tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 02

Two are Better than One Ch. 02


It is late when Sophia and Kayla come strolling through the door. Sophia has her arm around Kayla's waist as they stroll in.

Did you miss us?" Sophia says to me with a knowing smile.

"You bet I did," I say meeting them half way.

Sophia pushes her lisp up for a kiss, which I meet. Kayla begins sweetly kissing Sophia's neck. Kayla's hands slides down between us, one fondling me while the other rubs Sophia's pussy through her shorts. I caress both of them as much as I can as my hands struggle to take both women at the same time. My lips alternate between Sophia's kisses and Kayla's sweet lips.

"Let's do it outside," Sophia suggests.

"Outside?" I ask, unsure.

"Yeah why not," Kayla adds.

"You two are in on this aren't you?"

Both of them look at me and smile and as one tangled mass we slip out the back door to the patio chairs. At the edge of the chair, Kayla drops to her knees and begins eagerly pulling both mine and Sophia's shorts to the ground.

Sophia whispers to me, "Fuck me first, but save it for Kayla."

I nod, willing to go along with her suggestion. Sophia and I resume deeply kissing as both of us stand naked from the waist down. Kayla looks at us. First she engulfs mu cock, sucking furiously. And after a fe sucks, she releases and moves to Sophia, who already put one legs up on the chair to open herself up. Kayla dives right in and Sophia rocks back with pleasure before placing her head on the back of Kayla's head and driving her pussy down. Sophia is quickly panting and moaning. Then suddenly Kayla switches back to me and swallows half my cock, letting Sophia catch her breath. She does this several more time before Sophia looks at me and says, "Sit down."

I do and Sophia straddles my hard cock. She slowly comes down on me, gasping as my cock impales her and she wraps her legs around me. I hold her ass firmly with both hands. Kayla struggles to help us both remove our shirts and begins shedding her own. Sophia sits for a minute, my cock buried completely within her before she begins to grind against me. Her pussy is warm and tight and simply amazing.

Sophia begins bouncing on my cock. She moans with pleasure as each bounce land me deeper into her. Kayla caresses and kisses ber neck as she watches my cock penetrate her cousin. Soon Sophia lifts; pulling off of me and my cock springs free from her pussy. Sophia stays hovering over me. My cock is wet and sticky and the night air feels cold on my skin. I feel gentle fingers wrap around my cock to pull it slightly down and then a new warm and wet feeling surrounds me. Kayla is sucking my cock, slurping at the juices that Sophia has soaked me with. Kayla soon releases me and guides my cock back to Sophia's pussy. Sophia's bounces turn hotter and harder than before.

Sophia stops and sits heavily on my cock, pushing it into her slippery depths. My cock is crushed into the deepest recess of her hot pussy. She nibbles at my ear and says, "Justin, fuck our cousin. Take her virginity."

I kiss her and then lift her up from me. Kayla once again moves to suck my cock but I stop her, pulling her gently up and leaning down to kiss her. Our tongues dance and she begins climbing onto the chair, laying back onto it. I stand up allowing her to get comfortable and she slides down to the edge with her legs hanging off.

I lean down to Kayla and ask, "Are you ready for this?"

She looks slightly nervous but nods. "Yes, I'm ready."

I press my hard cock against her pussy lips and run it along her slit. Her slick juices make it easy for me. Sophia watches us as she gently rubs Kayla's chest and stomach. Then gently I slowly push forward.

Her pussy lips part and accept me, surrounding my cock with warmth. Kayla's mouth opens wide and a long moan escapes. I feel Kayla's stretch to meet the demands of my cock. She is breathing sharply and biting her lip. As my cock slowly disappears in her, she begins to rock. Soon my cock reaches the back of her and her pussy clamps down around my shaft, twitching and I hold it here. Kayla moans and bucks, her pussy refusing to relax.

"How does that feel?" Sophia asks.

Kayla only answers with grunts. Sophia smiles and moves up and over our cousin and faces me. Straddling her face, Sophia lowers herself onto Kayla's mouth, using two fingers to spread her pussy open. I watch as Kayla reaches with her tongue upward and it disappears in Sophia. Sophia lets out a deep sigh before leaning to meet me. We kiss and smile, each of us being pleasured by our cousin.

Concentrating on Sophia's pussy, Kayla begins to relax. Her pussy is still a vice around my cock, nut the twitches subside and I I begin to slowly pump her in and out. She moans loudly into my sister's pussy. Sophia starts rocking on her face as I fuck her tight pussy slowly and gently.

"Don't hold back Justin," Sophia says. "Don't be afraid to fill her up with your tasty cum."

Sophia reaches between Kayla's legs and pinches Kayla's pussy lips together along the sides of my cock. Kayla quakes with pleasure. I grab Kayla's hips and thrust myself into her depths. Kayla is now breathless as Sophia's fingers gently rub the base of my cock and Kayla's pussy lips as my cum begins pumping into her. My thick and sticky load fills her tight pussy. Sophia matches Kayla in moans and is certainly enjoying watching me pump my cum into our cousin.

My cock flexes and twitches repeatedly soaking Kayla's insides. She twitches and quivers. When the convulsions stop I feel Kayla relax and her entire body softens and goes limp as Sophia pants and squeezes her breasts. I slide free from her pussy and cum begins to leak from Kayla's puffy pussy. Sophia leans down and inserts her tongue into Kayla's swollen pussy. She scoops up globs of cum and is sure to use long, soft licks to caress our cousin's throbbing pussy.

When it is all over, we head back into the house and up to my bedroom where we collapse onto the bed and fall straight asleep.

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