tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwo Friends Share Intimacy Pt. 06

Two Friends Share Intimacy Pt. 06


Part 1

Well, it finally happened. A year after we went to Cancun together and had an incredible week of intimacy and nudity. We moved in together.

It was just a little two bedroom apartment, nothing special. But it did have a nice deck, where we could cook steaks and work on our tans. It was not 100% private, but close enough.

Unpacking is always a drag but not so much when you and your roommate are nude. There were no conversations or discussions about what we would wear. We both knew what we were comfortable with. We knew where the boundaries were and loved and respected each other too much to push against them.

'You been working out?' I asked. 'Your butt looks tight.'

'Ha. As a matter of fact I have been working out a bit. Thanks for noticing.'

'You're welcome. Your tits also look great. Just so you know.'

She smiled, 'Thanks, they are nothing to do with me, just good genetic material. But I'm quite proud of them.'

'You should be,' I agreed.

We continued to unpack, each keeping mostly to our own rooms. Seeing as I had travelled farther she had provided the shared things for the apartment. The living room furniture and kitchen utensils were the big items, but also an outdoor setting and grill. After a couple of hours I heard my name being called and went to her room. I was about to walk in when I heard, 'Stop, close your eyes before coming in.' I reached out for the wall so I would have my bearings, closed my eyes, and proceeded to her room. I was wondering what was happening. We had seen each other in just about any position possible, up to and including her coming on my face, so I couldn't work out why I needed my eyes closed. I kept going until I was at the doorway.

'Ok, now walk forward. Trust me,' her voice told me. I walked forward with my arms out in front.

'Keep your eyes closed,' the voice said.

I kept moving until my hand reached something soft and warm. I smiled, but didn't open my eyes.

'Your tits feel spectacular,' I said as I was squeezing them gently.

'Ok, you can open your eyes.'

I opened them and took my hands off her tits. She was standing in front of an outdoor sun lounge. Wooden, with an adjustable back.

'For you,' she said.

'Awww, thanks sweetie!'

'I didn't want you to walk into it with your shins so I protected it with my body. Nice work by the way, your hands happened to be at just the right height.' Then she moved forward and we shared a nice hug for what felt like a long time.

'Thanks for the sun lounge, and thanks for 2nd base too!' I joked.

She smiled, 'No problem. Happy Housewarming! I figured it might be time for a break, we've been going hard for a couple of hours.'

'Sold. That's a great idea. You're suggesting tanning I assume?'

'Yes, I thought that would be nice.'

We were already naked, so I went back into the house and got a couple of towels, at the same time she got a couple of shots and beers. Then we sat outside on our lounges, tanned, had shots and drank a beer. After that we just lay there. At one point she reached out and held my hand.

'I'm so glad you decided to come. I'm so happy. I know our relationship isn't exactly normal, but it doesn't harm anyone, and we are both happy, so I'm fine with it. What about you?' she asked.

'Well, a few people back home are a bit confused, but the funny thing is, no one really asks about exactly what our relationship is. I tell them we are friends and you are gay. No one can quite get their head around that. What about you? What do your family think?'

'Well, I think my family is a lot nosier than yours. But they don't really get into it. They know that I love you, that you are my best friend. They know I'm gay and you're straight. I think they feel a bit sorry for you though!'

'Haha. Yes, I expect so. They don't need to though. I like what we have.'

'Well, we should probably get back inside. Any longer we will need to put on sunscreen and I can't be bothered at the moment.'

'Good plan.'

Part 2

A couple of weeks go by and we settle into a routine. Our sex life was nothing like it was in Cancun, but it was nice to be around a beautiful naked girl and to be able to be free and comfortable with her. We had masturbated together a couple of times, and it was pretty hot. But then would go to bed in our rooms to sleep. Probably the only thing different about our apartment was that we went through a lot more towels than most people!

On a Friday evening, as we are sitting outside and the sun was down she asked, 'So......I have a question, and I apologise in advance for the late notice.'

'Sure, what is it?'

'Well, I just got a message from my sister and she wants to know if she can stay with us.'

'Of course, you know I love your sister.'

'Yes, I know it's not a problem, but she is arriving in about an hour!'

'Haha, I see what you mean about the notice. But no problem.'

