tagGay MaleTwo Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 15

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 15


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Saturday came all too soon. I had spent the past three days helping my roommate, Alex, pack up his things and load them in a small trailer he had rented and attached to his car. He was excited about getting married and had talked incessantly about his fiance's creamy white breasts and how he longed to finally be able to shoot his sperm unimpeded deep into her womb and breed her. Apparently, Alex had never been bareback with a woman and was dying to learn first-hand, what Tan had already experienced with me. While saying these types of things, Alex would grab his hefty basket, look my way, and wink. It always made me blush as my clit and nipples firmed up, as I thought about what Alex's fiancé would soon be getting.

Before leaving for good, Alex took one final turn around the apartment, ensuring he had collected all his stuff while having one last but of nostalgia. Before leaving, he told me to sit down in the living room as he had a few things to say.

"You know, Matt, I didn't realize you were gay when I moved in. Frankly, I might not have wanted you around had I known back then. I'm like most guys and put off by faggots. But we were friends and have been around each other for long enough that I think I just got used to you. For a long time, I thought you were possibly asexual or just intensely naïve about girls and sex. Still, deep down, I always wondered if you were gay. I finally figured it out one night when I came back early and heard noises coming from your bedroom. I thought, 'finally, Matt's getting some,' as I heard the telltale sounds of fucking. Then I heard your voice begging Tan to fuck you and I knew.

"That made me began to think about all the signs I had been seeing. You've always been a homey type, into arts and stuff. You liked to cook and were willing, with little coercion, to clean up after me. You never liked sports. I haven't seen you hanging out with the guys. And then this Vietnamese kid comes along. He's barely eighteen and into guy stuff like me. I kind of doubt he's even gay and wouldn't have believed he'd be into you had I not heard him fucking the shit out of you.

"You know, Matt, at first I was disgusted but the more I thought about it, I realized this kid was good for you. You're taking a greater interest in life since you met him. I'll admit, you're still pretty jittery, but I don't think you'd have ever done anything sexual with another human being had that kid not drawn you out. So, that's why I gave him the lease. An eighteen year old needs a lot of sex. Better that he get it from you than from some stupid pussy who could get pregnant and screw up his life. Plus, someone needed to help you find yourself. I would never have thought it would have been an eighteen year-old kid, but hey, who am I to judge since I've fucked my share of women along the way.

"I just wish you had been man enough to tell me. Maybe you're still finding it hard to admit it to yourself. Look, you are what you are. Men are different from women and straights from gays. Believe it or not, I wish you the best. Your life will be harder because of who you are especially since you're obviously a bottom. Tops like Tan are more or less like most normal, straight guys. Bottoms are more the stereotypical gay types. Just don't get too faggy, Matt. Hopefully Tan will stick around but I expect at some point, he'll move on. Just be ready if it happens."

Alex never gave me the chance to say anything. I wanted to refute it all. I wanted to say it wasn't true, that I wasn't gay, that I wasn't a bottom but that Tan never gave me a chance to be on top. But I couldn't get the denial out of my mouth before he had jumped up and walked out of my life and into his future. In fact, I think my mouth was still wide-open as I saw him driving away.

As you've figured out, by reading this far, I'm a ponderer. I needed to process what Alex said but didn't have time. I had to get the apartment organized. Tan expected me to have his room ready that afternoon. He also expected me to host a little graduation party ready for him so he could show off his new digs to a few friends before his actual move-in day.

As I buzzed about the apartment, I couldn't help but feel the itchiness of my pubes. Tan told me he wanted me to grow them out above my clit while insisting the rest of my body remain smooth. It was driving me crazy as I kept slipping my hands down my shorts into my panties to scratch. While I had come to enjoy the feeling of silky panties against my skin, today, they seemed to be catching on my re-emerging pubic hair. Frankly, I wished Tan had allowed me some cotton ones as I was afraid these would soon be ruined and I dreaded having to buy more.

