tagNonHumanTwo Worlds Ch. 01

Two Worlds Ch. 01


My first literotica story! Please review and let me know what you think!


I was staying with my brother Kael in our hometown for two weeks in the summer after I had graduated college. It was suppose to be just me and him hanging out but our good friend Charles called up my brother and invited him to a camping trip with him and two of their friends. We both love camping and the outdoors so Kael agreed and asked if I could come too. When all the arrangements were made we packed up Charles SUV and headed out. It was going to be just about a week long hiking trip, camping along certain areas of the trail and we would be back about two days before I had to leave.

The first night we stayed up a bit late telling scary stories like we used to when we were younger. We then all passed out rather quickly and woke up the next morning, ready to start heading deeper into the forest and up the mountain. I was actually the first to wake up and I got up quickly and started packing my pack. Charles woke up a little while later and came out of his tent, chuckling when he saw me already up and basically ready to go.

"Already geared to go, hey? I forgot how much you liked the outdoors." He said as he started to pack up his things as well.

"Yep." I said as I finished packing everything except my sleeping bag and the tent the other girl in our group was still sleeping in. Kael walked out then and stretched as he yawned while Vick came out behind him.

"Come on guys. Pack up. I thought you said you would be up before me." I teased as they groggily started to pack up their things. My brother just ignored me and Vick rolled his eyes. Finally Shelly, the princess of sleep came out, looking still mostly asleep but she still managed to pack her bag. After they all ate and we took down the tents and packed them up, everyone was fully awake and ready to start the hike so we headed out. Charles led the way with me behind him, then my brother, Shelly and Vick at the back. We started to head up the mountain, resting a few times along the way.

The sun was starting to set when we saw the spot we would be camping at and I smiled excitedly and rushed ahead of Charles. That was a stupid mistake though because I wasn't being careful of the terrain and suddenly I felt myself falling. I screamed as I fell through a concealed hole in the ground before I hit the hard bottom and heard a crunch. I cried out a bit in pain, knowing that my ankle was most likely broken.

"Jess! Jessica!" came my brother's frantic voice from above. I had fallen pretty far and I knew there was no way I was getting out of here without a rope. I tried to stand up and found I wasn't going to get out unless someone came down to get me.

"I'm here!" I called back. "Get a rope! It's a ways down and my ankle feels like it's broken!" I heard Charles cuss at that.

"Okay! Just sit tight for a minute Jess! We'll try to be down as soon as we can!" my brother called back to me. I sighed and then looked at the stone walls to the sides of me. I suddenly heard a noise and immediately looked right in front of me where the noise had come from. My eyes went wide and I almost screamed again as I saw several pairs of eyes staring back at me. They were shinning in the light from the hole above me and they looked a lot like cat eyes. I looked back at them, terrified that they were mountain lions and that they were going to eat me. I realized that some of the eyes were up higher than where they should but, as if they were as tall as a human. Suddenly I heard a weird language spoken and a few moved forward before another voice spoke in the same weird language and they all stopped. One started to slowly approach me and as it got closer I got more fearful and confused. It's movements seemed human and then as it got into the light I gasped.

It was a neko! He had chocolate brown ears on top of his head of lighter brown hair that looked more like fur. His face was mostly human except his eyes and his nose looked more cat like. There was short fur on his back, legs, and arms which was the same color as his ears but his chest, stomach, and face were bare and tan. He had a tail and wore a loincloth with nothing else and had tribal looking designs on his face and chest. He carried a short spear and he crotched down as he approached me, setting the spear down. He slowly approached me, getting on his knees as he got close to me.

I held perfectly still, scared out of my mind as he reached a clawed hand out to touch my cheek. As soon as his hand made contact with my face my eyes closed and a shiver of pleasure went down my back as a small moan escaped my lips. I heard a few murmurs from the others and then opened my eyes to see the one touching me smiling and looking excited. He looked back at the others and said something excitedly back to them before looking back at me with a soft and caring expression. He then looked down at the ankle I was holding and gently grabbed it, and even though it was a gentle touch I still cried out in pain. He looked at me worriedly before saying something to the others again. Another pair of eyes came closer and another one came into the light, picking up the first's spear before backing away. The one near me suddenly wrapped his arms around me making me squeak loudly, and picked me up.

"What are you doing? Put me down!" I said, trying to struggle against him carrying me. But his grip was firm and he pick me up bridal style and started to follow the others of his kind, who had started running off into the darkness.

"KAEL!!!" I screamed out for my brother, getting frightened. They continued to carry me away through underground tunnels and I was so frightened I was shaking but something about how these nekos were so silent and cautious in their movement told me that I should be quiet. We continued to run through the tunnels quietly before there was a weird and frightening noise from behind us. I heard one of the nekos say something and suddenly a few of them stopped as the neko carrying me and two others continued running. I heard what sounded like fighting from behind us before we were too far away to hear it anymore. I saw light up ahead and was confused, not thinking that we would be able to get outside yet. Suddenly we left the tunnels and came to a jungle like area which the nekos continued to run through. I looked up and notice that we were still inside the mountain. There were several holes in the top of the mountain that allowed light through, making it so it was bright enough for some plant life.

