Two Big Girls!


Gladys moaned as I got two fingers up her creamy ass. Then I pushed in three. I felt her shift and saw Irene crawl beneath her. Those two big sluts were eating each other's pussies. Four fingers had Gladys groaning. I worked my fingers in and out. And Gladys humped her ass in time with my rhythm. "Now Bitch! I'm gonna fist this big juicy asshole." I tucked my thumb in and slowly worked my hand into her soft yielding ass. I heard Gladys' groans grow as she muffled them in Irene's pussy. Then my hand slid up into her ass. Gladys was humping her ass up and down. I know that she must have been giving Irene a hard time breathing.

I flexed my fingers in her ass and heard her scream. Then I bunched my fingers and pumped Gladys' ass. Gladys slowly worked her ass back and forth, up and down. Then she grew faster in her movements. She lifted her head up. "I'm gonna cum! Ooh shit! Yes! In my ass! Fist my big fat ass! Hurt my ass! Stuff it! Fuck it! Ahh! Ahh! IEEE!" Suddenly she stiffened. I could hear Irene's furious sucking. Then Gladys bucked her hips hard, driving my fist deeper iin her ass. Then Irene cursed and scrambled from Gladys.

Gladys shook as a stream of hot piss ran from her pussy. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open. Irene stared at her girlfriend in shock. Then like Irene had done, Gladys collapsed onto the wet mattress. She didn't faint like Irene had done, but she whimpered constantly. And she screamed into the mattress as I worked my hand free. Gladys rolled over onto her back and I attacked her pussy the way I had Irene's. Gladys came, filling my mouth with her thick crème. Then I felt Irene's mouth on my dick. She slowly worked her head up and down, fucking me with her mouth.

I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth. Faster and faster I pumped my dick into her hungry sucking hole. I heard the whirring of a vibrator. Then Irene groaned. Gladys was fucking her with it. And from the way Irene grunted and humped her fat ass, Gladys was ramming it home. Then I grabbed Irene's head and pushed her down on my dick. I felt more than heard her gag, then I shot my load. Irene took it all and swallowed time after time. Then she came again. Later we lay on the floor laughing. "I know the hotel will make us pay for a new mattress! Next time we go to your room Carl!"

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