'Ok, I was sure you wouldn't mind, but thanks. That brings me to another question though. Where should she stay?'

'Where ever. Doesn't worry me. I can stay on the couch if you like and she can have my room.'

'I can't ask you to do that!'

'You didn't ask, I offered. No problem. I'm always up first anyway.'

'You sure?'

'Of course.'

Later that night her sister arrived and we hung out for a while. It was already late, so before long it was time for bed. I put some sheets on the couch while she went to bed in my room. After a while I started to get fidgety. I realised that I hadn't worn pyjamas for just about as long as I could remember. Eventually I decided that it was ridiculous, I could just go and sleep in my friend's bed and go back to the couch in the morning like nothing ever happened. I got up and quietly opened her bedroom door. As it opened I heard a quick rustle of bedclothes. I walked into the room and closed the door behind me and whispered, 'are you up?'

'Jesus, you scared the crap out of me,' was the whispered reply.

'Sorry sweetie. I was hoping I could sleep in your bed. I can't get comfortable on the couch.'

'It was your idea!'

'I know, just a combination of the couch and the pyjamas, I can't get comfortable.'

'Ha. Well, I don't mind. I just need to finish something off first. You interrupted.' Then she pushed the sheets down and I could see she was naked and had her legs spread wide, with a vibrator still in her pussy.

'Haha. I thought I heard something when I came in, sorry about that. Please don't let me stop you. Do you need any help?'

'Actually, that might be nice. You can work the vibrator and I can work my clit.'

'That sounds like a plan,' I said, then I took off my pyjamas and got onto the bed. I sat between her legs and took hold of the vibrator and pulled it out of her pussy. I turned it on and started rubbing it against her clit, then I slid it up and down her pussy, pushing in slightly to tease her.

'Oh, that's good. I have to admit, I like you doing that. When I'm doing it myself I know what I'm going to do, but with you doing it there is an element of surprise.'

Then, to add to the surprise, I quickly pushed the vibrator far into her pussy. 'Surprise,' I said.

'Oh, now you're talking,' she said, And she started rubbing her clit while I was pumping in and out. The vibrator had a clit stimulator, but she didn't need it at the moment, so I made sure it was pushing against her butt when the vibrator was all the way in her. After a while I stopped pumping and just started twisting it around inside her. She looked at me and started rubbing her clit harder. After a minute or two of this she started twitching, and I held the vibrator in her, pushing harder if I could. She kept twitching, then slowed down, looked down at me, and smiled.

'Thanks for that, it was fun.'

I took the vibrator out and slid up to kiss her gently on the mouth.

'Thank you, I had fun too.'

'Do you need to finish off,' she asked me.

'Nah, I'm ok actually.' Then I moved and lay down next to her. She slid over and so I put my arm under her head.

'You ok?' I asked.

'I'm good. This is nice.'

There was nothing for a while, then she said, 'So, I have a question.'


'Do you like my sister?'

'Of course, your sister is great.'

'That's not what I mean, you moron. I mean, do you think she is hot?'

'Of course she is hot. Great smile. Great eyes. Great tits.'

'In that order?'

'Umm, sure,' I replied.

'Ha, whatever. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I'm fine with you hooking up with her.'


'You heard.'

'Yes. Yes I did. Just surprised is all.'

'Well?' she asked.

'Well, thanks for telling me that sweetie. I can't imagine it will matter, but thanks.'

'Ok. I just wanted you to know. I think that what we have is great, but it wouldn't make me jealous if you could get what you need from someone else. In fact, it would make me happy. And particularly with you and my sister, you could both use some!'

After that we both went to sleep.

It must have been early the next morning, maybe just after sunrise, when I heard something. I was in that state of sleep where I wasn't sure if it was a dream or reality, so didn't react to it. Then I realised that the door was opening.

'Hey, what are we going to do today?' the intruder to the room announced, and then flopped on the bed. The blinds were down, so it was quite dark, but as the light from the hallway seeped into the room there was a quick gasp.

'Oh, I'm so sorry. I wasn't expecting anyone else to be in here,' her sister said.

It was a sheer coincidence that I was covered by a sheet, but my friend's tits were exposed. It as clear that we were naked in bed together.

Her sister got up immediately and left the room.

'Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.' she exclaimed.

'So...... What now?' I asked.