Tan's graduation went off without a hitch. I sat with Mr. and Mrs. Nugyen, Huan and their two sisters. Tan was one of the sharpest guys in his class and had a cocky air about him as he strutted across the stage in his cap and gown to receive his diploma. After his younger brother had adjusted the tassle on his cap, Huan leaned over, whispered in my ear and said, "I sure hope you have something special to give my brother tonight!" He must have known I was thinking along the same lines when he looked down at my engorged clit showing ever so slightly beneath my trousers. He then added, "It's a good thing you only have a clit or it could get embarrassing for you!" With that, he laughed aloud while I turned beet red!

As the crowd dispersed, Tan came by to great his family and me. He had several girls and guys in tow and asked his parents if he could come home a bit late in order to show his friends his new apartment. You could tell he was very proud of himself for being the first among his peers to have arranged to move out. Mr. and Mrs. Nugyen granted his request but insisted on a 1:00 a.m. curfew. Tan looked knowingly at me and I excused myself to get the snacks and drinks I had prepared set up in the living room and kitchen.

I hadn't met Tan's High School friends and was very nervous as I waited for them to show up. Naturally, two of the guys hefted brown bags as they walked in with enough beer for everyone to have at least three. High School kids and alcohol are a bad mix, but I assumed all were over eighteen and planned to keep an eye on everyone. The kids didn't drink enough to get trashed, just relaxed and mellow as they shared the exhilaration of passing a major milestone in their lives. Tan was a total stud as he showed everyone around the apartment pointing out his new room and private bathroom.

I felt a bit awkward knowing these kids must have wondered why Tan had the master suite while I had the simpler and smaller second bedroom given that I am a college graduate, eight years older than Tan and out in the work force. I could only hope they wouldn't ask me to explain. However, an explanation probably wasn't all that necessary given that evidence of his more superior role contrasted to my obvious subservience as I busied myself cleaning up after the kids while Tan held court in the living room. While I tried to think of it as simply being a good roommate, I'm sure a few of the others were beginning to catch on.

Two guys, in particular caught my attention, another Asian who I imagined was Chinese and a very handsome Mexican guy. The girls, while attractive, just didn't do anything for me. I guess I should have accepted that by now since Huan and Tan had "helped" me better understand my sexuality.

It was the Mexican guy who asked Tan how he got hooked up with the apartment. Tan launched into the story and told his friends he had met me through his brother, Huan, and had volunteered to give me some Vietnamese "cultural" lessons. I almost died when he mentioned our discussions regarding the use of Asian weaponry to include spears and blasting guns. The veiled innuendo went over their heads or so I hoped! He mentioned having stopped by the apartment several times and had hit it off with my roommate who had offered to sign over the lease when he learned Tan intended to stay in the area and start college but wanted to move out from his parents' home. He more or less implied that I came with the apartment to which both the Mexican and Chinese guys gave me an appraising look while the girls and the other boys remained indifferent.

Feeling awkward, I excused myself and went to my room. These were not my friends, but Tan's. I felt small around them knowing that all of them were probably sexually active and that the Mexican and Chinese guy had probably already accumulated a shit load of experience. It was embarrassing to think that these guys had had their share of real pussy while I had simply become one. I felt shamed yet aroused thinking about these hot guys in action and wondered if they'd compare to Tan.

While my mind was wandering, I heard Tan excuse himself and come into my room. "Aren't the guys great!" he said, as he entered without knocking as if he owned the place. "Which one did you like best?" he added, before laughing at my coloring! "Don't worry, Matt, my homies will be stopping by regularly. You better not slip up or they'll be banging your pussy before you turn around. I bet Jose saw you drooling when you looked down at his tool. Look, I need some relief, assume your position and get down on my cock, NOW!"

"But, Tan, what if they hear us?" I whined! "Don't make me make you or you'll be outed to all my friends before I've even moved in!" Tan responded with an intensity that scared me. "You keep it down, do your job fast and no one will be the wiser. Am I making myself clear!" he continued without leaving me any room to argue.

So, I got down on my knees before him and had my mouth on its prize before he could get angry with me. Tan gripped my head and backed me up until I had my back against the bed. While he remained standing, he stood with his legs on either side of my knees, leaned forward and placed his hands on the bed forcing my head all the way back. Then he began to fuck my throat as if it were my pussy.

