tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 14

Two are Better than One Ch. 14


"Let's go to the bedroom," Sophia says as she pushes herself up off of me.

I am up off the sofa, leading the girls to our room. We climb onto the bed and we lie there kissing before Sophia slips away with the vibrator in her hand.

"Do her Justin while I watch," she says as she turns the vibrator on.

Miranda rolls over toward me and we embrace. Our tongues quickly slip into each other's mouth as we roll on the bed. I see my sister using the vibrator between her legs as she rubs at her breasts with her other hand while her eyes follow our every move.

Miranda rolls me onto my back and she takes my hard cock into her hand. She pumps at it a few times before rolling back onto her back. I climb on top of her, kissing at her round breasts. Then as I move up to kiss her on the lips, my cock brushes against her pussy. I feel her hand take hold of my cock and she guides it to the entrance of her pussy. I push forward as she lets go of my cock. Her arms wrap around my neck as she pushes her hips toward me.

"Fuck me, Justin," she cries out as my cock slips deeply into her.

I start to push my cock in and out of her wet pussy. Miranda's pussy is clamping down tighter on my cock as I fuck mer. I am soon driving my cock deep and hard into her pussy. Her pussy makes wet sounds as I drive my cock in and out. She looks at me and smiles and I know she is enjoying the feel of my cock.

"Fuck me from behind," she says to me.

I withdraw my cock as she gets onto her hands and knees. I am getting ready to get behind her when Miranda looks to my sister. She motions for her to come to her with her finger. Miranda has Sophia lay sideways across the bed as she gets between Sophia's legs.

Miranda puts her face down between Sophia's thighs as she removes the vibrator from her hand. Miranda's ass is sticking high in the air as I get behind her. I lick her pussy a few times before I get behind her. I place my cock into her pussy and I shove it in. My cock buries deep and hard in her and she moans loudly into my sister's pussy.

Sophia's hand goes to Miranda's head, pulling her into her pussy as she says, "Fuck her Justin. Fuck her hard."

I start to slip my cock in and out of Miranda's pussy. It grips my cock tightly as I fuck her. I place my hands up onto her hips as I start to pound her pussy. Miranda whimpers as she licks at Sophia's pussy. I slam my cock in and out of her pussy as hard and deep as I can. My hands pull at her hips each time I drive my cock up in her. I can feel my balls swing up into her each time I drive my cock in.

Sophia screams out as I watch her head roll from side to side. She releases her hands from Miranda's head and Miranda just keeps lapping at her pussy. I look down at her tight asshole and stick my finger up into my mouth, getting it wet with my saliva. I take my finger and run it around her asshole a few times.

I time it just right as I drive my cock deep into her pussy and shove it deep into her asshole. Miranda moans loudly, raising her head from Sophia's pussy. I wiggle my finger in her asshole as I fuck her hard. Sweat drips from me as I keep my pace, fucking her tight pussy, deep and hard.

I know I will be cumming anytime now as I feel her pussy spasming on my cock. I wiggle my finger some more in her asshole. Miranda screams as her body starts to shake. My cock starts to twitch and throb causing me to groan. I bury my cock as deep as it can go into her pussy. I start to finger fuck Miranda's asshole and my cock throbs, shooting my load into her. I hold my cock in her as I fill her womb with my warm cum.

Miranda falls into the bed and lays face down moaning. Sophia kisses me as her hand slips around my cock. She breaks from me and slips down to her best friend's pussy. She licks at her pussy, taking cum from it. I join my sister in licking up my cum from Miranda. When we have all of it, Sophia wraps hr arms around me as she kisses me deeply and with passion.

Sophia breaks our kiss and slaps Miranda's ass, "How was it Miranda?"

Miranda rolls over and with a big smile on her face

Sophia broke our kiss as she asked, "Well how was it Miranda?" She slaps her on the ass.

Miranda rolls over and with a big smile on her face she says, 'Better than before I left."

"Good," my sister says reaching for my cock. "Now it's my turn."

"Hey give me time to recover," I say before I feel my cock start to get hard again in her hand.

Sophia pumps her hands on it. She turns around and rubs her ass with my cock. Then she bends over and my cock lines right up with her pussy, I don't have time to say anything as she backs her pussy up against my cock and her hand. It slips right up into her pussy and I automatically start to move my cock in and out of her as she bends lower onto the bed. Her tight pussy feels good on my cock

I start to fuck her slowly, but soon I am banging it into her deep and hard from behind. Sophia reaches under her, touching my balls as she says, "I love when these bang into my pussy."

Soon she is moaning and pushing her ass back to me as I slam my cock in and out of her pussy. I feel it clamp down tightly on my cock as she moans loudly. I have only been fucking her for a few minutes when I feel it start to twitch and I pull it from her pussy. Sophia spins around, taking my cock in her hand.

She pulls on my cock using her hand and licks at my cockhead with her tongue. My cock blasts cum all over her face and into her open mouth. She sucks my cock into her mouth as she milks the last drops from it. When she releases her grip, she wraps her arms around my neck, pulling herself up and kisses me.

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