tagIncest/TabooTwo for One Ch. 08

Two for One Ch. 08


As I stepped out of the shower, Sandra was there waiting for me.

"Hey there little brother, got a little time to do some baby-making with your big sis?" she asked.

"Actually, I promised Rachel I'd meet her at her Club for a round of golf", I replied.

"Not even time for a quickie? I'm already wet and just waiting for that big piece of meat to spray me full of your man-batter".

She was indeed wet. I could see that plain as day as she stood naked in front of me, with dew glistening on her lips. The sight of her waiting pussy began to work its magic on my wand, but I didn't want to be late for my round of golf.

"I really wish I could, but I'm already running late, and you don't want me to piss off Rachel if we want her help once the baby gets here" I explained to my sister.

Sandra crossed her arms in front of her chest and put her lip out in a pout that I was familiar with since our childhood. She was cross with me right now, but I knew she would get over it soon enough. I leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she quickly turned away and stomped out of the bathroom. I could hear her footsteps going down the hall and the slam of her bedroom door. There wasn't time to explain to her any further right now, I'd just have to make it up to her when I got home later that night.

After changing into a pair of khaki shorts and a golf shirt, I headed for the garage to grab my golf clubs before leaving to meet Rachel. As I crossed the kitchen I passed by Kelly and briefly explained that Sandra was a little pissy with me. I asked Kelly to try to smooth things over with Sandra for me before I got home that night. Kelly promised me she'd do her best, and we gave each other a nice soft kiss before I left for my golf outing with her mother.

When I reached the country club, I found Rachel practicing on the putting green. She didn't see me approach, so I watched he bend and twist for a few moments while a scene from "Caddyshack" played in my mind ("I'm watching you Mrs. Crane...). After a few moments she turned and saw me staring.

"How long have you been watching me?" she asked

"Oh, I wasn't staring, I was just admiring your form" I teased.

"You darling boy, I could just eat you up".

"I thought you already had" I shot back with a wicked grin.

"You're very quick aren't you?" she replied

"Only when it's necessary" I explained.

"Let's get going, we tee off in 10 minutes. We're playing with a couple of my lady friends, Barb Simon and Jessica Eldridge, and they don't like to be kept waiting."

"By all means then, let's not waste any more time just talking then; it's time to start whacking some balls".

As we drove toward the first green in our cart, Barb and Jessica were staring at us and whispering conspiratorially. Barb looked a bit older than Rachel and was a little thick through the middle, but she had the most beautiful skin for a woman her age. Jessica was tall and blonde, and it seemed as though she must have spent many, many hours at the gym. I later learned that she was a competitive tennis player, and the proof of that was in her amazingly long, toned legs.

As we played there were lots of innuendos being tossed my way by both Barb and Jessica. I began to wonder what, if anything Rachel had told them about me before I arrived that afternoon. Finally around the 7th hole, a long par 5, I had driven the ball far past Jessica and Barb, so I had a chance to speak with Rachel out of their earshot.

"What exactly did you tell those two about me" I asked.

"Nothing. Well, nothing really" Rachel said as her face blushed.

"Come on, spill it" I demanded.

"I just told them that you were Kelly's roommate's brother, and that I had accidentally seen you naked yesterday. I told them I accidentally walked in on you when you were in the bathroom and had seen that you were carrying more than a pitching wedge in your shorts" she confessed.

"So you didn't tell them about what we did last night?" I inquired.

"No, I told them that I found you very attractive but that I didn't think you'd be at all interested in a woman my age."

"Do you think they believed you?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. I'm not a very good liar" she explained.

As we were finishing up on the 9th green, Jessica and Barb explained that they were done for the day and that we could play the back nine by ourselves. They both hugged me good-bye, and each of them made sure that their crotches rubbed against me before releasing me from their embrace. I told them I hoped to see them again real soon, and in unison they said "I'm sure you will" and walked away giggling.

After grabbing a drink at the turn, Rachel and I tee'd off on the back nine. Since we were playing as a twosome at this point we were playing faster than the foursome behind us, and by the 13th hole they were nowhere in sight. I hit my drive down the fairway and then drove Rachel up to the ladies tee so she could take her turn. As I returned to the cart after hitting my drive, I noticed that Rachel had undone another button on her blouse, and was showing some ample cleavage. She seemed to walk up to the tee box with a little bit more wiggle in her walk, and when she hit her drive, she sliced it into a thicket of trees down the right side of the fairway.

