tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 13

Two are Better than One Ch. 13


Miranda is helping me in the kitchen while Sophia takes a shower. Having the girl help me is almost more distracting than helpful. Aver the past year my relationship with my sister has gone from a little secret between us to a full blown sex adventure and it is only getting better. With Sophia's birthday coming up I am racking my brain for something special for her. But for now, I am focusing on the little hottie in my kitchen.

As Miranda bends over to get a pan out of the cabinet, her ass faces right at me. I couldn't have had better timing when I turned around. I can see her puffy pussy lips through her boy shorts. I want to just grab her hips and take her from behind right here and now. My hand slips to my cock and I start rubbing it through my shorts.

Suddenly, she turns around and her eyes shift down to my hand and cock. She grins at me and crosses the distance between me and her. Her arm sweeps around me and presses me against the counter. "I saw what you were doing Justin," she says bringing her face close to mine. "How bad do you want to fuck me?"

"About as bad as you do me," I say.

I wrap my arms around her and lift her up, setting her on the counter. I part her legs with mine, making room for me down between her legs. Once down between her legs, I slowly run my tongue across the inner part of her thigh. I lick gently at one thigh then at the other. I start to kiss along her entire thigh up toward her smooth pussy and across her pussy to her other thigh.

I move my face to her pussy where I start to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips. I take a hold of one of her juicy pussy lips with my mouth and gently pull it away from her pussy. I do the same to her other pussy lip. Miranda's pussy lips are lying at each side of her pussy as I place my hands to her thighs.

I push her thighs up and apart, making her pussy open up just a little bit. I shoot my tongue up into her pussy, flicking it as I bury it deep into her pussy. Then I start to run it in and out of her pussy as if my tongue were a cock. Miranda moans softly as she runs her hands through my hair.

I remove my tongue from her pussy as I start to flick it all around her pussy. I am lapping wildly at her pussy as she pulls my head into it. I move my hand up to her pussy as I continue to lick at it. I slip one and then two fingers up into her pussy and I start to run my fingers in and out of her.

"Oh Justin," she moans as she starts to buck her pussy against my face and fingers. "That feels fucking good."

I push my fingers deeper into her pussy as I rub at the inside of it. My fingers rub against that feels rough, as it is not as smooth like the rest of the insides of her pussy. I rub my fingers at the rough spot and Miranda jerks a few times as my finger hit the spot. I rub at it some more and Miranda moans even louder. She starts to thrash about as I play with the spot with my fingers.

I keep rubbing while flicking my tongue at her swollen clit. I feel Miranda's pussy clamping around my finger as I rub harder and faster. She cries out as she squirms wildly on the countertop. Suddenly, my face becomes wet with pussy juices as she moans loudly. I keep rubbing and flicking at her clit and a large gush of her pussy juices come rushing out, splattering my face.

Miranda has her hands at the back of my head, pulling me into her pussy. I take another large splash of her cum on my face. I lap up as much of it as I can, revealing in the taste of her pussy before she lets go of my head. I pull from between her legs after a few more seconds and stand up between her legs. I look at her as she breathes hard while still squirming a little on the counter. Beneath her is a large puddle of her cum and she is rubbing her pussy wildly.

When she finishes she wraps her legs around me with her arms around my neck. I lift her off the counter and carry her across the kitchen and sit on a chair at the table with her on my lap. She kisses me hard as my cock presses against her a little bit uncomfortably. Miranda shifts a little and slips her hand down between us until I feel her hand wrap around my cock. She rubs it along her slit a couple of times before sliding it into her soaking wet pussy.

Miranda moans as her lips leave mine. Her pussy grips my cock as she starts moving up and down on it. I hold on to her as she does and in a few seconds she is bouncing on my cock. I lean in and take one of her breasts into my mouth, swirling my tongue around her hard nipple. It causes a long moan from Miranda and she increases her bouncing on my cock.

Within moments, I feel my balls tighten and as I release her nipple I grab a hold of her hips and pull her down tight onto my lap. I groan and feel my cock explode, sending a torrent of my hot cum into her. She squirms as rope after rope shoots into her, prompting her to have another orgasm that gushes out over my lap and the floor beneath us.

She collapses against me and breathes hard into my ear, "I think we need to clean this up before dinner."

