Two Bi Studs for Brenda


"Ohhhh, yes!!!!" Tom cried out, loving the probe, pushing back eagerly against my fingers, his ass hot and getting hotter. I twisted my fingers inside him as Kevin watched. Then I pulled them out.

"Have yourself a feel," I said, taking hold of Tom's buns myself now, and spreading them wide.

"Yeah, dude, let me see what you got back here for me," Kevin said, sliding two of his big fingers into Tom's bottom as Tom looked over his shoulder back at Kevin, his eyes blazing with excitement and arousal. And my eyes were wide too as they took in the lewd sight of one guy fingering another guy's ass. Why did the sight of men taking pleasure with each other suddenly press all my buttons? All I know is that it sure made my clit stiffen and my pussy cream.

"Let's try this now," I said picking up a vibrator as Kevin pulled out his fingers and I slid the vibrator in their place. Now Kevin just watched, fisting himself in a lazy trance, as I reamed out Tom's ass some more. I'd reamed plenty of female assholes with this same vibrator, but never before had it been buried in a man's bottom. Now while there are some dykes I know who'd completely freak out if they saw what I was doing, there are others who'd get a charge out of it, a real charge. Even dykes who'd never, ever really make it with a man still sometimes fantasize about things like topping a dude with a strap-on, or reaming him out with a vibrator.

Now I pulled out the vibrator and reached over for the jar of lubricant, handing it to Kevin.

"Add some more lube, will you?" I said, wanting Kevin to do it. Watching him dig his fingers into the jar and then work a big dab in Tom's crack, spreading it all over his hole and then sliding his fingers back inside the slick, greased sphincter brought an extra jolt to my clit. Shit, I didn't realize that watching one man play with another man's ass would have quite this effect on me!

"Now how about you work this baby inside him," I said, handing Kevin the dildo.

He slid that dildo right up Tom's ass nice and smooth and steady as I reached down to massage his cock, thinking that cock would be next thing to be buried inside Tom's bottom.

"Oh yeah," I purred, leaning over and whispering into Kevin's ear, but whispering loud enough so Tom could hear. "That cock of yours is going to feel so good inside there! Are you ready? Are you ready to fuck Tom? Are you ready to force that big, stiff shaft of yours inside him."

Kevin looked at me, a wicked gleam in his eye.

"I'm ready alright, but you know what I'd like to do first, Brenda?
"Tell me, what?"

"I'd like to fuck you, Brenda," he said, point blank.

"Whoa now," I said, shaking my head. "You know I'm a pretty hardcore dyke, fellas. I don't fuck men. You got me to fool around with you today, but getting fucked? That's something else."

"Aw, c'mon, Brenda," Kevin said, a big smirk on his face. "Look at you. You got your fingers wrapped around my dick and I'd guess you like the feel of what you're holding. And you just sucked my cock, didn't you? I didn't see you gag. So now about I fuck you. I mean, look at me and Tom. We're doing stuff today we never do, and we're not queers. So you won't stop being a dyke just because you let me fuck you."

"Yeah, but—" I started to protest when Tom interrupted me.

"Be a sport, Brenda, do it," Tom now added. "Let Kevin fuck you. It'd be so cool to see him work it up your pussy, then pull it out, all warm and slick, and shove it right up my ass."

I was in a bit of a shock, but I had to admit they had a point. I may've been a dyke, but here I was happily massaging a big cock which I had gladly sucked just minutes ago. So why not take it in my pussy, why not let Kevin fuck me? Plus, I'd been seeking this nasty chick, a black sex freak, a sprinter with a gorgeous slim, muscled body, who loved strapping on her big, black dildo and fucking the daylights out of me. So it's not like I didn't love getting fucked, though my thing was sluts with strap-ons, rather than guys.

"Oh, why not. Go ahead and fuck me, Kevin." I said.

Big smiles lit up both of their faces.

"Here, sit down on the couch over here and let me get on top of you."

With Kevin being as big as he was, I wanted to ride him so I could control his thrusts.

Tom moved aside as Kevin leaned back, his ten-inch cock sticking straight and stiff up like some sentinel of raw virility. I straddled him, reaching down to work it against my pussy. And then I just bore down. I could hardly believe I was doing it. It had been years since I'd been fucked by a man. And, altogether, I'd only fucked men three or four times in my whole life. Slowly I impaled myself on his cock. Damn, now that it was inside me I could really appreciate just how thick it was. It made me wonder whether Tom would actually be able to take it up his ass. But I had to admit that it sure felt good!

I looked down at Kevin, who had a big shit-eating grin on his face. And why shouldn't he. He had convinced a confirmed dyke to let him fuck her, and a foxy one at that.

