Two Moms, Two Laps: United

byTx Tall Tales©

"Irresistible, remember?" I leaned down and kissed her.

She chuckled. "We're really going to have to do something about your morning breath, Dear. No kissing until after cleanup."

I shushed her, and starting screwing her harder. Long, firm strokes, which she had no problem taking all of. Like Mom. I closed my eyes, and fucked my aunt. Fucked her hard. I was selfish, not worrying about her needs, only determined to have my way with her. After a few minutes, I felt the end approaching, sped up my strokes until I lost it, filling her.

She smiled for me. "Feeling better now, horndog?"

"Much. You're right. This is the best way in the world to start every morning."

She gave me a little push, and I climbed off of her. "I'm gonna take a bath. In Alice's room. Why don't you clean up and keep Colin company?"

"Awkward," I said.

"Yeah. Probably. You two need to work it out. We're not going to be hiding much in the next week and a half."

She got up and disappeared in the bathroom. Came out wearing my robe, which was way too big for her. "Get up, lazy bones. Clean up and check on my boy. For me, Ok?"

"Of course."

She smiled. "If you'd been a little quicker about it, I would have kissed you." She blew me a kiss, and headed out the door.

I showered, brushed my teeth thoroughly, flossed, and gargled. I got the hint. Then I braced myself to face Colin.

He was sitting on the couch, watching me as I came down the stairs. "Yo, come help me make breakfast. Let's give the Moms a break," I called out on the way to the kitchen.

He wasn't much help, but he did set the table, and he started talking.

"You and Mom?"

"Yep," I answered.

"Do you, I mean, you're sleeping, but are you..."

"Everything, Colin. Your Mom is amazing."

He was quiet for a bit. "Is she? Really good? I mean, I know she's pretty..."

"Colin, your Mom is incredible. You've gotta know I've always had a thing for her."

He nodded. "I know, but I figured it was like me and your Mom. A fantasy, but, well you know, impossible. Then I got Kelly, and I guess my fantasies changed. You have Penny now, so I figured, you know."

I was making Dad's SOS. Shit On a Shingle, he called it. Creamed beef on toast. But we usually used a mixture of beef and venison if we had it. I was using some of our hog. The meat was finished browning, and I poured off the grease.

"Penny's great. I love her to death. I love your Mom too. Different, I guess. Penny's my girl. Your Mom is, I don't know, my woman? My fantasy come to life."

"This is so weird," he said.

"I know. Unexpected. We gotta keep it in the family, Ok?"

I started the gravy for the concoction. "Can you make some toast? Lots really, like 10 slices. And stir the pan every now and then. I'm gonna make sure everyone else is up."

Mom and Dad's door was open. I opened it to find both the sister's cuddling up to Dad, chatting away. All were naked. Talk about feeling jealous. "Break it up. Breakfast will be ready in less than 10 minutes."

Mom grinned. "You made breakfast?"

"Dad's SOS, and I'm gonna scramble up some eggs. Don't be long you heathens," I teased.

Mom and Aunt Marie laughed. Aunt Marie hopped up. "My bath's been ready for a while. I hope it didn't get cold."

Mom was stretching. "I think I'll join you. You can wash my back."

Aunt Marie jogged on her tip-toes into the bathroom. "No way, Sissy. You can wash mine."

I left them to their play, and went down to make sure breakfast hadn't exploded.

They took longer than I expected, but it was easy to keep the SOS warm over the burner on low, and the toast and eggs were in the oven staying warm. Dad was the first one down. I could see he was starting to move better. "Smells good," he said, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

Even though he was the first one down, he was the only one fully dressed. Prepared for work, I suppose. If so, he was going in late. It was after 9:00. I heard the Mom's moving about, laughing. I poured them each their coffee, and had Colin put the mugs on the table. We brought the food to the table. "Get their drink orders," I told Colin, as I brought out the huge pan of SOS.

The moms were almost dressed. Shorts and dad's shirts. I recognized that Aunt Marie was wearing one of Mom's shorts. I got a kiss on the cheek from each of them as they sat down. I ladled the creamed beef onto Dad's plate, then about a half serving to Mom and Aunt Marie. The eggs were getting passed around and Colin was setting out juice and water for whoever wanted them.

"What's the occasion?" Mom asked.

"Best Mom's in the World Day," I told her. "You're always waiting on us, I figure we can return the favor every now and then, right Colin?"

The mom's sat side-by-side, opposite Colin. Aunt Marie was at my end again. Dad was grinning at me. "What?" I asked.

"You're in a good mood today," his eyes glanced over at Aunt Marie.

