tagFirst TimeTwo For Starters

Two For Starters

byRex Siter©

My name is Tina Hollis. I was christened Florentina which should give you some indication of the thinking of my parents. To say they were straight-laced would be putting it mildly. As I entered my teens they insisted I wore the plainest clothes, made sure I was home by ten every night. I was discouraged from even talking with boys. Any mention of sex or relationships was frowned upon. Sometimes I wondered how they ever managed to conceive me.

So, for twenty two years of my life I was in a strait jacket, even my well developed breasts were uncomfortably depressed in a bra of my mother's designing. They ensured I stayed safe by only allowing me to enroll in a college close to our home where my father just happened to be vice principal. I was told to ignore what other girls might be saying on the subject of boys. That wasn't easy. There were groups of girls who continuously recounted their adventures. However they usually giggled and shut up when I approached. I was 'Timid Tina'. But I couldn't avoid hearing words, like 'cock' and 'clit.' And another strangely used word 'cumming'. Where could they be coming from? Anyway somehow achieved my teaching diploma and had just started my first post with a group of thirteen year olds, when my parents were killed in a road accident.

Naturally I was grief-stricken but that was quickly followed by a sense of freedom which I wasn't sure what to do with. I cut my name to Tina and bought myself some fresh more modern clothes, especially underwear. Everyone at my school remarked at how different I looked. I now had our large house to myself and I set about bringing it more up to date and the first step was to sell off some of the out-dated furniture. And that unwittingly set the course for my complete initiation.

But first it was down to that video tape falling into my possession. One of my pupils, little Jilly Copton, brought it to me in the week after my parents accident. She said she'd found it in the cloakrooms. Totally distracted at that time I stuck in my desk and said I'd see if anyone claimed it.

Well, some five weeks later, one Friday afternoon as I was clearing up, I noticed it lying there in my desk. No one had claimed it. Without really thinking about it I put it into my brief case, only mildly curious.

Came that Saturday morning. Outside the sun shone brightly so I put on my thinnest briefest dress, something I wouldn't have dared wear just two months earlier. I cleaned up the house thinking about how I might spend my day. Then I began sorting through my briefcase and that's when I spotted that video tape. Just what was on that? Some comic book thing, I had no doubt. My curiosity now aroused I took it into the sitting room and slipped it into the machine, switched on the television and selected the video station. At first there was a lot of snow, a batch of fuzzy lines and I was guessing that it was some old discarded effort when two black men appeared on the screen and my breath caught in my throat. Both men were totally naked, each holding on to his own grossly enlarged penis as they looked at something off camera.

It's not easy to shake off years of sexual repression and my first instinct was ---turn it off, turn it off. Then questions began forming unbidden in my mind. Could penises really be that size? The idea of having something like that inside me was frightening. I was still moving towards switching off as the camera panned, following the men's gaze. And there was a blonde girl, about my age, kneeling on a bed, totally naked, her hands cupping under her breasts as though offering them up for sacrifice. Her trim young body reminded me of my own.

The two men moved towards her and sat one on either side. Black hands on round white breasts, fingers plucking at pink nipples. My breathing had stopped and I heard my own gasp as the girl wrapped her hands around each of the penises, and black faces nuzzled at her breasts, flicking the nipples with long pink tongues. Even with the sound of my mother's voice screaming in my head, "Disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting." I found my own hands had moved to my breasts.

On screen a black hand slid down the pale belly of the girl and fingers began stroking, first through the pubic hair, then poking deeper. Being touched down there. I just couldn't imagine. The look of delight on the girl's face was intoxicating. And I couldn't switch it off now. A film of perspiration started all over my body.

I was suddenly aware of a wetness between my own legs. What was this? It wasn't that time of month. How could it---? But my hand strayed down the front of my dress and my own fingers pressed at that spot. I could feel the moisture through my thin dress and my own touch was pleasurable. My face becoming even more heated---and that was the moment the doorbell rang.

For a moment I was totally confused, being snatched back to reality. On screen both men were now fingering the girl and she had her head thrown back. Shaking my own head I quickly switched off the video leaving the screen snowy.

