tagIncest/TabooTwo Moms, Two Laps: United

Two Moms, Two Laps: United

byTx Tall Tales©


Don't you love it when a family comes together?


I didn't let Penny out of my bed the rest of the morning. Not that she was eager to leave. We lost both mom's almost immediately after her display, and were told we'd be summoned when breakfast was ready.

Surprise! Breakfast was delivered to the room half an hour later by Mom.

Penny and I were still in a playful mood, and hadn't gotten down to business yet.

A tray was set before us with two bacon and egg sandwiches, and some OJ. "Light breakfast. We're having burgers and home-made fries for lunch," Mom explained.

Penny sat Indian style, opening her sandwich and snagging a piece of bacon. "You didn't have to do this. We could have come down."

"Too much crazy drama around here. You two haven't had near enough time together."

I was starved and took a bite, thanking her in mid-chew.

"You kids need anything else?" she asked.

We looked at each other, and shook our heads. "This is perfect," I said, during the brief period my mouth was empty. "Give me a shout if you need me to man the grill."

Mom shook her head. "I think we're going to try to get Colin to work it."

I got the shivers, remembering the last time he'd been grill-master. Mom grinned. "Your father will oversee him."

She closed the door on the way out. Penny giggled.


"C'mon. You have to admit it's kind of weird. Your mother serving us breakfast in bed so we can fool around."

I shrugged. "Alright. A little. I'm not complaining."

"Me either."

We polished off our sandwiches, and put the tray on the floor. Penny smiled and laid back in the bed, waiting patiently. I joined her a moment later, while we cuddled and kissed, talking about mundane things, a steering wheel cover for her car, signing up for classes, our favorite movies of the summer, best pizza place, that kind of stuff. She had her phone with her, and every few minutes she'd get a text coming in, and while she replied, I'd play with her body. She wasn't normally a slave to her phone, and I commented as much.

"Everyone wants to see the car. They want pictures, a ride. Some even want to know how my love life is doing," she teased.

"It might do better without the phone," I reminded her.

"That a promise?"


She turned off the ringer. "I'm all yours. This better be worth it."

It wasn't at first. We had a hell of a time getting started, and I had to search around the floor to find the lube. With the added assistance it provided, we managed penetration, and slowly worked our way up to actual sex.

She was grunting, as I worked her with all but a couple of inches. "I... forget..." she groaned.

She didn't appear to be enjoying it much, so I stopped, holding myself inside her, and started up a kissing marathon, including as much as I could remember from the latest Aunt Marie experience. She slowly relaxed, and I found myself stroking into her gently, while kissing.

"Better?" I whispered.

"Mmmhmmm," she sighed.

The first one was Ok. I didn't get her off, and we didn't move around a lot. I laid on top of her, and we made slow love. Lots of kissing and touching. It took a pretty long time, not surprising since I'd already gone off twice that morning. She was in a loving mood, quiet, intense. She seemed to take me with her, I gazed into her eyes, feeling a closeness that I sometimes forget when I wasn't with her. "Love you," I whispered.

She smiled for me. "I know. I love you too."

Coming inside her was a lot like the loving. Nothing crazy, I pushed in all the way, held still, and unloaded deep inside her, staring into her eyes. "I... I feel you coming," she whispered.

I kissed her lips. "You and I need to do this a lot more."

She nodded, grinning for me. She pulled me close and hugged me tight. "Hold me, Jeremy."

I did until I felt myself shrinking, popping out of her, earning another sweet giggle. "Messy boy," she whispered.

I rose up on my arms. "I need a shower."

She nodded again, "No kidding."

My teeth got a long overdue brushing. In the shower she wanted to shave me. My face, that is. She tilted my head around, and used half a can of shaving cream, but she got the job done. She rubbed her cheek against mine. "So much better. Wanna go again?"

Back in bed we had a little oral play, and when she got me up again, it was better. Lots better. I fit inside her easily, and we tried out different things. Doggy, sideways, legs pressed backward. Her on top. She liked that last one, and rode me like a mad woman, getting off a few times, a couple real loudly. She'd blush afterward, hands on my chest, breathing hard, her pretty blonde hair hanging over her face.

The second time she tried to shatter my eardrums. She shook her hair out, tossing it behind her with a shake of her head. "I should have tied it back," she laughed.

"No. I love it like that. So wild, and untamed."

"Me or the hair?"

