tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 20

Two are Better than One Ch. 20


Kevin has me and Riley working near overtime at one of his new stores, but we still find time to get together and play. He was not too surprised when he found out Riley was in on things and very eager to get a taste of her.

So one night after work we decide to get together and have a few beers.

I just get back into the living room with a beer for Sophia when I notice Riley is making herself comfortable on the love seat with Kevin. I sit down next to Sophia and her hand instantly slides over onto my cock. Riley is kissing Kevin, so I start to kiss Sophia. I slip my hand down between her thighs. My fingers touch her pussy lips as she parts her legs and I work my fingertip into her pussy as she squirms beside me.

"Wait Justin," she says standing up. "I have to pee."

Sophia heads off for the bathroom, but stops as she gets to the hallway and she looks back at me smiling. Then she asks, "Aren't you coming to help?"

Riley and Kevin are kissing each other deeply so I go to Sophia and grab her hand as we walk into the bathroom. As soon as Sophia and I get into the bathroom, she pulls my head down to her and we start kissing. As we kiss, she is still dancing around with her thighs tightly together.

She breaks our kiss and she says smiling at me, "Lie down in the bathtub Justin."

I get into the tub and lay on my back. Sophia gets in as well, except she stands over top of me and then squats down with her pussy just off my chest. Her pussy looks great like this as her pussy lips hang down from it. Sophia's pussy is wide open when she asks smiling down at me, "You ready big brother?"

I nod as the first little tinkle of pee runs out of her pussy. It splashes on my chest and I watch the tinkle turn into a steady stream of pee ever so slowly creeping up my chest. Sophia starts to bare down, which causes her pee to come out in a torrent. Her pee sprays me like a dose, all over my face. I open mouth, letting her fill it and then I spit it back out.

"You are a dirty boy," Sophia says as the last few shots of pee hit against my face.

Sophia's pee slows to just dripping off her lips onto my chest. She drops to her knees and straddles my face. Her wet, pee soaked pussy lands right over my mouth. I stick my tongue out, right up into her pussy. Sophia then starts to rock her pussy onto my face.

"Ahhh, Justin. You make my pussy feel so good," she yells out as she rides my face to a quick orgasm.

Sophia gets off my face and we get out of the tub. She uses a towel to clean me up. I bend over slightly, taking her into my arms as my lips go to hers. I kiss her deeply before I slip my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues dance in each other's mouths as we kiss with my hard cock poking into her stomach.

We walk back into the living room, finding Riley and Kevin in a sixty-nine position. Sophia and I go back over to the couch and sit down. Sophia takes my cock into her hand and starts stroking it as we watch the other two.

Riley is licking and sucking just on Kevin's cockhead. Kevin is pulling Riley's ass cheeks apart as he licks at her pussy from beneath her. Her asshole looks very inviting from where I am sitting.

Riley suddenly pulls her head off Kevin's cock and says, "I want you to fuck me Kevin."

She climbs off of him as Sophia leans in and kisses me deeply. She slips her tongue into my mouth and when we break our kiss we turn back toward Kevin and Riley.

Riley lies back onto the couch, spreading her legs as Kevin climbs onto her. She moans as Kevin lunges forward, pushing his cock into her. As Kevin starts to go in and out of her, Sophia wraps her arms around my neck and straddles e, pulling herself on top. I feel her hands reach down to my cock and she begins rubbing it at the entrance of her pussy. My cockhead slips in between her lips and she rises up a bit before sitting back down on me.

"Ahhh, Justin," she moans as she sits down onto my cock.

I slip up into her as she starts to work her pussy slowly up and down on my cock. As Sophia starts to kiss me again, my hands slip around and grab her ass. I pull her down, thrusting my cock into her as deep as it can go. Instantly, she starts to rock on my cock. Her wet pussy is gripping at my cock as she moves and in no time she is bouncing up and down on me. Her pussy feels so smooth as it wraps around my cock.

When she removes her hands from around my neck she wraps them under my thighs and leans back, moaning. She starts to squirm and I remove my hands from her ass to grab her bouncing breasts, squeezing her nipples gently.

"Suck on my breasts big brother," she moans softly.

I lean in and kiss them before sucking one of her nipples into my mouth. I tease her nipple with my tongue, twirling it around the hard nub. I switch from one to the other and over time I can feel my cock start to twitch inside her.

Sophia leans into me as she whispers into my ear, "Give me your cum. Fill my pussy."

She starts to shake and buck. I feel my cock swell and then it throbs deeply in her pussy as it starts to pump cum up into her. Sophia and I fight the urges to moan as we kiss each other hard. I blast rope after rope into her womb and she shakes as she too reaches climax.

I hear Riley nearly scream as Kevin lets out a loud groan. As my cock slips out of her, I feel little drops of cum on my thighs as it seeps from her pussy. Sophia wraps her arms around my neck and leans in to kiss me.

"I love you big brother," she says.

I smile up at her. "I love you too, little sister."

Then I grin at her.


"What do you think of having a baby with me?" I ask a moment later.

She grins back at me and says, "Just one?"

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