I stood for a moment, uncertain, trying to catch my breath. A new sensation had started deep in my lower abdomen. A pleasant ache that needed attention. Glancing down I noticed that there was a damp spot on the front of my dress. Then the doorbell sounded again and, rousing myself I hurried into the hall and opened the door.

A tall dark haired young man in a neat summer shirt and light jeans greeted me with a smile. "Tina Hollis?" he asked and when I nodded he added. "I'm Vince Corran This is my partner Baz Johnson. We've come about the tables and chairs." Oh, hell, I'd forgotten I'd made that appointment for that morning.

His partner was a tall thin black man who nodded his head in greeting. Did my eyes drop to the crotch of their tight jeans---surely not. I wasn't like that, was I?

I nodded my head dumbly and gestured for them to come in. As he passed me the one called Vince said, "You look like you've been working hard, Ma'am? It's too hot for that"

His black partner came in and I was sure his eyes drifted down to the damp patch on the front of my dress. I realised that I was trembling slightly but that it wasn't from any kind of fear.

Anyway I showed them the tables and chairs we were selling and since we had already agreed on a price they very quickly had carried the items out to their van and came back to settle up. At least that was the initial intention.

Was it my imagination or had the bulges in their jeans become enlarged? I was being crazy, surely. But that strange feeling deep in my own lower abdomen was persisting. And Vince kept giving me funny looks as I counted out the money he had handed me. Had he noticed the damp patch too?

While we had exchanged the cash Baz had been looking at the rest of the furniture with the eye of a man who knows his business. But suddenly he said, "Hey, something wrong with your television Miss Hollis?"

Startled I became all confused, "Television--What could be---? No ---it's--" My lips had gone suddenly dry and I licked them.

Baz's smile lit up his face, "Screen's all snow storm. Wrong channel maybe. I'll take a look."

Desperately I moved to stop him, "No. It's nothing--" But Baz's long athletic stride had taken him to the set before I could cross the room. I froze, my hand straying to my mouth. It was as though my whole body was being revealed.

Baz only took a few seconds to comment, "Ah, that's it. It's on video. Let's see." And to my horror he pressed the video switch as I heard my own strangled cry of protest and felt Vince staring at me, wondering what was wrong with me.

He soon found out.

The screen lit up with the two black men vigorously fingering the naked blonde as she jerked with equal vigour at their massive organs.

"Wow!" was all that Baz could come up with as he turned and viewed me with wide eyes. I didn't know what to do, even as we watched the girl suddenly bowed her head and took one of the massive penises into her mouth. A penis in the mouth, my mind reeled. The girl's tongue first caressed the bulbous head as the camera closed in on the action.

I could feel my own eyes bulging at this kind of action. This was something way beyond my comprehension. Yet deep down inside me all kinds of sparks were starting. Unconsciously my hand began straying down my belly.

"Is there a problem, Miss Hollis?" I jumped at the sound of Vince's voice close to my ear. Then his hand rested on my bare upper arm. It was though his hand had been an electric cable. I turned to look at him, my senses spinning.

"Look at that now." Baz said enthusiastically from in front of the screen. I couldn't stop my eyes glancing down towards Vince's jeans. The bulge was bigger than ever. When I looked up his lips were moving closer to mine. At first, nervously, I leaned away.

"Your eyes tell me you have a need," he whispered, and his lips touched mine. It was magnetic, it really was. My mouth opened and I was pushing it against his, feeling his tongue ploughing along mine, sending shock waves all around my mouth A sense of relief mixed with guilt as I responded and I pressed my lips on his. His hand slid down to cover my breast. I shouldn't be allowing this. It was wrong. But his hand moving expertly over my breast, fingers lingering on the nipple set my pulses throbbing. I heard myself moan against his mouth and my body turned to press against him and his hardness was like a special award digging into my wet patch. Expertly undoing my top button Vince slid his hand inside the top of my dress and he was fingering my naked nipple under my bra. Oh, God this was criminally pleasurable. My whole body flared.

Baz had been engrossed in what was happening on the screen but he turned when he heard my moan and jumped to his feet. "Is this a private party or is anyone welcome?" he asked, as he reached out one of his large black hands to cover my other breast.