This was the first time he had tried this position and it allowed his surprisingly massive cock to go deep into my throat. His thick, coarse and richly black pubes kept mashing against my nose every time his cock rammed home. I couldn't help but gag from time to time and I could feel my spittle and his juices overflowing and running down my neck.

This fuck was all about him and his dominance over me. As he fucked me, Tan said, "I can't wait to move in next week. I need to have my balls emptied at least twice a day and three times is better. Between your throat and your pussy, little Tan is going to be mighty happy! You know, a real man doesn't need to masturbate when there is a willing girl to service him. With you here to relieve me, I won't have to waste time chasing pussy and can actually spend a few hours a day studying! Plus, you'll have enough of my jizz in you that you won't need hormone treatments," he added, laughing aloud at his own joke!

Tan was getting close and he stood up and held my head as he continued to fuck my throat. In the background, I heard the phone ring. Tan yelled at his friend, Jose, to answer it. When he yelled back saying it was for me, Tan told him I was "busy" and to take a message. At that, he rammed his cock practically into my stomach and held my head on his cock while his balls emptied eight massive spurts deep inside me. As he finished, Tan lowered his hands to my neck to see if he could feel his mushroom-sized head which seemed to have nestled someplace near my Adam's apple.

When he was satisfied, he pulled out but took a few seconds to slap my face with his slowly deflating spear that still drooled remnants of his cum. "Don't wipe off my mark, Matt, until I tell you!" he ordered, knowing I'd have some of his jism on my cheeks should his friends look very closely. Tan then had me finish cleaning off his cock before he reassembled himself and went back to join his friends.

"What were you doing?" I heard James, the Chinese guy ask. "Oh, just demonstrating to Matt how to handle a Vietnamese blasting gun," Tan replied, chuckling as he said it.

I tried to straighten myself up as well as I could. I felt so self-conscious when I looked down and saw that a large spot of pre-cum was visible on my shorts. I had nearly cum from that cock in my throat! Damn! I thought about changing but realized Tan's friends would quickly notice.

Cautiously opening the door, I made my way towards the bathroom, only to find it occupied. As I let go of the knob, the door was pulled swiftly open and Tan's Chinese friend emerged. He had to have been about 5'11" and was definitely taller and better built than me. When he saw my face, a knowing smirk covered his handsome features. What he said next made me want to disappear into the ground. "Looks like you've got some blasting powder on your face from Tan's demonstration! You know, Matt, Chinese make the best weapon systems these days!" Now that I felt about five inches tall, he made his way around me towards the living room.

Tan had ordered me not to wash my face and I could see some of the white marks where his cum had dried. That must have been what James was referring to I quickly realized. Not being able to do anything else, I brushed my teeth, gargled and used my hair dryer to get rid of the spot showing on my shorts. My throat felt a little sore as one might have expected. Feeling as presentable as possible, I made my way into the kitchen to get something to drink. While the rest of them were finishing up the beer, I grabbed a soda.

I came into the living room but tried to stay enough on the periphery that the others wouldn't notice me. Still, James, Tan's Chinese friend couldn't resist but taunt me by asking, "Hey, Matt, we were just talking about America's changing fortunes. What do you think it will be like for you when the Chinese replace America as the most powerful country and people in the world?"

Before I could answer, Tan started laughing and said, "Leave him alone, James! I'm trying to teach him that the Vietnamese are more powerful than the average Americans!" as he groped his cock and balls!

The girls weren't into the Asian scene and just rolled their eyes as did Tan's Mexican friend, Jose. Shortly thereafter, the kids started to leave promising to be back frequently once Tan moved in.

When his friends had left, I grabbed Tan by his wrists and said, "Why did you have to do that to me?"

With seeming effortlessness, Tan twisted his wrists out of my hands and smacked the back of my head while pointing to "the position" on the floor in front of him. Once I was in place, he said, "Look, Matt, I'm warning you, NEVER, Never grab my wrists like that again. Now get those shorts and your panties off because you've asked for a spanking!"

I knew I had gone too far as soon as I had grabbed him but I felt embarrassed and I was angry. Still, I also lacked the will power to resist this Vietnamese boy-man who had taken over so much of my life. I slowly removed my shorts and panties and came over to Tan who had sat down on the couch. Without saying a word, he gestured for me to lie across his knees. Immediately, he began to smack my ass.

