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Two Mummys


It hadn't been one of those messy breakups that you hear about on soaps, or in woman's magazines, actually after 20 years of marriage we had just grown apart. It was a gradual thing, slowly over the years I had changed but my husband didn't want to change with me. I found as I entered my 30s that I wanted to try things, open my mind to new ideas, experiment and live a little. I felt that now our son was no longer a baby and he wasn't so dependant on me that I could think about myself for a change, do things that I wanted to do. He was almost eighteen so I thought it would be good if Jim and I went out more because we no longer needed a sitter, thought it would be good for our marriage to 'date' each other like we used to. But Jim seemed to want to just stay at home and watch TV, it was like he was ready to retire already and I felt like I just found a new lease on life.

So I started going out with my girlfriends instead. I would ask him again and again if he wanted to go see a movie or go clubbing or anything but he would just say it was a waste of money when we could watch a DVD at home and he didn't like the same music as I did so I kept going out with 'the girls' and after awhile I just stopped asking him.

I was having a great time going out, sometimes with a group of girlfriends and sometimes just with my best friend Maggie. I was feeling like a teenager again and as Maggie had split with her husband a few years ago, she never had to worry about getting home early. We had been best friends since high school and were always close but then after a night out and drinking a little too much our friendship took another step. One minute we were laughing and being silly on the couch talking about which guys we thought in the club we had just come from were fuck-able, and the next we were kissing. Not really sure what I said or inferred but suddenly Maggie just kissed me on the lips and I didn't push her away or freak out, I just kissed her back and then it was full on.....pashing and groping. Her hand was on my breast squeezing it as she kissed me. And that was how it all started, our girls nights out carried on but after each night on the town we ended up back at Maggie's and I discovered I enjoyed her more than the boring predictable sex I got at home.

My husband was starting to get annoyed at me always going out but when I said to him ok come out with me, there would always be some excuse. I didn't want to stop going out and I didn't want give up my love affair with Maggie either and with so many arguments we both agreed that we were just too different from each other now and decided to separate. Jim worked long hours so without going through the courts and having to drag our son through a nasty divorce we just worked it out ourselves and we agreed it would be better if Josh stayed with me during the week and stayed with his dad on the weekends we shared the school holidays. Neither of us wanted to disrupt his school routine and wanted to make things as stress less as possible for him. Jim earned good money and had agreed to give me enough so that we could live well. Through it all we were still friends but realized we had just grown apart and were too different from each other now. Josh took the news pretty well, I'm sure he was upset but just went quiet and of course he had heard all of our arguments so it wasn't that much of a surprise.

I stopped going out every night not wanting to leave Josh home alone, instead Maggie would come over every night and we would go out Friday and Saturday nights when Josh was at his dads. I hadn't told Jim about my affair with Maggie, in fact no one knew I was bi, so when Maggie came over every night we would just watch a movie and talk while Josh was up and then after he went to bed we would make love in the privacy of my room.

I was enjoying my new life, sex with Maggie was incredible compared to what I had been used to and I finally didn't feel like I was being held back from being the person I truly was, I could just be myself all the time. Luckily Josh liked the same type of music I did so I always had it up loud and it was so good not having to hear complaints about it as Jim didn't share my taste in music. As well as getting closer with Maggie, I was spending a lot more time with Josh and once we all settled into our new routine we started getting on really well. Josh could see I was a lot happier now and more fun, I wasn't always on his back about stuff. I treated him more like an adult and an equal. I even let him have some friends around for a small party for his 18th birthday and as a show of my trust, I went out for the evening with Maggie. I could tell he really appreciated me giving him some space. I felt like we were closer now than we had ever been.

I'm not sure when Josh started to realize what was going on between us, but then he was 18 now and not stupid. I guess he started putting things together; little things like Maggie would sometimes playfully smack my butt as she walked past, or we would both comment on how hot we thought Halle Berry was while watching her in a movie. Perhaps it was how we would always have a spa together or maybe just our body language. But once he was suspicious there was more than just a great friendship going on, he decided to try and catch us out. He would sneak out when we thought he was sound asleep and we were watching a movie. Not sure just how many times he might of overheard us or seen us embrace as often we would kiss and touch while on the couch before we made it to my bed.