"Oh my, I hope I haven't lost my ball" she said with a bit of a smile on her face as she returned to the cart.

I drove the cart to the where I thought the ball went into the trees, but the trees were too closely bunched to drive the cart any further.

"Get out and help me look for my ball" Rachel commanded.

We both got out of the cart and headed into the little stand of trees. As soon as we entered the trees, Rachel turned and planted a huge kiss on me. Her tongue slithered its way into my mouth as she ground her pelvis against my thigh. Her hands slid down my back and squeezed my butt before she broke the kiss.

"Mmm, I've been waiting all afternoon to get another taste of you" she purred.

"What I really need is another taste of your big cock" she said as she squatted down in front of me and unbuttoned my shorts.

She unzipped my shorts and pulled down my boxer briefs, and my hardening cock sprang forth. No sooner did I feel the cool breeze on my dick then I felt her mouth envelope my wang. Rachel really went to work. She was sucking my big purple mushroom head while at the same time stroking my shaft with her right hand and gently squeezing my balls with her left. I was in guy heaven – playing golf and getting a blow job at the same time. Under her expert ministrations, it wasn't long before I could feel my balls tightening up.

"I'm gonna ccumm" I stuttered as I could feel the eruption building.

Rachel then practically swallowed my whole cock, and I could feel the head being squeezed by her throat muscles. That was all I took and I emptied my load straight down her throat as she convulsively swallowed every drop. After she finished swallowing, she gave my cock a quick cleaning and we headed back to the cart.

"I guess I'll have to take the penalty stroke for a lost ball" she commented.

"After that little ambush, I'm going to have more than just one penalty stroke for you" I retorted with a laugh.

After we finished the 13th hole, I was feeling that I had been a little selfish back in the woods since I didn't do anything for Rachel. So as we were sitting in the cart waiting for the group ahead of us to finish putting on the par 3, I slid my hand over Rachel's thigh. I stroked my hand back and forth a couple times, slowing pushing her skirt up little by little. Rachel then grabbed my hand and directed it straight to her furry bush. She wasn't wearing any underwear, so I had unfettered access to her snatch.

I stroked my index finger up and down her lips a couple times before sliding it into her waiting pussy. She was already wet and my finger slid in with no trouble at all, except for the gasp of pleasure that escaped from Rachel's lips. I soon stuck first one then another finger into her dripping honey pot and was finger banging her furiously. The palm of my hand was rubbing her clit as my fingers pistoned in and out of her love hole, and just as the group ahead of us put the pin back in the cup, Rachel's body stiffened and the muscles of her pussy clamped down on my hand. She had to bite down on her golf glove to stifle her scream as she orgasmed right there on the seat of the golf cart. I slid my fingers from her pussy and dried them on my golf towel before I approached the tee to hit my drive, while Rachel took a moment or two to recover from her orgasm.

After finishing our round of golf, Rachel invited me back to her home for a drink. I followed her in my car as we wound our way through block after block of expensive homes before we arrived at her 6 bedroom, 5 bath Tudor style home. I pulled into the circular drive and hopped out of my car to follow Rachel into the house. She opened the front door and we stepped into the most lavish and beautiful home I had ever seen. Apparently her husband had done very well in the early days of the tech industry before dropping dead of a heart attack several years earlier. The air conditioning felt great after spending the day in the sun, and it seemed to be having an affect on Rachel as well, as her large nipples were now standing at attention.

Rachel was showing me around, and as we walked I was transfixed by the swivel of her luscious hips. By the time we got to the dining room, I couldn't take it any more. My cock had risen to attention once again and I couldn't keep my hands off of Rachel's ass. I closed in on her from behind and wrapped my arms around her waist, pressing the outline of my hard cock between the cheeks of her protruding ass.

"Oh my, but you are a randy young man aren't you?"

"It's just what you do to me, I can't help myself" I said.