I rode him nice and smooth and easy, twisting my pelvis, squeezing the shaft with my cunt as I strained to take inch after inch inside.

"You feel pretty good, mister," I chuckled.

"So do you, so do you," he said, holding on to my hips and driving it up into me as I bore down on it. Tom was mesmerized, watching every move.

"Come up here, kneel up on the couch over here," I said to Tom who scampered up to join us, his stiff dick staring us both in the eye as I kept riding Kevin. I took hold of Tom's cock and brought it close to my mouth.

"Mmmmmh, one inside me, and one to suck on. Yum, yum!" I purred lewdly, wrapping my lips around Tom's shaft. By normal standards, Tom was pretty nicely hung himself, though not quite a freak of nature like Kevin. Kevin had a shit-eating grin on his face, fucking me, and watching me suck Tom's cock. I'd so often told him what a true-blue dyke I was that he obviously got a kick now seeing me get into cock in a big way. But I was going to wipe that grin off his face.

"Now about you have a taste, Kevin?" I said, holding Tom's cock in my hand, waving it in front of Kevin's face.

"Uh—I don't know—that's not really my thing," Kevin said, trying to beg off.

But I wasn't going to let him get off that easy.

"Oh, c'mon, look at me," I teased. "I'm a goddamned lesbian! And look what I'm doing. I've fed on two cocks today and I have yours inside me. If I can do it, you can do it, Kevin. You're not suddenly going to stop being straight just because you suck a little cock, if that's what's worrying you."

I threw it right back at him. And I knew he couldn't deny the truth of what I was saying.

Kevin hesitated a moment, looking at me, then staring at Tom's penis, inches from his face. He shrugged, smiled a sexy smile, then took hold of Tom's cock and wrapped his lips around it.

"Yes! Suck it!" I cried out, delighted, as I rode Kevin's pole. Now I'd seen both the guys suck each other. Tom loved it too. His eyes were closed and he looked blissful as Kevin chewed on his shaft. I'd heard that even guys who suck dick for the first time are often good at it, instinctively knowing just what to do. They're said to sometimes show much more skill and finesse in the art of fellatio than women who've been sucking cock for years. That makes sense. I rarely meet a man who eats pussy as well as even a raw female newcomer to cunnilingus.

After getting a nice dose of oral pleasure, Tom pulled away and disappeared behind us.

"Oh man, oh yeah!" Kevin sighed a moment later. "He's licking it, licking it while I work it inside you."

This really hit the spot for me, Tom behind us like this, working his tongue up and down Kevin's cock as he pumped it in and out of me. And what was even better was when, suddenly, I could feel Tom's tongue on my asshole, rimming me. That I truly loved.

"That's it, Tom, go on! Lick my ass! Lick it while Kevin screws me with his big cock."

I could've gone on like this and gotten off pretty soon, Kevin was making me feel that good. But I didn't want to get off, not yet. I wanted to be up there at a high pitch of arousal when Kevin got to screw Tom. Then I'd get myself off.

So now I lifted myself off of Kevin's shaft and stood up. His stiff pole was slick and shiny from having bathed in my wet pussy. And what do you think Tom did? He brought his face down and started sucking that cock again, tasting the essence of me all over it.

"Uh, huh!" I said, pressing down on the back of his head. "You love sucking on it now that it's been inside me, don't you?"

He bobbed his head, nodding yes, his mouth engulfing Kevin's pussy-scented shaft.

"Okay, enough of that," I said after watching Tom wolf Kevin down again for a few minutes. "I know another place where that dick hasn't been yet. And you know just what I'm talking about, Tom. So get back up here and stick it out. It is time for you to get that ass of yours fucked!"

Tom eagerly scampered back up on the couch on elbows and knees and stuck it out like a slut in heat, a slut with a hot, hot ass in need of some big, big cock.

"Come on up here," I said, urging Kevin to kneel behind Tom up on the couch. Now I dipped in my fingers for another dab of lube and worked it over the surface of Kevin's cock, especially the tip. Taking a cock of those dimensions up an ass completely unaccustomed to it was going to be no mean feat. So careful lubrication would help pave the way. Plus I loved rubbing the slick lube all over the surface of Kevin's cock. I'd only seen a couple of erect dicks in the flesh until now, but somehow I viewed myself as a little bit of a connoisseur of the male organ. That's because I had something of a fetish for life-like dildos. I loved shopping for them with sluts, the two of us looking them over in adult toys stores, comparing one to the other, talking about what we "liked in a cock" before picking one or more up for the night's play. Many of these dildos were molded from real cocks, so they were all shaped and sized differently. I liked a cock that was straight and well-defined, of pretty even thickness, and topped with a nice, bulbous head in just the right proportion to the shaft. Kevin's cock fit the bill, and it was about as big as the biggest rubber ones we'd found in the stores. I stared at that beautiful shaft as I slowly ran my fingers all over it, adding a little more lube. Tom looked over his shoulder; he couldn't keep his eyes off Kevin's masterpiece either.

