Two Bi Studs for Brenda


Kevin looked over his shoulder at me, licking his lips, winking, smiling. Both these guys knew what an effect this all had on me; how much I had yearned to see them do just this.

"That is just about the nastiest, most gorgeous, most absolutely sizzling thing I've ever seen," I told them, and meant it too.

"And it's just about the best thing I've ever felt," Tom said.

"I'll second that emotion," Kevin added.

"Up your ass, huh, Tom? Up your fucking ass!" I whispered in a trance.

"That's right, Brenda, that's just where it's buried."

Now I had to get close to the action, real close.

So I knelt by the couch, right in front of them. What I saw was this: First, down below, Kevin's big balls. Leading up from them, Tom's thick shaft rising up the point where it was being grasped by the vividly stretched ring of Tom's asshole. Above that, Tom's own hard pair of nuts. And above those balls, Tom's dick rising hard and straight.

I couldn't just kneel there and watch. I needed to get closer, I needed to feed on all that luscious male meat, to taste it.

I started with Kevin's balls, running my tongue over the rough skin of his scrotum, gently sucking on each nut. Then I dragged my tongue upwards from the base of his shaft until it met the ring. I stayed at that place, licking this magic spot where my tongue could at once tongue Kevin's shaft and Tom's dilated sphincter. My own pussy was literally dripping by now, and I brought a hand between my legs. My cunt was alive, my clit engorged. I fingered that nub of a clit, pleasure central, as I licked away. Finally my tongue moved upward still, to Tom's balls, licking them, sucking them. And after that, the end of the journey, Tom's cock, which I slowly licked before taking it in my mouth.

Damn, if you had told me a few days that I'd be doing this, sucking a man's cock and planning to suck it until he came in my mouth, I would've told you were dreaming the impossible. But that's just what I was doing. I was going to suck Tom off while he took it up the ass. By the look Kevin had in his eyes, the way his muscles were strained, his face reddened, I knew that he was close to climaxing too.

And me? A few more flickers of a finger could get me off to a volcanic orgasm. I knew myself well enough to know that.

As I sucked Tom's cock I could hear his breaths come faster and faster, his sighing deeper. Only once before had a man, or, actually a teenager, shot off in my mouth and that one time was definitely not a pleasant experience for me. But this time, now, there was nothing I wanted more than to have my mouth filled with Tom's cum as he unloaded. Kevin was groaning loudly too and I knew that he, too, was close. Then I felt Tom's cock throb and a moment later jet after jet of hot thick semen shot into my mouth. My brain was feverish with amazement. Me, a dyke, her lips wrapped around a cock, her mouth filled with male essence, happily swallowing it, gulping it down! And then, seconds later, a loud grunt followed by Kevin's whole body quivering. And I knew at that moment that he, too, had unloaded. Unloaded deep inside Tom. That was the signal for the final finger flicker as I got myself off to what must have been the most electrifying orgasm I'd ever experience, my body shaking from the intensity of the sensations, nearly collapsing.

Finally, it was over. I pulled my mouth away as the two guys looked at me, no doubt seeing droplets of cum dripping from the corners of my lips. Tom's cock was softening, and so was Kevin's until, finally, Tom lifted himself up and collapsed on the couch next to Kevin. I stayed there kneeling by the couch, reaching up to take hold of the two cocks, still meaty, but no longer rigidly steely.

"Hope you both enjoyed yourselves, guys," I purred.

The deep smile of satisfaction on both their faces was all the answer I needed.

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by rukind12/08/18


Wow. Definitely one of the best written-- and best imagined-- of anything I've read. Not only that, but the author somehow read my mind... I'd love to be in a scene like that one!

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