"Oh, and you're not?" I pointedly looked at both of the sisters.

The moms put their heads together, whispering, giggling.

"Hey! No fair, Mom. No secrets at the table. It's your own rule."

She gave me a grin. "She who makes the rules, decides who breaks the rules. The rule still stands, except it doesn't apply to siblings. I thought that part was obvious."

Aunt Marie looked across the table at Colin. "Plans for this afternoon?"

He shook his head, shoveling eggs into his mouth.

"Good. You need to go by the house and pack up some things. You can't wear the same shirt and underwear every day."

He turned red. "How much?" he asked.

"Most of your clothes. I'll give you some boxes and bags for your stuff. I want you to get started right after breakfast. Alice and I will head over later to get my stuff, and to take care of whatever's in the fridge."

Mom looked over at me. "How about you?"

"Penny this afternoon. That's about it."

"Good. We have some chores for you as well. You need to get some of the boxes out of the attic. I'm pretty sure we still have a couple of those wardrobe moving boxes up there."

Dad chuckled.

"Laugh it up Dad. Very funny. Ha-ha," I said.

The attic was our disaster area. For a family that believes in a place for everything, and everything in its place, the attic was the exception. It was impossible to find anything. In mid-summer, it was like 140 degrees up there.

"You might try looking for my left-handed smoke shifter, while you're up there," Dad teased. I'd already chased that mythological item once as a Tenderfoot in the Scouts.

"No problem. I'll leave it with your Bosun's Punch. I think Uncle Harry said you'd found one of those."

"Smart ass," Dad replied, but at least he was grinning.

"The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree," I reminded him.

It was pretty clear we'd lost the rest of the table by then, and things got back to normal.

Mom got up to clear the table. "We've got this, Mom. This is your break day," I told her.

Colin gave me a bit of a glare, but the moms seemed happy.

By the time we had cleared everything, put away the leftovers and washed the dishes, Dad had his laptop out, checking his email I suppose. Mom and Aunt Marie took their coffees out to the porch, to join him. Colin and I checked in before tackling our new chores.

"There's a pile of collapsed boxes behind your father's stand-up tool chest," Mom said. "Help Colin load those up, and give him the black luggage set for packing."

Aunt Marie added, "Colin, I need you to neatly load everything in my tall dresser into the three large pieces of luggage, when you finish your stuff."

"Mom! Between my stuff and yours, that's going to take all afternoon!"

"Hush now. It won't take more'n two or three hours, if you don't dilly-dally," Aunt Marie told him. "One of the boxes has two levels of dividers. You'll have to put it together. My shoes go in there, one pair to a opening. Be careful with them, I don't want 'em all scuffed up."

"But Mom!"

Mom grinned. "Would you rather spend the next couple of hours up in the attic?" She glanced over at me.

Colin shook his head.

"Well get to it then, time's a wastin'," Aunt Marie said.

"This sucks," Colin whined as we headed to the garage.

"Just be happy you're not gonna be workin' in the sauna. I know as soon as I'm up there, Mom's gonna have a bunch of things she wants me to find. Happens every stinkin' time."

I loaded up the boxes, and pulled down the luggage from the overhead racks hanging from the ceiling above the garage doors, where we kept them. Filled the back of their SUV. We were just finishing up when Mom showed up. Dad was right behind, on his way to the office. "There's some packing paper over the sports cabinet, Jeremy. Why don't you get that down as well."

I friggin' knew it. I should have told her I had plans. Anything. We finally got Colin loaded up and out the door. Dad said his goodbyes, while Mom said she had a few other things she needed from the attic, leaving Dad chuckling as he got in the car. Mom was grinning. She was enjoying this. "The boxes, Jeremy?"

I sighed, and headed back in. Pulled down the attic access stairs in the upstairs hallway. The heat hit me like a blast furnace. I climbed the stupid ladder, and turned on the light.

"You might try looking to the right," Mom called up to me.

Just a few feet away were a stack of boxes. The metal rods for the wardrobe boxes were on top. "If you can, find the pressure cooker and canning jars. I think I'm going to make another batch of salsa," Mom added.

The pressure cooker was sitting on top of the two boxes of canning jars, right behind the moving boxes. Weird. "Alright," I told her.

"Oh, and while you're up there—"


"—see if you can find your father's turkey fryer."

Crap. I was going to be up there forever. We'd looked for that last Thanksgiving with no success. I sighed, grabbed the boxes and started carrying them down. Three trips up and down for all the boxes. When I grabbed the pressure cooker. I saw a big box labeled 'turkey fryer' was right behind it. That didn't make sense. We'd looked all over for it. Then again, we weren't looking for it in a box, and there it was, labeled clear as day. Another five minutes and I had the canning jars and fryer down. It hadn't taken 15 minutes, and I was already sweating like a stuck pig.