"Fuck time, fellas!" I purred, holding on to Kevin's cock and bringing the tip between Tom's cheeks, into his warm, exposed crack, wedging it against the slickened hole. Tom sighed when he felt that ultimate, magical contact he had so long craved, the contact between his hot, welcoming asshole, and this aching, insistent cock in desperate need of a warm, tight home.

I took my time just rubbing the smooth, bulbous head all over the raised ridge of Kevin's sphincter. I loved the sight of this electric meeting ground of aroused male flesh. Kevin pushed back against it, desperate now to feel it inside, but I teased him, teased them both, as I just kept rubbing the hot cock against the lubed orifice.

"Okay, here goes," I said, working the tip inside.

"Ah—oh my God!" Tom winced as he felt the intrusion, felt the piercing tip of Kevin's cock forcing itself inside him, stretching the hole as it sought entry.

"Nice and slow, Kevin, nice and slow," I said, holding on to the shaft as he pushed it in.

"Yeah, slow, go slow and easy… please," Tom begged, reaching out with an arm to slow Kevin down.

I sure could understand it. When I had Kevin's massively thick cock inside me I could barely contain it, and my cunt gets regular workouts care of some very special girlfriends and their toys. It's accustomed to being filled and stretched. Not Tom's ass, though.

The last thing Kevin wanted was for Tom to balk and beg off, pleading that he just couldn't take it despite all his desire. So he knew he'd have to go slow and easy. And this was all new for him, fucking an ass. Kevin was sexually active and he'd dipped his dick in countless pussies. But ass was something else, something I knew more about that did Kevin, so I'd have to lead the way.

"Good, Kevin, nice and easy," I said, guiding it in, working just a bit more of the cockhead inside, stopping, letting Tom get used to it, until I let Kevin force in yet more.

"Oh yeah, ohhhhh!!!" Tom sighed as finally, the whole cockhead was inside him now, out of sight, buried in his ass. And that sighing of Tom's belied not discomfort but pure, raw pleasure. The tone of a voice does not lie.

I looked down at the stunning sight. It was a start, but Tom was definitely getting fucked up the ass, his sphincter monstrously dilated, wrapped around the immense girth of Kevin's erect cock. I felt proud of myself. I knew how much both these guys wanted this, and here I was, helping to bring it about, the midwife to their male intimacy. I pulled my hand away from his penis and let Kevin take over; he knew what to do now. So I held Tom's buns wide open as Kevin drove it inside, inch by slow inch. First he had to work it in slow and smooth, letting Tom get used to having it inside, his sphincter slowly getting accustomed to being so incredibly stretched. Then the work of serious fucking could begin.

I stared down in amazement, excited beyond belief by the torrid sight. Kevin's cock had looked huge sticking up from his stomach. It had seemed even more immense with Tom's lips straining to engulf it in his mouth. But now, burying itself up Tom's ass, slick with lube, relentlessly forcing open and stretching his hole to the limits as it gained entry, that cock looked more awesomely massive than ever.

"How it's feel, Tom? How do you like it? You've fisted it, you've sucked it, and now you've got Kevin's big cock up your ass. What do you think?"

"Oh man, I love it!" Tom said, turning his head, looking over his shoulder at me, and then up at Tom. "It feels great. Your cock feels so good inside my ass, stud."

Kevin smiled a cocky smile.

"Thanks, guy. I can say the same. Your ass feels real good, real tight."

I loved hearing this mutual appreciation from the two guys, two men I had separately befriended and realized shared a common need, a need to fuck and be fucked. Up the ass!

"And me, fellas, don't forget about me. I can't tell you how much this is arousing me, seeing you two fuck like this. It's a really incredible sight." I said this as Kevin slowly drove more and more of his cock inside Tom. Now they started to get into a groove, a rhythm, Kevin holding on to Tom's hips as he thrust it inside him, Tom pushing back against those thrusts, eager to take the big package Kevin had for him, eager to take as much as he could, as deep as he could. Damn, he was hot. It took him a minute to adjust, but now he was acting as though getting fucked up the ass was a part of life's routine for him, a part he craved, desperately needed. He was grunting and sighing, bucking back against Kevin as Kevin fucked him with deep, smooth, relentless strokes. I kept holding Tom's cheeks wide open, wanted to take in the amazing view of Kevin's unbelievably stretched ring wrapped around Kevin's thickness. Watching this was so hot it made me feel light-headed.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck him! Fuck him up the ass!!!" I hissed at them.