"You see, Matt, I have never done anything to you that you haven't asked for. I didn't have to say or do anything. A true man would have had the ability to stand up for himself but you're not a man but a boy with a pussy and a clit! If your cock was five and a half inches perhaps we could call it one but no, it's five on a good day. And this ass that I'm spanking is too nice to be on a man. It's a girl's ass! Feel how it jiggles as I spank it. It's firm, yet soft and juts out like two melons waiting for a cock to spear it. No, Matt, I've only ever done you favors. You've been waiting all your life for me. You were a virgin when I fucked you and taught you how to cum. So don't give me any more shit or dare think about acting out in front of my friends. Don't worry, none of them will touch you unless I say so."

As he spanked my ass, tears streamed down my face at the truth of his words. When he stopped, I slid to the floor, needing to be held. Tan, superior as he was, quickly acknowledged this and pulled out his cock for me to suckle. "Yes, Baby, he cooed, nurse on my cock. My sperm will ease your wounds and calm you. Quit fighting the truth, Matt. You're not a man, accept it! You're my pussy-boy. And if others see it, they're only acknowledging what you and I know to be true!"

Tan's words soothed and simultaneously troubled me. Yet my ass was red having been smacked by a guy eight years younger than me. I was exhausted by my efforts and earlier embarrassment and while I had serviced Tan earlier in my room, I hadn't cum. Tan, buoyed by his power now stood up and pointed to the beanbag chair and said, "face-down, ass up! I want to admire your girlish red-ass before I reach in with my cock and take your pussy!"

Thankfully, I had lubed up before he and his friends arrived plus had left tons of my spit on his spear. Tan lined up his cock and rammed into me in one, single plunge. "Your pussy is so tight, Matt," he said, speaking softly into my ear as he leaned across my back, his taught abs rubbing me while his cock rutted deep inside me. "I bet James can't wait to try out your pussy and take you for a ride," he giggled while grabbing my breasts and pinching my engorged nipples. "Damn, Baby, I swear your tits are getting bigger," he said as he masterfully manipulated them between his delicate fingers. "But then, they always get hard when you're taking me. Plus, the hormones in my sperm are having a natural effect on you," he continued. "Your skin is so soft. Who would ever think you're a man if they only saw your ass and felt your budding breasts! See what my juices have done to you, baby. Every time I pump my seed into you, you become mine. Just allow it to happen. Quit fighting me and I'll give you all that you need!" he cooed.

Slap, slap, slap sounds emanated as his body smacked against my upturned ass and his cock pistioned into my pussy sometimes entering my inner womb. I held on to the beanbag chair and relished in the contact of his body with mine. I needed this fucking just like he said. No one else had ever made me feel this way. His powerful strokes massaged my pussy and his words, my mind.

At this point, Tan said, "How I wish you could bare my children. They'd be out of this world with my stronger features dominating your fairer ones. Take my fuck, Baby and get used to your future. Maybe I'll invite James and Jose to help you. Would you like that?" he asked as he nipped my left ear knowing I was beyond any capacity to resist.

With that, Tan pulled out and had me flip over. He was close and wanted to see my face as I submitted to his onslaught. Plunging back into me, Tan leaned forward and placed his hands on either side of my face. I wrapped my legs tightly around his lean torso as our eyes locked. His black eyes looked into my fair ones and said it all as he exerted his dominance and power over me for which I was too weak-willed to resist. And I loved it. My ass was tender from its spanking and the continued beating it received every time Tan rammed his cock into me. Tan wanted me to remember my position from this day forward and I knew I'd be sore tomorrow as a reminder of his authority over me.

As his cock battered my prostate, my clit began oozing as a long suppressed orgasm took over my body. Tan grinned in triumph as my pussy squeezed his Asian spear causing it to fire its massive load deep inside me. Tan leaned forward and injected his tongue into my mouth claiming me totally! I was totally overwhelmed and blanked out from the stimulation, both physical and mental. After wiping his cock on my face, Tan did something unusual and grabbed the sheet off my bed and draped it over me.

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