'Shit, fuck, fucking mother fucker.'

'Shhhh. Deep breaths. We just have to deal with this now. So, what do you think her reaction will be if we tell her?'

'I don't want to tell her anything!'

'Yes, but we need a solution. She might be a test case. I was kind of thinking of this already, but what do you think of me telling her everything. Well, maybe not everything, but the basics. You know we can trust her. You know she won't judge. She has handled you coming out and still loves you unconditionally. I know it's scary but....well, what do you think?'

She hesitated. Processing what I was suggesting. 'What will you tell her?'

'I'll tell her that we are best friends. We have discovered that we both like being nude. And I'll tell her that we have become very comfortable in front of each other and that, last night after we all went to bed, I came into your room for a hug goodnight, and accidentally fell asleep.'

'Ok, that's all plausible, and I'm fine if she knows that. But what about if she asks if there is anything more?'

'You think she might?' I asked.

'I would if I was her.'

'Well, I'm fine with it. I'm not ashamed. I think she will be fine with it too. But it's up to you.'

She was silent for a while, clearly thinking things through properly. Eventually she said, 'Ok, I'm fine with telling her about the skype call that started things, and the sunbathing, and the strip club. Even Cancun.'

'You sure?'

'Yes. I am fine with us, I know she will be ok. It is silly not to, and it would actually make me happy to know that it is not just some dirty secret we keep between us. Yes, do it.'

I was a little surprised, but happy too. I didn't think we needed to be ashamed either and was happy to share with her sister.

'Ok, I need to get to get up and go to a dentist appointment,' announced my friend, then got up and went to have a shower.

I got up too and discovered her sister had left the apartment.

'Ok,' she said. 'I really need to go to this appointment. You'll have to deal with things when she gets home, unless I get home first.'

'You sure about that?'

'Actually I am. The more I think about it the more comfortable I am with it. There is nothing wrong with what we do and how we live. It doesn't hurt anyone. Also, I completely trust my sister, and it is actually a relief thinking that she will know about it. So, just tell her whatever you like, you don't need to wait for me'

About an hour later there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened it. Her sister had just returned.

'Hi there. You ok?' I asked.

'Yes, I think so,' and she came through the door. 'Hey, I'm so sorry about what happened. I didn't realise anyone would be in there!'

'No problem at all. How would you have known? Don't be embarrassed. I'm not.'

This peaked her interest. I think she thought I would be embarrassed or ashamed or trying to hide something.

'Do you have any questions?' I asked. 'We just talked about it and your sister is happy for me to tell you whatever you want to know.'

She looked at me with puzzlement in her eyes. Intrigue and curiosity clearly on her face.


'No boundaries. I promise I'll answer whatever you like.'

She hesitated then obviously came to a decision.

'Ok. So, what is the relationship you have with my sister. I know you guys are really close, but I know she isn't interested in you sexually. But then, you've moved all this way to live together suspiciously soon after you went to a nude resort for a week in Cancun.'

'What?' I was startled. 'You know about Cancun?'

'Well, I was 90% sure before but now I'm 100% sure.'

'How did you work it out? Does anyone else know?'

'No, I'm the only one. I remember when she came home, I helped her unpack, and noticed that most of her bikinis still had the labels on them and hadn't been worn. Then I searched for the name of the resort and discovered it was clothing optional.'

'Crap, we were planning to leave a fake resort name so no one would find out.'

'Oh, you did that fine. But when I looked it up I just noticed the name and logo on the tag that was on her bag, then looked that up. Later I realised it wasn't the same as the one she said she was at.'

'So, you've known that for a year?'


'Told anyone?'

'Of course not. It doesn't worry me that you went there, but I'm assuming you didn't want anyone to know otherwise you wouldn't have had a fake resort name.'

'Thanks,' I said. 'That'll make this conversation easier. The reality is that your sister and I have become really close, and, comfortable together. Last night was an example of that. After you went to bed I was uncomfortable on the couch, so I thought I'd go and sleep in her room and get up early so you wouldn't know. I'm not ashamed of it, I just thought it would make everyone's life easier. Unfortunately you are an earlier riser than me!'

'Haha, yep. That's for sure.'

'Anything else you want to know?'