And Kevin did not disappointment, holding on to those hips, forcing his cock inside, sliding it deep into Tom's hot, raw bottom.

"Yeah, yeah! Do it to me!" Tom shrieked, looking over his shoulder at Kevin, his eyes blazing with smoldering lust. "Bury it up my ass!!!"

"That's right, stud, take it!" Kevin purred in his deep sexy voice as he drove it in now inch by steady inch, deeper than ever. Half the thick length was inside Tom, then three-quarters. But Kevin didn't stop there. No, nothing was going to stop him now.

"Push back on it, let me see you take it all, every fucking inch." Kevin said as Tom took a deep breath, biting his lip as he forced himself to face this awesome ordeal. Ten thick inches! Could he possibly take them all, every last one? I had a feeling Tom played with dildos on the sly, especially since he knew this day was coming, the day when he was going to turn over and take it from Kevin. He was too good at this to be just a completely unprepared newcomer. He'd probably worked some pretty big ones up his own butt, fantasizing about the day he'd finally take a real one. Fantasizing about today. So now, as Kevin knelt there behind him, looking down, Tom pushed back. The last couple of inches were the toughest, but Tom was determined as he pushed back with his butt like a man possessed, possessed by the wish to be filled to the absolute limits, filled with a rigid, steely, massive cock!

"Oh my God!" I gasped when, finally he had taken every inch and Kevin's balls were now pressing against Tom's cheeks, his cock completely out of sight, buried all way up inside Tom.

"You're bustin' me in half and I'm fuckin' loving it!" Tom said to Kevin, then gazed at me. "You like it, Brenda? You like watching your buddy sliding his huge cock up my ass?

"What do you think, Tom? It's about the raunchiest thing I've ever seen."

"How about another position, Brenda?" Kevin asked. I loved these two guys. They weren't just into each other, regarding me as no more than someone who brought them together. They loved that I was part of it. They wanted to please me, make me happy.

"Sure guys. After all, variety's the spice of life. Pull out."

Slowly, ever so slowly, Kevin pulled his cock out of Tom's bottom. It was almost as exciting seeing it come out as it was watching Kevin force it in. Damn, it was amazing how much rigid male meat Kevin had managed to stuff up Tom's ass. Finally he had it all withdrawn and sticking straight up out of Kevin's flat stomach, I could again appreciate what an amazing specimen Kevin possessed. It made Tom's accomplishment all the more remarkable. Tom stayed down there on elbows and knees, still sticking his butt out at us. We gazed at the sight, me and Kevin. If ever an asshole looked fucked, Tom's did, slick and wide open, thoroughly reamed out.

"Holy shit, look at that! You should see yourself, Tom," I stuttered.

Tom reached back to spread his cheeks, really showing off. He had become quite the nasty male slut today. I reached down to fist Kevin's shaft a few times, slick with lube, and hot from having nested in the torrid depths of Tom's bottom. That dick felt stiffer than ever and I knew all it wanted was to be buried up Kevin's ass again.

"Sit down, Kevin," I said, pointing to the couch, "and Tom, you stand up, okay?"

Kevin sat back on the couch, shaft sticking straight up, ready to have Tom impale himself on it.

"Okay, Tom, I want to see you sit on it now."

Tom faced Kevin, straddling him and was about to lower himself when I stopped him.

"No, facing me, with your back to Kevin," I told him. That way I could see it, see it all.

So now Tom turned around, legs wide apart, straddling Kevin and reaching down to take hold of Kevin's cock. He brought that cock right up his own already well-fucked hole, positioning himself just right, then, with a grunt, bore down. I took a deep breath and my excitement surged again.

"Oh yeah, Tom," I urged. "take it, take it up your horny ass!"

He did it nice and slow, showing off as he stared right at me, holding on to the shaft while pressing down, impaling himself on it. I watched in silent excitement as Kevin's vivid cock was once again buried inside Tom.

Tom now flexed back his legs and Kevin took the cue, grabbing hold of Tom's ankles and jackknifing those legs. This had the effect of exposing the meeting place of hot cock and stretched asshole to best effect. This was the view. I know that whenever me and my girlfriends would watch a porn flick this is the view we liked best, the view that was the hottest, the most vivid, some hot young thing sitting on another's strap-on, impaling her cunt or her ass. This time the visual panorama strikingly displayed before my unblinking eyes was different. Tom knew just what a hot show he was putting on, impaling himself of Kevin's cock like this. He rode that big dick now like an ass-fucked maniac, twisting his pelvis, bucking up and down. And Tom's own cock couldn't have been stiffer, swaying like a rigid wand as he rode the shaft.

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