I guess four times was a little much. I was having a hard time coming. Not that I wasn't having a blast trying. When she begged off me, I put her on her hands and knees again. She was easily taking my entire length, and I started getting a little rougher with her, fucking her hard, smacking her butt, tugging her hair a little. Got another nice little come out of her, which left her on her belly, with me straddling her legs. I laid on top of her, holding her wrists in my hand, over her head. She was whimpering so prettily, my head next to hers, my hips driving into her endlessly. "I'm going to fuck you forever, gorgeous girl. Forever."

There was something about it, the way she was completely helpless, my weight pinning her down, hands immobilized. I felt powerful, and could sense her total submission to my needs. I liked it. A lot.

She was shaking, and a wave of small orgasms seemed to take over. "Oh God," she gasped, holding her breath, trembling, until it would pass, only to cry out again only a few seconds later.

"Come for me, Penny," I whispered, nibbling her ear, her neck, tucking my head in and pounding a little harder for a while, before getting my next little reward from her.

I don't know how long we kept that up. It seemed like forever, although it couldn't have been more than 10 or 15 minutes. Long enough for her to build up to a big one, crying, squirming underneath me, thrusting her ass back against my strokes. I pulled her arms forward, clenching her wrists tightly. My legs were outside hers, knees bent, ankles over the inside of her knees, pinning her legs down. I bit down on her neck and she gasped. "Oh God, oh no, no, oh noooo," she whined before screaming loud enough to wake the neighbors.

She was panting hard after that one, and I slowed down, nice easy short strokes. I took my time releasing her, moving my legs outward, letting go of her wrists, rubbing them gently. I kissed her new bite-mark, but kept moving inside her. I never wanted to stop. Never.

Aunt Marie sat down on the bed next to us. "Let the poor girl up, Jeremy. You're killing her."

Penny turned her head, her breath heaving, looking at my Aunt. "Save me," she pleaded, then giggled.

I pulled out of her, giving up on getting off any time soon. I scooted down next to her, and pulled her into my arms, spooning, facing my Aunt.

"Knock much?" I teased.

"Over and over," Aunt Marie said. "I guess you two were distracted. Lunch is almost ready you little heathens." Funny, that was Mom's name for us too, when she walked in on us.

Penny was still catching her breath. "Emma says a guy normally comes in just a coupla minutes. Is that true?"

Aunt Marie laid down facing us, pulling back Penny's hair. "All guys are different. Some have real short fuses, most of the better ones are good for about 5 to 10 minutes."

"Jeremy's a freak, isn't he?"

Aunt Marie was stroking her shoulder. "Not so unusual. He's young, sometimes that's good, sometimes bad. A lot of times that means no stamina, but great recovery. By the third or fourth time, they can last longer. Jeremy seems to be like that. Each one taking longer."

"I couldn't come," I explained.

Aunt Marie chuckled. "I can believe that. Give it a break. A couple of hours from now, you'll probably be back to normal."

"Put on something," she said climbing off the bed. "The burgers were already on the grill when I came up to get you guys."

Aunt Marie was wearing another braless, tied-off halter, and painted on shorts. She was going barefoot. "We're dressing casual," she said, giving me a wink.

Penny put on her panties, and one of my t-shirts. She insisted on brushing her hair before seeing anybody. Loose shorts and a tee was good enough for me. She grabbed her phone and was already answering the text messages she'd missed, as we headed down the stairs.

"Thank God," Dad said. "I thought for sure you'd killed her this time."

Penny blushed, walked up to him and put her arm around his neck, tugging his head down for a kiss. "Thanks for rushing to my rescue, Daddy," she teased.

The six of us ate outside, and I thought that Colin's eyes were going to fall out, the way he kept looking back and forth at all our girls. Mom was wearing her white yoga pants, which were not quite as bad as the teal ones. She had on a t-shirt that must have been two sizes too small. It didn't even reach her belly button, and every little bump of her breasts was easily visible.

The burgers were good. Thick, still juicy, charred outside. "Good," I said, halfway into my second one. Colin seemed inordinately proud of the praise. I guess he should be. His last foray into grilling almost killed us.

"Breath between burgers, baby," Mom admonished me.

She had to get up twice to bring new servings of the french fries. It was a great lunch. With an incredible view. Hot MILFs and a babe.

Penny pouted. "I feel so overdressed." She made a point of looking at Mom and Marie's outfits to make sure we'd get the point. I laughed.

The girls had all finished eating, nibbling on the occasional fry. Dad and I were splitting the last burger. Aunt Marie stood and took Penny by the hand. "Come on. Let's get you prettified."

