tagGroup SexTwo Bi-Curious Couples Meet

Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet


This is a work of fiction and a fantasy of ours. If stories containing same-sex scenes are a turn-off, please read no further. Your feedback is important to us. Please vote if you like and comments are always welcome.


The following weekend my wife and I packed our overnight things and drove to Mike's two bedroom apartment. We did not need to meet at the bar (as we did for our first meeting) and brought the necessary provisions for a night of fun and passion with our new friends. Lisa thought it wise for me not to cum for three days but she was not to be denied and during my three days of me not getting any, did not leave her without sexual satisfaction. During those three days I ate her, fucked her with her assorted toys and even dp'ed her with two of her favorites-a large and thick monster stuffed in her pussy with a thinner white vibrator shoved in her ass. Finally, Saturday night arrived and we met Mike and his girlfriend Marie at the door to his place.

We stole appreciative glances at each other and hugs and kisses were done at the doorway as Mike led us inside. Lisa was dressed to thrill wearing a purple push-up bra one size too small to enunciate her generous breasts. Her black dress showed plenty of cleavage and a provocative slip along her legs showed off her purple garter belt. Her shoes were black 3-inch high heels. Underneath, Lisa wore matching satin, purple crotchless panties. Marie wore the total slut outfit with a see-through blue blouse, black lace bra, and a mini skirt which barely covered her ass cheeks. Her 5-inch heel shoes had fine tips which accentuated her attire. I don't think she was wearing panties. Mike wore a mostly-buttoned shirt, showing off his hairy chest, with neat trousers and a nice pair of comfortable shoes. I wore a comfortable polo-type shirt with slacks and beige shoes. I noticed his apartment was neat and organized as Lisa and I entered, closely held by our hosts.

Mike kissed his girlfriend as I kissed my wife then we traded partners. When I kissed and hugged Marie, my suspicions were confirmed that panties were not part of her ensemble. I might have even caught a whiff of pheromones as our quick introductory peck turned went a little further. I opened my eyes briefly to see that my wife was not exactly bashful with our one-time sexual partner, squeezing his ass cheeks, as they embraced tightly and lips locked. Seeing their welcoming embrace, I became more relaxed and comfortable holding Mike's sexy woman.

We finally broke our embraces and Lisa and Marie wasted little time becoming more acquainted. They held each other for a moment and respectful kisses soon developed into tender, if cautious, touches and kisses. Their lips, beginning with cheeks, soon evolved into kisses of noses, chins, and finally lips and tongues. Mike and I had a hand on each other's sides taking in this incredibly fucking sexy sight.

The hello's out of the way, Mike led us to the living room, Lisa and Marie still holding adoringly onto each other. I handed Mike the wine and Peppermint Schnapps my wife likes to drink. As he headed toward the kitchen to open the wine, he motioned me to the guest bedroom where I could drop off the carry-on bag my wife and I brought along. Lisa and Marie plopped on the couch together and sat closely together, their lips touching from time to time between hushed and (im)polite conversation (who knows what was being discussed between two women?).

When I returned from the clean guest bedroom, Mike was entering the living room with two opened bottles of wine and four glasses. Lisa had moved to the loveseat, where I joined her, stealing a quick kiss and holding her thigh. Mike sat next to Marie and with the coffee table between us, we leaned toward each other and chinked our wine filled glasses. Lisa proclaimed, "To great adventures with new friends!" We all agreed excitedly and half drank the contents within the glasses.

The women started the conversation, almost in unison. Each of the women were asking questions and making statements-all of sexual content. Mike and I were not quite sure how to react and let the women sort this out. Mike was only beginning to explore and enjoy his new sexual freedom. Marie was younger, perhaps only thirty, and not as sexually uninhibited as Lisa and I and not quite as sexually liberated as Mike (who is in his late thirties). Therefore, Marie's questions preceded all others. She wanted to know so much about Lisa and I and what we have done, thought about doing, and what we considered taboo. Marie admitted to her own minimal sexual activities and when Mike fucked her ass that was about the kinkiest thing she had ever done. Well, that and when she finger-fucked Mike's ass when he wrote the email to us (she added, a little flushed with embarrassment). Lisa smiled knowingly and, taking another drink of wine and emptying it, added to Marie's knowledge by relating some of her own experiences.