"Making messes without me?" Sophia asks from the entrance to the kitchen.

I smile at her and say, "Just a little."

After dinner we clean up both messes and Sophia and Miranda pull me hurriedly into the living room. They push me onto the sofa and my sister says, "We have a little show for you."

"Better than the one this afternoon?" I ask grinning.

Sophia smiles at me. "You'll see."

Miranda takes off her boy shorts and moves down to the other end of the sofa and props herself up against the arm of the sofa. She pulls her legs up onto the sofa, spreading them wide apart, showing off her puffy pussy lips. Sophia hands her a vibrator and Miranda quickly puts it to her pussy and rubs it against it. Sophia leans across me watching Miranda rub at her pussy with the vibrator. Miranda tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she uses the toy on herself.

"Turn it on Miranda," Sophia says to her.

Miranda turns the bottom of the toy and it starts to vibrate in her hand. She places it back down against her pussy, working it up and down between her puffy pussy lips. She moans as she presses it harder against her pussy.

I feel Sophia grabbing at my cock through my shorts. "Take them off," she says.

I do as she says and sit back down. She grabs my hard cock with her hand and pumps on it a few times before I feel her slipping my cock into that wonderful mouth of hers. Miranda is rubbing at her pussy with the vibrator harder and faster as my sister sucks on my cock. Miranda is moaning and moving her pussy against the toy. I watch her thighs squeeze together, trapping her hand and the vibrator between them. Miranda starts to jerk which causes her breasts to jiggle as she does.

Sophia stops sucking on my cock as she watches Miranda as she has an orgasm with the vibrator. Miranda opens her legs back up and as she moves the vibrator to one side see her pussy juices pouring out of her.

My sister crawls across my cock as she gets between Miranda's open legs. She places her hand at Miranda's pussy, rubbing at it as she does. I watch as Sophia starts to pull on Miranda's pussy lips. She stretches them out, making a huge butterfly out of them. Sophia then slips one of her fingers into Miranda's wet pussy.

Miranda moans as Sophia pushes her finger deep into her pussy and starts to work it in and out. I run my hand up the backside of my sister's leg, playing with her inner thigh.

"Finger me Justin," she coos.

I slip two fingers into Sophia's wet pussy, making her moan. I start to run them in and out of her already wet pussy. Sophia has Miranda moaning as well. I glance over my sister to see that she is running three fingers in and out of Miranda's glistening pussy.

"Lick me Sophia," Miranda moans.

Sophia gets up on her knees as I slip off the sofa standing behind her at the side. I am stroking my cock as Sophia puts her face down into Miranda's pussy. I have one hand wrapped around my cock, jerking on it as I slip my two fingers back into my sister.

Sophia licks wildly at Miranda's pussy with her tongue. Miranda starts to pull Sophia's head into her pussy and I push my fingers deeper into Sophia. I press them downward as my fingers find the rough spot in her pussy.

Sophia groans as I start to rub and starts pumping her ass back toward my fingers as I run them in and out. I make sure my fingertips are riding on that spot. Miranda starts to squirm as Sophia licks at her pussy. My hand grips my cock tighter and goes faster. I feel my knees go weak as my cock throbs once and then starts to shoot cum out. It arches highs into the air with some of it splattering my sister's back and Miranda's thigh. Sophia just keeps licking at Miranda's pussy as if nothing has happened.

Miranda closes her thighs around Sophia's head as her head drifts back with her eyes closed. I know instantly that she is having another orgasm as Sophia laps at her pussy. I continue to rub Sophia's pussy and quickly feel warm liquid splashing onto my fingers as Sophia jerks on them. I withdraw them and get behind her. I bury my face into her pussy, running my face against her pussy.

I hear Miranda moan followed by my sister as I stick my tongue up into her pussy. I thrust it in and out of her wet pussy a few times before withdrawing and running it up to her tight asshole. I am licking at her asshole when Miranda pushes Sophia's head away.

Sophia falls forward, removing my tongue from her ass. She rolls onto her back and throws her arms around me, pulling me down on top of her. She kisses me deeply as I smell Miranda's pussy on her face. She slips her tongue into my mouth and instantly I can taste Miranda's sweet pussy.

"I love you,' Sophia says when she pulls away.

I smile down at her and say, "I love you too."

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