I leaned back in my chair, sipping a beer, wondering if life could get much better. "What time'd you get in, Colin?" I asked.

"Uh, I think sometime around 2:00." He sounded like he was fudging.

I looked over at Dad. "More like 3:00 I think. You would have tarred and feathered me for that."

"Not my say," he answered. "But if he keeps staying here, he'll sure as hell be calling if he's out after one." He turned to face Colin. "Won't you?"

"Yes sir," Colin nodded. I guess they'd already had this conversation. Once again I was struck by how similar it was to me and Dad a couple of years earlier, when I started dating seriously. All of a sudden I felt bad for Colin, never having what Dad and I did. The guidance and camaraderie. Aunt Marie's musical-husbands had shortchanged my cousin.

Mom was picking up the paper plates and plastic cups. Easy cleanup. Colin offered to help, but Mom shooed him off. "No, you boys relax. I'm almost done, anyway. I just need to take care of the fryer."

"How's your love life, Colin?" I asked, when Mom had left.

He smirked. "Got me a blowjob."

Dad chuckled. "Good for you. Sounds like you liked it!"

He nodded, grinning ear-to-ear.


He looked at me like I was nuts. "Of course. I'm not dating anyone else."

"Of course not. Forget I even asked. Did you get to return the favor?" I asked.

"Return it?"

"Go down on her."

He shook his head. "No way."

"No way, she wouldn't let you? Or no way, Ewww?" Dad asked.

"That's kind of gross, isn't it?"

Dad and I looked at each other, we smiled, and started laughing. "You wanna handle this?" he asked me.

"No way. I'm tellin' the moms."

Colin sat up. "No, you can't."

"Why not?" I asked.

"They'll give me a hard time. They tease me about everything I do."

Dad reached over and squeezed his wrist. "I'd suggest you put up with it, and pay attention. Think for a minute where you were a week or two ago, and compare that to your little girlfriend's gift last night. That's the sisters' influence."

Aunt Marie returned with Penny in tow. My shirt was a shambles. What was left of it. No collar, no sleeves, it ended a couple of inches below her breasts. They'd taken time to apply a little makeup, brushed her hair out into two pigtails, added some pink lipstick. She looked ridiculously hot and innocent at the same time. Colin was struck dumb. Dad gave her a wolf whistle.

She blushed. "Too much?"

I pushed back from the table. "Come here," I said, patting my lap.

Half a shirt and panties looked damn good on her. She snuggled into my lap. "Any plans for later?" she asked.

Aunt Marie swatted Colin upside the head. "Close your mouth, Colin. You're catching flies."

Penny looked over at him, "It's just panties, Colin. Get over it."

Dad chuckled. "Leave the boy alone. His reaction's perfectly natural. Baby girl's a real heart-breaker."

Aunt Marie ambled over, and sat in Dad's lap. Dad pulled her into position, getting comfortable, his hand on the inside of her thigh. I think Colin was going to have a heart attack. When she gave him a little kiss, nothing much, really, a weird strangled noise escaped my cousin.

She was facing her boy. "What would you think of us moving in with your Uncle Harold and Aunt Alice full-time?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah?" he mumbled.

Mom came strolling out and stood behind him, leaning over and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "What was that, 'yeah'? You don't like it here?"

"No, I mean, yeah, I mean, it would be great! For real?" he asked looking at his mother.

"We don't need that big house, and Jeremy's going to be gone. You'll be in school most of the time. Your aunt and I have been talking about it lately. Your uncle suggested it last night. It makes sense," Aunt Marie said.

When Mom sat in his lap, I thought we were going to lose him for sure. "Don't you think it'd be fun? All of us together? I could be like your second Mommy," Mom teased.

"Great. It would be great!" he squealed.

Mom laughed, and Penny slapped my hand away from slipping inside her shirt. "Behave, rotten thing," she hissed. Didn't stop her from wiggling her butt, driving me crazy.

"Colin thinks goin' down on a girl is gross," I said, tossing the verbal grenade out into the open.



"Jeremy..." he whined.

"I thought I raised you better that that!" Aunt Marie snapped.

Dad gave her a shake. "Listen to yourself, Marie. Did you ever even talk to him about it?"

"No, but I didn't raise him to be selfish!"

Mom was pouting. "Really. You think it would be gross?"

He was obviously sweating it. He glared at me, and I chuckled. Got an elbow in the ribs from Penny.

"I... I don't know. I never really thought about it, I guess," Colin mumbled.

"If you want to keep your girlfriend, maybe you should," Penny added, piling on.