Unbeknown to us this became my sons source of masturbation material, instead of being shocked and disgusted at the thought of his mother being with another woman, it turned him on big time and after sneaking a peek at us or standing in the hallway outside my bedroom door listening to our love making, Josh would go back to his bed and masturbate and cum thinking about it.

My sex life with Maggie was great, she was kinky and we did things that I had never done before but I was loving it, taking in all the new experiences like a sponge and craving more. Jim had never wanted anything more than a blow job and vaginal sex, he didn't even give me oral sex very often, but my wild girlfriend tried everything with me. She didn't just lick my pussy, she would carry on and lick all way along my ass crack and tongue-fuck my asshole too and put her fingers inside both my holes at once. I had never felt such intense pleasure and she made me cum again and again night after night. She also introduced me to her strap on dildo and I loved it, we would take turns on using on each other. I felt naughty and kinky but so alive when I was with her that I wanted her to move in and live with me permanently but I wasn't sure how Josh would take the news of finding out his mother was bi.

I decided it was best to just sit him down and talk straight with him, even though Josh had only recently turned eighteen, he was mature for his age and I had treated him as an adult ever since my separation. So I thought I would just discuss the situation with him and see if he would be ok with Maggie moving in. I hadn't asked Maggie yet because if Josh reacted badly then I wouldn't ask her. Of course I loved Maggie very much, but my son had to come first. Josh was unpacking his backpack after being at his dads for the weekend, when I came into his room.

"Hi Josh. How was your weekend?"

"Oh hi mum. Yeah it was ok, just hung around and played play station with dad." he replied, looking up and giving me a smile.

He really had grown up to be a good looking young man, I couldn't help thinking to myself as I smiled back at him, sitting down on his bed.

"Josh, I need to talk to you about something really important. Can you sit down here next to me for a minute?"

"Sure mum." and he sat down looking right into my eyes.

My mind wandering again, I noticed how sexy and haunting my son's eyes are, then scolded myself in my head telling myself to focus on the task at hand.

"Josh, its kind of hard for me to talk to you about this sort of thing, but um...well since your dad and I broke up...I um....." hesitating and finding it hard to look him in the eye "Well, how can I say this......I have needs son and um well....."

"You mean sex mum? Is that what you're trying to say?" Josh said in a matter of fact way.

I blushed a little "Yes. What I'm trying to say is that......"

"That you need sex?" said Josh, interrupting me "Does that mean you are going to start dating again mum?"

"No. Well sort of um, well its just that I want to have sex with someone that I love very much but a lot of people would think is wrong and we would have to keep it a secret from everyone else." as a sign of reassurance I put my hand on Josh's leg, I was doing it as a symbol of trust and closeness but unknowingly I was sending him the wrong message.

Josh smiled and moved closer to me. I was trying to tell him about me and Maggie but all he heard in his mind was that I wanted to fuck him. He thought the fantasies that he had masturbated over many times were about to come true.

"You mean you want to fuck m....." he was about to say me, but I interrupted.

"Maggie.....yes I love her and I want to know if it's alright with you if she moves in?" I thought I was finishing his sentence but I was wrong.

"Maggie? Oh I see." his tone changed and he moved back away from me again.

Josh stopped looking at me, I thought he was upset to learn that his mother was bi but I couldn't be more wrong. I could see he was upset but I had the reason wrong.

"Can you go now mum? I have homework to do." his tone was telling me he didn't want to talk anymore.

"I'm sorry Josh. Please don't be mad at me. I know it's a bit of a shock to find out your mother is bi, but it won't change our relationship. I love you and you always come first. Just promise me you will think about it ok son?"

I went to give him a hug but he pulled away, so I got up and walked towards his door.