Mom was busy carrying the canning stuff downstairs, and Aunt Marie had an armload of boxes. "Be a dear, and take the fryer out to the garage," Mom said.

I closed up the ladder access, and took the big box out.

Mom and Aunt Marie were waiting for me in the living room, wearing huge grins. That and panties. That's all. My chin nearly hit the floor. Aunt Marie walked up and gave me a Monster Energy drink. Mom approached and grabbed my chin, tugging down. "Open up."

I opened my mouth and she put something in it. "Drink up," she said.

I drank down about half the drink, and some kind of pill. I was already thirsty from the few minutes I'd spent up in the attic.

"You're soaked," Aunt Marie said. "Why don't you give me that stinky sweaty stuff and I'll put it in the laundry, with ours."

I peeled off my shirt. "What's going on?"

Alright. I guess I can be dense. Mom heaved a big exagerrated sigh. "With the afternoon's chores out of the way, what ever will be do with our time?"

"Shorts too," Aunt Marie said.

I removed my shorts, and passed them over. Aunt Marie tossed my dirty clothes in the direction of the kitchen. Both moms started giggling, and Mom took me by the hand, leading me up the stairs. Aunt Marie grabbed my other one and followed.

I was taken directly to the Master bath. Aunt Marie started the shower, and Mom pulled out a big stack of towels. Big. Maybe half a dozen of them. Then Aunt Marie was dragging me under the hot water, and I noticed she'd lost her panties. I was barely in, when I felt Mom push up against me, closing the door behind us.

Their hands started soaping me up, teasing me. I got a quick little kiss from Aunt Marie, then one from Mom. Aunt Marie was trying to wash me with her breasts, giggling.

"Alright, when'd you find all that stuff?" I asked Mom.

"Whatever could you mean Jeremy? It takes forever to find anything up there."

"Seriously, Mom."

She pulled me down for one of her Mommy kisses, and Aunt Marie had switched to soaping up my erection. "When we put away the linens and kitchen things from the cabin."

It felt weird to have someone else's hand rubbing between my butt-cheeks. I wasn't complaining, it was just weird.

The next thing I know, I was being rinsed, the water's shut off, and I'm standing in the bathroom getting towel dried, by two naked MILFs. It was surreal, I was their plaything, being guided along willingly.

"What's going on, Mom?" I asked, curious, but not wanting to rock the boat.

Mom smiled. "Marie and I have a few things we'd like to teach each other. You're going to be our practice dummy. Is that Ok with you?"

I glanced at Aunt Marie, and she nodded, giving her lips a teasing lick. "Works for me."

The sisters giggled, and dragged me into Mom's bed. I was situated in the middle, propped up with a couple of pillows. Mom and Aunt Marie were near the end of the bed facing me. Mom was between my legs, rubbing my thighs, with Aunt Marie to my left.

Mom looked up at me. "We're in no rush, Jeremy, Ok? We want to take our time. Try to relax, and if we ask you any questions, be brutally honest. This may not be the sexiest play session ever, but we'll make it up to you, right Marie?"

Aunt Marie nodded. "In spades, I promise. Be patient with me, Ok, lover?"

"Of course. You've been patient with me forever. It's the least I can do."

After that, it was like I was little more than a cock platform. They talked to each other, giggling, serious, playful.

"Ok, teach me one of these secrets," Aunt Marie told her.

Mom shook her head. "Not yet. We'd both be wasting our time. I told you, attitude is 90% of the job. We gotta work on that first. Then we'll add the bells and whistles. Remember Penny?"

Marie nodded. "Pretty impressive."

"You saw how he reacted?"

Aunt Marie nodded.

"She was right. I love my boy. Love him with all my heart. I'll do anything to make him happy. He needs to know that. When I'm down here, between his legs, that's my primary mission. Let him know he's loved and adored. Him and his wonderful toy."

Mom took a few minutes to take care of me, in full adoration mode. Touching, kissing, rubbing her face, her lips against my cock, gazing up at me on occasion, but almost all of her attention focused on my straining cock. Maybe 4 minutes on the clock, but an eternity in action. At the end of that time, she still hadn't taken me in her mouth.

She looked up at me. "Good Jeremy? On a scale of 1 to 10?"

"Ten Mom. You're always a 10 in adoration mode."

She grinned. "That's cute. You have a name for the prelude? Adoration mode?"