"The other guys, they say it's sissy," he argued weakly.

Mom laughed. "What other guys? Whoever they are, they've probably never even had a real girlfriend. Do you think Jeremy and your uncle are sissies?"

He looked over at the two of us, "You guys..."

Dad laughed. "This ain't normal after-lunch conversation, but yeah."

Colin looked at me. "Hell yeah. Right, Penny?" I teased.

She blushed and nodded.

"You like it, don't you?"

She glared at me.

"Don't be ashamed to admit it. I don't mind saying I love doing it with you."

She leaned back into me, and smirked at Colin. "Lots. We do it lots. I love it." She put her lips to my ear, and bit my earlobe, hard. "I'll get you for embarrassing me."

I turned my face and kissed her. "I love you, silly girl."

She grinned. "You don't get off that easy." She wiggled herself to comfort, "I thought we could go for a ride, a little later."

"I bet. Who wants to see the new wheels this time?"

She giggled. "Everyone. Come on, Jeremy. It will be fun."

We left to get decent, while the mothers berated Colin for his misguided thinking.

* * *

We had a nice afternoon. Drove around, saw her friends. She let me drive a bit. It was so different from the Jeep, but I liked it. We stopped by the auto parts store, and we got her the steering wheel wrap she'd wanted, and picked out what she needed to wash and wax her car properly.

"It's brand new," she said, as I piled the material in her cart. "You think it needs waxing?"

"Yeah. Tomorrow, I'll show you how to do it properly."

We called home, and let them know when we'd be back. They offered to hold dinner for us. I was going to say no, when I found out Aunt Marie was going to make her chicken fried steak. Nobody, nobody, makes chicken fried steak like Aunt Marie. "The good version?" I asked. Sometimes she tried to make it 'healthy'.

Aunt Marie got on the phone. "My best version. Using rib eyes, your mother's country biscuits, homemade mashed. Colin's been peeling potatoes for an hour," she giggled.

"You trying to fatten me up?"

"Keepin' your energy up." Her voice dropped to barely a whisper. "Tonight's our night, baby."

"We'll be there," I said. I turned to Penny. "Aunt Marie's chicken-fried steak. You don't want to miss this one. She only makes it a few times a year, says we'd all be rolling instead of walking, otherwise."

* * *

Alright. Things were getting out of control. Again. I had to add the extra leaf to the dining room table. We had a full house. I was warned to be on my best behavior from both moms.

As soon as we'd walked in, Penny had peeled away from me, and headed toward the kitchen. I looked her way, and saw the crowd. Both Moms of course, but Kelly was in there, working with them, and she smiled and waved at me. I waved back. It was only polite.

Dad and Colin were in the living room, Dad holding court, Colin hangin' on his every word. When Colin saw me walk in, he hopped up and went to the garage, returning with a beer for me. I sat down and talked to Dad about her car.

He gave me the same old guff about polishing it, and we argued about the best waxes. Colin sat on the floor, between us, taking it in.

Kelly came skipping over, cute as a button. "Dinner in 5 minutes. Beer with dinner, Aunt Alice says."

Aunt Alice? First time she'd even been in our house. These kids...

Dad looked over at me. "For the ladies?"

"Shiner light." We might play with other stuff, but Shiner was the house beer. Always dedicated one shelf of the beer fridge to it. "Colin?"

"Bock," Dad said.

I nodded. I got up and fetched the beers, 4 Lights, 1 Bock, 2 Black Lager.

At the table, I was interested in the politics of dinner. Who sat where. Dad and I had the ends, but tonight Mom was sitting next to Dad. Marie was next to her, near me. On the opposite side, Colin was bracketed by the girls, with Penny beside me. I wondered if that was intentional, keep Kelly as far from me as possible. Heck, I'd only flirted with her once.

It was a loud, raucous fun dinner, with Dad in rare form. His mood had made a 180 degree turn-around. Mom was attentive to him, and Kelly was surprisingly flirtatious. Colin appeared ecstatic. I wasn't doing too badly, either, with Aunt Marie and Penny teasing and flirting.

There was a lot of talk about college, since it was just around the corner, and four of us were headed off for the first time. The food was perfect, and Aunt Marie was blushing from all the compliments. Someone, or someones was playing footsie with me under the table. Damn, why couldn't life always be like that?

The guys had cleanup duty, but it was only the dinner dishes. With four girls in the kitchen, all the cookware had been taken care of. Dad only helped clear, then we chased him off, Colin and I finishing up.

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