tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 05

Two are Better than One Ch. 05


We have just finished lunch and carrying on a casual conversation when Sophia asks, "Have you had fun this weekend big brother?"

I nod, a little thrown off by the question, as if it hasn't been obvious enough.

Sophia glances down at my crotch which has been hard the entire time we have sat at the table eating and talking. "Does thinking about fucking us make you hard?"

"Fuck yes it does," I groan.

"Then cum on the table for us," she says.

Kayla giggles and licks her lips. I smile and remove my hard cock and wait, but neither of them move to touch it.

Sophia shakes her head and says, "We've done enough for you. This one is for us. Stroke that cock, we want to watch you masturbate."

I remove my shirt and push my shorts to the floor. My cock stands almost straight up and my balls hang gently. I wrap my hand around my throbbing shaft and both women gasp.

Stroke it," Sophia commands.

I grin and start slowly sliding my hand all the way up and then back down. My cock aches and I wish I could be inside one of them. The women grin as my hand squeezes and pumps. In front of me I have two beautiful teenagers starring up at me with intent lust, rubbing themselves and licking their lips each time they glance at my cock.

"Pump that fucking cock," Sophia orders.

I stroke harder, burning with desire.

"Stroke it, stroke that beautiful cock," Kayla adds. "Oh, cum for us."

My cock is bulging as the pleasure up and down my shaft is unbearable and my cum rushes upward from my balls. I lean forward and my cock splatters sticky, white cum all over the table. I quiver with pleasure as my orgasm overcomes me. Thick ropes of cum bursts out and each woman moans deeply as I smear the table. My cock tingles with pleasure and the final splatters of sticky cum drip out. My load is enormous and Sophia and Kayla look at each other in amazement.

"That should do it," Sophia says.

I settle down into my chair and watch these to beauties lean in, flicking out their tongues to start licking and slurping up my cum. When the table is cleared they look up at me with little globs of cum smeared on their lips and they lick it up hungrily. Then they embrace each other, kissing passionately. They quickly pull off each other's clothes, only breaking their kiss when they remove their shirts.

Sophia moves down and sucks hard on Kayla's perky nipples. I slip around behind Sophia to her exposed ass and pussy. Kayla stops Sophia and says, "Fuck her ass for me."

Sophia grins at our cousin and moves to bend over the table in front of Kayla. She braces herself by her elbows and wiggles her sexy ass at me. She turns her head to me and says, "You better fuck me good."

I nod as Kayla slips around next to me. I gently spread my sister's ass, displaying a soaking wet pussy and her asshole. Kayla starts rubbing herself when I say, "Get it wet for me."

She leans in and stretches her tongue out. Sophia exhales and her asshole clenches at the touch. Kayla begins to slowly lick the outside of Sophia's tight hole. I watch as it moistens with saliva and Sophia begins to moan. Kayla's tongue is nimble and it dances across Sophia's ass and teases her twitching hole.

"Mmm, fuck yes," Sophia cries. :Keep going."

Kayla pushes her tongue down. I watch as Sophia's asshole parts and accepts our cousin's tongue. Kayla is tongue fucking her now, wiggling her tongue inside to stimulate the walls of Sophia's ass. The more Sophia cries the faster and deeper Kayla probs. The sight is truly amazing. Kayla has her face buried in Sophia's ass as her tongue works feverishly and I nearly cum as I watch Kayla push in to her limit.

Out of breath, Kayla pulls free and Sophia wiggles with pleasure. Kayla looks up at me and asks, "Is that wet enough?"

I nod and stand over Sophia ready to penetrate her. Kayla reaches up and takes me in her hand and begins guiding my cock to Sophia's asshole. The tip reaches the slick hole and Kayla releases her grip. She holds her face very close, right under me, and watches as I push in.

Sophia screams as I open her ass. With pressure it gives way, stretching and swallowing me. Sophia moans and grunts and Kayla makes little sounds of pleasure. My swollen cock slides deeper and deeper until I feel that familiar bliss of being completely buried in her ass. Her tight asshole is hot and welcoming. Sophia's ass feels ready for a firm fucking.

Moving in half strokes, I begin rhythmically fucking Sophia's tight ass. The pleasure is intense as her ass clenches around me and devours my cock. I push her open with each thrust, causing Sophia to scream and Kayla to moan loudly.

"That is so fucking hot," Kayla groans. She reaches in, gently sliding her fingers around my slippery shaft as it plunges in.

I clamp a hand on Sophia's shoulder and push her head down, angling her ass higher and allowing me complete access. I still pound hard and each thrust lands me deeper and deeper. Sophia grunts as Kayla uses her hands to spread Sophia's ass open to me.

"Fuck her Justin," Kayla urges me on. "Fuck the shit out of her ass."

I slam even harder into Sophia and moan as my orgasm approaches.

"Cum all over that fucking ass!" Kayla cries.

Sophia's gripping ass massages me to orgasm and I pull out sharply. Sophia moans and clenches as a thick load blasts out of me, exploding against Sophia's ass. Kayla reaches her hand up and cups it just below Sophia's pussy to catch any cum that drains from off. My hot cum drip down her asshole and down into her pussy lips.

I shake the final spurts of cum from my cock and step back, admiring the mess I have made. Kayla dives in and buries her face between Sophia's cheeks and begins devouring Sophia's cum soaked asshole. She hungrily gathers in my cum, digging her tongue into Sophia's ass. Sophia is overwhelmed and breathless. Kayla's face is smeared with sticky cum and she looks gorgeous.

Kayla finishes by carefully licking Sophia clean all over before sucking down the thick pool of cum that has gathered in her hand before sucking out what remained in my swollen, but softening cock.

When it is all over, the girls head for the shower and get ready for Kayla to go back home. She reassures us that she will be back next summer and that she'll stay even longer. I can't wait, but until then I still have my little sister to keep me going.

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