"Yeah. When you're doing that, and it seems like you're absolutely in love with my cock, adoring it. It's insane how hot that is."

Mom turned to Aunt Marie. "That's where we start. No tricks or anything."

Aunt Marie wore a puzzled look. "But you didn't even start. You didn't suck him or anything."

"Sucking's not critical. Hell, I could get him to come without ever taking him in my mouth or using my hands on him."

"Bullshit, Alice. It's hard enough using both."

"Wanna bet?"

Aunt Marie looked a little nervous. "Bet what?"

While they were thinking about it, I had an idea. "The loser is my slave for the rest of the day."

They both looked up at me, surprised. "What?" "You're kidding!" "No way!"

"Chicken, Mom? Think you can't do it? I don't think you can." I knew that would get to her.

Mom got a determined look on her face. "Of course I can't do it, but..."

"How about you, Aunt Marie? You don't want to see me controlling her? Making her blow me on the patio after dinner, with everyone sitting around watching?"

Aunt Marie's surprised look turned to shock. "With everyone there?"

I nodded. "Oh yeah. That would be seriously hot."

Mom looked at Aunt Marie. "Think twice, Marie. 'Cause you're going to be the one doing it."

"Can we have some ground rules about the slave thing?" Aunt Marie asked.

"No. No way. That would kind of ruin the whole 'slave' aspect. You're going to have to trust me. You both trust me, don't you?"

Mom nodded. "Of course, baby. It's just that, I mean with the whole family around, we really should limit it to the bedroom."

Aunt Marie chuckled. "Cluck-cluck-cluck. Who's chicken now, Sissy?"

Mom glared at her. "I was saying that for your sake, Marie. Never mind. Full slave it is. Until midnight."

"You don't get all afternoon to get him off, either."

"Ten minutes? You know that's pretty fast for him," Mom said.

Aunt Marie nodded. "Ten minutes." She looked at the clock. "You can start now. The 10 minutes starts in... 20 seconds."

Mom started by climbing up the bed, and kissing me softly. "You need to come for me, baby. Don't hold back. This is important. She needs to see it's not the action but the whole attitude and emotion that makes it work. Alright, baby?"

I gave her a thoughtful look. "I really would love to have you for my slave, Mom."

She blushed. "Come fast for me, make it good, and this weekend, I'll be your slave for a day. But we've got to show her, baby."

That was an offer too good to deny. A Two-for-one. "Alright Mom. I won't hold back. But you better make it good."

She kissed me deeply, rubbing against my cock. "The best. I do adore you. You and that beautiful cock," she whispered.

She slowly worked her way down my body, kissing my chest, my abs, touching me, licking me. I looked over and she'd already burned two minutes, but I was getting into it.

She used her face, her lips, her tongue, her hair, her cheeks. Constant, fleeting contact with my cock. Her hands glided across my skin, caressing me. My abs, hips, sides, thighs, my balls.

Her tongue, especially, was a devilish thing. She spent a long time using it to tease the head, the crest, torturing me. The world for her had disappeared, leaving a little singularity, just her head and my cock. I knew nothing else mattered in the world. Time was not an issue. I thought she'd be in a hurry, but it seemed just the opposite. With four minutes to go I was already sweating, moaning.

Mom didn't slow down, didn't even acknowledge my state. She was mumbling to herself, talking to my cock, rubbing her lips up and down my length. Mom pushed my legs further apart, taking a few moment to treasure my balls, licking and sucking.

Then she cheated. Not by the rules, she stuck to them, but to the essence of the matter.

Mom licked her finger and eased it into my bottom. While she was licking the head again, her breath warm and teasing, her finger was petting me, stroking the inside, searching out my prostrate, and milking it.

I groaned, ending with a whimper.

Aunt Marie was watching from only a few inches away, obviously enthralled. I reached down and stroked her hair, getting a surprised look from her. "My love slave," I moaned softly.

Mom's tongue was lashing away at the head of my cock. Her finger was doing crazy things to me, making my hips jerk involuntarily. I started to hold back a little, wanting to make it last.

Mom looked up. "It's time, my love. Feed me. Feed Mommy." She pressed her lips together on top of my cock, sucking away at the very tip.

I gasped and felt the cum launch from deep within me. Mom's lips captured it, sucking noisily, mixing air with my load. Her finger inside me was stroking firmly and slowly, coaxing out more.

After a few more shots, she took mercy on me, extracting her finger. I gasped, slowly settling my hips down to the bed, my heart pounding madly. Mom opened her mouth, and my cum slid out from between her lips, cascading over my cock head, pouring down my shaft.

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