Glasses were refilled again and again as tales from each person's past became intimate knowledge for each of us. Lisa explained that she had some fun and kinky encounters in the past which included two and more guys, a guy and a girl and a score of one-on-one encounters. Mike told us of his one-on-one encounters but did not experience a threesome until he met my wife and I. Marie discussed her few one-on-one encounters, including a few blowjobs she had given in the back of a car and the one time she blew someone in a movie theatre. I mentioned a few of my experiences leaving out the more raucous in fear I would startle them too much. Marie was more curious though and asked in detail what I had done with men. I replied that I had a couple of same-sex experiences and became intimately familiar with a couple of transsexuals and transvestites. We drank the remnants of the wine in silence, letting our combined sexual encounters sink into our thoughts.

Lisa motioned to me that her glass was empty and it was time to bring on the Schnapps. Mike and I took this as a hint and excused ourselves to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Mike was asking me a whole bunch of questions and when I glanced into the living room, Marie had moved next to Lisa and seemed to be grilling her as well. Mike was asking me how many guys, TVs and TS's I had been with and what we did. Marie, as I learned later, was asking Lisa how many guys at one time and how often, what they did and would she do it again. I asked Mike if he was real curious or just barely curious. He said he was real curious so I put his hand on my slacks and made him feel my growing erection straining against the material. He did not move his hand away and we both looked at the girls to see what they were doing. The loveseat was situated so we could only see the backs of our beautiful women's heads, though they were close together. He held his hand over my clothes covered cock and began to slide his palm up and down the shape of my seven inches of hard meat. I was thinking that Lisa and Marie might be up to the same touches and feels so my hand slowly snaked its way to Mike's growing erection and rubbed him in a similar manner to which he was feeling me. Not to get too carried away, we broke our contact, waited a few moments to calm down and returned from the kitchen. Not to seem like an unwanted voyeur, I cleared my throat as we neared the ladies. They shifted slightly but did not relinquish their seats like they had earlier in the evening. They took the proffered glasses, clinking them together, winking at each other before they sipped.

Mike and I now sat at the couch while the ladies were becoming more and more familiar with each other-and more intimate. Marie's legs draped over Lisa's lap as they sipped their liquor and giggled while watching us guys. They showed more leg and Marie unbuttoned her blouse, showing all of us her delicious breasts. Lisa caught us guys watching, even though she herself was looking with lust in her mind, was not to be outdone and slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, giving everyone a real good view of her tightly enclosed breasts. Lisa's nipples seemed to be pushing hard to escape the confines the bra. The women eyed each other as though searching for an opening to exploit.

Before continuing, the ladies each showed their glasses-empty-and in need of a refill. Mike hastened to the bottle on the coffee table and quickly acquiesced to their wants; refilling each glass. Marie clearly noticed Lisa's nipples' attempted outbreak and tweaked each covered nipple playfully. Lisa reached over and opened Marie's blouse, leaving Marie's breast to be lasciviously viewed with little obstruction. Marie's hand moved quickly between Lisa's awesome and full breasts and tugged at the bra's clasp in the middle, plucking it open with a flick of her fingers. Lisa's 44DD breasts spilled forward escaping with seemingly wild abandon. Lisa pulled Marie's legs tighter to her and when Marie leaned forward, Lisa easily removed her blouse in one smooth movement. Marie tried to reel backward but not enough as Lisa held her firmly and raised Marie's body up and toward her giving my wife easy access to feast on her smaller but well formed breasts. Marie stopped fumbling and gave in to this erotic experience of another woman sucking on her tits. The feeling was different-so soft yet very, very hot. Marie gasped and gave into the feeling as Lisa sucked one available nipple and then the other. When Lisa let go for a moment to adjust positions, Marie seized the opportunity and pushed Lisa against the couch cushion and grabbed her breasts, lunging her face between Lisa's heavy tits. Marie lapped and sucked hungrily on Lisa's nipples and my wife just leaned back and enjoyed the younger woman's eager tongue and fingers.

Lisa was working her way to lay prone on the loveseat and take advantage of this pretty and very sexual neophyte. Marie either did not notice or care and soon she found herself fully on top of my wife, their breasts now mashing against each other and their lips touching. Lisa spread her legs wide, her dress bunched around her hips from top and bottom. Marie was little more dressed as she excitedly squirmed against the older woman. Her mini skirt was also bunched around her hips and we guys could see each woman's ass, breast, and catch glimpses of fur and pussy lips. Marie fit so perfectly within the vee of Lisa's outstretched legs and their pussy lips met together in a sexual crush. The women's arousal soon permeated the air until the sense of lust was all around the room.

