tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 19

Two are Better than One Ch. 19


Sophia has wanted to know when Kevin was coming back over. We have been having so much fun with Miranda and Riley that I didn't realize she was missing having another cock stuffed in her. It has been several weeks since he has come over, but with the opening of two more of Kevin's erotic stores, he has been busy. Riley and I were with him when he opened his first and no one works harder then Kevin.

So to get my sister's mind off of things I decide to take her someplace special. I spoke to Kevin this past weekend and a special integration of one of his new stores is the installation of a glory hole room. Kevin invited both Sophia and I to try it out and afterward help Sophia with her need for his cock.

So we take the twenty-five minute trip to the next town where Kevin's new store is. I slip away as Sophia browses the store. Even though she is under age, Kevin didn't care, I mean hell we're both far older than she and we have both fucked her. He assures me that the booth is ready and he has some guys lined up for us.

I find Sophia easily enough and take her to the room. We slide in and I close and lock the door. Sophia takes a seat and after a few moments she asks, "What now?"

I smile at her and say, "We wait until someone goes into the other side."

We don't have to wait long until someone enters on the other side and pushes his semi-hard cock through the hole. I wink at my sister and she quickly gets on her knees in front of the glory hole and takes the cock into her mouth.

As she sucks the throbbing cock, I pull out my own cock and start stroking it. Real quickly, the guy on the other side starts bucking his hips and Sophia pulls away and starts stroking his cock. Soon, he is cumming and the first shot flies over her shoulder. Sophia frowns at this, but continues stroking the guy. The next few streams come out weakly and onto her hand. She lets go of his softening cock and the guy pulls back out of the hole and leaves.

Sophia looks up at me, still frowning and says, "That was a little disappointing."

I laugh and say, "Not all guys out there can do a good job you know."

"Yeah I guess so," she says looking at my cock in my hand.

She moves forward and seizes my shaft with her hand, which is still sticky with cum from the guy, and puts me into her mouth. While she sucks on me, I pull off her shirt, revealing her breasts with their hard nipples. I caress and pinch her nipples while she sucks my cock and toys with my balls.

When another man enters the other side I pull away from Sophia and look over at the hole. The man's eye is visible on the other side, peering at us. It disappears, only to be replaced by his cock. Sophia kneels in front of the wall and takes his cock between her lips.

"Are you going to suck down his cum?" I whisper into her ear.

She makes a Mmm hmm sound and she bobs furiously on his cock.

Eventually, the guy starts thrusting his cock in and out of Sophia's mouth. She keeps sucking, but increases her speed while reaching up to play with his shaft. A few minutes later, she squeals and pops his cock out of her mouth. I see her swallow his first rope of cum and then I watch the remaining streams of cum go all over Sophia's chin and breasts. She is smiling and breathing heavily the entire time.

When he pulls his cock away and leaves, Sophia looks up at me and grins. "Now that was a lot better."

Her face and breasts are sticky and glisten with sticky cum. The tip of her tongue slides out and licks at the mess on her chin. Then she reaches up and rubs the cum into her breasts.

"You look great," I say as I continue to stroke my cock.

"Want me to finish you off?" she asks.

I shake my head. "I'm going to fuck you while you suck off the next guy."

She smiles and stands up, sliding her shorts off and kicking them out of the way. Of course she didn't have on any panties, so her clean shaved pussy is revealed to me. We embrace and kiss passionately for a few minutes until we hear the door close on the other side.

I pull the only chair in the room over and sit on it with my cock sticking up into the air. As the other guy's cock slides through the hole, Sophia lowers her pussy onto my cock and then leans forward and takes his cock into her mouth.

We develop a rhythm with Sophia gently thrusting back and forth on my lap while she sucks hard on the new guy's cock. I run my finger down her ribs, squeezing her breasts. I run my hands over her stomach and down to her clit. I start rubbing circles on it while my cock pumps in and out of her tight little pussy.

I hear a moan before she sits up and allows the guy to finish cumming onto her stomach and thighs. When he withdraws, we stand up and then she sits down in the chair and takes my cock into her mouth. My cock almost immediately pulses and I shoot two thick globs of cum into the back of her throat. She swallows quickly before pulling away and directing the last of my spurts across her breasts and stomach.

A knock comes at our door and on the other side is Kevin's voice. "Can I come in?"

Sophia jumps to her feet and quickly unlocks the door. "Come in, come in."

Kevin is already stripping off his clothes as he steps through the door. Once he is as naked as Sophia he reaches for her. He squeezes her breasts and slides in to kiss on her neck. In those few seconds I strip off my clothes, my cock jutting straight out with a renewed energy. It bobs slightly as I step behind her. I run my hands down her side and onto her ass.

I slide my hand to her inner thigh and fingers directly into her pussy. Sliding them back and forth, they are immediately enveloped in her wetness. Sophia bends forward slight and I slide two fingers inside her.

"She is totally wet and ready Justin," I say.

Kevin smiles at me and I pull my fingers from her pussy, sliding them backward between her ass cheeks. I then grab her hips and guide to the floor. Sophia gets on her hands and knees and spreads her legs apart. Justin looks at her pussy greedily and grabs his cock with one hand. I hold my sister's head gently and put my cock right at her mouth. As she opens her mouth to let me in, Justin parts her pussy lips with his cockhead, sliding it up and down a couple times between her slit.

As Kevin slides his cock in Sophia, she groans around my cock. Kevin matches her groan with of his own as he slides halfway into her. Grasping both hips, he slides back out and then pushes back all the way in. He starts to rock back and forth quickly, going deep into her. The impact of his hips pushes her forward onto my cock, so it goes almost to the back of her throat.

Kevin's hand moves from her hip and slides around her side as he reaches for her clit. He finds it quickly and starts to rub and from the sudden jerk from Sophia, I know it probably gave her the boost she needs to orgasm.

She starts to jerk and shudder as his fingers slide over her clit rapidly. Sophia starts to rock her hips up as Kevin increases the rhythm of his thrusts. The position of her hips, I can tell, makes his cock center perfectly on her asshole. With the almost of pussy juices and cum between her ass cheeks and on his cock, it make it possible for him to slide right into her ass.

He thrusts forward and his cock slides in halfway. Sophia jerks forward again and my cock slides to her throat and keeps going. To my surprise, she swallows my cock and it slides partly down her throat. She jerks back from my cock just as Kevin thrusts forward again and his cock slides all the way into her ass.

Sophia slides her fingers across her clit as Kevin begins pumping her hard and fast. The slap of his hips onto her ass pushes her even further onto my cock. She swallows me again as I push forward with perfect timing and bring her nose all the way to my stomach. Then her orgasm breaks as Kevin fills her bowels with his hot cum. The sight of it makes me cum as well and with my cock slid down my sister's throat, I pump my cum straight into her stomach. I pull back just as the last spurt comes out so that Sophia can have a taste of it, just as she likes. With Kevin still press tight again her ass, she cannot move back off of my cock and one more spurt escapes my cock to hit her mouth which she greedily swallows down.

I fall to the floor, pulling my cock from her mouth. Kevin falls a bit on Sophia with his cock still buried tightly inside her ass. She half collapses to the floor and Kevin flops to the side with his cock making an audible pop sound. We lay here panting when Sophia says, "My god, I have never had an orgasm like that before."

I smile as I look over to Kevin as he has the same smile on his face. Sophia lays back with her eyes closed, her fingers slipping back over her clit.

"I hope you boys don't think you're finished with me."

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