tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 07

Two are Better than One Ch. 07


It's been a week since my sister, Sophia brought her best friend, Miranda, over and she took my mind off our cousin, but now I am horny just thinking about it. Sophia must be feeling the same way because as soon as I get out of bed with my hard on, Sophia exits the bathroom licking her lips. She quickly walks toward me and drops to her knees before me. There are no kisses or hugging, she just wants my cock.

Sophia reaches inside the waistband of my boxer and pulls out my engorged cock. I stiffen and push gently at her shoulders. Her tongue darts out from between her lips and licks my cockhead. Her wet mouth slides up and down the entire length of my cock as she tastes and teasing my throbbing shaft. I got rigid and dig my fingers hard into her shoulders. I feel her winch slightly, but she doesn't stop. She opens her mouth and covers my cockhead. I slide easily between her moist lips and groan deeply.

Cum begins to churn in my balls. Sophia, perched on her knees, sucks furiously. My fingers slide up from her shoulder and I grab handfuls of her hair, guiding her bobbing head up and down my shaft. I want to cum so bad, my legs begin to tremble. Then my sister abruptly pulls her mouth away from my pulsing cock and stands up. She hooks her finger into the waistband of her panties and slides them down her slender thighs, exposing her soaked pussy. Watch intently as my wet cock throbs in anticipation.

Sophia pushes me back onto the bed and turns around so that her back is facing me. Her pussy hovers over my cock and slowly, she eases herself down onto me. Her glistening pussy lips open and stretch over my swollen cockhead. Inch by inch she slides down my cock, gasping at the intense jolts of pleasure that shoot through her aching pussy. She cries out and begins to ride me with complete lack of restraint.

I begin panting. My breath is hot and heavy. My sister's tight pussy sucks my cock deeper and deeper into her hot pussy each time she raises herself up and then lowers herself back down onto my thrusting shaft. I arch my hips and drive myself up inside her, again and again, getting closer and closer to the edge with each stroke.

Sophia's body begins to tremble, clenching me with her tight pussy muscles. Her whimpers fill the air, mixing with my own groans. I can tell she is close and I can't wait for her to soak me with her juices.

"Oh fuck!" she cries. "You feel so fucking good!"

I wrap my fingers around my sister's waist and hammer in and out of her with forceful thrusts.

"You feel amazing," I grunt.

"Oh fuck," she moans. "I'm cumming!"

Her muscles grip my cock with fierce determination, milking my shaft until I can't hold back any longer. Her hot pussy juices splash against my cock just as I feel my balls tighten. A second later I am spraying my sister's pussy with rope after rope of my thick cum.

"S-Sophiahh!" I groan loudly.

Sophia's limp body lies back against my heaving chest. We both struggle to catch our breaths. And after several long minutes Sophia says, "Miranda is going to join us for dinner tonight. I hope you're ready."

I smile and say, "I'll be more than ready."

We spend most of the day in bed and when it's finally time to get up Sophia starts getting dressed a few hours before we have to leave. When we finally do we go out to Luigi's Italian Restaurant. I'm actually amazed Sophia got reservations, considering you have to get them far off in advance.

We are directed toward a round table in the back of the restaurant. I slide into the booth and a moment of pleasure shoots through me when I suddenly find myself between my sister and her best friend.

The waiter has just taken our dinner orders when I feel a small hand slide up my left thighs. I didn't want to draw any attention, but when the hand comes to a stop on my semi-hard cock I nearly jump up out of my seat. I am not expecting anything like this at a restaurant. Soft fingers boldly slide up the length of my cock, making me harder with each passing stroke. I close my eyes, desperately struggling to stifle the moan that is fighting its way out of my throat.

I feel my zipper being lowered and cool fingers slip inside to pull out my now very erect cock. I squirm restlessly. Then another hand glides across my right thigh, joining in on the fun. The fear of discovery only adds to the excitement of two hot hands stroking my dripping cock. I slide my own hand up under Sophia's short dress and groan when my fingers meet her pussy. I nudge her legs apart and slide one finger deep inside her.

Sophia isn't as good at keeping her moans to herself. If any other patrons were seated around them, they would certainly have known what was going on underneath their table. I am beginning to think Sophia had us set at this table on purpose. My finger is moving in and out of her wet pussy. She is so wet that her juices are running down between her ass cheeks, creating a puddle on the seat beneath her. Her eyes dart over to Miranda and she can't help but smile at the wild look of lust that glints in her best friend's eyes. Miranda watches intently as Sophia is finger fucked by me while at the same time the two girls pump their hands up and down my oozing shaft.

Miranda slides her hand up and down my entire length. Their combined hands fit perfectly over my length. Miranda fondles my sensitive head while Sophia lovingly strokes from the base of my shaft down to my balls. In perfectly synced movements, the two girls pump my engorged cock that pulses between them. My breathing is growing deep and raged and I am close to cumming.

I arch my hips up off the seat to meet the steady rhythm of their hands, oblivious to anything else but the feel of their soft fingers working my throbbing cock closer and closer to climax. It doesn't matter that we are seated in a public restaurant. And just when I can't hold back any longer, the waiter walks up to our table with a tray full of food. I growl in frustration and my cock jerks as if to express its own objection. I quickly slide my finger out of my sister's pussy.

The waiter's presence, however, does nothing to deter the two girls from their united goal. They continue to stroke me even as the ignorant waiter piles our table full of steaming hot pasta dishes. I struggle to keep my face void of emotion, watching the waiter intently for any sign that would indicate he knows what is going on under the table.

When the young man just smiles and asks, "Is there anything else you need?"

I almost shoot my load, but instead I shake my head and lower my eyes to the unappealing food. All I have an appetite for right now is the orgasm that seems to be just out of reach.

When we are alone once again, I turn my head toward my sister and she plants her lips firmly against mine. Her tongue slithers into my mouth and engages in a slow, sensual dance with my own eager tongue. Then she pulls away and brings her lips to my ear, nibbling it gently.

She whispers softly, "Do you like that big brother, both of us stroking your cock at the same time?"

I groan as my cock throbs painfully beneath the pumping fists of my two vixens.

"You want to fuck her again, don't you?"

The thought of my cock being in Miranda's pussy again is enough to send me over the edge. An orgasm, so intense, my entire body shakes as though I am having a seizure. It racks my body with bliss and cum shoots out of my cock like a geyser and I grind my mouth against Miranda.

Miranda shrieks into my mouth as endless streams of hot cum erupts into the palm of her hand. Her eyes grow wide and her hand continues to pump until every last drop of my sticky, white cum has been milked from my twitching cock. She presses her thighs together in hopes of relieving some of the pressure that has been mounting between her legs.

I am reluctant to end the kiss with Miranda, but when my head finally clears I remember where we are and pull away. Miranda's smile is ravishing, her eyes twinkle with desire. I was certain my sister is out of surprises, but when she looks mischievously at Miranda and then back at me, I hold my breath and wait.

"Justin, I think Miranda will be spending the night tonight!"

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