tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 16

Two are Better than One Ch. 16


I wake up to find my sister lying back with Riley kissing her deeply. I join them, kissing them each deeply, feeling them pressed against my body. I lay back on the bed as Sophia and Riley start kissing my body and touching me all over, working their way down to my rock hard cock.

Sophia starts on my cock first, stroking it up and down. Riley joins in and her hand feels great on my cock. Riley lowers her head and kisses my cockhead while Sophia starts to lick my shaft. I feel Riley slip her lips over, taking my cock into her mouth, sucking furiously on my cockhead. I would love to have them take me to orgasm, but I woke up wanting to taste them.

"Lay down, both of you," I say to them.

They lie next to each other with their beautifully naked pussies staring at me. I slip down between my sister's legs first. It is already wet and glistening. I run my tongue up her slit to her clit. I make her jump as I suck on her clit and slide a finger inside her pussy. Riley turns and starts kissing Sophia's breast, sucking on her hard nipples.

I bury my face in my sister's pussy. I lick her pussy up and down, nibbling on her clit and sliding my fingers in and out of her. I move my hand over to Riley's pussy, rubbing it with my fingers. I find her clit and start to rub it while still licking Sophia. Both girls begin to moan and I know I can get both to cum for me at the same time.

I press Riley's clit harder with my fingers and bury my face harder and deeper into Sophia's pussy as they explode together. Sophia tastes so good and I don't dare let any of her juices escape me. Riley's pussy gets extremely wet and I feel her coat my fingers in her cum. I go to taste Riley on m fingers when Sophia grabs my hand and licks Riley's juices clean off. I grab Sophia and kiss her and when our kiss breaks, Riley grabs me and kisses me hard, licking around my lips to taste Sophia.

I lay Riley back down after she kisses me. I slide between her thighs, pushing her legs apart to make sure I can get my face as deep as I can. I wrap my arms around her legs and slide my tongue up her slit, making her jump. My head comes up for a second and I see Sophia lying back playing with her puss, furiously rubbing her clit. I drop my head back down and continue with Riley.

After a short while I feel a hand grab my cock. Sophia has stopped playing with herself and has gotten behind me and is stroking my cock. I feel her head get under my cock and balls as she swallows my cock. Riley's body is all over the place as I make her orgasm for me.

Then suddenly, I feel Sophia let go of my cock. She comes out from between my legs and crawls up next to me. I sit up and lean over and kiss my sister hard on the lips, my cock resting just outside Riley's pussy. She is hot, wet and ready for me. Sophia helps guide my cock into her entrance and as my cockhead slips in, Sophia leans down to Riley and kisses her. She lets out a muffled moan as I slide all the way into her.

I quickly thrust into her hard and fast and Riley wiggles in ecstasy as I pound her pussy. It excites Sophia and she says, "Fuck her pussy big brother. Fuck Riley's pussy hard and make her cum!"

Riley surprises me with what she says next.

"Fuck me Justin. Fuck me like I am your sister, your lover!"

Sophia, not wanting to miss out on anything, straddles Riley's face. I lean in and grab my sister's breasts, pulling her nipples to my mouth as I pound Riley. Sophia slides her hand down and starts to play with Riley's clit, driving her even wilder. Riley bucks as her orgasms keep coming.

I pull my cock from Riley's pussy and roll her over on top of me. As she straddles me, Sophia once again helps guide my cock into Riley's wet pussy. In one push, she is impaled on my cock. Sophia throws her leg over my head and lowers her pussy down to my lips. I can smell her sweetness and feel her hot wetness. I let her pussy engulf my face as I push my tongue deep inside her. I open my mouth to suck her pussy lips into my mouth. I want it all.

Riley grinds her pussy down on my cock and it drives me wild. Each time Sophia cums, her body shakes hard and every few minutes I break from my sister's pussy and look up to see them fondling with each other.

With everything happening, I know I am close and getting ready to cum. I ease Sophia off my face. My mouth and lips are coated with her pussy juice and using my hands, I wipe her juices into my mouth, licking my fingers clean. So tastes so fucking good.

I get Riley to slide off my cock along with a sigh from her. Turning her over, she gets onto her hands and knees and get my sister to slide underneath her as well, sticking her pussy into Riley's face. I push my cock into her pussy in one push, going as deep as I can. Riley moans loudly and I grab her hips and start pumping my cock in and out of her, hard and fast. I can feel Sophia playing with my balls as she licks Riley's pussy, making it hard for me to keep from cumming. I lean forward and get a hold of Riley's hair and start pulling it as I pound my cock in and out. I can feel her pussy grab my cock every time she cums.

It is too much, Riley's tight pussy and Sophia playing with my balls. My balls tighten and in one final stroke, I slam my cock deep and shoot rope after rope of hot cum into Riley's pussy. It is so much that her pussy overflows right into Sophia's waiting mouth. Sophia licks every drop of juice and cum out of Riley's pussy. After a few moments, I slide my cock out of Riley's pussy. Any cum that drips out, Sophia laps up.

I am getting ready to move off the bed when I feel Sophia grab my cock. She slips it into her mouth, licking every bit of Riley off of me.

"I think a shower is in order this morning girls," I say smiling.

We get off the bed and head for the bathroom, jumping into the shower. They wash me together and I in turn wash them. Thinking it is over for now I go to turn off the shower when Sophia asks, "Aren't you going to fill your sister up too?"

She gets in front of me on her knees. Riley gets behind her as Sophia starts sucking my cock. Riley slides a finger into my sister and starts to finger fuck her furiously. The harder Riley fingers Sophia's pussy, the more aggressive Sophia gets sucking my cock. In no time, I am hard again.

Once my cock is hard again, Sophia turns around and bends over in front of me. I guide my cock into her wet pussy and start fucking her hard and fast. Water washes over us as I pound her hard. Riley plays with her pussy, fingers buried deep and in no time at all I am getting ready to cum again.

I shoot my cum deep inside my sister and hold my cock there until every drop I have is drained into her and this time when I pull my cock out, Riley is there to lick it clean and grab any last drops that come out of my cock.

We finish our shower again and get out, drying each other off. As we head out to the bedroom, Sophia grabs Riley's arm. "Come on, we're not finished yet."

It is going to be a long day. A fun, long day. I smile to myself and follow them to the bed.

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