tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 04

Two are Better than One Ch. 04


The morning sun filters in through the window, waking me up. I look down to see Kayla's hand enclosing on my already hard cock. Not seeing my sister I ask, "Where did Sophia go?"

"She went to go take a shower," she answers with a grin. Both her hands begin moving, one slowly stroking my cock and the other moving between her legs. She spreads slightly and I see her hand resting in her crotch, her middle finger disappearing inside her juicy pussy.

"I watched you two last night," she suddenly blurts out.

"What do you think about it?" I ask not at all taken aback by it.

"I found it hot how rough you were with her and how you fucked her ass like that." She groans and rock on her finger.

"You like thinking about my cock in Sophia's ass?"

"Oh, yes," she cries. Her hand squeezes her wet pussy and pushes her finger in deeper. She tries to continue stroking me, but I can clearly tell she is focused on her own pleasure.

Wordlessly I slip down to her crotch, shoving my cock toward her face. "Take my cock," I order. She leans forward and grips my cock and extends her tongue and teasing my cockhead while spreading her legs open, so that I can slip in. She gasps as I slowly melt into her folds and begin massaging her hot pussy with my tongue. Kayla smothers my cock with her mouth. Her warm little mouth is fantastic as she eagerly slurps and sucks. I continue to lick at her pussy, driving her to moan in pleasure on my cock.

My hands slide up to take a firm grasp of her ass. She still sucks, meeting the slight thrusting of my hips. She is getting me deeper and deeper, taking my cock in nearly to the back of her throat before sliding it back out. Slowly, my tongue makes the short trip from her pussy, wiggling through her warm and juicy slit to her untouched ass. I hear a moan when the tip of my tongue connects with her asshole. I hold it there for a moment as she relaxes.

I wiggle my tongue and begin circling her tiny hole. She squeals and moans, pulling off my cock. Soon I lick feverishly, soaking the outside of her asshole. Eventually I push my tongue in and begin to caress the inner walls of her ass. Kayla yelps and rocks into my face. She moans as I gently tongue fuck her ass and her asshole twitches with each plunge. My cock starts to strain, ready to explode.

I ease up some, feeling her relax and I use one hand on the back of her head to guide her back onto my cock. She takes me back into her warm and moaning mouth. As she does, her asshole is exposed again, wet and glistening. My hand remains on her head, keeping her sucking, while my other moves toward her asshole.

I swirl the surface with my finger and Kayla squeals loudly on my cock. She is trying to focus on sucking, but the anal pleasure distracts her. So I thrust my hips harder to get the full use of her mouth and I gently push my finger against her hole. The resistance is unreal. Kayla yelps as my finger finally breaks through. As I poke my finger into her, her asshole tightens instantly and the sensation sends Kayla into convulsions and it brings me to orgasm.

Kayla screams on my cock and is unprepared to take my load. My cum erupts and engorges her mouth. I hear her gag and choke as cum stuffs her throat and stifles her moans. She gurgles and pulls off, my cock still spewing cum upward. Kayla coughs and chokes as cum drips from her mouth. Thick ropes of my cum cum land on her cheeks and chin and I finish licking at her asshole one final time. Kayla licks at the cum as best as she can, trying to take it all in.

When we both catch our breath I ask," Would you like to watch me fuck Sophia's ass again?"

Kayla nods and says, "That would be so fucking hot."

I smile at her and say, "Let's get some breakfast and later we can have some more fun before you have to go back home."

Kayla runs a finger across her cheek, scooping up a stream of my cum before slipping it into her mouth and says, "You have a deal."

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