tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 15

Two are Better than One Ch. 15


Sophia comes out of the room wearing a tight black top, showing off her breasts very nicely. As I look down her body, she is wearing a jean mini skirt that hugs her ass and a pair of four inch high heels. Today is her sixteenth birthday and not only am I taking her out for dinner with a special gift, but today is the day our parents are letting her move in with me.

My sister's special gift is in the form of a twenty-three year old co-worker of mine named Riley. She is tall with long dark hair and an amazing pair of legs. She and Sophia got off to a great start this afternoon and I look forward to the rest of the night.

I look at my sister and whistle. "Damn, you look beautiful."

She smiles and says, "Wait until you see Riley."

No sooner does she say that does Riley come out of the room. She has on a red top, not quite as tight as Sophia's, but it still shows off her beautiful breasts. She also wears a skirt that is just as tight with a matching pair of shoes.

We head to the restaurant, the same Italian one I took Sophia to previously. We sit with the girls sitting on either side of me. As we conversate about random subjects I feel a hand start up my leg moving toward my cock. I turn to look at Riley and she winks at me. A second later Sophia grabs my hand guides it to her pussy and to my surprise she has no panties on. I can feel the smoothness of her freshly shaved pussy.

Almost instantly, my cock is rock hard. I remember the last time I was here with Sophia and Miranda and the fun I had. This is going to be another night I won't soon forget.

The waiter comes to the table to take our order. He is the same one as last time too and since there is a table cloth on the table, he can't see what is going on under it. He takes our order and leaves.

I turn my attention back to what is taking place and I slid a finger between my sister's moist pussy lips and then a second. She leans back a little with her eyes closed as my fingers penetrate her deeply. Riley on the other hand has my pants unzipped and her hand wrapped around my throbbing cock, slowly stroking it up and down.

My fingers are soaked, being buried in Sophia's pussy and I have my thumb rubbing her clit. Real quickly she starts shaking as she nears orgasm. Sophia leans in and grabs my head and kisses me hard on the lips. She pulls away and grabs my hand from her pussy and licks it clean of her juices. Riley leans over me and kisses Sophia, tasting Sophia's juices on her lips.

I almost want to end dinner right here, right now and get both home, but my thoughts are cut short when the waiter arrives with our dinner. We eat, trying very hard to keep our hands to ourselves and finish rather quickly. I pay and once again the thought of taking these two home enters my mind, but I shake the thought away. It is Sophia's birthday and I still have plans for the evening.

Our next stop is a movie. Our last trip to the movies ended a little odd and I honestly can't wait to see how this trip will go.

The theater is pretty empty tonight as it usually is on the weekdays. We find seats at the top and lucky for us there aren't a lot of people nor are there any near us. I sit down with the girls on either side of me like earlier in the restaurant. They both lift up the arms of the chair so that there isn't anything between us. While we wait for the movie to start and the lights go dim I begin to think dirty thoughts causing my cock to get hard.

When the movie does start, neither of them makes a move, so I wait a little before sliding my hands into their laps. I know Sophia isn't wearing panties so I assume the same for Riley. Both of my hands find their pussies. I pull their skirts up just enough to slide my fingers into their pussies. Sophia sighs as she feels my fingers penetrate her. Riley actually jumps a little bit as she feels my fingers begin to probe her pussy. Both are very wet and I can feel the heat from their pussies. I pull my fingers out and lick each one of them, tasting their juices.

When I return my fingers between their legs I start to finger fuck them, making sure my fingers go deep while my thumbs play with their clits. I finger fuck them with two fingers, harder and harder and as deep as I can get my fingers in. After a few minutes I feel both start to shake. Sophia grabs my arms while Riley my leg. Simultaneously, their cum together. I hold my fingers in their pussies until their orgasms finish and when I pull my fingers out, they each grab the fingers that were in the other's pussy and lick my fingers clean.

My cock is rock hard and ready to burst out of my pants and that's when I feel Riley's hand go into my pants, grabbing my cock with her soft hands. While Riley is in my pants, Sophia helps by undoing my button and zipper, freeing my cock. Sophia grabs the back of Riley's head and forces her down onto my cock.