I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse as I nuzzled her neck. Rachel ground her ass back against my throbbing member as I massaged her large white globes. I turned her around and leaned in, kissing her passionately, our tongues fighting like swordsmen in each other's mouth. Her breathing was becoming more shallow and I could feel my own heart pounding in my chest as the lust built with every passing second. My hands moved down to massage her generous ass and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I lifted her slightly and stepped forward to set her down upon the edge of the mahogany dining room table.

I stepped back, and pulled up a chair and sat down. I pushed Rachel down upon the table and yanked her skirt from her waist. I spread her legs wide apart and set myself to feast upon her womanly folds. After a round of golf in the sun, and having cum once earlier from my finger-banging in the cart, Rachel's snatch was a big pungent but that didn't deter me in the least. In fact, it only seemed to heighten my lust as I consumed her pussy with my lips and mouth.

I nibbled gently on her outer lips and then dove right in, sticking my tongue as deep into her pussy as it could possibly go. My hands were pulling her hips as wide apart as possible so I could get my face right up into her pussy as my tongue lapped and licked all around her moist snatch.

"Ugh, umm, ahh" Rachel groaned as I ate her pussy from top to bottom and from side to side.

Her hips were bouncing all around and it was all I could do to keep them in place so I could suck her clit.

"Ugh, oh God, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" Rachel declared just as she clamped her thighs around my head, squeezing so tightly that I could barely hear her cries of pleasure as I felt her squirting all over my mouth.

Her body was still jerking and twitching as I pulled my head back and stood up. I dropped my pants and aimed my engorged rod right at her soaking wet pussy. I slid it in with one quick push, and then held it there as Rachel adjusted to my intruding phallus.

"Ahh, oh my God, I'd almost forgotten how big you are. Mmm, but it feels so good. Go slow for now", she pleaded as I began to saw my cock in and out of her.

At first, Rachel's legs laid limply across the edge of the table. While I slow-fucked her I leaned forward and took one big rubbery nipple after the other into my mouth and chewed on them as if they were large pencil erasers. With each stroke of my cock and as my lips and tongue stimulated her nipples, Rachel's body began to respond. Her breathing increased and her legs began to lift from their prone position.

I stood straight up, grabbed Rachel's ankles and spread them as far apart as my arms would reach. I then began fucking her a little faster, moving my hips in a circular motion as if I were playing with an invisible hula hoop. It was wild watching Rachel's boobs swing round and round in response to my hip action. I began to pick up the speed, and now Rachel was again fully involved.

"Oh, fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock you little motherfucker" she screamed.

"Ugghh, ooohhh, god, that feels so good, give me that dick" she grunted as I pounded away at her squelching pussy.

After giving her this fucking for a good 8 or 10 minutes I was starting to feel it in my lower back, so I released her legs and picked her up. I took a half step back and sat down on the chair, with Rachel now impaled on my cock. I was going to let her do the rest of the "work" while I enjoyed the ride. She began bouncing furiously on my cock, swinging her head from side to side as her ass slapped against my thighs.

"Suck my tits, fucker!" she screamed as she ground her clit against my pubis.

I was more than happy to oblige as I grasped her melons in my hands and sucked first her left nipple and then her right. She had slowed her pace and was now grinding on my cock in a figure-eight motion as I continued to lick and suck her tits. Rachel's eyes were rolled back in her head as her body stiffened in climax once more and I could feel her juices running all over my cock and down across my balls. The contracting of her pussy muscles was all it took for me at that point and my cock went off like a shotgun, shooting another load of cum into her well-used pussy.

Rachel collapsed forward, her breathing ragged. I could feel her heart beating a mile-a-minute as her breasts were crushed against my chest. My cock began to soften and Rachel's breathing became slower and slower until I realized she had fallen asleep, just as she had done the night before after our fuck-session. It was now almost 9:30 and I knew I had to get home and somehow make amends with Sandra, so I lifted Rachel in my arms and carried her to the living room sofa. I laid her down and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. I told her I had to get going, but I'm not sure she really heard me as she just grunted and turned onto her side on the couch.

I quickly dressed and got back into my car for the drive home. I was hoping that Kelly had been able to explain things to Sandra for me while I was gone, but I was not overly optimistic. Having grown up with Sandra I knew that her fits of pique usually lasted a day or two and didn't subside until the offending party did something to make up for whatever offense (real or perceived) they had committed.