We continued through the jungle and I started to hear some noises up ahead. Suddenly we came to a wall made of stones and the nekos followed it until they got to the entrance and walked into a village. I looked around and my eyes went wide. There were nekos everywhere, it was a whole tribe of them. I wondered how they had managed to stay here and not be affected by the outside world for so long as I looked around at the village.

Several of the nekos saw me and after a minute several of them came over to me and the neko holding me. They started talking to him in their language, looking at me with wide eyes, some of them reaching out to touch me, which made me feel weird and shy away into the neko who was holding me's chest. I heard him say something and then the crowd dispersed a little and we were walking again. I looked out and saw several nekos still staring at me, pointing at me with their tails and looking at me curiously. Suddenly we got to the largest hut in the village and the neko brought me inside, talking to one of the others that had followed us, who ran out. He looked at me with a smile and took off my pack before he stroked my cheek gently, saying something that sounded like it was suppose to be comforting. I wanted to ask why he had taken me here and what was going to happen to me but I knew it was of no use. They spoke a completely different langue. He seemed to notice this too as he seemed to ask me a question. He then looked at me and pointed at himself.

"Nah-tu." He said slowly before pointing at me with his tail. I blinked at him in confusion and he pointed at himself again, repeating the word. Finally I understood and pointed at myself.

"Jess." I said. He smiled at that and stroked my cheek.

"Jess." He said, as if testing the name. He smiled again, seeming to like it. Suddenly three nekos entered, the one from before and two females. They also wore nothing but loincloths, letting their breasts hang free. I blushed slightly as they approached me, carrying a basket of something. They bowed to me before kneeling down and Natu moved out of their way as the eldest one reached out for my ankle. When she grabbed it I cried out quietly again and she murmured something to the younger one. They tried to figure out how to take off my shoes by pulling it off, which just made my ankle hurt so I did it myself, taking off my shoes and socks. They then took my broken ankle and tried to set it, making me whimper and cry out in pain again. Natu sat next to me, stroking my cheek and neck the whole time. Finally they had it set and they wrapped it in a hard thick materiel, making a cast like thing. When the two neko medicine women, or that's what I presumed they were, were done, they nodded to Natu and bowed to me before they left with the other warrior neko bowing to me and then following them outside.

"Jess." Natu said, making me look at him. He smiled and then picked me up again, carrying me to a separate room that had what looked like a bed made of leaves with a fur blanket over it. He laid me down on it and then lay down next to me, holding me close. I was a little scared of this but didn't refuse, liking his comfort but also fearful of what would happen if I did refused. After a few minutes of him holding me close and rubbing my back, a voice called from outside the room. Natu sighed and looked at me with a smile, stroking my cheek before getting up and leaving the room. I couldn't hold it in after that and started to cry, completely terrified and confused by the whole situation. After a minute of me crying and listening to the voices in the other room, Natu came back. He saw my tears and came to me instantly, holding me close and trying to comfort me. He wiped away my tears before picking me up and bringing me out to the other room. There were two nekos there, one male and one female. The female had very intricate designs on her skin and one on her forehead made her look like she was wearing a crown while the male had similar designs just less intricate and more like Natu's. It made me think that they were important, like the leaders or something. I also saw the similarities in features between the two of them and Natu and realized that they must be his parents. The female had the same chocolate brown fur as Natu while the male looked like him only with black fur instead. The female stepped closer and pointed to herself.

"Mana." She said before pointing to the male next to her with her tail. "Ju." I nodded, understanding that those were their names. Mana then started talking to Natu while he sat me down on a fur blanket or something. I sat there listening to their conversation, trying to understand any of it. I heard my name several times but that was about all I could understand. His mother came over and examined me before pulling at my shirt. I struggled against it but she managed to yank it off after a minute. I tried to hide my breast but she moved my arms to look at them, making me feel very exposed. I squeaked slightly when she then yanked off my pants. She figured out the button and zipper after a minute and pulled them and my underwear off as well. She forced me down and examined my most precious parts, making me shiver and start to cry again. Natu came over to me then and stroked my cheek gently, trying to comfort me as his mother suddenly slipped her finger into me. I whimpered slightly as she slowly slid it in before reaching the barrier of my innocence. She murmured something to Natu and he nodded, smiling down at me and holding me closer as she pulled away.

Natu held me close as his mother went and ordered a neko warrior to go do something. He came back a minute later with a loincloth and Natu helped me stand up as his mother put it on me. He then sat me back down, holding me close as he continued to talk to his mother and father. After a few minutes I grew tired and started to yawn. Natu noticed this and picked me up before saying one last thing to his parents and taking me back to the other room and laying with me on the bed again. I felt weird laying there with my bare breasts pressed against him since I barely even knew him but after a few minutes of him stroking my hair and whispering things in his strange language to me, I fell asleep.

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