling at both of them. Kayla starts rubbing me with force and opens her mouth.

She starts slow, licking all over me before sliding down to my balls. She tongues my balls for a few moments before returning to my shaft and takes me back into her mouth. Kayla's sweet lips part and engulfs my cockhead. I buck with pleasure. Sophia places her hand on Kayla's head and guides her motion up and down on my cock.

Kayla makes sloppy sucking sounds, soaking my cock with plenty of slick saliva and bobs on me lovingly. She is slide down until my cock once again bumps against her throat and the pleasure is noticeably more intense. Sophia holds Kayla's hair as she sucks harder. I gyrate my hips and try to seek out every ounce of pleasure from each downward suck of Kayla's fabulous young mouth. Sophia reaches and gently cups my balls and smiles at me as she feels them tighten with an impending orgasm. Then I explode in Kayla's mouth with a torrent of thick cum.

My cock pumps and fires, spraying into her mouth. She holds strong, apparently trying to take more of it than earlier. The waves keep coming, thick globs spurt and coat her mouth. I watch with joy as her cheeks fill and her little throat makes quick and repeated swallowing attempts. Still, the flow of my cum forces her to lose containment. A flood of white sticky cum springs from her bottom lip and rolls down the side of my cock. Sophia slides her finger to the base of my cock and gathers a helping for herself. She sucks her finger sweetly, winking at me while Kayla still struggles to swallow and hold me in.

My cock finishes pumping cum, but Kayla still holds me in her mouth, letting me feel the sweet pleasures of her mouth contracting and squeezing as she swallows. She finally lets me losse and looks with wide eyes at the sloppy mess she's created.

"Fuck, you cum a lot. I don't know how you handle it all Sophia."

"It was hard at first, but after a while you learn how," she replies.

Kayla looks up at the clock and suddenly jumps up. "Shit, we're going to be late."

"Where are you two going?" I ask.

"Mom and Dad are taking us out for dinner to celebrate Kayla's birthday," Sophia answers. "Don't worry, we'll be back."

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