Full of heady longing I pulled away from Vince's kiss," "I've never done this before." I told them

"Never?" The two men glanced at each other. Baz shrugged.

My eyes had fixed on the screen again where one of the men was licking between the blonde's widespread legs. The girl moaned and twisted while still sucking at the other cock.

The sight only increased my mad longing. Vince was unbuttoning my dress and I wanted him to. Baz had moved away and was drawing the curtains. Yes, I didn't want prying eyes. But then Vince signalled what I did want as his hand drifted down over my belly to that wet patch, while his other hands continued the unbuttoning. God the moment he touched me down there I thought I'd have a seizure, my legs almost gave way under me. Caressing that spot gently he began sliding the dress from my shoulders..

"I don't know," I just had to voice my uncertainty, while every fibre of my body screamed for more.

"I'll stop then, " Vince murmured

"No, no, don't--don't--I've never been allowed to----" And suddenly I was standing there in just my bra and panties, but I wasn't standing for long as Vince lowered me carefully to the floor and at the same time deftly unhooked my bra.

God, I was lying on the floor in front of two men and I was nearly naked. Involuntarily my arms moved to cover my breasts which I knew even in my prone position would be thrusting upwards. Baz, with a joking gesture pulled my arms away.

"Jesus, what a hell of a body," he crooned. I was transfixed by the sight of Vince unbuckling his jeans. "How come you've never--done ---anything--before?"

I couldn't answer him because I was staring at his penis as he bent down towards me. Not as large as the ones on the video but fearful enough to my virgin eyes. Long and pointing at me. I could see the underside and the large engorged veins that ran the length there. "I've never seen one---up close" I said. He grinned and winked towards Baz, who I realised was sliding his hands under my panty waist. If I was going to stop this it had to be now. But like some robot I watched my own hand reaching out to tentatively touch the bulbous purple head in front of me, lingering there before sliding along the shaft to his scrotum.

Baz meanwhile had removed my panties as well as his own jeans. He gave a whistle of appreciation as I became totally naked and he slid alongside me opposite Vince and began kissing my breasts and nibbling at my nipples.

Overcome with conflicting flashes of ecstasy and memories of my parents' repression, I gripped Vince's penis the way the girl on the video had, letting my fingers slide up and down feeling the skin move over the shaft, seeing that purple head grow even bigger under my touch.

Then I felt Vince's hand moving down over my belly. Momentarily his fingers played among my pubic hair. Was this me, allowing this to happen? Was this Timid Tina? I kept my thighs clamped together, although something inside me was screaming for me to open up. He raised his head from me briefly smiled then he started kissing his way down my body, his tongue making little patterns around my nipples and lingering briefly in my navel. Every touch of his tongue set my skin tingling. When it moved down to my pubic area I saw briefly the scene that had been on the screen. That was about to happen to me. What would it be like?

Seconds later I knew exactly what it would be like even though all he had done was lick gently at the beginning of my vaginal lips. As though he had uttered some magic words I felt my thighs parting, and my whole body spasmed as his tongue trailed along my lips before probing deeper, and when he hit one particular spot my hips lifted to meet his mouth.

Baz was rubbing his large penis against my breasts and I was still holding on to Vince's. As he licked at my hot spot I found my own mouth drawn to his penis. Could I really do that---that thing that the blonde on the video had done? The air was full of my own muskiness as Vince opened me up with his fingers. Without further thought my tongue licked at his rod and I opened my mouth to take it. He gave a little nudge of his hips and I felt the head reach the back of my throat.

His fingers were now pushing deeply into my vagina while his tongue continued to lavish attention on my small button. A spot I had found myself from time to time, but never with such wild intensity of feeling. The ache deep in my abdomen seemed to be rising to a crescendo, something was going to happen down there, as Vince's ministrations continued and I sucked madly on his large lance. This must be the 'cock' that the girls talked about and the button was the 'clit'. I didn't need to be told. Their joint effect was overpowering.

"Hey what about me?" Baz's voice brought me back to earth for a moment as he placed his large swollen black cock near my face. Reluctantly I released Vince and took the larger black organ into my eager mouth. Baz immediately plunged it right into the back of my throat until I gagged. He apologised and allowed me to suck on him at my own pace, drawing him right in as far as I found comfortable. Oh, Mother what you have said, me with a black cock in my mouth.