Mike and I sat enraptured by this naked display of sexual wantonness. I undid my belt and pulled my shoes, pants, and underwear off letting my very hard cock breathe and for me to further enjoy the women's erotic actions. Mike watched the ladies-then me- and began rubbing his crotch absently. Lisa and Marie paused in their foreplay, catching their breaths. They looked at us and as Marie ogled my hard seven inch cock, Lisa spoke softly but filled with lust, "John, take Mike's cock out." Unabashed, I leaned over and undid his belt. Mike absently lifted his hips so I could lower his clothes to the floor, leaving him and I naked below the waists. Marie was fascinated and grasped onto Lisa's breasts and said to me, "Put him in your mouth. I want to see!" She throatily added.

I looked up at Mike as I leaned over his waist, holding his cock so the girls could see me grasping his shorter but thicker cock. He nodded in amazement and held his breath as I turned back toward the women and made a show of putting his dick head between my lips and slowly sliding his dick further into my mouth. Lisa positioned herself on her side in front of my wife and Lisa carefully held Marie's breast in her hand. Lisa's other hand lightly stroking Marie's hair. Marie slid one hand between her open thighs and delicately stroked her clit and pussy while she watched my head descend lower and lower over Mike's very hard cock. I played with Mike's balls, balancing each and feeling their weight in my fingers and palm as I lifted my lips halfway along his shaft and then plunged more of his cock into the back of my mouth. I made soft sucking sounds as I bobbed my head up and down, making sure the girls could see my actions. Lisa was slowly grinding her pussy up and down Marie's ass, as she was getting hotter by the wanton display of male-to-male foreplay. Mike moaned as I managed to suck his cock to his balls and breathed out loudly as his dick popped from my mouth only to be sucked back inside my eager mouth.

I continued to bob up and down on his dick making louder sucking sounds as the cock head disappeared between my lips again and again. Mike's gasps and ragged breaths told me I was giving him a real good blowjob and the periodic drops of precum I tasted and swallowed was another strong indication he liked what I was doing to him.

"Mike, now it is your turn! I want to see you do it to John! I want to watch you suck cock!!" Marie was almost begging her lover as she slid one finger in and out of her pussy. Mike broke from his trance and saw his girlfriend finger fucking herself and Lisa slowly frigging Marie's clit while squeezing a sweet breast. I stopped my sucking and looked at the two women who were definitely enjoying the show-and each other. I leaned up, removed the last article of clothing I was wearing and sat upright and looked at Mike wondering what he would do. Mike removed his shirt as well and looked at me, then at the girls, and finally, at my hard cock. "Do it! Do it." The women chimed as Lisa was finger fucking herself with renewed assault.

Mike tentatively reached toward my cock and leaned forward. Unsure of what to do (or why he was doing it in the first place), he gently held my shaft in his semi-rough hand. He then stroked slowly up and down and looked at me while he did it. I smiled at him and reached behind him to lightly rub his shoulders and added a slight downward pressure to indicate what I really wanted-his tongue, his mouth. He paused and looked at the expectant ladies before lowering his head to the first cock he was about to ever experiment with that was not his own.

His lips met my piss slit and he snaked out a tongue to flick across it, tasting my precum. Drawing his tongue back in his mouth, he seemed to taste it and then deciding the taste and texture was not too bad, he lowered his head again. This time, however, he did not stop with a lick across my mushroom headed tip. Instead, he opened his mouth wide and slowly enveloped my cock between his lips taking in my cock head and a couple inches of hard and pulsing shaft. The girls gasped and I think Marie had a mini-orgasm watching her newly found boyfriend sucking a man's cock. Lisa held onto Marie and began to slowly grind her pussy on Marie's ass once again, this time the passion inside Lisa building to higher levels. Her grinds against the younger woman excited Lisa and she felt her pussy lips becoming more excited as she rubbed herself against the woman. Marie did not mind one bit this unexpected action and bucked her hips backward, allowing Lisa to do what she wanted. All the while, neither woman's eyes left the homosexual activities taking place mere feet in front of them.

