tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 18

Two are Better than One Ch. 18


As the weeks pass, Riley becomes more and more involved in mine and Sophia's activities. Riley keeps a professional atmosphere with me at work, but sometimes we sneak off for a quickie. Miranda, of course, is over almost every day as well.

I'm in my bedroom, changing from my work clothes when I hear footsteps from the girls. Miranda is the first to speak, "Don't turn around and look Justin, close your eyes."

I do as I am asked and say, "They're closed."

When Sophia says, "You can open them big brother," I get an instant hard on. They are standing in front of me and are the three hottest bodies I have the pleasure to look upon.

Sophia and Miranda are wearing lacey Teddies, black and purple and black and pink, respectively. Riley on the other hand is wearing a silk Baby Doll and as I look at each of them, my cock is as hard as it can be.

"I took them to work and let them pick out a couple of outfits," Riley says.

"You did a wonderful job," I say.

"I'd say," Sophia says looking down at my raging, hard cock.

Sophia then turns and kisses Miranda on the lips and runs her hands along the sides of Miranda's body. Miranda submits to my sister and after a moment Sophia lays back on the floor and reaches up to take Riley's hand and pull her to her.

Eat my pussy and make me cum," Sophia tells Riley.

Riley smiles and slips between my sister's legs.

"You," Sophia says grabbing Miranda's hand. "Straddle my face so I can eat your pussy."

Sophia wraps her arms around Miranda's legs as Miranda lowers her pussy down on Sophia's waiting lips while Riley licks Sophia's pussy. Miranda has her hands on Sophia's breasts as she grinds her pussy against her face. I can see her body tremble, as well as Sophia's. I notice Riley finger fucks her own pussy and rubs her clit as she licks my sister's pussy. She doesn't have an issue making herself cum.

The girls stay in this position for several long minutes and by now my cock is raging, fucking hard.

Sophia has Riley lay down on the floor and has Miranda start to lick Riley's pussy. What surprises me is when Sophia pulls out a strap-on from a bag I didn't see them bring in. I start to get even more excited and begin wondering what else is in the bag. If it came from work, then there is no telling.

Over the next hour I watch them switch positions and even bringing out more toys from the bag. At one point or another each has on the strap-on and using it on each other. They just keep making each other cum, giving me the show of a lifetime. Then, each of them grabs a toy and lay next to each other. Their pussies are all facing me, their legs spread open. It is the finale of their show.

As each girl plays with their hot, wet pussy, I watch as they orgasm each in their own way. Sophia is the first as she uses a bullet on her clit. Her body starts to shake and tremble hard as she screams out, "I cumming for you big brother! I'm cumming hard!"

I smile and reply, "Cum for me baby."

It sends her over the edge as her final orgasm rips through her body. Miranda follows quickly behind my sister. She uses her fingers, burying them deep in her pussy with her thumb on her clit. Watching her, I see her body tense up as she cums. Soft moans escape her lips as her orgasm hit full on. She grabs her breast with her hand and pinches her nipple hard before going limp from the power of her orgasm.

As I look from girl to girl, my cock is rock hard, bobbing between my legs, aching for release.

Reaching Riley, she is well on her way to her explosion. She is propped up on one hand and is working a vibrator deep in her pussy. It seems with every thrust she makes has her nearly screaming. All she keeps saying is, "Oh my god, I'm going to cum."

Just as she finishes saying that, she thrusts her hips up and with one final push of the toy, she explodes. "I'm cumming, ohhhh god, I'm cumming." Her body shakes and explodes.

I finally decide to take care of myself while watching them, so I start to slowly stroke my cock. I can't believe how hard I am. It is so hard, it almost hurts. I need the release that I am about to give myself, but it doesn't go as planned.

As I am starting to get into it, Sophia looks over at Miranda and says, "Go suck of Justin's cock. It looks like he needs some help."

Miranda smiles and almost as giddy as a school girl, looms over my cock, removes my hands from it and replaces it with hers. The next thing I know, she is swallowing my cock almost all the way down. Her mouth is intensely hot. With every stroke of her mouth, she takes me deeper and deeper, almost gagging. I open my eyes to look down and put my hand on the back of her head. Riley even tries to slide up and in to help Miranda out, but Sophia stops her.

"Riley, don't even think about it. Let Miranda have her fun."

As good as Miranda is with sucking my cock, I want to be buried deep inside her. I reach out and cup her face as I bring her up to me. I kiss her deeply as I help her put a leg on each side of me, her pussy looming just above my cock. Her hands are on my shoulders as she lowers her wetness down on me. She does it slowly so she can feel every inch of my cock enter her. She is so hot, her breasts right in front of my face. I lean forward to take a nipple into my mouth. Miranda moans as I suck on it as her pussy finally sits all the way down on my cock, burying it deep. She starts to rock back and forth and I can feel my cockhead rubbing on her cervix. I move my hands down to her hips and help her rock on my cock.

Miranda is cumming on my cock in no time. Her body shakes and she wraps her arms around my neck and holds me as her orgasm sweeps over her. It is beautiful; her naked young body against mine, her breasts against my chest. She is breathing heavily as her orgasm calms down. I am ready to explode myself so I have her get down on her hands and knees and sink my cock into her in one thrust.

I start pounding her pussy hard and fast. I bend forward and grab hold of her hair as I feel my cock swell. This is going to be a huge load and I have been waiting to unload it ever since the show started with the girls.

When we had gotten down into this position, Sophia had worked herself under my cock and Miranda's pussy so that she can be ready for any cum that happens to escape. I grab Miranda's hips and drive my cock in and out of her wetness.

Just as Miranda is cumming again, I shoot my load into her. It is so large from the long buildup that it seeps out around my cock and drips down onto my sister's face. And when my cock goes a little soft and pops out of Miranda's pussy, Sophia's mouth is there to take me in and clean my cock off of mine and Miranda's juices. Meanwhile, Riley has slip between Sophia's legs and furiously finger fucking her pussy, making her cum over and over.

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