When I got home Kelly was in the kitchen fixing a snack and Sandra was sitting in the living room watching television.

"Hi Sis, did you have a good day?" I asked optimistically.

There was no response. I walked into the kitchen and asked Kelly if she had been able to make any head way with Sandra, but I could already tell that she hadn't. Kelly was wearing a pair of short-shorts and a little halter top. Although she was barely pregnant, I thought I could detect the slightest bulge in what had once been her rock-hard abdomen. I told her I was going to grab a quick shower and that I'd be back in a few minutes.

After showering away the stale sweat and mixed juices from Rachel and my coupling earlier in the day, I returned to the living room in a pair of board shorts to find both Kelly and Sandra sitting on the couch staring at the television. They didn't seem to be watching intently, but they weren't speaking or looking at each other either. I came up behind my sister and put my hands on her shoulder, giving a gentle squeeze.

"I'm sorry sis, but I had to meet with Kelly's mom this afternoon. I know you're mad, let me make it up to you." I said.

There was no response from Sandra.

Knowing how much she had always enjoyed a good shoulder rub, I continued to gently squeeze her shoulders. I could feel she was incredibly tense, but with each squeeze of my fingers I could feel her loosen slightly.

"Come on, I'm really sorry" I pleaded as I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the neck.

She pulled away slightly, but at the same time I noticed her lips begin to curl up into a smile.

"Sandra, really, you need to be okay with this. I'm really, really sorry, and I know Kelly is too, right Kelly?"

Taking my cue, Kelly chimed in as well "I'm very sorry too, Sandra. Let us make this up to you".

Kelly reached over and patted Sandra on her jean-clad thigh as I continued massaging her shoulders. Kelly leaned in and gave Sandra a peck on the cheek, and Sandra did not pull away, so Kelly leaned in closer and kissed her on the lips. Sandra kissed her back and they began making out as I continued to massage Sandra's neck and shoulders. I could hear their breathing become faster and I knew Sandra was getting turned on. Through my fingertips I could feel her pulse quickening as Kelly kissed her and began gently squeezing Sandra's glorious milk globes.

Kelly broke her kiss with Sandra and concentrated on her fingers so she could unbutton Sandra's jeans. She unbuttoned the jeans and then pulled them from Sandra's legs. Sandra wasn't wearing any underwear this evening, and Kelly then positioned herself between my sister's legs and began eating her out. I grasped the bottom of Sandra's t-shirt and lifted it up and over her head so that my sister was now sitting completely naked with her legs spread in front of Kelly. While Kelly licked and sucked on my sister's pussy, I turned her head so that I could kiss her while my hands roamed across her mammoth bosom.

Sandra was the center of our sexual attention. Kelly worked Sandra's nether region while I took the upper half. Sandra was breathing hard and giving Kelly instructions on what exactly to do.

"That's it, suck my clit, stick your finger in my cunt, you skinny-ass bitch" Sandra snapped.

This was also part of Sandra's M.O. She could vent some of her hostility by calling Kelly or me names during sex, and claim later if we questioned her about it that she was just "playing".

"Suck my tit you motherfucking, little shit" she screamed at me.

"Oh yeah, that's good you selfish little cunt, eat me, eat my pussy".

This "foreplay" went on for 10 or 15 minutes before Sandra made her next demand.

"I need some dick. Bring me that big ol' cock, brother dear. Stick that sausage in me".

After all the abuse she had been heaping on me, I was more than happy to give her a good grudge fuck. I took Kelly's place between my sister's legs and slammed home my rod with a quick powerful thrust that nearly knocked the wind out of Sandra.

"You want me to fuck you, well I'm gonna fuck you good" I said I fucked my sister with gusto.

Having already cum 3 times today I knew it would take a while for me to blow my load. I was kinda pissed at Sandra for the way she had been acting and I was gonna take it out on her and her needy little pussy right now. I pushed her legs up over my shoulders and drove my cock deep inside her. I just kept pistoning my cock in and out, feeling my hips slap against my sisters hips, knowing I'd be leaving bruises there by tomorrow.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh" was all that was coming from Sandra's mouth. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her body was going limp as my cock continued its assault on her waiting pussy.

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