tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 06

Two are Better than One Ch. 06


After Kayla left I had spent quite some time with Sophia, but it felt like something was missing. Apparently Sophia felt that way too and today she told me she has a surprise when I get home.

By the time I get home Sophia and her best friend Miranda are out in the back by the pool. She and Miranda are naked and laying on pool chairs waiting for me. I stand at the doorway of the sliding glass door in awe at seeing them both naked.

When Sophia sees me she smiles and says, "Don't just stand there and get those clothes off."

I drop my bag and quickly strip off my clothing until I am just as naked as both of them. Before I know it, Miranda is up and headed my way.

"Well, Sophia wasn't exaggerating. You do have a nice cock.

I look past her to my sister and she smiles at me. Sophia presses her ample breasts into my chest. Her arms are wrapped around my shoulder and her tongue is diving into my mouth. I put my arms around Miranda and throw myself into the kiss. She wastes no time running her hand down my back and around to grasp my rock, hard cock as one of my hands finds its way around to her breast while the other slides down to massage her hips and ass.

As Miranda and I grope each other, Sophia runs her hand across my ass and up my back to my head. She pulls me away from Miranda's mouth so she can kiss me herself. As Sophia's tongue parts my lips, Miranda tilts her head and kisses me on the cheek, then my ear. Miranda moves to my neck, working her way down to my chest where I feel her teeth bite gently on my nipple and her tongue exploring all over my upper body.

Sophia reaches a hand down and brings Miranda's face up to ours. She starts kissing Miranda while her other hand finds its way down to my cock, joining Miranda's. One strokes my cock while the other massages my balls. I kiss Sophia's neck and then move lower, sucking one of her large nipples into my mouth and lingering there for a moment. Turning my head, I do the same to Miranda.

Suddenly, both girls grab my hands and drag me into the house. They drag me up the stairs and into the bedroom. As we walk into the room they let go of my hands and Miranda turns toward Sophia and they lock their lips together. I simply stand and watch as their two naked bodies embrace and they kiss in front of me.

Sophia turns to me and smiles. She walks toward me, grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me over to the bed and down on my back.

"Come here Miranda," she says while pushing me back further.

Miranda climbs up on the bed next to me and grabs my hard cock. Sophia climbs onto the bed, kneeling on the opposite side of me from Miranda. She reaches down and cups my balls with her hand while Miranda continues to stroke my cock. I stretch my arms to either side, running each one over their hips and asses.

Sophia looks at me with a mischievous grin and then turns to Miranda. "Kiss me," she says and leans over me and kisses Miranda. I watch their lips and tongues intertwine. Sophia finishes the kiss.

"Let's make him cum, then we can work him back up and have some fun," Miranda says.

With that Miranda leans down and starts placing warm, wet kisses on my stomach. Sophia leans over my chest; her hair falls around and tickles me while her mouth begins placing very warm and very moist kisses all over my upper body.

Miranda slowly works her way down as Sophia works her way up. Sophia's lips meet mine as Miranda's lips meet my cockhead. I welcome Sophia's tongue between my lips while Miranda slowly lets her mouth engulf my entire cock. She takes it all the way to the base then slowly comes back up. She does this several times while Sophia kisses me and it's all it takes for me to lose it. I grasp Sophia's head and press her mouth to mine as my whole body tenses, shooting pulse after pulse of cum into Miranda's mouth.

Sophia continues kissing me. Her hands run over my body as I caress her breasts and back. She scoots over to the point that she is early on top of me. Her lips slide back and forth across my tongue and my own lips. Then I feel the bed moving and notice Miranda is scooting up next to me. She lies on her back next to me as she scoots herself head first underneath Sophia.

When she stops, her hand is between Sophia's legs and her legs are next to my head. Sophia moans into my mouth and reaches down to stroke my cock as Miranda stuffs a small pillow under her head. I break the kiss and look down briefly. Between my sister's breasts I can see Miranda's breasts rising and falling and beyond that her chin rising up and down, locked in place over Sophia's pussy. My cock once more rises in Sophia's grasp.