Josh got up and held the door handle waiting for me to leave so he could lock his door and be alone with his thoughts. I was out of his room and standing in the hall with my back to him as Josh was closing the door and just as I was about to walk away he spoke.

"So, if you are bi mum, does that mean you still like men too?"

I turned around to face him and smiled, "Of course I do son."

"Good, because you look like you could do with some cock!" and with that he shut the door and locked it.

I just stood there stunned for a few seconds. I shook my head thinking I heard wrong; Josh had never spoken to me like that before. I knocked on his door and tried the handle but it was locked.

"Josh? I can I come in? We need to discuss this."

He ignored me and after trying and knocking a few more times, I gave up and walked away thinking its best to leave him in peace for now so he can process what I just told him.

I was feeling bad and Maggie was coming over soon. I decided just to leave Josh to his own thoughts and talk to Maggie about the situation. She might have some ideas of how to smooth things over. I loved her but I wasn't going to lose my son just so I could be happy.

Meanwhile back in his room, Josh was feeling shitty, it wasn't news to him that I was bi; he had been masturbating thinking about me and Maggie fucking each other for months. He was shitty because he thought I was about to tell him that I missed sex with a man and I wanted him and now he felt rejected and stupid and pissed off all at once.

He was turning things over in his mind, if Maggie was to come live with us maybe it would be a good thing because he might get to see us doing things more often but it could also be a bad thing, his fantasy of me one night coming into his room to fuck him will never happen if my lover moves in. He needed a plan. Staying angry at mum wasn't going to achieve anything, he knew that....so he had to be sneaky....it had worked for him before convincing mum that he needed a computer for his school work when he mostly used it to download porn and chat and cyber.

His door was still locked, so he put on his headphones and listened to his recording he had made of me and Maggie one time when we had been at it late at night thinking he was asleep. Josh had got up to pee and heard our moans and decided to record us to use to masturbate with. He unzipped and started to stroke slowly putting the recording on repeat as he hatched a plan to get his mother to fuck him. Listening to me and Maggie moan and pant and fuck always got him to cum and soon he came into a pair of my panties that he had taken from my room earlier. As his orgasm subsided and he wiped himself clean, the plan came to him. He would tell me he was cool with Maggie moving in and be all sweet and nice to everyone but he would work on seducing Maggie....if I get to fuck her, I will get to fuck mum....he thought to himself and grinned feeling damn pleased with himself for hatching up this great plan.

Meantime Maggie had come over and I had told her what happened, she was very understanding and reassured me it was cool, she would just keep things as they are at the moment, come over every night but go home late except on weekends. We were just hugging as she wiped away my tears when Josh came in the kitchen where we were. I looked up at him and smiled a weak smile wondering what he was thinking. He smiled back and came over and gave me a hug.

"It's ok mum. It's cool. I've thought about it and I don't mind if Maggie comes to live with us." he said calmly.

"Really son? You are ok about it?" I was beaming and trying not to cry again from happiness. Maggie was smiling too.

"Sure it's cool, I can have 2 mums." he said smiling at Maggie and then he hugged her too.

Maggie and I stared at each other in mild disbelief, seemed too good to be true, but we weren't about to complain.

"Oh Josh, thank you for being so understanding. You have made your mother very happy!" I said beaming "I think this calls for a celebration. I'm going to order Thai takeaways." and I gave him a peck on the cheek and went to ring up to place the order.

"I will go pick it up Marie." said Maggie "I want to collect my toothbrush and a few things for tonight."

"Sure Maggie. Thanks Hun." I felt very excited at the thought of my lover sleeping with me tonight without having to be so secret about it.

"I will come with you Maggie." said Josh "If that's ok with you that is?"

Maggie glanced at me and we both realized he must want to talk to her about things which is perfectly understandable

"Sure Josh. I'd be glad of the company." replied Maggie and off they went.

I set the table and got out nice wine glasses, this was a celebration for me.

On the way to Maggie's place the conversation was very much small talk, but Maggie could tell Josh had something on his mind. So on the way back from picking up the Thai food, Maggie being the frank and forward girl that she is just asked him outright

"Josh, if there's something you want to ask me or say to me, just say it. I will keep it in confidence."