'Well, I guess I'm curious. If you have been at a clothing optional resort, what option did you choose?'

'We both chose the option of no clothing,' I replied.

'Wow, what was it like?' she asked. With a little excitement in her voice.

'Honestly, it was amazing.'

'What did you do?'

'Well, we walked naked along the beach, sunbathed naked, we had to wear shorts to dinner but that was the only time we had any clothes on. Especially after the first day or too.'

It seemed like she was getting more and more curious about what it was like.

'So, what was it like?'

I smiled, 'What do you think it would be like?'

She hesitated, but then continued on. I could tell she was being honest with me. 'I think it would be scary as hell but hot as hell.'

'That is a really good description. Can I ask you another question?' I asked.


'You've been to Cancun before, have you ever gone naked there?'

She looked at me, eyes the same as her sister's, which meant I couldn't help but stare into them. 'Well, one time I did, yes. Well, not naked, but topless.'

'The gateway nudity,' I joked. 'Tell me about it.'

She smiled, and continued. 'Well, I was there with family, but was at the beach by myself. I knew the rest of the family would had gone on a tour so I was out sunbathing by myself. I really wanted to bath topless, and eventually got the courage up to do it. It was awesome.'

'Did you get up and walk to the beach?'

'How did you know?'

'Haha, I didn't. I just know that was what your sister did. Very similar story, except she was with her girlfriend.'

'Really? That was a couple of years later I'd guess.'

'Her story ended with her and her girlfriend walking to the water for a swim. Past people, with their tits bouncing in front of them. How did your story end?' I wanted to push her, mostly because I was curious, but also it was turning me on a bit and she seemed to want to tell the story.

'Well, I went into the water and cooled off, then went back, put my top back on and went back to the room for a shower,' she said.

Did she want me to ask more about it? I was pretty sure she did.

'So it sounds like you went topless, walked around, which got you even more turned on. Then you went back to your room, knowing it would be empty. That sounds pretty much the same as our trip to Cancun last year.'

She looked at me, piecing things together. She was trying to work out what to ask next.

'Any other questions?' I asked.

'Well,' she said, 'I know what I ended up doing in the room. Was it the same for you and my sister?'

'Yes, it was exactly the same.'

'And you,' she hesitated a moment, 'had your own rooms?'

'No we didn't, we shared one room.'

'Oh. Ok.'

How much did I want to offer, and how much space did I want to leave her to ask by herself?

'Any other questions? You can ask at any time, it doesn't have to be now, but I feel like you still have a couple of questions left. What if I asked you a question first?'


'Did you masturbate to orgasm in the ocean when you were topless, or did you wait until you got back to the room?'

She turned a bit red and looked away.

'Well, since you asked, I masturbated a bit in the water but was too scared to make myself come, but I did when I went back to the room.'

'Thanks for sharing,' I said.

'Wow, I've been wanting to tell someone that story for years. Ok, question for you then. When you were in Cancun did you have sex in the room?'

'No. Well, not really. We didn't, nor will ever, I suspect, have sex in the way you mean. We have discovered though, that we enjoy masturbating in front of each other. So we did that.'

She looked at me again with those beautiful eyes. This intimacy was turning me on. She didn't seem to know what to say. Eventually she gathered herself.

'So, is that what you did last night?'

'Actually no, I was just a bit frustrated to be wearing clothes while sleeping in my own apartment! I know that's dumb but that's the story.'

She looked at me carefully. Thinking.

'Well, that all makes sense. It's a bit surprising but it all makes sense. She's always been a bit of a showoff. I'm more surprised about you. You're always pretty quiet and shy.'

'Fair point, but liking being naked is nothing to do with being a showoff. In fact it is more the other way around. I enjoy it because it reveals myself to people and then I can relax and not worry about things as much.'

'I guess that makes sense,' she said. 'Well, what now?'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, as a guest in your home I don't want to put you out. I feel really bad.'

'Are you saying you are ok for me to be nude in the apartment?'

She looked at me, 'Yes, I think I am.'

'Will you join us?'

'I hope so, but I can't say for sure.'

'It is just being nude. With your sister and her best friend. It isn't a big deal''

'That makes sense logically,' she agreed, 'but I think it might be a bit more complicated than that.'

Then there was the sound of a key. It was my roommate returning from her appointment.

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