Mike swallowed more and more of my cock inside his mouth. Soon his head began to bob, slowly at first, then increasing in tempo. Each time his head bobbed downward, more of my cock felt his hot and wet mouth. I continued to feel his shoulders and pushing him downward, urging him to take more of my cock in his mouth. His lips felt reaaaaaalll good on my cock. Maybe I did this to him because I wanted to feel in control or maybe I did it so he would be comfortable letting me take control and be willing to do whatever I wanted if I only gently persuaded him from time to time. Whatever the reason, I felt Mike massage my balls as I did his and I felt him swallow more and more of me, sensing he was becoming more familiar and more willing with my hard fuck tool.

"I need fucking cock!" Marie almost screamed out as another orgasm took control of her. She regained control of herself and slid to the floor, beckoning her lover to her. Mike lifted his head up, looked at me, and then scrambled to the floor and quickly closed the distance between he and his woman. His hard cock was inside her almost instantly as my wife and I watched the foreplay while still on the couches. Marie moaned out loud as Mike pumped his cock in and out of her quickly and with greater force each time he penetrated her drenched pussy.

Lisa looked down at the couple and positioned herself on all fours while still on the loveseat. She glanced at me as she wiggled her hips in clear invitation to fill her aching cunt. I slowly got off the couch, watching Marie and Mike frantically fuck on the floor. I could hear each of the lover's sexy and loud profane comments to each other as he pounded his dick in and out of her. I mounted my wife while I continued to watch the fucking and my cock soon squished inside the delicious and familiar pussy I have eaten and fucked for years. My wife's reaction was to push her hips backward to get more of me inside her as she loudly moaned and looked down at the floor watching the lovers embrace and intense fucking.

I filled my wife again and again, fucking her deeply as I watched the two on the floor going at it hard and heavy. They switched positions and she was sitting on top of him, clawing at his hairy chest and heaving her body up and down, her controlling how hard and fast he penetrated her. I spread my wife's ass cheeks as I pumped her with my cock again and again, fucking her faster and more violent as I began spanking her ass and feeling her bucking hips between my fingers. The harder I fucked her, the more she pushed back. The more I slapped her ass cheeks, the more she moaned in ecstasy. My cock was sluicing in and out of her much easier now, her mini-orgasms coating the walls of her hot and soaked vagina.

Mike was the first to pronounce he was cumming. His exclamation prompted Marie to begin her orgasmic convulsions which set me off and then finally my wife was shaking in a powerful orgasm. Mike filled Marie with his exploding cum as I filled Lisa with my own. Marie leaned forward and her and my wife kissed hard. Mike still sucked onto Marie's tasty looking breasts as I massaged my wife's ass cheeks. Our orgasms were intense and the afterglow on each of us was evidence of a great and fun sexual experience.

Marie dismounted from her lover and Mike slid out of the way. I pulled out of my wife's soaking pussy and eased onto the floor, sitting on the rug with a contented smile spread across my face. Marie laid down and absently ran her fingers across her sweaty breasts and to her wet pussy, soaked with her and her boyfriend's juices. I had an excellent view of both cum-oozing pussies. The two women were looking at each other and I think we were all stunned when Marie said softly to Lisa, "I want to taste you."

Lisa redirected herself on the sofa and looked briefly at me, both of us smiling, then our eyes looked down at the juicy and wet snatch of the younger woman. Lisa slowly descended from the couch, her thighs encircling Marie's head and with each hand on Marie's hips, placed her lips just above the clit and licked downward. Marie gasped as the tongue reached her pelvic bone and ever so softly licked toward her puffy and excited clit. When Lisa sucked lightly on the woman's protruded sex, Marie gasped and seemed to want to stifle her moans; inadvertently pushing Lisa's pussy into her mouth.

Mike and I watched enraptured at the other lover's sexy fuck-box and ass as the women slowly and sensuously pleased each other orally. Mike had an up close view of my wife's ass and Marie's exploration of my wife's hot and wet cunt. He looked at me first and seeing my grinning face, grasped Lisa's ass cheeks. He massaged her ass cheeks slowly and circulating his touch so her asshole was viewable and then disappeared as he massaged her cheeks together. He opened and closed her ass cheeks slowly and deliberately time and again. I eased the coffee table out of the way and crawled over toward this new development. When I reached my wife's ass, I grasped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, offering her puckered hole to him. My wife sighed as she felt Mike's tongue slowly circle his way along the crevice of her ass cheeks toward her sphincter.

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