But the way I was feeling now something had to give. My hips started bucking up into Vince's face as his fingers caressed my vagina walls. I knew Vince could tell the state I was approaching because he stopped his licking and turning his body round I felt him nestle between my thighs. his face smiling down into mine. "You ready for this?" he asked. Feeling the tip of his cock touching my vaginal lips I knew I was more than ready.

It was about to happen to me. My virginity was going to be lost. The thought gave me nothing but pleasure. Yes, that's what I wanted. He slid into me slowly, each inch was a separate ecstasy. When I felt him withdrawing I pushed up to prevent it, but he gave another gentle lunge and I felt that purple head that I had so recently licked come up against an obstruction. I turned my head releasing Baz's cock and he moaned with disappointment. But now I had room to whisper to Vince, whose face was buried in my left breast, "Do it. Please, break it."

He raised his head, nodded and the next second a wave of pain shot through my lower body as his rod seemed to split me in two. It was done and his quick, deeper thrusts soon revived those growing spasms that had wracked me earlier. Deeper, deeper, faster, faster. Vince's strokes were more and more urgent and I knew that he too was very near. The rising pressures had me tossing my head wildly from side to side. What I was feeling down there was like nothing I could have imagined. Wave after wave of electric sensation. I heard my own gasps, mixing with Vince's grunts in my ear. Then a lightening bolt shot though my whole body and I was heaving up to meet his thrusts and I was screaming, grunting, moaning---I was doing and feeling everything and my orgasm brought on Vince so that his cock pounded deeply upwards towards my uterus and fixed there as it pulsed out spurt after spurt of cum into my welcoming abyss.

We lay still for a while until I felt Vince slipping from inside me and as he rolled away Baz quickly lay in his place. "Second helpings, Miss Hollis," he said with a wide grin. "Call me Tina," I told him, wondering how it would be to have a black cock inside me. Hoping he wouldn't be too rough.

In fact he was surprisingly gentle. I wasn't sure but I'd got the impression that his black rod was longer than Vince's and as the full length slid into me I was expecting just to coast through to his satisfaction. But his method was different to Vince's. He would draw back his shaft right to my lips completely teasing my vagina into believing it was over, and just as it seemed he would be popping out of me he plunged full length into me again. I was sure the head touched at my cervix. And as I anticipated each of his massive surges I found myself succumbing once again to the urges and rushes that had overcome me with Vince. My insides boiled and I began lifting my hips to meet the upward jolt of his driving piston. My vagina felt like a lift shaft longing for the 'going up' button.

Then Vince's face appeared above mine and he leaned down and kissed me, his hot tongue probing my mouth. And that seemed to be the signal for my whole body to spasm at Baz's next thrust and I was panting and gasping, as I had my second orgasm. Baz's body briefly stiffened and his final push was not withdrawn as his hips beat and beat again against mine and I knew he was pouring it into me. I imagined huge dollops of cum pulsing out of his organ.

We lay for a few minutes recovering each of them with a hand on my breast while I told them about myself and how the video had come into my possession. At the same time I was, with some interest, closely inspecting their respective now flaccid penises. I drew back the foreskins to reveal that little slit that opened like a tiny mouth when I squeezed, hard to believe these slack things had just given my such pleasure.

"Wow," Baz commented as I completed telling them how I'd just started viewing the video when they arrived. "Talk about being in the right place at the right time. We sure were, eh, Vince."

"I guess so. But really, Tina, you were lucky. I mean there are some guys who would have been less kind."

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Well, me and I know Baz is the same---well, we like to know we're giving a woman some pleasure."

"You did that, all right," I affirmed.

"But, be wary Tina. You might have hit on the kind of guy who just likes to hurt--only wants to see you twist with pain."

At that point I noticed each of the penises I was handling were beginning to fill out under my fingers. Vince grinned, "Look what you're doing, Tina." And his hand began to slide down my belly.

I stopped him, and began to climb to my feet. "Let me take a shower first. Freshen up." I felt it only fair as I was wet and sticky from all the sperm pumped into me.

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