Josh turned to look at her "Do you like men as well Maggie?"

She was driving but turned for a moment and looked at him to reply.

"Yes of course I do. It's just hard to go back to the dating scene you know, too many losers out there and after my divorce I want to be with someone I know and trust."

"Hmmm ok fair enough." Josh said thoughtfully "Um how about younger men, have you ever thought about dating them?"

"Yeah actually I've thought about it a lot, but what young stud is going to want to hang out with an old bi chick like me?" she chuckled trying to make Josh laugh as she pulled into our driveway and turned off the car.

"You would be surprised Maggie. A lot of us younger guys like mature women." he answered leaning in and kissing her on the cheek quickly then getting out of the car carrying in the Thai food before she could respond.

Maggie sat there for a moment pondering over what Josh said and remembering what I had told her about what had happened when I tried to tell him about me and her being lovers. Maggie was starting to click and being the kinky girl that she is the vision of a threesome with mother and son flashed into her head and a wicked grin appeared on her face.

We all had a lovely dinner with a nice bottle of wine and toasted each other to our new family group and I was just so happy seeing the two people I loved most in this world smiling and getting along so well.

After dinner Maggie and Josh insisted I go sit down in the lounge and put my feet up and relax while they cleared up and did the dishes and made coffee. I wasn't about to say no, so off I went leaving them two alone in the kitchen. Maggie wanted to see if her instincts were right and if she was reading Josh's body language correctly. She made a point of reaching around him to get the coffee cups as he was washing the plates, making sure her ample breasts brushed against his back. She was so close he could smell her perfume and then when she kept reaching over him to get the coffee and teaspoon and anything else she could think of when they both knew very well she could easily have got them without touching him. She was enjoying teasing him and then we she 'accidentally' brushed her hand across the back of his jeans.

"Opps sorry." she said, giggling. It made him sigh and that was her cue.

She stood right behind him and whispered in his ear.

"Do you need any help with anything?" she said in her sexy 'come to bed' voice and she reached around and rubbed his cock thru his jeans, discovering that he was already aroused and hard.

Josh moaned at her touch and turned his head to look at her but the kettle had just boiled so she winked at him and moved away to finish the coffees. Maggie left him to finish off the dishes and brought in the coffees to the lounge. Josh decided to dry the dishes as well, not because he was trying to please me but more because he needed time for his hard on to go down before he walked in the lounge. He was so turned on by the idea of maybe Maggie would let him fuck her that it wouldn't go down and he was still semi hard when he came in and sat with us as we drank coffee and chatted. We talked for awhile then Josh excused himself and said he was going to his room to go on the computer.

Not long after that Maggie and I decided to go to my room, well actually now it was our room and I wanted to make love with her, I was so happy about how things turned out. Maggie had a shower and put on this sexy nightie she had brought from her place when she had gone home earlier, she looked fantastic in this dark red lingerie, low cut and see thru. I gave her a kiss and squeezed her tit then went to have my shower. While I was in the shower Maggie went to Josh's room to flirt and tease some more. He had left his door ajar on purpose hoping Maggie might pay a visit. She opened it and stood in the doorway, the hall light making her nightie even more see thru, there wasn't much left for the imagination.

"Just wanted to say goodnight Josh." she said teasingly and walked over to him at his pc.

He was sitting at his computer without his shirt on watching porn and didn't even bother to close it down or hide the fact that he was watching it. Maggie glanced at the pc and grinned.

"Marie is in the shower. I thought you might need something before I went to bed, after all if I'm going to be your other mummy I should be looking after you. Shouldn't I?" she spoke in her naughty sexy tone. She was leaning over him while he sat at the pc, her big tits almost falling out of her nightie.

"Ohhh yes mummy I do need something." and he reached up and groped her left tit, squeezing it, making Maggie moan a little. Then she pulled open the top of her nightie exposing both her big tits and leaned in more so that they were right in front of Josh's face.

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