Sophia kisses me again, hard and long while Miranda works away between her legs. After a few minutes and with a final thrust of her tongue, Sophia pulls her head away from mine and begins kissing Miranda's thigh. Her tongue traces a line from my shoulder all the way to her inner thigh, then sinks between the pink folds of Miranda's waiting pussy. Both women let out a moan of pleasure as they continue pleasuring each other right next to me. I run my hands over their bodies, placing the occasional kiss.

"Justin, come back here," Miranda says, taking a short break while her hands continue rubbing my sister's pussy.

I scoot myself down to where I can see Miranda's face. Her mouth is glistening with saliva and juices from Sophia's pussy. She grins and I lean in and thrust my tongue into her mouth, my head bumping up against Sophia's ass.

"Kneel down over my head," Miranda says. "I want your big cock where I can get to it."

I get up on my knees over her head. My cock points straight toward Sophia's ass. Miranda reaches up with her slick hands and pulls my cock down toward her mouth, making me adjust my position a bit in order to accommodate her. She sucks hard and swirls her tongue all around my cockhead. I grab Sophia's hips with both hands and squeeze them tight. I feel Miranda's moaning over my aching cock as I massage my hands around my sister's ass. I bring my fingers down between her legs to feel the wet and warm lips. I put my palm over her mound and rub her clit with my thumb as I move a finger in and out of her tight pussy.

Miranda takes my cock out of her mouth and moves my fingers away from my sister's clit. She pulls my cock in closer and starts rubbing it up and down Sophia's pussy, letting the warm, slick juices cover me nearly completely. I feel Miranda's tongue stroke back and forth on my balls while my cock slides back and forth over the length of Sophia's engorged lips.

"Mmmm," Sophia moans. "What are you doing back there Miranda?"

"Oh nothing much," Miranda groans. "I'm just getting you good and ready."

My sister lifts her head and looks back over her shoulder. Miranda continues rubbing my cock back and forth in between Sophia's lips. My hands, now on Sophia's hips, squeeze and gently stroke them. Miranda pulls my cock all the way back and moves my cockhead right up to Sophia's tight entrance. Sophia starts to move back against my cock when Miranda suddenly pulls it away from her.

"You get this bog old thing all the time," Miranda says. "I think I'm going to have some fun with it.

I let myself fall over to the side and lie down next to the two women. I reach over to Sophia and pull her to me. She climbs off of Miranda and kneels beside me, placing a wet kiss on my mouth. Miranda gets up and turns around, then straddles my hips. She places my cock directly in line with her wet pussy. I can hardly believe the feeling of pleasure as my cock becomes enveloped inside her.

"Oh my god, that feels good," I say.

As Miranda slowly begins moving her hips forward and back, sitting on top of me, she pulls my sister over to her and they begin kissing. I run my hands back and forth between Miranda and Sophia. Miranda nudges Sophia around until she is straddling my chest and facing me. I can feel the warm wetness from between her legs on the center of my chest. As Miranda continues to rock back and forth, she runs her hands around in front of Sophia and begins playing with her nipples. I put my hands on Sophia's thighs and run them inward until my thumbs are rubbing her clit and sliding up and down between her swollen lips. Sophia, enjoying herself, leans back onto Miranda.

We continue this way for a few minutes before Sophia is the first to cum. She begins moaning and grinding her pussy into my chest. The sounds of pleasure start driving Miranda and me as well. By the time my sister has calmed down and brushes my hands away from her pussy, Miranda has started moaning. Sophia gets up and positions herself over me in the opposite direction, switching off between kissing Miranda and reaching down to grab and massage my balls.

Miranda and I both cum together in a loud rush of energy as I grab her hips and thrust myself up into her with all of my strength. I explode deep into her, filling her with hot spurts of my cum. Then all three of us simple collapse on the bed together.

"My god, that was fantastic," Miranda says, stroking her hands alternately over my chest and Sophia's.

I kiss them both one last time before we fall asleep in a tangled mess of bodies.

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