With Riley's lips wrapped around my cock and Sophia holding her head down, my sister leans over and kisses me. After a few minutes, Sophia pulls Riley off my cock so that she can suck on it. She lifts her head free of it after several long minutes and grabs Riley again, but this time to kiss her hard on the lips. Riley grasps my cock as she embraces the kiss and starts pumping. Within seconds I explode and my cum literally shoots into the air, landing on her hand and my lap. The girls break their kiss and leans down to lap my cum from Riley's hand and my lap until there is nothing left. They kiss again hard and finally I say, "I think it's time we get home."

As quickly as we came into the theater we are leaving. I can't wait to get them home and as I soon find out neither can they.

As I drive Riley and Sophia take to the back seat. Within moments Sophia has her shirt off and helping Riley out of hers. They lock lips once again and start fondling each other. I smile to myself at the thought of bringing Riley out tonight being a good idea.

Then Sophia grabs Riley's head and pushes her into her wet, waiting pussy. My cock bounces back to life and I immediately hear Sophia moan. I continue driving and listening. I steal a peek every now and again as I have to make sure to stay on the road and not get pulled over. It would be rather hard explaining the situation taking place in my back seat to a police officer.

When I look back to see them again, they are licking each other's pussies. They are moaning and squirming around as if in a frenzy. Sophia is on the bottom with her back arched up while Riley grinds her pussy on my sister's face. At this point I am ready to cum all over myself again.

We make it home without incident and I barely get the door closed before they are tearing my clothes off me. Once I am as naked as them we head for the bedroom. They beat me to the bed and jump onto it. Sophia is climbing onto Riley's face by the time I get onto the bed myself.

I slide between Riley's legs and slide my cock in with one thrust. I lift her legs up as I bury my cock in her and then take one of Sophia's breasts into my mouth. I get a good rhythm going and Sophia is already trembling with multiple orgasms before sliding off my co-worker's face. I take advantage of Riley's cum glistening face and drop her legs. I lean forward to lick Sophia's juices off Riley's face. When I finish Riley grabs Sophia and kisses her hard.

"Lay down," Sophia tells me a moment later. 'Riley, sit on his face."

I smile at my sister and say, "I thought it was your birthday today."

Sophia straddles me and buries my cock in her. "It is big brother, but that doesn't mean only I get to have all the fun."

She gets into a nice steady rhythm as my tongue slides deep into Riley's sweet tasting pussy. While tongue fucking Riley I feel a finger on my chin as Sophia starts playing with Riley's clit, making her grind her pussy harder on my mouth and then I feel fingers by my cock as Riley plays with Sophia's pussy.

After a little time has passed Sophia tells Riley to switch with her. They move off of me ready to switch, but before they do I am caught by surprise when Sophia starts to kiss and lick all of Riley's juices off of me. Riley slides down to my cock and engulfs it, licking and tasting all of Sophia's juices from it.

Sophia moves her hand down, grasping my cock as Riley sets her hot, wet pussy down on me. I smile as my sister drops her pussy over my face. I slide my tongue deep into my sister and perform a good tongue fucking as I had with Riley as my co-worker bounces on my cock.

Eventually, I feel my cock ready for release but I wanted to fill both of them up together, making the night even more special. So I lift Sophia off my face and then Riley off my cock and lay them onto the bed. I get Riley on top of my sister so that both their pussies are presented to me and ready for fucking.

I slide into Riley first and thrust in several times before switching to Sophia, repeating my thrusts. Back and forth I go like this while they kiss and play with each other and soon I am ready to cum.

I bury my cock deep into Sophia first and pound her pussy hard as Riley sucks on my sister's breasts. Sophia's body starts to shake in an explosive orgasm as I shoot a load deep inside her. I slide my cock quickly out of her wet pussy, dripping my cum over her and the bed and slam it into Riley's waiting pussy. I grab her hips and pound even harder. As soon as my cum hits the back of her cervix, it too sends her into orgasm.

I pull out and settle back onto the bed. To my surprise, Riley climbs of my sister and turns around to set her head between Sophia's legs. Her tongue darts out as she starts to gather up the oozing cum. Sophia doesn't miss a beat either and grabs Riley's thighs, pulling her down onto her own face, matching my co-worker's enthusiasm.

This night definitely won't be one to forget.

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